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Retrace XXV: If Curiosity Didn't Kill the Cat, Then What Did?

"Would you stop humming? You're distracting me."

"I-I-I can't seem to." She was sweating because of her anxiety. That thing was sharp. And that thing was getting closer to her abdomen. "When I get nervous I start doing retarded stuff."

"Aren't you always?" Kanda's held the injection gun in his hand already nearing her. She flinched again when he hadn't even touched her. He sighed in frustration putting the thing down harshly against the bed. "That's it. I'm not doing it."

"W-W-W-Wait! Kanda! I'm sorry! I'll stop moving!" she pleaded to him grabbing ahold of his shirt. "Please. I swear I won't move!"

He sighed again in the same frsutration but decided to sit down again next to her right after he got the injection from the side. "You've been delaying this for two days already. How much longer do you expect my patience to last."

"You have some?" she perked sheepishly making him stand up again. "No! I'm sorry!" She grabbed him by his waist this time but slid off falling on the floor of his room. She got up rubbing her red nose. "It's just... I'm freaked about what that thing will do to my."

"It's gonna help you. What's so damn scary of that?" he growled getting her by her forearm and pushing her to the bed again.

"T-That I don't know if it'll work," she said lowering her head. "That's what I'm afraid of."

"The only way you'll know is if you try it, right?" She looked up to him and seeing his annoyed glare she simply sighed and took in a breath. Sucking it up, she raised her shirt only enough for her lower abdomen to be seen. With her and she counted her ribs and finally found the spot. Placing two fingers on either side she stretched it to be smoother. "O-Okay. Just pinch it in the spot between my two fingers. That's more or less where the liver is." She gulped at the next part, "You'll probably have to push the needle all the way in to pierce through to the insides."

"Fine," was all he answered with which didn't really poured out assurance to her. She cringed her eyes shut and tried her best to think of something else. With the tactness that only he had, Kanda plunged the needle in with one swift push all the way in. A little yelp came from her mouth but she quickly shut herself up. Without waiting for her to tell him to, he pressed the trigger and saw the vile quite fast empty itself into her organ.

At the same time his finger pressed the trigger her face went blue. She lowered her head and couldn't help the high pitched yelp that kept coming. Once the liquid was completely gone, Kanda pulled the needle out and Celia immediately placed the alcohol gauze over the pinch rubbing it vigorously.

"Damn you!" she hissed rubbing it to make the stinging go away.

"You whine either ways don't you." He removed the needle and placed it in a dish with pure alcohol to disinfect it before storing it back in the box. He placed the gun back into it, though, and placed it next to the dish. "There. All done."

"You're a heartless bastard, Kanda Yu." She was still rubbing that spot over and over.

"It was just a needle, you crybaby."

"It wasn't the needle that hurt." Celia said sniffing the tears that stung her eyes. "The liquid. When it came in, it was like a warm liquid that all of a sudden turned ablaze. I wanted to freaking slap you."

"Had you done that I would've killed you," Kanda retorted.

"Not before I had," Celia said finally feeling the burning sensation ebb away.

"Just shut your trap Valentine." He sighed remembering something, "We have to go through this again next week too. Shit."

"You're complaining? I'm the one getting the needle job here!" she yelled at him.

"Just-" he groaned already being annoyed by trying to do that simple job for the last two days. "Get out. Shouldn't you and the Evernly brat be packing?"

"Alice is packing the room," Celia said cleaning the needle and putting it in place and closing the box altogether to take back to her room. "But I guess. It'll only be until we pack everything right?" She shrugged her shoulders while opening the door, "If it's the whole Order moving. I bet we'll be done soon."

"You really packed everything wrong didn't you?" Celia stared in disbelief at the boxes in her room.

"What are you talking about?" Alice pouted with her hands on her hips. "I did my best and all our room is done. We can go help the others to make the move faster."

"You packed durable things with fragile ones. You left no room for us to cross over to the bed. And you closed the boxes wrong." Celia sighed while scratching her head, "You know what? I'll let the ones actually moving them to worry about it. For now I just want to get the stupid move over with."

"Have you gotten the injection yet?" Alice asked.

Celia gulped touching the place were the little bandaid was at, "Yeah. I got it."

"How do you feel?"

"Better actually. I can breath easier. My chest doesn't hurt that much either," she answered clutching her chest.

"Alexander said that you heart's illness is more than likely related to the virus nesting in it," Alice said out of nowhere.

"Really?" she said scratching her cheek while moving boxes about to reach her closet. Once she made a pathway she began to look around for a comfortable outfit for the moving. "You've been spending a lot of time with him, huh? That's good. Getting better aqquainted to family, I mean. I wish I had time for that."

"You keep getting send to missions and spend most of the free time trianing or with those idiots," Alice mumbled.

"They're not idiots, Alice," Celia remarked hearing her. She thought about it for a moment, "Okay. Maybe Lavi is and Komui definitely but everybody else took care of me when I was looking out for you and Marcus. You shouldn't speak bad about others."

Celia decided to leave her white shorts on and decided on an blue tank top with a black jacket and strapped sandels. "Anyway. I'm going to be helping to science division with their moving. They're the ones who have most crap to get in boxes. See there, Alice?"

"Sure..." Alice mumbled and let Celia leave the room. Alice punched the box nearest to her leaving a clear dent on it and hearing something break loudly in the inside. She was getting tired of this. Tired of having to share with people she didn't know. She wanted Celia to be with her. To see only her. To love her. She couldn't stand it, Celia giving her attention to all of them. Specially those two.

"Don't like it? Fix it..."

"These is completely against my ethics. However, I will find it absolutely comprehensable to kill the jerks who thought this shit up!" Celia yelled in Reever's face. The black cat ears on her head twitching from anger.

"You dropped something, didn't you?" Reever said pointing at the ears and at the black tail that was sprung out in annoyance.

"No shit!" she bellowed at him, ears and tail springing out even more. She grabbed both ears pulling them down against her head. "I'm a cat. Why...Why would you guys concoct something so useless."

"It actually was an accident. You see we were making this other potion to-"

"I don't care how you came up with it! Just fix it!"

"Sorry but can't do." Reever went over to Marie.

"It'll eventually come off, Celia. Just bear them for now, please?" Johnny said stepping back before she could burst out in anger.

"Bear with it. How the hell am I to bear with these things popping out of me!" she yelled at them after they were gone.

Suddenly she felt a shiver up her spine. Somebody. Was touching. Her tail.

"It's all fluffy too. You're really a cat, huh?" She turned to snatch away the new part of her body when she noticed who had just spoken.

"H-How..." she mumbled pointing at the two kids before her. One redhead, the other with a long ponytail. Both wearing clothes several sizes too big.

"It was the stupid usagi's fault," Kanda called out.

"Forget us. Look at Celia. She grew a cat tail and ears. Touch it, Yu. It's all fluffy and stuff," Lavi said passing it over to Kanda while squishing the end of Celia's tail and sending more shivers down her back.

"Why the hell would I want to touch that?"

"Okay, enough you brats," she called snatching the tail from Lavi's hands. "Shouldn't you be helping out or something?"

"Shouldn't you?" Kanda backfired.

"We can't while wearing these!" Lavi called to her. "We were looking for Reever to go complain!"

"I just did. He does not care," Celia said trying to control her anger.

When the two 'little guys' got to complain to Reever, other concocts had taken others as well. Kanda, Lavi, and Celia's conditions were only the start. Bookman grew bunny ears, luckily for Celia she wasn't the only animal. And Allen's, along with Timcanpy's, hair grew several inches longer.

Celia chuckled as Tim flew into her hands, "You look cute Timmy. Here I want to do your hair."

Lavi stared at the black tail that swayed back and forth following it with his eyes. He pulled on Kanda's loose clothes.

"What?" Kanda called already pissed off enough. Lavi pointed at it and smirked.

"There," Celia called leaving Timcanpy with two fluffy pigtails. "All cute and nice."

"That's just wrong, Celia," Allen said sweat dropping.

"Hey, Tim likes it so screw yo-AH!" Her body shuddered vigorously just as she jumped off from the sofa. She looked at her tail with a bow half way down. "W-Who the hell did it!"

Kanda pointed at Lavi almost immediately. Lavi sweat dropped. "I was only trying to tie a pretty bow in it."

"Pretty bow my ass," she said taking it off and was about to throw it on the grown when she remembered something. "Pretty bow, huh?" she repeated with a smirk on her face.

"You're screwed," Kanda called to Lavi leaving to Bookman and Lavi's room to change into some fitting clothes. A few minutes afterward he saw Lavi enter the room just as he was done changing. The young Bookman Jr. was dressed in a little petticoat dress of pink color with ribbons all over and his hair in a little tail with a pink bow. "I told you."

"She's the devil," Lavi said more humiliated than ever ripping off the makeshit dress and bow. "She forcefully put it on me! She's gonna get it when I'm back to normal."

"What happened to you?" Alice said with a gasp looking at Celia who only frowned.

"Don't ask." She was carrying a couple of boxes and taking them to the designated area to be dropped off. Putting them off both walked back to were most of the packages were. "Besides, the sooner we get done the better."

A sudden explosion came drawing their attention. Running over to the receding smoke all they heard was meowing and it came from Bookman and Lenalee.

Celia sighed in frustration, "Komui's going to kill you all." Feeling a sudden pull on her jacket, Celia turned to see Alice with her head down. "Alice?"

"I hear...someone...crying," Alice mumbled shaking a bit.

"Alice," Celia said looking at her straight in the face. "Are you feeling okay?" But before she could answer her the whole place went pitch black. Celia's ear's twitched at the many voices that spoke but they immediately perked up when she heard the door's creaking.

"Somebody's coming," she called alongside with Marie making everybody quiet down.

But from the door only came through the Head Nurse. It was weird for Celia. It was the potion, though, that hightened her sight in the dark.

"H-Head Nurse?" Allen spoke up first.

"Wow," Reever called. "You can see really well in the dark."

"Ah, during my training years, we had to be stingy so I developed night vision," Allen sighed giving a small smile.

"Haha," Celia giggled to herself. Cross' way of training was harsh but his leaving conditions were the worst. Out of nowhere, the Head Nurse bit Allen's arm. They pulled her back but Miranda was naive enough to get closer only to get bitten as well. When Marie and Lenalee went to check on her, she was alright until she bit Marie. After the chain of events, all hell broke loose.

"I don't think they're in their sanest," Celia chuckled in nervousness.

"They're coming!" Alice yelled and just like that the crowd of zombies charged at them. Lenalee jumped up with Bookman and Kanda while Allen protected the rest. Before anything worse happened they ran away.

"You're heavy, Lavi," Celia hissed as she picked up Lavi to look out the small window. Why didn't he use Bookman as a stool instead of Kanda?

"Thanks. You can put me down now," Lavi called and Celia dropped him to his feet. They slumped down while the twins stood together.

Alice pulled on Celia's sleeve again, "What now?" She pointed at the dark corner of the room just as Komui finished speaking.

"Because I created the virus."

"Secure him!" But in a matter of minutes the tables turned around and Komurin EX had already tied them and beaten them up.

"Is this why you didn't want to get involved in the racket?" Alice asked sitting on a crate.

"I knew they wouldn't last," Celia sighed leaning against another crate. "By the way," she turned her head. "You said something before the lights went out. That you heard a voice or something. What did you hear?"

"A girl," Alice said. "Or mostly a girl. It sounded like a mix of a lot of people's voices mixed together. They were sad and crying."

"I see," she patted her thigh. "Don't worry we'll see what's up once we get this thing over with."

"Yeah, thank you," Alice said in a soft voice. Komui finally let everybody go to look for a way to find the source of the virus and create a vaccine for Komuvitan D. "How do you think we'll get out though."

"We'll find a way. I guess you could say we're bound to at least," Celia said with a sigh.

"You don't think..." Alice started deep in thought. "Marcus was at his room and so was Lilian. Do you think...?"

"Oh yeah. No doubt about it," Celia said looking to the side. "They're already goners."

"Thought so," Alice said. The bursting of the wall to their right brought them to their feet once again and in full alert. All havoc broke off and when Komurin EX shot the missiles everyone lost everybody from sight.

"G-Great," Celia panted as she closed the heavy doors of the chapel behind her and locked them shut.

"I wonder how you survived in this place for nine years," Alice said catching her breath faster than Celia.

"I-I don't know either," Celia said again. When she heard hitting on the door she backed away pulling Alice with her. They hid behind the crates that were they for the move already packed. "We're most safe here for now."

"Didn't you have Xiao with you?" Alice asked her with high hopes.

"Yeah but I left it at the room. I wasn't expecting a freaking attack from crazed people." The hitting on the door became greater. Alice burried her head onto Celia who only tried comforting her. "Don't worry. It'll all work out somehow."

"How can you say that?" Alice said.

"I'm your big sister," Celia smirked. "Why would I lie?"

A rustling came by and both stood up to see a little figure. Celia's ears twitched at recognizing the figure, "L-Lily?"

"Celia-sama! Alice-san!" the little blonde called in concerned running over to them. But before any of them could react Lily had already gone by and bitten Alice on her neck. She slumped down unconscious.

Lily turned to Celia, "Celia-sama shouldn't be a bad kid. Just come and live with us now." Alice roused but only to come back alive as one of them. Both of their faces had the veins visibly strained.

"Great..." Celia said stepping back. "Just great."

"Too bad you're all alone, sis," Alice said with a snicker. "This time no one's gonna help you."

"Who says I need help?" Celia smirked.

"You're about to scream for it..."

Just like that the night ended. The next day, Branch Chief Bak came and after much hardships managed to create a vaccine.

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