Author's Notes: Written for MadHatterBellatrix10's 7 Days of Taylor Swift Challenge on the HPFC forum.

You will be submitting a oneshot/chapter centered around a character or a pairing each day for an entire week (or for a total of seven oneshots/chapters). And your prompt will be a lyric from one of Taylor Swift's songs. It will total up to seven drabbles. You can make them into a story, one chapter per lyric prompt (I'd prefer this format) or seven separate ones.

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But I miss screaming and fighting and kissing in the rain...

~The Way I Loved You~


Narcissa missed Rodolphus with all her heart.

She missed how things had been before she had gotten married to Lucius, when she had been with the person she loved. She missed their fights, screaming matches that had ended in tearful reconciliations. She missed how Rodolphus would catch her as she tried to go inside after a bleak walk in the gardens and press his body against hers and kiss her deeply in the rain.

She missed everything about him.

It was all made worse because she knew it was her fault they couldn't ever be together.

She shouldn't have married.