Everybody on this category know me for my story Golden. My Rumpelstiltskin/Rapunzel story. Well I'm a little stuck so I decided to write something to get unblocked.

For a while I've been wanting to write a Rella story :D I saw only one on fanfiction and there should be more. I've always thought there's some chemistry between the two. I based this off the Disney movie and Ever After in some elements. The names are Disney's and the way Lady Tremaine acts is more like Ever After.

This is rated T. I'm not going to rate it M even though some might think it should be because of Ella's mistreatment. There are no sexual scenes or swearing.

I'm still trying to come up with actual plots for this story. I don't really have any just yet so ideas are welcome. But I can tell you this is definitely an AU.

'Nothing is Everything'

(A Ella/Rumpelstiltskin Story)

Chapter 1:

"Ella!" screamed a rather annoying voice from upstairs.

"Cinderella!" sounded another voice.

"Get up here, girl!" went the shrill voice of Ella's stepmother Tremaine.

The other two voices were those of her stepsisters Anastasia and Drizella.

"Coming!" Ella blew a fallen strand of hair out of her face as she made herself balance three trays of breakfast and tea for each. She was late this morning in getting everything ready.

She didn't know how she managed so much balancing but she knew if she didn't hurry up she would be punished severely by Lady Tremaine. The woman had married Ella's father when

Ella was just 6 years old. The marriage had been short lived when Lewis Silver died of a heart attack. Ever since Tremaine had shown Ella her true colors.

Tremaine forced her to live in the attic upstairs. She had taken everything Ella owned and gave it to her daughters. For Lewis Silver had been very rich and lavished his little girl. Ella had nothing but rags and servant clothing to wear after that. She slept on a bed of scratchy straw in a small cramped space.

Ella was nothing but a servant from then on. They had had another servant to help Ella until she turned 12 and then they got rid of the elderly servant.

Ella woke up at 5 a.m. and didn't go to sleep usually until well over midnight sometimes. She was always exhausted but she knew she couldn't complain. From experience she knew not to complain about anything lest she be whipped which always left her unable to sleep on her back or side. Not to mention it added pain to her house duties. She was very bony only able to eat the leftovers. Most of the time she didn't have the time to eat.

"Well it's about time!" Anastasia complained as Ella opened the bedchamber door with her leg. Ella didn't answer and simply placed the tray on the bedside table.

"I need you to clean my chambers, Cinderella. The drapes are also very dusty. I suggest you clean them. I have an engagement to go to." Anastasia prattled on.

Ella nodded curtly, curtsying and walked out to Drizella's chamber.

"Cinderella! When I say I want my breakfast I mean now. Not 30 minutes or an hour later! I mean NOW," Drizella practically screamed at Ella, making her ears bleed as she sat Drizella's tray on the bedside table.

"Yes, Drizella," Ella curtsied, mentally rolling her eyes.

"I have laundry for you to do, and make sure you don't turn my undergarments pink again!" Drizella gestured to a basket by the door.

Ella picked it up and went out to deliver Lady Tremaine's tray.

"Dear, girl, you are delayed once again," Tremaine sighed with a stony glance at Ella.

"It won't happen again. I promise," Ella's heart sped up at the expression on the Lady's face. She knew what was coming.

"Indeed not, or you will find yourself being whipped again." Tremaine sniffed as she took the teacup from the tray and took a sip. She frowned then and slammed the teacup down. If she had been any rougher it would have shattered. "This tea is cold."

Ella's eyes widened, "I-I."

"Silence!" Tremaine snapped. "When I ask for tea, I want it to be hot. Is that so hard for you to do?"

"No, Mistress," Ella clumsily curtsied and tried to escape.

"Not so fast, Cinderella."

Ella turned around and hid a gulp.

"As punishment for not having breakfast come on time and having my tea cold as ice you will be punished," Tremaine began, "First I want you to get me some more tea and this time it better be hot. When you come back and after I drink my tea you are to be whipped and then clean the house all over again as yesterday.

"Everything is already spotless!" Ella said before she realized what she was doing.

Lady Tremaine glared at her. "Do as I say you will have more than 10 strikes!"

Ella hurried away quickly to get the tea. Tears began to fill her eyes. She never did anything right and if she did she still got punished. She was nothing to her stepmother and stepsisters and probably never would be anything to anyone else.

By the time she had gotten the water to boil and got the tea ready, fixed the tray and headed up the stairs once again. Lady Tremaine had finished breakfast and was fully dressed. She usually waited longer but today she was dressed early.

Ella knew exactly what that meant. She trembled slightly as she sat down the tray and took the tray of cold tea and empty breakfast dishes.

"Meet me in the stable when you get done collecting and washing breakfast dishes," was all Lady Tremaine said.

Ella fled out of the chamber.

Ella was shaking when she got to the stable door. She was never prepared for the pain of being whipped or beat.

"I'm waiting," Lady Tremaine called from inside.

Ella's legs wobbled as she made her way toward the back of the stable. Lady Tremaine was already holding the horse whip.

Ella stopped in front of her and slowly undid the back of her dress, her fingers trembling.

"Hurry up, girl. I have better things to do today. Honestly, you're always so slow and clumsy!" Tremaine huffed.

Finally Ella undid her last button and turned to face the wall. She closed her eyes shut tight and willed herself not to scream, but she knew she would.

Lady Tremaine wasted no time then and sent the whip down on Ella's bareback, earning a scream from her stepdaughter.

"This will teach you to not take so long!"

Another strike.

Ella cried out, tears streaming her face. No one cared what happened to her. She knew one day her stepmother would whip her to death. No one was going to save her from this misery.

"No more cold tea!"

A harder strike.

Ella screamed out in agony.

"And stop being so stupid!"


Ella screwed her eyes shut and took the pain. She could feel the welts forming and blood.

"You miserable excuse of a daughter!" Tremaine was shouting.




"You'll never be worthy of being called my daughter!"


"You killed my Lewis!" Lady Tremaine accused. Of course this wasn't true but she wanted to blame it on Ella. She hated his daughter so much because Lewis had always told Ella she looked like her Mother. Lewis had never stopped loving Ellen his first wife.

Strike, strike, strike.

Ella screamed and slumped to the hay floor in pain and exhaustion.

Lady Tremaine didn't say anything as she walked out leaving the whip against a hay bale.

Ella didn't bother to button up her ragged dress. It would hurt too much.

"Somebody please help me." She whispered to herself quietly, starting to sob. She couldn't take this life anymore. It was too much.

Ella stayed in the stable for hours not caring what the others thought.

…unknown to her a pair of golden brown eyes watched her….

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