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Chapter 8: Bonding Time

The next day at school, the group sat in their study period, but they had already finished all their homework, and were left with nothing to do but have a decent chat. Violet and Charlie had told the others of their relationship status, which the others took well.

"So, when can we throw the party?" Mike had asked.

"Oh, no parties for us please!" Charlie said. He then scooted closer to Violet, and the two set their heads on each other's shoulder in a manner as most couples would. He whispered to her, "Exactly how long did you like me?"

Violet smiled as she whispered back, "Ever since the day on the tour. I always thought you were cute. I just didn't want to let it be a weakness. After everyone heard you had won the factory, I watched every bit of news that came from you and the factory. Just a childhood crush that bloomed into something more."

They all enjoyed talking about random things until the bell rang for their next class. As they got up to go, Violet and Charlie shared a kiss that Mike and Gus turned away from, mocking vomiting. Veruca, however, watched on with a sigh, seeming to wish she had someone to love.

As they kissed, others in the class noticed, and some just turned away, while others still stopped and stared. Charlie and Violet, however, were oblivious to everyone else. That is, until a slushy landed over them, dripping them with a freezing liquid that smelled like artificial grape.

As they separated, the turned to see Jon and his crew standing a few seats down, laughing as if they had never seen anything funnier. Violet and Charlie both looked at them with a look of severe hatred, but neither of them reacted. They simply picked up their things, and left to get washed up before the next class.

Augustus, however, went straight up to the bullies and said, "No one throws a slushy at my friends and gets away with it. When are you available to get the stuffing knocked out of you?"

Jon just smiled and said, "Why not now?" He then punched Augustus so hard in the face that anyone in the room could hear his nose break. Augustus landed hard on the floor, but he quickly got back to his feet, ignoring the blood pouring from his nostrils. He returned the favor, sending Jon down to his knees. He then grabbed Jon's head and brought it down hard on his knee, which broke his nose as well.

Everyone that hadn't run away at the start of the fight was now drawing in like moths to the flame. They were yelling and cheering for whoever they wanted to win, and the commotion began to get severely out of hand. Jon got up from the floor, and he gave Augustus a mean right hook, which Augustus responded to with a swift kick to the gut. Everyone in the crowd cheered even louder.

"What in the blazes is going on here!" yelled a voice from the door. Everyone within the room stopped cold. They all knew the voice very well.

Principal Filbrens stood in the doorway, glaring at everyone in the room. He headed towards the crowd, and it parted like the Red Sea had to Moses, until they revealed Augustus and Jon frozen in the act of throwing a punch at one another, each dripping blood from their devastated noses.

"Mr. Gloop, Mr. Colfren, come with me."

The two followed the principal out of the classroom and straight to his office.

After school, Charlie, Violet, Mike, Veruca, Augustus, Jon, Corey, Alexis, and Filbert all stood in the large staff conference room with their respective guardians standing behind them.

"These nine have been causing enough trouble in just these last two months alone, I'm surprised I was never informed before," Filbrens said, mainly looking at Mr. Teavee, who hadn't told him of the fight Veruca and Violet had on the first day of school. "They have fought many times, mainly verbal, but still enough to make me have to call you all here."

Charlie looked up at his parents, both of whom were giving him a look that spelled grounding, and he quickly turned to look at the others parents. Ms. Beauregarde stood there, seeming to have no emotion whatsoever, but Charlie could tell she was fuming. Dr. Prinzmetal had a look on his face that would make a lion cower in fear, and it was mainly directed at Augustus, who still had a tissue applied to his nose to stop the bleeding. Jon and his parent's seemed to have the same expressions on their faces.

"All I can say is that if they get out of hand any more, even if all they do is shout at each other, I will have to suspend them all. And we wouldn't want that now, would we?"

Before anyone could respond, there was a knock on the door. Filbrens nodded at his secretary, who opened the door to reveal Willy, who was wiping what appeared to be soot from his face, and doing a poor job of it at that.

"Sorry I'm late. Had an accident back at the factory," he said as he stepped into the room and went to stand behind Violet, who covered her face as if she wished he wouldn't have come. Willy turned to see everyone's faces, and his half-smile that he had been wearing faded as he saw exactly who was in the room with him.

Filbrens looked at Willy with a mixture of confusion and amazement. "I'm sorry sir, but why exactly are you here?"

"Well, isn't it obvious? I came to see what my daughter has been doing to cause so much trouble."

Filbrens, as well as most of the parents and some of the teens in the room, looked between Willy and Violet, as if they had to see if he was joking.

"It's a long story. Don't exactly have time to get to it," Willy said.

Filbrens then retook his professional attitude and restated for Willy what the others already knew.

"I see," was all Willy could say after hearing of the two groups fighting constantly.

"Well, for this time, as it is the first it has fully been brought to my attention, I will give them documentation in their files. If they get five documentations, they will be expelled. Is that understood?"

Everyone in the room nodded, with all the adults giving their children upset looks.

"Good. Now all of you can have a nice day."

The Buckets, the Salts, the Bearuegardes, the Teavees, Augustus, Dr. Prinzmetal and Willy all met up at a restaurant later that evening. They had slightly discussed earlier and they decided it would be better if they all scolded the children together, even if some of them were a bit wary of the others. After a thorough scolding, they all settled down for a fine meal, all paid for by Mr. Salt.

"So, Mr. Wonka," Mr. Salt said, trying to get a conversation going. "How exactly did you find out that Violet was your daughter?"

Willy and Scarlet told everyone the whole story of how the truth was uncovered. Everyone was shocked, but they all shrugged off the feeling and began a different subject.

"I hear Mike has been coming to you for therapy," Mrs. Teavee said to Dr. Prinzmetal. "Do tell exactly why."

Dr. Prinzmetal swallowed the food he had in his mouth before clearing his throat and saying, "I have all of the kids there, and it's been just the once so far. They all have had something happen to them previously in life, and it torments them. I'm trying to help them get over their fears."

Willy avoided eye contact with anyone else at the table. He knew all eyes were on him.

The rest of the meal was spent in socializing, and the parents seemed to be less bothered by Willy's presence the more the evening went on. Afterwards, when everyone was going their separate ways, Willy and Scarlet stood alone with Violet in front of the restaurant.

"Scarlet, you are a rather interesting woman. I would never have imagined you to be so intellectual."

"I'm going to choose to take that as a compliment."

"You know, if we want to make everything right, I think we need some time to get to know each other better. Then we can see what we can do with the whole parent thing."

"Are you asking me on a date?"

"It's possible," Willy said with a smile.

"Well, I'll be free on Saturday. How does 8 o'clock sound?"

"Sounds perfect."

Violet stood there in awe, wondering how her mother could have accepted a date with Wonka. She shrugged it off, however, and went to the car to wait.

A few weeks had passed since they had a therapy session, as Dr. Prinzmetal had other appointments he had to take. Finally, however, in the second week of October, they got together for another round. Everyone sat in the same seats as they had the first time around.

"Veruca, why don't we deal with you next?" Dr. Prinzmetal said.


"Why not?"

"I really don't want to deal with him!" Veruca said, pointing at Willy.

Willy tried to reassure her by saying, "Please, Veruca, I made a mistake and I wish to apologize for it."


"Come on, Veruca, it isn't that hard," Augustus said, hoping to get her to cooperate.

"I am NOT doing anything that involves that lunatic if I have anything to say about it."

At this point, everyone seemed to be getting ready to yell, Veruca at Willy, Augustus, Charlie, and Violet at her, until suddenly Mike stood up and flipped his chair over.

"ENOUGH!" he yelled. "Seriously, Veruca, how do you think you could ever get over anything if you won't trust the only person who can help? Sure, I kinda hate the guy too, but if he is willing to be a nice guy, then I'll listen to him."

Everyone was silent as Mike picked his chair back up and sat down in it again. Veruca then nodded and said, "Fine. I'll do it."

"Excellent," Dr. Prinzmetal said as he reached into his desk and pulled out a toy squirrel. Veruca took one glance at it and shrieked in terror.

"Veruca, please if you will, take the squirrel," Dr. Prinzmetal said as he offered the stuffed animal to her.

Veruca pulled her legs up into her chair and put her arms around them, covering her face while saying, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

"Veruca, take the squirrel."

Veruca finally reached out, not looking and grabbed the squirrel. She then ripped it from the doctor's hands and threw it across the room. Her face remained buried.

"Well, this is going to take some time. Anyone feel like a snack?" Dr. Prinzmetal asked.

Everyone but Veruca nodded slightly, and Dr. Prinzmetal leaned out the door to tell Mathilda to bring them something while he continued the session.

"Veruca, there's nothing to be afraid of. The squirrel isn't even real. In fact, let's just imagine that no squirrels are real. There is no such thing as a squirrel."

This led Veruca to look up from her fetal position and ask, "Then what is that toy that I just threw?"

Dr. Prinzmetal smiled and said, "It was a big furry mouse."

Mike took this opportunity to say, "Rodents Of Unusual Size? Frankly, I don't believe they exist."

Everyone laughed as Mathilda came in with a tray of various items. There was mainly fruit, but also some nuts and some candies. Mathilda set it down and started telling them what there was.

"There are bananas, some grapes, walnuts, pecans, peppermints, rice crispies, and blueberries," she said.

"What?" Violet said, rising up suddenly. She ran over to the tray, grabbed the bowl of the blue fruit, and took it to the window. She opened it and threw it out with as much strength as she could muster.

"AND STAY OUT!" she yelled after it. She then sat down right by the window, pulled out her lighter and a cigarette, and began to smoke to calm her nerves.

Willy was shocked when he saw this. "Since when do you smoke?"

"Why should you care?" was the answer he received.

Dr. Prinzmetal decided that now was the best time to end the session, and told them he'd call them in for another some other time.

Willy stopped the Wonkavator in front of the Beauregarde house, and he, Violet, and Charlie all stepped out. Willy knocked on the door, which was opened almost promptly by Scarlet.

"Well, a pleasant surprise. I figured she'd be walking home, she usually does, you know."

"Well, I can't have my daughter go walking fifteen miles when the sun is setting now, can I?"

"I suppose not. Well, thank you for bringing her. Want to come in for a drink or anything?"

"Sure. A glass of lemonade would be nice, I think."

They all went inside, and Charlie and Violet went to her room for whatever time they had.

"I better not hear anything going on up there!" Scarlet called up the stairs as the door closed.

Willy smiled. "So, what are we going to do about her?"

Scarlet looked at Willy with a slightly confused expression. "What exactly do you mean?"

"I mean we seem to be getting along better, as are you and I. I believe we should consolidate the dwelling space."


"I wish for you two to move in with me."

There was a slightly awkward silence in the room. Scarlet finally cleared her throat and said, "Doesn't this seem a bit rushed?"

"I don't think so," Willy replied. "We all need to be a family together if this is going to keep working. And I believe this will be the only way for us to keep going in the right direction.

Scarlet sat down and thought for a few minutes. Finally, she looked up at Willy and said, "We'll pack up this weekend. Let's just hope everything turns out right, just like you say."

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