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Chapter 7: Exposure Therapy

Charlie had not managed to get Willy and Violet to get together the next day. In fact, he wasn't able to even bring up the topic. But he had a plan. Violet and Veruca had managed to coerce the other three to join them in a therapy session, and Charlie decided that he would take Willy along, though he didn't tell the others.

Right after school on the day of the session, Charlie had asked Willy to pick him up discreetly in the Wonkavator. They had managed to be the first to arrive at Dr. Prinzmetal's office. They sat in the waiting room, Willy's nervousness showing. He had his hat, as usual, but he was twirling it in his hands so furiously that the draft it created turned the pages of every magazine that was on the table beside him.

"Charlie, are you sure this is best?" he asked for what appeared to be the thousandth time.

Charlie turned to him and nodded as a bell dinged, signaling someone else arriving to the office. Willy turned towards the door in a very startled manner, only to see that it was Dr. Prinzmetal himself.

"Hello," the doctor said. "You two must be friends of Violet and Veruca. Please come in and have a seat!" He gestured to his office as he himself headed to open the door. "Mathilda, please send in anyone else that is to partake in this session," he said to the clerk at the counter.

Charlie and Willy got as comfortable as they could for what was to come. Charlie was beginning to feel a bit guilty about keeping Willy a secret, but he knew he had to do it. Unfortunately, bringing him and Violet together meant putting him with the others as well, and he knew that it very well could become a bloodbath.

The door to the office opened a few minutes later, and Violet and Veruca both entered, both stopping when they saw Willy sitting there. All Charlie could do when he turned and saw them was say, "Uh… hi…"

Dr. Prinzmetal noticed the glare coming from Veruca and said, "I see there is going to be a lot of tension in this session. Seriously, if tension were edible, we could feed the entire world with what's in here!"

Willy seemed to brighten a little at this comment. He turned to Dr. Prinzmetal and said, "Say, that's not a bad idea. I could probably find a way to turn a bit of tension into something fantastic!"

Violet sat down next to Charlie and said, "Oh yeah, that's a really good idea! We all remember what happened with your last food related experiment!"

"Why the bloody hell is he here?" Veruca said, not leaving the doorway.

"Who?" someone else said before pushing Veruca into the room so he could enter. It was Mike, and he was accompanied by Augustus. Both saw Willy and promptly stopped in their tracks.

Charlie had the sneaking suspicion that bringing Willy might not have been a good idea after all.

Finally, after about a half an hour, Dr. Prinzmetal had managed to get everyone seated in a circle, including himself. He sat between Willy and Augustus, who sat by Mike. Veruca sat between him and Violet so as to stay as far away from Willy as she could.

"Now then, I believe we can begin. Augustus, you start, and we'll go around until we get to Willy, that way we can hear every angle of the story."

After Willy finished speaking, Dr. Prinzmetal sat back and scratched his head. He sighed as he leaned forward and said, "I find it hard to believe some of that really happened, but there is substantial proof of it being truth. From what I can say as a professional, the best thing for all of you would have to be exposure therapy. Minus Charlie, of course, but you can easily help them overcome their fears."

Charlie nodded. During each person's version of the story, Charlie had noticed some things that showed fear, and even a bit of stress after what had happened in the factory. Augustus had never eaten any chocolate from that day forward, though he wouldn't tell why. Mike insisted that he wasn't afraid of anything, but Charlie felt that he was in denial. Violet had excused herself for a few minutes before her turn for a smoke, and Charlie already knew this was just her way of staying away from any gum in general, which he was sure she now despised. Veruca had apparently gotten rid of any rodent that was in her house upon arrival at home, seeing as how they were a relative of sorts to squirrels.

"Let's start with Augustus," Dr. Prinzmetal said, snapping Charlie out of his thoughts. "Now, you say you haven't eaten any chocolate since that day. Well, I have here a chocolate bar, and I want you to take it."

Dr. Prinzmetal had walked over to his desk and was currently pulling a chocolate bar out of one of the drawers. Augustus was looking at the bar with a blank stare, almost as if he had no emotion. Dr. Prinzmetal walked back over to the circle and took his seat, and put the bar out for Augustus to take. Still, he did not reach out and take it, but everyone noticed he now had a twitch in his left eye. Suddenly, he reached out, grabbed the chocolate and threw it to the floor, after which he stepped on it until it was impossible to tell what was chocolate and what was carpet.

Augustus then sat down and stared at the mess he had just created. He then said, almost to himself, "I nearly drowned in that shit. I am never going to touch it ever again."

Everyone sat silent. He had finally revealed a fear that he was trying to keep secret. No one seemed to want to talk after seeing his reaction.

Dr. Prinzmetal cleared his throat after a few minutes and softly asked, "Augustus, can you tell me what happened when you saw the chocolate bar?"

Augustus looked like he was going to keep quiet, but he looked up and answered, "I saw it all over again. Everything that happened to me while I was being sucked into the pipe and being dumped into one of the fudge vats. I couldn't swim then, so I figured I was dead. That's enough to put scare into anyone, not just a kid who was nine at the time."

Dr. Prinzmetal wrote everything down onto his notepad and said, "Augustus, I am sorry you went through such an experience. Do you think anyone here would be able to help you with the healing process?"

Augustus just shrugged and stayed silent. However, his eyes had landed on Willy, giving off a look somewhere in between loathing and pleading. Willy had noticed this, and he put his hat on his chair as he stood up. He walked over to Augustus and put a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry for everything," he said, leaning a little bit to look directly into Augustus's eyes. "I really wish I hadn't done anything to put you in danger. Any of you. Is there any way I can make it up to you?"

Augustus sat there staring at Willy for a moment, then he said, "No. There's nothing you can do. But there is something I can do. I'm sorry for not listening to you, even though you were trying to help. Can you forgive me?"

Everyone was shocked; some even had their mouths hanging wide open. No one had expected Augustus to apologize. Willy however, managed a smile and said, "Only if you can forgive me."

Augustus stood up, and he took Willy's hand. They shook hands as he said, "Deal."

Dr. Prinzmetal smiled as the two shook hands, and he then began to clap. Charlie started to applaud with him, and even Mike joined in. Violet only managed a smile. He does have a heart after all, she thought.

Veruca was the only one who wasn't amused. She still even had a scowl on her face as she looked at Willy.

Dr. Prinzmetal then said, "Well, I know everyone will agree with me when I say we've made splendid progress today. I think we'll tackle another person's group issues next week."

Everyone nodded as the doctor checked his watch.

"My, look at the time! We've been here nearly four hours! I mustn't hold you up anymore! Besides, we're late for dinner, Augustus! My wife is not going to be pleased."

Everyone managed a laugh as he and Augustus ran from the room straight out to his car. Mike's dad was waiting outside, and the two waved before driving away. Veruca waved to Violet and Charlie, but ignored Willy as she got into the limo with Smith.

Charlie nudged Willy and nodded his head at Violet. Willy sighed as he turned and said, "Violet, would you like to go have some dinner?"

Violet looked at him and said, "Uh… thanks for the offer, but I have to get home. I have chemistry homework to do and…"

"No you don't," Charlie interrupted. "We finished that in class. If you're going to lie, you might not want to do it when the witness is standing there. Come on, Violet, join us. I think my mother is making honey baked ham tonight. I know that's one of your favorites."

Violet sighed, "I should never have told you about that. Well, if you insist."

Charlie smiled and took her hand as the three headed in the direction of the Wonkavator.

Violet stepped out of the Wonkavator into the Chocolate Room. She was stunned at its beauty just as she had been on the tour. Charlie smiled as he took her hand and led her through it to the Bucket house that stood on the bank of the river. He opened the door, and the smells of all sorts of delicious foods came billowing out.

"Hi mom! Got room for one more?" Charlie asked as he pulled Violet into the room. Violet was being rather calm, but he could tell she didn't want to be near the factory, much less in it. However, once his family accepted her and found her a place at the table, she seemed to relax.

Willy sat in between Violet and Charlie at the table, and he did his best to start conversation with her as Mrs. Bucket was finishing the ham and a few of the side dishes.

"So what do you like to do in your spare time?"

"I don't really do much. I draw stuff and put it up online for people to see. I play video games. I read books. Basic stuff."

"Oh, where can I see your drawings? I would love to see them!"

"Uh… you probably wouldn't. Trust me, you are the last one who would want to see them."

"Alright, everyone, tuck in!" Mrs. Bucket said as she placed the last bit of food on the table.

As everyone enjoyed their meal, they all conversed over many things, Charlie and Willy mainly discussing various new recipes or experiments to try. Violet overheard them many times and even gave them a few ideas of her own, to which Willy would always smile.

After everyone had their fill, Mrs. Bucket cleared the plates and Mr. Bucket, Charlie, and Grandpa Joe took the food away. After this had been done, Mrs. Bucket asked, "Who wants dessert?"

Charlie said, "Sorry mom, but me and Violet are going to have to go. She should be getting home before her mother gets upset."

Mrs. Bucket nodded as Violet stood and followed Charlie out the door, thanking everyone for the dinner. After they got a fair distance away from the house she said, "You know, my mom really wouldn't care what time I got home. I've been out until three in the morning before and she said nothing."

"I know. I just wanted to get you away from the dessert. Mom's specialty in that area is blueberry pie."

"I see. Nice save there, Charlie. You know how to make a girl feel safe," Violet said as she turned to him. She gave him a hug, which he returned gratefully. She then pulled her head back from beside his face and planted a kiss right on his lips. Charlie was shocked at first, but he gave in and returned the favor. After a couple moments he pulled back.

Violet was a little shocked. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I don't know what came over me."

Charlie smiled at her. "No, it's fine. It's just that it was… different than I expected."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I wish it weren't so blunt, but it tasted like blueberry."

Violet sighed. "Forgot about that. Saliva glands got affected by the gum. That's where the juice came from, so I don't actually have spit anymore."

Charlie laughed a little, then pulled Violet back in for another kiss.

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