They get the baby ready for a nap, and Joy is rummaging through the drawers for pajamas for the baby.

'Which ones should she wear?' Joy says, holding up a pink one with horses, and a yellow one with ducks.

Victoria grins, 'Both are absolutely adorable, but the one with the ducks would be so cute right now.' Joy nods and puts the horse ones away, and goes over to the baby. Joy and Victoria work together to get the baby dressed, and they are successful, surprisingly to them.

Joy looks at Victoria in amazement. 'I can't believe we got this. I really thought we were going to flub up at some point.'

Victoria playfully nudges Joy,'Geez dear, have a little faith.' They laughed and the baby squealed.

Joy picks up the baby, and holds her close to her. 'Bedtime, little one.' Victoria smiled and Joy places the baby in the crib. Soon after, she falls fast asleep.

Joy and Victoria stand over the crib, watching the newborn sleep.

'Aw, can't we have one like her?' Joy says, putting her arms around Victoria's waist, as they watched the baby sleep soundly in her crib. Their neighbors would be home soon, and Victoria was about ready to go home, drag out a bottle of wine and have a few. She didn't realize how involved one must be with a baby. Victoria smiles sweetly at Joy, and says, 'Honey…I don't know if I'm ready for parenting again. But this baby sure is cute. We would be great parents if we are to give it a shot and go for it.'

Joy looks at Victoria, her lip pouting. 'Victoria, we'd be going for this together…not just you alone or me alone…together.'

Victoria sighs, and kisses Joy against her cheek. 'You do have a point there, Reyjoyla dear.' Joy smiled, although she hated her full name, she didn't care if Victoria used it. Victoria was the only one who actually did use it other than her mother. Everyone else, she did care. She reaches into the crib, and pulls the blanket gently over the baby.

'So Victoria, can we go through the process?'

Victoria looks at her, 'Oh, alright. We'll consider looking into options. Anything to make you happy.' Joy grins and embraces Victoria happily.

'I love you, Victoria. And this won't only make me happy, I'm sure it will make you equally as happy as I am once you get used to the idea.'

Victoria kisses Joy, and parts, smiling. 'I'm sure I will, sweetheart.' They hear a car pulling up, and smile.

'Well, this was an interesting evening, I'm glad we were given this opportunity.'

Joy beams, 'Me too, Victoria, me too.'