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"Life has a way of balancing out. Everything on this planet has a life expectancy. It is created, it thrives and then over time it dies out. Life and Death. A perfect example of how it balances out. And that life that is given also has to have balance. There are two kinds of people in the world Bella, and that old saying is sadly very true. I don't have to tell you. You are smart enough to know exactly what it is I am saying."

"Good and Evil." she murmurs, not looking at me, her eyes glaze over as if she is in a fog.

"My beautiful smart girl...keep going." I urge.

"For every thing that good happens, many believe there is the same amount of bad."

I stare intensely at her now, waiting, and apparently she needs to be pushed.

"Say it."

"There are good people and there are those that are evil."

"What category do you think I fall under?"

Her eyes slowly look up and her brow furrows, the knowledge of what it is she doesn't want to believe about me washes over her features. I can see the switch flip on. Even if it is painful to watch and to know that my making her see me for what I am, it isn't anything but the truth. I feel like she needs to know it. Once and for all before her precious human life is no longer hers.

"I don't see you as evil Edward. I know that the life you live is nothing like anyone elses, call it intuition but I know in my heart that you aren't as bad as you think you are. You are living a life you were born into. I don't think you really had much of a choice. And it doesn't matter to me because I sense something in you that assures me that you are the last person on earth or vampire for that matter that would ever hurt me."

"There are no gray area's Bella, and when you first stepped foot into this house, I fantasized about wrapping those long beautiful legs of yours around me, while I fucked you, and then fed from you. It took all my my willpower to stay away while you slept in a bed just down the hall. I was already coveting you before you stepped foot into my office that first night."

"But you didn't. You could have and you didn't hurt me. You helped me. Whatever...it doesn't matter because I belong with you." Her lip quivers.

My speed doesn't phase her anymore, now as I am directly in front of her. Nothing but a blur to her human eyes now, and my girl doesn't even flinch.

I move forward, pressing her back up against the wall.

"You are damn fucking right you do. I wasn't going to let you walk out that door again and never come back. No one takes what is mine. You are the sweetest purest soul I have ever come across, but Bella when you crossed paths with me, you had no idea you were becoming a fallen angel. My fallen angel, and I am taking you from this life and into your next."

I slide my hand up and cup her chin.

"Not anyone or anything is going to stop me. It would take me turning to ash to keep me away from you. I don't care what the cost, because I am a selfish creature Bella and I cannot explain exactly what it is like to be a vampire but there are times when I feel like I am not alone in this body of mine. There is something darker lurking and this thing whatever it is has been there since I was turned. The reserved side you see most of the time is the only part of me left that is somewhat decent and almost human. As if I were holding onto a part of my humanity or what little I had left. But the other part of me that makes me believe that it is not even close to human is no side of me that the human side of me doesn't want you near. one that I want you near.

I press my nose to hers and stare hard into her eyes.

"There is a problem Bella. Whatever it is, it is strong. I fear stronger than I am. He wants you just as much as I do. Your beautiful selfless heart warms up this stone cold heart of mine that no longer beats in my chest. But your innocence and your faith is driving that thing up to the surface. You need to know that my plan was never anything more than possessing you. If I am going to live forever, you will too. I had to make a deal with him to keep you so that I could turn you. You were not responding to my venom. I worry you still won't. Bella...I told you I will not stop at going after what I want. I will let whatever it is do what I couldn't if I think that I can get what I want in the end."

"What is it like?"

"Dark, pitch black, breeding hate, cursing up a storm. Forgive me love but you will be mine and I need to let it out. To try."

"How do you know that it isn't what you turned to into? I mean you almost sound possessed! Is that it? This thing?"

"It is the thing that gave me the power to unleash my fury and turn every member of my family. All of them harbored up on a remote island to keep them under control. It is the thing that roared out in anger at their idiotic suggestions that they kept repeating to me over and over again. If I heard them say that you were gone and to let you go once more I would torment them. But it was them that drove it out and I let myself give into that anger. No one was supposed to live. I wanted them all dead for telling me to let you go. He had other plans."

My anger flares at the memory. "I swear when I looked in the mirror I was staring at the most evil demon I could imagine. He was frightening. This look that could get him whatever he wanted. Glowing red eyes burning out of jet black orbs. I shifted my stance and he morphed. My physical being morphed in the mirror and the handsome charismatic creature that was there had changed."



I slide my hands down to her bare warm hips, pulling her in even harder to me, pressing my ice stone cold hard body into the warmth of hers. I bring my nose in slowly, brushing over the apple of her pink flushed cheek.

The sweet sound of her oh so small whimper escapes from her throat.

I like that sound.

Sweet, sexy, naughty.

I move my lips down to the very spot where that sound came from. I relish in the heat that I have been denied for an eternity. She is so tiny but the warmth that emanates off of her body does things to me.

I moan when I feel every part of my male anatomy awaken.

Fuck this little girl makes me harder than anything.

I like it and hate that she can do this.

What the fuck?

I need to take back control!

She teases me further unaware that it is her heartbeat vibrating through her pulsing artery that drives me even more.

The sinister smile that I hide from her knowing that it is my presence that is clearly affecting the rhythm of her heart, thrills me.

I nuzzle into this long lean neck of hers.

She could drive any sane soul mad with this sweet scent alone.

So fucking pure and sweet. Heaven has never been so close to me since I was cast out of it.

Payback is a bitch motherfucker and there is no one to blame for it but your self. You gave me this power. The power to steal the soul of those not worthy of your heaven.

You sure as fuck didn't think i could get my hands on one that was so close to you, did you?

I move my head back again to let her see my fangs slide and lock into place. Her heart speeds up and I give a small charming little smirk when the air fills with with sweet pure adrenalin and fear.

I inhale letting it take over all my senses.

That's it baby, feed me just like that...perfect just the way you are.

Such a naughty oh so easily corruptible little angel.

It is time she hear my voice, not the softer spoken one she is used to.

The deep menacing tone I was given when I was casted forever out from the heavens.

I speak slow and methodically pressing my icy lips against her flesh, fangs pressing barely against the thin silken skin of her throat.

It will be so easy to penetrate with little to no effort.

That is unless she struggles.

I truly hope she struggles.

"Naughty little girl. You can't hide any reaction you have from me. I see, smell and sense it all little one."

Her body begins a slow tremor that increases further the more I reveal.

I chuckle.

"I am impressed. I almost feel like I should have at least tried to bluff you, although it is hard to hide how much colder my body is than his."

Her lips part slightly. Her hot breathing picking up.

Frightened Kitten.

I whisper deeper, "I know little one. I know exactly what it is you know, but are almost too afraid to say."

"Don't worry Angel...well, maybe you should just a little." I snarl.

"Your breath is sweet, almost as sweet as that blood of yours. Look at you little girl. If I didn't know better I would swear you are almost turned on by my presence. That would seriously throw a wrench into my plan. I like it when little girls are scared. It is hard to produce that sweet scent of fear when you exude the overpowering chemical in this hot little body of yours with that potent scent of dirty lust."

I lick my lips tasting the sweet heaven around me.

"Edward?" Her body stiffens.

I shake my head back and forth telling her no. My eyes narrow and I let them reveal my black soul to her when our eyes meet again.

Her gasp fills the room.

"Wrong, little girl."

I hiss at her baring all my teeth, let my fangs lengthen further down clicking into final position. I let my pupils lengthen into slits that glow the deepest of reds pushing the blood of the last meal that I devoured into them, so they brighten to their full potential.

I allow her to see what he wants her to see. It is more out of my own twisted pleasure to do this than it is to fulfill his pathetic request.

I hear his fathers voice in the far distance that always speaks to him like a ghost out of his childhood.

Daddy didn't qualify for white fluffy wings.

I gave him the blackest most detailed ones I could offer. Daddy is forever cast into the pits of my house and will continue to speak every evil thought he has ever had to pass on to his only flesh and blood securing his place in my world.

Control is everything Edward. Masen men will always be in control.

I throw back my head and laugh. "Liar." I bellow, but only to myself.

The control I have comes with the rules that are set for anyone who is possessed by a demon.

I don't choose my hosts lightly and Edward here was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

I always hold the control motherfucker.


"I already know the flavor that you hold in this body. Sweetest fucking blood I have ever had the pleasure of drinking, then when I have had my fill, you my little Kitten will be injected with the very same venom that I hold in these fangs. I must confess little girl what happens next is going to turn me on, you see, it's gonna hurt a little but trust me, it will be the last time you ever feel pain again. If you struggle and make it more fun, I promise from then on my sweet girl, the pleasures I will bring you to will be my way of saying I am sorry for all the pain you are going to feel"

"Oh God." she breathes.

I bare my fangs once again and roar creating a soundwave that rattles the windows in this room. My loudest shrieking tone to make my demand.

"You will praise me little girl...not HIM!"

I pick her up by her hips and force her legs to wrap around me and let her feel the length she has gotten me to grow to.

"Fuck baby you turn me on." I lick up her throat moan at the flavor. The very idea of drinking blood before never appealed to me but being in the body of a vampire, that shit is fucking ambrosia.

"You already taste like him...In the end the essence of all of you will be all from me. I mark my dark angels, but you little girl will have the one and only mark that will never fade away."

I throw her on the bed. Tower over top of her, flex my muscles, tearing the shirt of his in the process.

Her eyes now filled with fear only goads me. I lift my head and inhale the sweet scent and close my eyes to how incredible this will be.

"Turning you will be so much more enjoyable, than an entire family of sinners."

She creeps back on her hands slowly moving up towards the headboard.

I shake my index finger back and forth and murmur, "tsk, tsk."

"Freeze little girl. It isn't happening yet. You have some things to answer to. Lets start with the games you were playing with of all things a vampire. A mafia Godfather. Tell me little one...was it thrilling walking on the dark side? Don't lie baby, I will know."

I place on knee on the bed and tug on loop of the belt and yank it out in one fast movement. Fold it in half and snap it allowing the sound of leather tear through the still air of the room.

My nostrils flare when the room is flooded with more of her scents.

"Answer me!" I bark.

"I... I..."

Tears well up in her eyes, the salinity tickling my senses.

"I wasn't aware you stuttered." I tease bringing the belt flush with the bed in a blur of movement to her human eyes.

"Nevermind dark angel, I already know exactly what that dirty little mind of yours likes. Do you remember when you were propped on a couch the come dripping from your sweet pussy right over your mouth and you dared to taste?"

Her eyes widen futher, the corners dripping tears as they slide down her cheek.

"I nudged you Tiger."

The light in her eyes brightens.

There it is.

Her lips say it but not a sound escapes.

I nod and give her the wickedest of grins.

"Please allow me to introduce myself. Surely you were taught in that wretched church you attended daily about the worst fallen angel of all."

I am on top of her fisting her hair and snarling against the pouty quivering lips she is losing control of.

I look down when i am hit with the scent of her urine.

"He speaks about me as the Devil love, I hate that name my little frightened Kitten. Baby, I answer only to what you will scream out when I claim you. Say it little girl...I am dying to hear my name drip from those sweet plump wet lips. I assure you, I will have you moaning it out in pleasure now speak before I get angry. Trust me love, an angry Devil doesn't come close to that of mine. Fucking say it!"

I move my lips with hers and feel my body vibrate when the angelic tone of her voice vibrates bouncing off the walls of this room. The sweet sound of this dark angels fear, the scent of it as each syllabal falls from her pouty fucking needy moist lips. I give her my final warning.

"Dont fuck it up baby. Say my name and properly. I am in no mood to be angry."


The smile creeps over my lips.

"Good Girl."

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