A.N: Last chapter, more of an epilog, since it's short. The next story I'll be doing is a Gregor the Overlander story, it'll be called Scarred Hearts. Well, enjoy this last chapter!


It'd been about a year since we adopted Will and Bella.

Will was very interested in becoming a dragon hunter, while Bella liked reading once we taught her she was instantly hooked.

Rain had a cute baby girl, they named her Lucky. She looked like her mother but had her father's deep and thoughtful black eyes, she was already very adventurous and curious.

Pepper and Hector had stayed at The Snoring Dragon Inn, but we soon found out that they were an official couple, and Pepper was pregnant with a little baby dragon.

As Will got older he went on hunts with me and Gwizdo, and then he went on hunts by himself mostly. He liked hunting, and even more so liked the money he was earning, it seemed like he got that from both of us.

Bella found herself working as Will's assistant, since she liked the different dragon species in the books that we gave her, and even though she didn't like hunting she was very important to the hunts.

Me and Gwizdo are both proud of them.

Finally Pepper had her little dragon, and we found out it turned out to be a boy. Pepper and Hector named him Nexter. He had wings like his mother but had his father's blue fur.

Everything turned out happy, I was happy with my family. My friends' families were happy. So, you can truly understand when I say, I wish it would've ended there. But unfortunately, if I said that it did. I would be telling a lie.

One day while Bella and Will were on a hunt, and Gwizdo was visiting Lian-chu, I heard a knock on the door. I got up and I opened the door. What I saw outside of it, I will never forget until I day I die. Even though it had been so long, I still recognized him.


Also known as, my father.

"It's been so long. Do you remember your old man?" He asked, smiling a sad pitiful smile. I nodded slowly and unsurely, my mind had gone blank and was on autodrive.

"I'm sorry what I did a long time ago, but I found that man and payed him a lot to get to you. I've heard about your business in dragon hunting. Well, I'm here now, we can go back, and you can forget this ever happened, okay?" He said, I knew then that the timelines in both of our worlds were different. I shook my head, absentmindedly looking down in the process.

"No. I like it here, Jack. I have a job, friends, Jack. I have a husband, an' two beautiful children. I can't go back now! I'm sorry, but it's jus' too late." I said, my voice rising rather then getting softer. He wasn't the boss of me anymore, he just wasn't.

His face hardened, then quickly he ran up to me and grabbed me. He put a hand over my mouth and tried to drag me away from my house. I struggled my best but he was stronger then me, but suddenly he let go of me and I turned to see why. Gwizdo had knocked him out, Gwizdo had knocked my father out.

"Nyla! Are ya okay?" He asked concerned, I smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I am." I said, I got back up on my own two feet. I looked between my husband and my father nervously. "Gwizdo, meet. My father." I said, Gwizdo's pale blue eyes widened in shock.

Then, it spilled out. The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Starting from that very fateful day that my father, from a different world, betrayed me to a man from this world. And surprisingly, Gwizdo believed me. My father eventually woke up, but backed off.

He told me that my mother had died in a car crash and my brother hadn't been in contact with my dad for a while. I had invited my dad to stay in this world, with a little contact with me, but not my family.

He declined it, and there I was. Standing in the doorway about to say goodbye to the one person that was held accountable for the worst, and the best thing that happened to me.

"Did you miss me? Or even think about me?" He asked, I sighed heavily and looked down. "I don' remember. It was a long time ago, Jack. But I remember da hate, I hated you fer a while." I answered honestly, he nodded understandably.

"I wish I could change yer mind, Nyla. To go back to the real world, and have a normal life." He said quietly, I couldn't say anything to that. "They thought you'd ran away. That's what I told them, your mother didn't listen and she searched for you." He said, I couldn't take all this sadness overwhelming me.

"Goodbye Nyla. I hope you found something in this, hellish world." He said, and I found it slightly amusing.

What he found hell, I found paradise.

Then he turned around and left, just.

Walked away.

I stood there, in that doorway, looking out towards where my father went. I stood there until the rain started, and soaked me until my clothes were heavy, and the water was blinding my vision.

It wasn't until Gwizdo came out and pulled me back into the house. Will and Bella were oblivious to what had just happened, me and Gwizdo decided it would be best for them not to know. I didn't eat dinner, I went straight to bed with Gwizdo by my side.

At first I dreamt about blackness, sadness, and anger. But then I dreamt about my family. My wonderful husband, my brave son, and my sweet daughter.

And I realized that I had something that most people often just dreamed of, and I felt blessed.

Purely, utterly, blessed.