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Final Retrace

The chest moved violently almost threatening to topple over. The woman, who that by then had enough strength to walk about, sat at the balcony of her parlor, blissfully drinking tea with Khalia and another girl. Although the rays of sunshine brightened their figures the shadows still shrouded the woman's face in darkness.

Taking a sip she placed the cup down, "It seems that Cecilia can't be serene at such times."

"I wouldn't expect much less," the other girl snickered sitting quite rudely on the chair and not drinking tea but eating pastries instead. "Her daugther just died. That's curtsey of Khalia yours truly." The girl was blonde with wavy hair that reached her bare shoulders and piercing blue eyes alike Khalia's. A small blue messenger's hat sat tilted upon her head with a cream colored silk cloth falling to the left of her head. The top was a corset type pearl white blouse with long sleeves that began right at the top of her arms but off her shoulders. A flowing dark blue skirt went down like petals over each other but ended short a few inches before her knees. She wore small white shoes that matched the trimming of her blouse. "By the way, why couldn't I go? I wanted to help kill Kingsy and Janny."

"Would act properly for goodness sake, Neptis? You are more than a disgrace." The deep male voice had come from the inside of the parlor were the remaining four were shrouded into mere silhouettes. This man seemed tall and of middle age by his voice. The silhouette seemed to have longer hair that Khalia's or Neptis'.

"Hmph," Neptis snorted slumping even more down on the chair.

"I agree with Julian, cousin," Khalia said sipping her tea delicately. She had her rapier strapped and always handy at her belt. "You should act more proper in front of our Mistress."

"But she doesn't mind. Right?" Neptis' purr made Khalia shuddered obviously hating that of her relative but their Mistress only gave a deep seductive chuckle.

"That I do not," she said with pleasure.

"Of course she doesn't," a younger male's voice came from the inside. This one was perched up on a dresser hating chairs. The silhouette seemed slender and strong but a lot shorter for the boy's age that his voice gave out. "Neptis is our Mistress numero uno. But just because she was the first Brigaider. Trust me, I would have gotten first chair if it hadn't been for you and your meddlesome cousin."

"Oh shut it, Couga," Neptis said tilting her hat so that it covered her eyes and began to swing her legs over the chair's arm.

"You should learn to shut yours," Couga backfired raising his hand and making it cackle with the fierce thunder that emanated from it.

"Both of you should learn to be respectful in such gathering," another male, younger or the same age as the one called Julian, came to voice his thoughts, tired of the continuous rambbling. "It's not all the time that we get to be with our Mistress."

"I tend to agree with Deon," Julian called making them both calm down.

"Mistress," a soft monotone voice of what seemed to be a small child called to them. Her silhouette was rather short and clang to Deon's coat sleeve for both shadows were connected while holding another being on her free hand. "I ponder about the Second's death."

"What is it you ponder about it, Xele?" their Mistress asked the youngest member of the six.

"It is deem and small but Xele can hear her voice. She has not died," Xele said letting go of Deon's coat and grabbing whatever she held with both hands. "Celia Evernly's soul has not perished."

"Of course it didn't," Khalia answered Xele's question with a sigh. "Mistress still needs the Fate's genes so that she can be cured of the wretched virus in her body. That is why I only destroyed her mortal body and not her soul."

Couga snorted, "It always amused me how you tricked the Paladins into believing that you could cure then."

"Only a fool would believe something like that," Julian said with a resignating sigh. "Progenitor can either be destroyed by Innocence or by adaption as our Mistress has been doing."

"Stupid humans," Xele mumbled into whatever she hold. "They're stupid, don't you think you Jumbles?"

"Stop talking to that freaking plush toy," Neptis scowled out to the little girl. "It freaks me out."

"All of you be quiet," their Mistress ordered to them shutting them up completely. And with their voices gone there was only silence. An out of place silence. "It seems Cecilia has stopped struggling. Wonder what happened?"

"Bitch's dead, who cares?" Neptis said dismissively.

"Neptis is right," Khalia agreed. "Cecilia is dead. So is the body of her daughter. The soul is what we need to find."

"But a soul can wander endlessly in this plane undetected," Deon said trying to figure it out. "Who's to say we're going to find it that easily?"

"Because like all others, that soul was once a human one," Julian answered. "And human's, when they die, tend to become attached to the people they lived with."

"The Order?" Khalia inquired to their Mistress.

"Precisely," she said. "If her soul is indeed free of that realm then it is wandering this earth and is most probably with those Exorcists. Your task is to find it and bring it to me."

"What of Everlott, the younger Evernly and your son?" Deon asked.

"They shouldn't be an issue," their Mistress assured. "After all, without Celia they couldn't possibly find a way out of the hell I have prepared for them."

Janus stood over a fountain at the bright of dawn splashing his face. Stroking his hair back he looked at his reflection.

"You look much more handsome like that," Kingsley commented coming back with the rations of food they had bought in the early market. He bit down into an apple and talked with his mouth full, "Your, what, eighteen since last month? You should find a more appropriate style. Frankly, you looked like a fourteen-year-old with your hair down."

Janus dug into the water again and slicked his hair back properly leaving small strands fall before his face showing off his bright emerald eyes. "Any news?"

"There seems to be less activity from your mother since the attack on the North American Branch three months ago," Kingsley said tossing an apple his way.

"She's planning something though," he said taking a bite and swallowing it down after a few chews. "She didn't let a God Brigaider out on the lose for nothing."

"Right," Kingsley said contemplating what had occurred but three months ago. "Khalia Sherstone wanted us dead. Beheaded Prometheus though-" he shuddered at the memory of findinf his headless body- "Worse thing to see ever."

"Never seen a dead body?" Janus asked confused that an ex-Exorcist had not seen his share of death in the battlefield.

"Nope, seen plenty of dead bodies. Hundreds, sometimes in the thousands when it was really bad. Never though have I seen such a meticulous and cold kill before. Those God Brigaiders sure are somethin' else."

"Their mother's special assasination squad," Janus said.

"Figured," Kingsley said throwing away the stem of the apple. "Are they even human?"

"I have wondered sometimes myself," Janus countered. "I've known some of them since I reunited with her after escaping but every time their way of thinking brought me to the same question. Never got an answer for it though." He got to the stem annd threw it away as well. He stretched and found that he needed some workout. He turned to see Kingsley, "How's my blood working out for you?"

"Good actually," Kingsley said now gazing at his normal-looking arm that no longer bled endlessly. "Although I'm regretful that it didn't solve everything." He chuckled feeling the right side of his face that was stilled bandaged. His white hair that had not grown since then was neatly placed in a ponytail. "Nevertheless it's a start. It surprised me though that you, out of all of the infected, has sucessfully fused with the Progenitor virus. I guess you are truly what Arthur had in mind when using the virus as a bio-weapon in the war against the Earl."

"I'm a weapon, huh," Janus mumbled getting their luggage and beginning to walk off.

"Well, in a way, all Exorcists and even the Noah are weapons in this inhumane war," Kingsley commented.

"Weapons, huh?" He pondered the thought of that. He himself had thought that many times before when encarceled in the Asian Branch sixth lab.

"Don't think that!" He was surprised to recall something from his past that instant. It was Alice the girl he'd been jailed with back then. "We're not weapons and we'll prove them wrong by being the best people in the world!" It surprised him to remember Alice's words but something rang a bell in his mind. It had been Alice's form but...those weren't Alice's eyes he saw. Could he have been imagening back then.

"What? You of all people don't remember me? Ah, thanks a lot Janus."

"What?" Janus halted in his walk while Kingsley passed him babbling stuff by himself. "Whose voice...? No, I know that voice but I don't know that person, do I?" He shook his head. "Her name. What was her name?"

"Even that? Goodness gracious Janus. O-kay then, I'll give you a hint. It's starts with a 'C'."

"Janus?" Kingsley called turning about finally noticing that he was one person short. "What's wrong?"

Janus lowered his face but with a smirk, "Nothing." He turned about looking back at the place they were. "Starts with a 'C'. Right, Ce-lia?"

"Where are we going Mother?" Asutsuo called to Alice.

Already three months had passed by since she had woken up. She didn't recall much of her imprisonment except that Kingsley and Janus had been the ones to liberate her soul. In the end, after the attack on the North American Branch, alice returned to her body and thus to her boy.

That time they were going towards the Ark's Gate room to head to the Asian Branch. Marcus was too ill to goand asked them to see Zhu Chan for him one last time before he died.

"We're going to visit a friend of your Grandpa's," Alice said to him. "Remember the nice man that forged that rapier you have?"

"This one?" Asutsuo called nudging at the heavy rapier from its place on his back. It had been in his room since his mother awakened. "Even when Clara said it was just in my room from one day to the other, I don't get how it got there. It's even weirder that I can even weild it."

"Don't pout," she said with a chuckle. "You'll be able to soon enough. When you're older."

"Everybody says that things will happen when I'm older but when's that gonna happen Mother?" he asked pouting even more.

"When you are, Asutsuo," she assured him.

"That doesn't really answer my question," Asutsuo called.

"Come along now," Alice said to him. "We must hurry there." A few minutes later they came to be in the Asian Branch and found their way to the room where Zhu laid resting his final hours. Lvellie was there with his new assitant and so was Komui. Behind the veil were Lennie, Fo, and Bak.

"You came after all," Komui said seeing them enter.

"It was Alexander's request," Alice answered holding tight to Asutsuo's hand and pulling him away from Lvellie's way. "We came to pay our respects and say goodbye."

"May I?" Asutsuo asked with the proper manners to Komui.

"Yes you may," he answered.

Alice let go of the boy while she stood there. He brought apart the veil to go in and see the sleeping man. "Asutsuo," Bak said with a sniffle. The boy only appraoched and stood on his tippy toes to look at the old man sleep.

"You're sleeping, right?" he mumbled and because of the quietness it could be clearly heard. "Mother says that you'll be sleeping peacefully soon and that you won't wake up from that sleep. Turthfully, I don't like it that Mother thinks that I don't know what's happening. I know that what's gonna happen to you is what's gonna happen to a lot of people. Most of them sooner than later but it'll happen. And who knows maybe it'll happen to someone like me as well." He turned to get the rapier that hung from his back and into his arms now, "I have been having a dream lately. Someone that I don't know tells me to say thanks. I don't know why but it simply said 'Thank Zhu'. So here I am." He took a deep breath and delivered the message, "Thank you, Zhu Mei Chan. Thank you."

"Asutsuo," Alice whispered for her son. He turned her way, turned back to bow, and trotted up to his mother's side.

"We'll take our leave," Alice said with a soft bow and left the room to let the trio of scientists walk in. Once away far enough, Alice asked her son, "Who were you takling about?"

"I don't know," Asutsuo said frankly. "It's just someone I keep hearing in my dreams. It's such a nice person too. Always makes me happy to hear them for some reason."

"Do you know their name?"

Asutsuo shook his head, "All they tell me is that it starts with a 'C' but... I can't seem to come up with a name." Alice stopped briefly making Asutsuo stop as well. "Is something wrong, Mother?" Alice shook her head but Asutsuo noticed that on her face a bright grand smile.

"What..." Kanda said with a smile and his usual sardonic tone. "No 'welcome back' for me?"

To Lenalee heading back to the Order with Kanda who had supposedly been dead for three months now was like a dream. Her friend from childhood had come back even after everything that had happened. Something struck at the back of her head when thinking of all the reasons that he could use to not come back. An emptiness broke down on her heart when she couldn't recall what. It was important, she knew that much, but she couldn't quite remember what it was.

All the way there and to the Asian Branch they told him about Allen's escape that had occured shortly after his disappearance.

" 'No matter what I'm an Exorcist' huh?" he repeated after they were done. "Seems like something he would say."

"The Order's been trying it's best to find him, but there's no trace of him," Lenalee said skipping a bit to keep up with Kanda's strides.

"As expected of General Cross' disciple, I suppose you could say," Marie said with a chuckle.

"What happened to the brat?" Kanda asked tilting his head towards them.

"Brat?" Marie asked confused while Lenalee looked at him bewildered.

"The Evernly brat, Celia," Kanda said outright after a sigh. Marie and Lenalee's mind thought the name familiar but something shocked at them making them quickly disregard it.

"Who?" Lenalee voiced her thoughts openmindedly.

"You must be talking about Alice," Marie said disregarding the huge name difference.

"No. I really meant-"

"Alice woke up after we came back," Lenalee said with a smile. "She's been with Asutsuo-kun since then. He doesn't seem that happy but its normal. Since he was born he never accepted any mother figure so he must be having trouble getting used to her."

Kanda completely dumbfounded. Why the hell couldn't they remember Celia? And why would they say that the midget didn't have a mother figure when Celia was all that and more to that kid? He couldn't just toss aside those things. Did something bad happen with Celia? He didn't stay long enough that day but last he saw of her, she had been well and unharmed.

"I'm glad you left." He'd said that in the best of ways although she more than likely thought of it the wrong way. Of course he wouldn't finished that sentence with what he had thought about. "I'm glad you left...because at least you got away and didn't die." He sighed troubled about this huge misunderstanding. Something must've happened to throw them off like that.

Finally they got to Zhu's room. Getting past Komui's glee and badmouthing Lvellie, Kanda walked past the veil to look upon the sleeping Zhu with bak crying at the foot of his bed while Fo and Lennie stood to the side mourning. He approached him only to find him awake holding onto Mugen. Zhu told his part of the story; of how he was the one responsible for putting in motion the whole project of the Second Exorcists that costs so many lives and pain.

Kanda placed a hand over Zhu's and on Mugen and with a wry grin said, "'re also going to hell, then."

Zhu only smiled with tears in his eyes, "That's right!"

Then Kanda called forth for his weapon, "Awake Mugen!" The shone let Mugen free as it became a small cube that floated in his hand. But before Kanda could even let it rest upon his palm, Lenalee rushed in and slapped it away in both her hands. She cried, asking him why he would want to come back to the Order that took away his past and the people he loved. She kept crying out at him because if he did drink the Innocence he would never be able to get away from them even though he'd finally become free.

He opened Lenalee's hands to see the cube liquified, "Ah, it became a liquid now, huh. Do not get angry." And before Lenalee could object, he drank the liquid from the palm of her hand. She blushed heavily while both Komui and Bak got mad about it instead of her. Finally drinking it, and ignoring the shouts of Komui and Bak, he lowered Lenalee's hand. "I'm already free." He began rolling up his sleeves revealing the stigma on his forearm, "This time, genuinely as Kanda Yu... I have decided to become an Exorcist." The Innocence took form from his blood and exited his body, the force of the weapon itself breaking the feeble hairtie he had, as it began to take the form of Mugen once again in its Master's hands. "Mugen, activate." The sword took form finally as he weilded it. His blood, however, did not stop coming out.

He lifted his left forearm confused, "It won't stop."

"What's going on?" Lenalee called confused at the Innocence's actions. Komui pulled her back and stood closer to view what was happening. Not only he but so did Lvellie. Kanda's blood fell heavily to the floor but strangely did not stain it. Instead it was as if the blood that was coming out was making ribbons of itself.

Those thin ribbons of blood slithered a few feet before him before they began to circle about on the floor. They began then to unite to form something and continued they're journey upward.

"What is that...?" Bak hissed startled at what it was doing.

"Is that a...body?" Komui inquired mostly to himself.

By the time it got to the top, blood had stopped and the ribbons finally formed a semi crystalline form of a human body. The scarlet color then began to disappear as it was being sucked into the chest of what it had formed. As it scarlet left, more human colors began to appear on the doll the Innocence had created. The skin was fair and covering the body was a black summer dress trimmed in lilac and her feet were bear. As it began to take color, her hair, that was long to her thighs, changed from the scarlet to a dark, almost black, chocolate brown. Her face smaller because of the hair framing was delicate and the eyes remained closed. Both inner wrists and shins showed the same red stigma as Kanda's forearms. The last of the scarlet color of blood seeped in to her chest leaving the only mark of it ever being there a red diamond-shaped scaron her chest, with the lower half of it covered by her dress, and on top of the tip was a last stigma.

Finally her eyes fluttered open to show a dull yet strong color of amethyst in them. Her expression oblivious at the surroundings it saw.

The sheer image of her there triggered the recconection of remembrance. Lenalee raised her finger to her lip dumbfounded at why she new a name but knew nothing of her. "It's..."

Kanda took a step forth and lifted his left hand towards the girl that had appeared before her and placed it upon her cheek. Warm. She was warm...and alive. "Idiot." She couldn't stop the sudden action that happened for he had quickly pulled her into an embrace. He held her tightly with his left hand on the small of her back and the right, careful with the blade, holding her head. "I might've not gotten it but you'll get it. Welcome back, Celia."

She gently placed her hands on his chest and slowly pushed back enough to look up at him with that same oblivious expression. This made his relief turn rapidly into concern, "Celia? What's the matter...?"

She pushed away slowly from the embrace to be arms length from him. Her head tilted slightly to the side and the words that came out of her small yet full lips were beyond comprehension. And still she had said them.

"Who are you?"

The heart that had recovered its memories made a choice.

"Mother, I... want to be useful. I want to be able to help them. And if I have to forget in order for that to happen be it."

Cecilia nodded and placed her hand on her daughter's forehead before kissing it and placing her own against it. "Then so be it, Celia." Her mind began to numb away into a fog. Letting go Celia walked over to the door but not before Cecilia spoke in a whisper, "I hope you realize what you're doing and that the most important memory that will awaken them all is strong enough to do so."

"I'm sure it is," Celia said knowing she'd forget as soon as she went into the door. She turned with a smirk on her grin, "Yu's not that stupid. He's bound to see that even though I'm not Alma, even though I'll never replace that part of his heart, that I can still be a new one that can free him. He's not that much of an idiot at least, he'll figure it out. I trust him because...he made a promise to always protect me. And that dumbass isn't the kind to break his promises." She took a step into the door and all went away.

It has chosen to lose in order to gain. She has lost all that she looked for and ever loved in order to gain something more but with the hope of regaining what she has lost.

Some say that memories are what create emtions, and therefore create the heart. Losing those memories means walking without emotion, without a heart. But if memories are what compose a heart then no one is ever heartless because people share those memories with one another. So if one comes to forget that does not mean that it has lost its heart for good. That is because the other person who holds those same memories of them two together can create the heart anew.

And so the chains of memories of her heart that got unlatched will remain so until the final day when they come together again.

Until the day that they Reconnect again.

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