Chapter 6: Operation Thomas Pt.2

On the Nemesis...

Thomas was in an abandoned room that used to belong to a random eradicon. He was thinking about Percy, Annie, Clarabel and his other friends. He thought about getting back home. Did he do the right thing to trust a robotic stranger? Suddenly a familiar voice boomed through the speakers on the walls.

"New SIC, I need you in the main control room." Megatron's voice boomed evily.

Thomas' lower lip quivered. He slowly rolled down the new tracks through a long hallway without a word. About 2 minutes later he arrived. Megatron was facing him with a evil grin. Thomas stopped inches before his feet and just stared at Megatron's optics.

"Have you seen Soundwave anywhere?" Megatron asked lowering to Thomas' eye level.

Thomas had to lie, if he gave up Soundwave's cover he would be in big trouble.

"No sir!" Thomas said. "Is he usually around here?"

"Yes, but I haven't seen him all day!" Megatron said.

"I'm sure he will turn out, he can't just leave." Thomas said. In his mind he was repeating the word "SCRAP!".

Megatron noticed Thomas didn't have anywhere to be grabbed by under his head so he grabbed Thomas under his buffers and lifted him up a bit with an angry stare.

"You better not be lying!" Megatron said taking his free servo and clawed the top of Thomas' head in front of his funnel. "If you are lying I shall rip you to a million pieces." Megatron threatened.

Thomas was very shocked. Megatron put him down on the tracks, but not gently. He pretty much dropped him as if he was a toy. Thomas backed away nearly running into a walking Knock Out.

"Hey watch it!" Knock Out said glaring at the engine.

"Sorry, I'm just a little surprised is all." Thomas said backing up some more to his room. "Where is Soundwave?" he thought to himself.

Speaking of Soundwave, he, Starscream, and Team Prime had just groundbridged to Soundwave's room. Soundwave contacted ST-3-VE to come over which he did.

"Now what?" Bulkhead said.

"What do you think? Find Thomas!" ST-3-VE said angrily.

"WATCH YOUR TONE 'CON!" Bee buzzed angrily.

"MAKE ME!" ST-3-VE snapped back before both were seperated by Starscream.

"Guys, less fighting more saving!" Starscream said. Then he remembered something. "Uh Soundwave were you serious about the killing me thing?"

"No, but I would have beaten you harder than Megatron ever did." Soundwave said. "Now then, me and ST-3-VE will distract Megatron and ask for location of Thomas while the rest of you...might have to fight the other drones, Breakdown and Knock Out." Soundwave explained. "Wait for our cue."

"Seems fair enough." Arcee said sarcastically receiving a glare from Soundwave.

"LET'S MOVE!" ST-3-VE said as they all ran in different directions.

Soundwave and ST-3-VE ran through the hallways looking for Megatron. They ran past other drones who were confused on what was going on. Some whispered to others. Luckily, Megatron was still in the main control room. He turned and grinned evily.

"Ah, Soundwave...and a drone." Megatron said. "Where have you been?"

"Uh...bathroom?" Soundwave said worried trying to make it not sound like he was lying.

"Really? The bathroom for 3 hours?" Megatron said in a light tone while stepping towards them.

"Yeah!" Soundwave said. "Energon got to me this time."

ST-3-VE felt like slapping Soundwave upside the head but he remained calm. Megatron backed off and turned around. But kept his head towards them.

"Well then, carry on!" Megatron said turning his head back and walking slowly towards a window.

"Escuse me sir?" ST-3-VE said nervously.


"Where might Thomas' room be?"


"Me and some of the other drones wanted to...pick on him, make him feel weak!" ST-3-VE said while cursing himself in his head. Now Soundwave wanted to smack him upside the head.

Megatron, without a word, showed a map on a screen revealing Thomas' location. The duo left. Meanwhile Team Prime had been causiously looking around. No drones in sight. They had left Raf, Miko and Jack on Sodor as it was too dangerous. As Soundwave and ST-3-VE found Thomas' room they looked to see if anybody else was around. No one was, so they crept in and they found Thomas sleeping.

"Thomas, THOMAS!" Soundwave whispered.

"Huh, what?" Thomas said finally awake but still very sleepy.

"Mission is nearly complete, let's move." ST-3-VE said excited.

Thomas grew a big happy face. Then Soundwave's faceplate screen showed fire meaning he had an very clever idea.

"Okay Thomas blow your whistle!" Soundwave said.


"Just do it, trust me!"


Everyone on the Nemesis heard it. Megatron heard and growled.

"THAT'S OUR CUE!" Bulkhead said.

Team Prime began charging down hallways to get to Thomas. Knock Out wasn't going to fight because he had just painted his paint job but he gave is electric prod to a drone. Breakdown charged the team with a few drones. Suddenly, Thomas rushes out from another hallway with Soundwave and ST-3-VE in his cab.


Breakdown and the drones wide-opticed as Thomas actually bashed into them all. Bulkhead, Starscream and Bee laughed their afts off. They all kept crashing and bashing drones as they made their way to where Megatron was waiting with about 30 drones.

"Starscream got your grappling hook?"

"I always have it with me why?"

"Hook to Thomas, transform and hold on!" Soundwave said with Starscream figuring out the plan. Starscream latched it to Thomas and transformed. Soundwave transformed with and blasted down locked doors and more drones. Team Prime transformed too and raced down the hallways. Thomas was enjoying the ride as it felt nearly like the time he raced with the jet engine. They finally reached where Megatron was at. As the doors were blown off, many of the drones exploded along with the door. Megatron didn't have time to react as Thomas plowed him down. To add injury, Bulkhead and Optimus drove over him too but Megatron recovered fast.

"AUTOBOTS, THOMAS...SOUNDWAVE AND STARSCREAM YOU TRAITORS!" Megatron yelled and fired his fusion cannon.

Optimus transformed and blocked the blast with his sword. Soundwave, Starscream and ST-3-VE, who transformed, blasted the front end windows of the Nemesis. As they all jumped out of the Nemesis, Optimus quickly blasted Megatron twice with his guns. At this point, Starscream had uncoupled from Thomas. All of them were free falling from the Nemesis.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Thomas yelled. He couldn't see the ground.

Soundwave, Starscream and ST-3-VE transformed to robot mode and were actually enjoying the fall.

"THIS IS NOT FUNNY!" Ratchet yelled.

"GROUNDBRIDGE US!" Arcee yelled.

"NOT COOL" Bee buzzed.

"SOUNDWAVE!" Bulkhead yelled.

"Ruin all the fun!" Soundwave said groaning.

But just as Soundwave was about to groundbridge them, Megatron caught up with them and began firing in his jet mode. Luckily all of them were far from hitting the ground. But Starscream latched back to Thomas to keep him safe.

"GET BACK HERE!" Megatron yelled still firing, mostly at Optimus who was also firing back.

"EVERYONE HOLD UP, I HAVE A SURPRISE!" ST-3-VE yelled at everyone who looked at him. "Thomas...whistle 5 times fast."

Thomas did quickly and suddenly two powerful fusion cannons came out of Thomas' cab. Starscream flipped Thomas around so he was facing Megatron. Everyone stared in shock. Thomas saw the guns and was too shocked to say a thing.


Thomas did and the fusion cannons fired twice and made a direct hit to Megatron who growled in pain. Megatron flew off course and ended up flying into a very tall rock formation finally defeated. Soundwave groundbridged them back to Sodor as they actually had to fall into the spiral of green.

On Sodor...

Raf, Miko and Jack waited for Team Prime to come back at Tidmoth Sheds. All the engines were there too worried for Thomas. Suddenly, a spiral of green appeared in front of everybody revealing the rescue team and Thomas. Everyone cheered and whooped.

"You're back!" Milko said excitedly.

"Hooray!" Raf said.

"Nice job!" Jack said.

"Thomas you're home!" Percy said and nearly cried.

"Hooray for the Autobots!" All the engines cheered.

"Thomas welcome home!" STH said happily.

"Thank you sir!" Thomas said.

"Wait, ST-3-VE, where did you actually get time to put in those guns?" Starscream asked the con he had bitch-slapped a very long time ago.

"I have my ways!" ST-3-VE said. "But now they have to be taken off."

He went to detach the guns from Thomas while recieving shocks from everybody. Starscream and Soundwave saw Percy.

"Starscream, what are you going to do now?" Percy asked puffing closer to him.

"Well I thought about mabye to continue to travel the world. But I will be back." Starscream said putting a smile on his face.

"Yeah, we will too!" Soundwave said. ST-3-VE nodded.

"You two actually want to tag along with me?" Starscream asked looking puzzled.

"Sure, us seekers need to stick together!" ST-3-VE said.

"Thank you so much Autobots, I owe you!" Thomas said happily.

"Don't worry Thomas, you're help was enough, but we will help you get back to normal." Optimus smiled.

A few days later...

Optimus' thought...

"We had experienced a nice island full of interesting machines. We have made new friends and possibly new allies. We owe them our life for their help in saving their own kind. We plan on returning one day, mabye for what the humans call, a vacation. We don't have any clue as to where Soundwave, Starscream or the drone have gone. But we now see them as our friends...mabye not with Arcee. But, until we meet with the engines again, we left a little present behind..."

In reality...

Thomas is seen with Annie and Clarabel on the bridge like in the original intro about to past by the windmill. Thomas is back to his original paintwork with the number 1 on his sides. He also had a new feature. An Autobot insignia branded on the front of his funnel.

The End...

I had a lot of fun making this. I really want to know what you guys think but no bad comments. I consider this a good ending. Didn't come out as awesome as I hoped but I can live with this! So, until my next Transformers Prime story. I'M OUT...PEACE!