Author Note:

Um...Guys, I'm so sorry if I have not updated Musician of Sorrows, Lotus Prince, or Uso.

Mainly it's because I have lost inspiration for it and I would love to update it if I could, but I just can't anymore. I lost it!*cries*

It's been wonderful to see story alerts, favorites and reviews for those stories.

So that's why despite protest, I'm putting the Musician of Sorrows, Lotus Prince and Uso up for adoption. If you wish to adopt the stories, please pm me and we'll discuss it.

Once again, I apologize very much that I could not finish it till the end, that this is not a chapter but a note, that I lost inspiration for Man fanfics and...

I thank you all that have been so patient...


P.S. I have started to obsess with Monochrome Factor.