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It starts as a normal day for me.

Nyla Isley Broke.

I quickly got through my last class in school, which was of course math. The one subject I loathed. I had gotten the worst teacher for it too, he seemed not to understand the concept of mercy.

After school I said goodbye to my best and friend, Grayly, then I got into my mother, Donna's, van.

My brother, Jeremy Dolan Broke, kept poking me about my childly obsession that showed. I had an obsession with a cartoon that wasn't quite popular in the US, or in any country for that matter. Though it was a French cartoon, it wasn't very popular. I have no idea why though, I found it very interesting.

It was called Dragon Hunters, it was about a small team of two guys and a small doglike dragon, hunting down large dragons for money. Well, Gwizdo, my favorite character thought it was all about the money.

Gwizdo had shaggy dark brown hair though it was almost always under a light brown pilot's hat and pale blue eyes.

He talked mostly in slang and an accent though he was a contract writer and he had some quotes. Probably my favorite thing about him though was his little gap between his two front teeth.

He was greedy, witty, smart, a scared-y-cat, and also my current crush. Yeah, yeah, I had a crush on a guy that doesn't exist, laugh it up, go ahead.

My second favorite character was Hector, which was the small dragon that helped the two guys. He had light blue fur and brown eyes, he had his own language but I thought could pick up some swear words in the jumbled mix, he was also very hot-tempered though he calmed it most of the time.

My third favorite character was Lian-chu, he was the second guy and he was the one who actually killed the dragons.

He had long silky black hair that was always in a ponytail and black eyes, he was always very peaceful, although he didn't read he was always very punctuated. Which was odd because Gwizdo was the one who read and he had a lot of slang and such, probably because of that cute little gap between his teeth.

I probably liked Gwizdo because of our personalities, they were practically the same, which I found weird.

I loved writing, he did too. He loved money, I would do almost anything for it, if it was the right price. He talked with slang, I did too. He had a lot of ego, I had a lot of it too, mostly confidence which actually I was right about. I liked to make stuff, like gadgets and such, he liked to too. I mean, he made a working airplane!

I had brown hair like him too, but it was longer and it was naturally frizzy, most of the time wild as the jungle. I had different color eyes, well, actually they were different shades of brown, the left was honey while the right was chocolate. I had a small frame because I didn't eat much, possibly because of my father. Jack.

No one would know it from looking at me but my father wasn't the best person, first of all he had a gambling problem. Which living just a few miles away from Las Vegas probably didn't help much.

He usually gambled on high stakes which meant we didn't have a lot of money, which left me to basically fend for myself. Though my father often beat my mother, he left my brother alone, and even more often picked on me.

He verbally abused me more then physically, but still, it hurt. Whoever said: "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me". Obviously had one hell of a life.

When we got home I opened the van's sliding door and got out. I was wearing a faded orange hoody that had the words; "Dragon Hunters. Best in the whole floating world." On the back in blue.

Then I was wearing dark blue skinny jeans that had a patch on the end of the left leg and one on my right knee. Next I was wearing sneakers that were a muddy brown in color, on the bottom of the right one it said in small letters; "holy creep-a-roni!" That I wrote on.

I also was wearing a pilot's hat much like Gwizdo's except it was black instead of brown. I had my ears pierced and I had little earrings that were in the shape of an old fashioned books, they were made of hard metal and locked tightly in my ear.

I walked into the house while my mom and brother went for a walk, they always went on a walk after they picked me up from school and before Jeremy's bedtime.

I went up to the second story level, my room was blue with clouds around it was the Dragon Hunters' world, I had drawn the team. Also I had drawn floating islands, which was their world, I added in some dragons too.

I laid down on my bed and took out my journal from my secret place, I had ripped open one of my stuffed animals and put it inside it. I had wrote in it everything about Dragon Hunters, about it's world. I often daydreamed about having a life there, I would be a dragon hunter too, I already knew how to fight. I flipped through the elaborate drawings of the dragons, each unique in their own way.

Then I heard a hard knock on my door, which had a Gwizdo poster from the movie on it. "It's open." I said, the door opened to reveal my father behind it. "Hey, Nyla. Wanna go for a ride with me? I'm going to the store." He said, though he was abusive, he was still nice when he was sober and won his gambles.

I nodded. "'Kay, lemme grab my stuff." I said, I grabbed my dark brown messenger bag that had about a million pockets and put my dragon hunters journal in it, just for good luck. I also liked to keep it close, though I had forgotten it that school day.

I got in my dad's beat up truck and slammed the door behind me. He got in and started the engine. We passed the houses and buildings, but then we passed the store. I looked over at my dad, confused.

"We jus' passed da store." I said cautiously, I started worrying about whether he was actually drunk, or if he was taking me somewhere else. "I know." Was all he told me, my eyes widened.

I tried to open my door but he had put the child lock on, I then dug my hand into one of the pockets of my messenger bag and pulled out a small swiss army knife. "I wouldn't use that if I were you." My dad said, I looked up and he was holding a gun to my temple.

I dropped the knife.

We soon came to a lifeless land, the outskirts of the city we lived in. We were on dirt roads, I looked around myself, my dad still had the jet black gun pointed straight at my brains and I started to see a small house. More of a shed really, it was just there, in the middle of nowhere.

I looked over at my father. "What is dis about! Why am I 'ere? Talk, ya bastard!" I shouted, it wasn't unusual for me to swear so violently, often though the words just slipped out. He jammed the gun into my skull.

"Stay quiet, you little bitch!" He swore back, he often called me names and it didn't phase me often. The truck stopped and he forced me out, he stuck the gun in the small of my back and I walked towards the house.

A man came out of the old looking door, he was wearing an all black suit that seemed from old times. Like Dragon Hunters times. I glared at the man, I knew bye instinct he wasn't good. Also he looked like a classic bad guy in a crappy movie.

"This is her?" The man asked. "Yeah, this is her. Now, I wanna know is what you're gonna do with her?" My dad asked, I looked back and forth from them. I just prayed to God this man wasn't going to rape me, or molest me, or kill me.

"Jus' need some extra hands 'round the house. If you, ever get the money you can take her back home. But for now, I'm gonna be taking her." The man replied. My honey and chocolate eyes widened, I knew now, he had betted with me.

Me, his only daughter, though he hated me. How could he just gamble me away like I was just another one of his chips? My dad pushed me with the gun over to the man, who grinned pervertedly at my body, I narrowed my eyes and slapped him hard across the face. I didn't care that he seemed like he was in his mid forties, and I was only twenty.

"Ugh, feisty, isn't she? What's your name, kid?" the man said. I rolled my eyes, like hell was I gonna say anything to him. He said he was owning me, like a slave? Well, he's gonna have a mute slave now.

"Izzy, jus'. Izzy." I said, first of all. I didn't want this guy to know my name, second, Izzy was a pretty cool nickname. It came from my middle name, Isley. "Izzy? What a weird name, it fits a slave." He said, I growled low.

He then took me by the shoulder and pulled me towards the shed, I then realized it wasn't a doorway at all, it was a swarming black mass. I felt like I was in a cartoon or something, I planted my feet firmly on the ground.

"What is dat?" I asked nervously, the man chuckled. "Our way home." Was all he replied, and pushed me into the black mass.

I screamed, everything was black. Then I felt fuzzy, like that way you feel when you know you're foot's falling asleep. Or when you put your hand near, but not on, your t.v screen. I stopped screaming and I felt like I was falling. [Is dis it? Am I gonna die? Oh, Lordy, please no. I don' wanna die!] I shouted in my mind, then I saw a light. A cartoon light? What the hell?

I was soon rolling over myself on tickling grass, I opened my different shade eyes.



Dragon Hunters styled cartoon.

I felt my mouth open and go slack while my eyes watered from not blinking. "Hey, Izzy. Get up and get ta work." I spun around, the man was standing in front of a building.

The most ugliest building I had ever seen, it was faded yellow and mud brown with rust spots all over it. I stepped into the dark of the building, all the while thinking.

[Lord, help me.]


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