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With these teens life was all about Fun,Sex,And Parties. But when they go on a road trip to Boston, MA from Montreal,Canada which was only 5 hours and 30 minuets depending if you take I-89 S.

Gabe's PoV

"Jacob let me go so I can read the map!" Emily yelled trying to breaking out of his grip.

"Why do you have to read the map anyways." Jacob said kissing Emily on the cheek then letting her go.

"Em where do we have to go now?" I said keeping my eyes on the road.

"Continue onto I-89 S." Emily said "Oh and turn on the radio-" Emily was cut off by Adam.

The song 'Sorry for party rocking by LMFAO' started playing.

"Turn it all the way up!" Adam yelled from the back of the van with his arm around Allison.

"Your so loud you know!" Allison yelled over the music.

"Not as loud as you were last night!" Adam said causing Allison's face to go red.

"EW! man" The twins yelled at the same time.

"Shut up!" Allison yelled trying to keep her voice from breaking.

The we all started laughing all but Levi.

"Come on Levi, laugh." Connor said tickling him.

"Yeah you know you want to." Kyle said tickling his neck finally getting a laugh from him.

"Okay, okay I'm laughing damn."Levi said laughing.

"Em how much farther." I said putting my head back.

"Look up and see." Emily said wrapping her arms around Jacob.

"Babe, Carly wake up and look." I said shaking her with my free hand.

"Hmm cool, yeah whatever... Oh my god it beautiful!" She said fully awake now.

"Yeah." Everyone said looking at Carly.

"So where is hotel W Boston." I said looking out the window.

"Take a left here and then park in the underground parking garage." Emily said.

We all got out the car and checked in which was very expensive like 2,000 and up.

"Okay me and Carly are on 8 floor room 803." I said grabbing our keys "Say your floor and room #." I added in.

"Me and Allison are on the 5th floor room 514." Adam said.

"Me and Connor are on 3rd floor room 302." Kyle said.

"I'm on floor 9 room 921." Levi said sitting on the chairs.

"Emily and me are on floor 7 room 707." Jacob said.

"Okay now we all have or rooms lets go unpack and be back here in an hour." I said as everyone nodded and walked to the elevators.

Me and Carly walked to our room hand in hand, and we walked into the room we unpacked within 10 minuets so I turned on the T.V and Carly was taking a shower.

For some reason I decided to change when Carly walked out the bathroom in a pink tank top and basketball shorts and The only thing I was wearing were shorts. Its not like she's never seen me like this Before, Hell shes seen more.

"Hey." Carly said sitting on the bed looking at me, letting her wet light brown hair drip down her shoulders.

"Hey." I said back sitting next to her wiping the water off her shoulders.

"thanks." She said falling backwards on her back.

"Your welcome." I said kissing her deepening it by the second turning it into a make-out running my hands up and down her stomach, But was ruined by a knock at the door.

"What." I said annoyed for them ruining a moment.

"Sorry man." Levi said.

"What do you want Levi?"I said even more annoyed.

"Just wanted to ask you for money, you got enough to break a twenty?" Levi asked.

"Here." I said handing him the money "Now leave and don't come back unless its important." I said closing the door.

I sat back down on the bed next to Carly "Wow." I said falling on my back.

"Lets all go swimming." Carly said getting her phone out.

"How about a shower instead?" I said "With me."

Carly gave me the most amused face ever "I just took one." Carly said laughing.

"You can never be to clean." I said "Please." I said begging on my knees in front of her "Come on you know you want to."

"What does that matter?" Carly said "Not right maybe later, if your good today."

"Fine." I said as I kissed her one more time before I walked to my suitcase.

"Get dressed were going to the New England Zoo" - Kyle

"Get dressed I guess were going to the zoo." I said taking my shorts off to put black skinny jeans and a green polo and black supreme vans.

"I'm already dressed you know." Carly said grabbing the card key.

She was dressed in skinny jeans with flat boots and a white tank top with a knit beret.

"Ready, lets go!" I said walking to the door but I hit my foot on the side of the door "Ow! Fuck! My Foot!" I limped to the lobby.

"Are you okay?" Carly asked waiting down the hall.

"Yeah just hit my foot." I said jogging down to her.

I pulled out my phone once we got in the elevator "Where's the zoo at anyways?" I texted Kyle back.

About twenty seconds later the elevator shook violently.

"Whoa!" Carly said falling knocking me over as well "Sorry Gabe." She said as she lifted herself off of me.

"No problem but did you get hurt at all?" I asked getting up.

"Uh...no?" She said.

"Okay." The doors opened just as I said that and I saw bouncing bubbly blonde walking over this way.

"Gabriel?" She said running up to me hugging me "We haven't seen each other since 7th grade." She said letting go.

I got the meanest look from Carly I've ever seen in my life then I look over I see Levi hiding behind a bush "Whats happening!" I thought to myself.

"Yeah long time no see Ashley, this is my girlfriend Carly." I said gesturing to Carly "Carly this is my cousin Ashley."

"Hi Carly." Ashley said.

"Hi Ashley." Carly said calming down a little.

"Oh and that's Levi, you know, in the bush...over there." I said a little ashamed.

"Why is he way over there?" Ashley asked.

"I will go see, stay here while I go talk to him." I said jogging over to where Levi was standing.

"Really, a bush." I said sitting down next to him.

"Were else did I have?" He said burying his face in his knees "Is she wondering why I'm in the bush?"

"Uh yeah." I said putting a hand on her shoulder "I mean if you got to know her she might like you too."

"I highly doubt that." He said running his hands through his hair.

"Yeah, what about Courtney?" I said.

"She's dead." He said "And she's not coming back, ever again." He said looking over the bush again.

"She would want you to move on and take chances." I said walking back over to the girls "Now come on Emo."

"Shut up Rex" He said using my old nickname that everyone forgot except him.

"I hate that name you know" I said putting my arm around Carly "But this is Ashley."

"Hi I'm Ashley." Ashley said shaking Levi's hand.

"Levi we went to school together but never talked so you won't remember me." He said.

"Now since your here you wanna go to the zoo with us." I said waving at the rest of the group coming out the Elevator's.

Adam, Kyle, Connor, and Jacob came running in the lobby and practically jump on Ashley falling on the ground laughing.

"Hi boys!" Ashley trying to get up.

"ASHLEY!" The boys all screamed.

"Come on you all have girlfriends." Levi said blushing slightly.

"Oh yeah because you liked Ashley since 5th grade." Kyle said forgetting Ashley was right beneath him.

"WHAT!" Levi said with his blush deepening then running out the the door to the street.

"Really Kyle?" I said running with Adam to catch up with Levi who was halfway down the street by now.

"Dude join track." Adam yelled after grabbing Levi's shoulder but by the time we got to him he was crying.

"I fucking hate Kyle!" He yelled causing people to look at us " He ruins everything even when he likes her too!"

"Levi calm down-" I tried to say but he cut me off.

"NO!" He said shoving me off of him "He gets everyone, he told Courtney about my problems and she dumped me and that night she died." He said on the verge of tears "He causes me so much pain and sorrow that Ashley is the only one I have left."

"Lets go back." Adam said grabbing Levi's shoulder's.

"Lets just all go to the zoo and have fun okay." I said walking back.

"Fine whatever." Levi said walking back.

Once we got back Kyle was crying "What happen, Where's Ashley?" I said looking around.

"She went to the bathroom." Carly said "And Ashley got pissed at him and yelled at him for making Levi cry."

"Can you go get her so we can leave." I said walking to get the van.

Once we got to the zoo it was packed to the max.

"Let's go see the elephants." Kyle said.

"I want to see the penguins!" Ashley yelled out in excitement.

"Fine" Kyle said mad.

Just then a rock hit my face "OW! What the fuck!" I yelled holding my head. But then I heard Screaming.

"Kyle lets go this way." I said.

"No I'm going this way." He said walking.

Since he wasn't going alone we all went but just as he turned the corner to the elephants then a baby elephant stampeded over Kyle Smashing him.

"Oh shit, KYLE!" Connor tried to run up to him but Jacob grabbed his arms.

Somehow all the animals got loose and manage to attack and somehow Ashley didn't notice a thing.

Connor was running through the food court kitchen and knocked over the hot grease pan and it spilled all over him causing him to burn to death.

Adam was running next to Allison who happen to trip and fall over into the panda bear exhibit and landed on baby panda and the mother got pissed and attacked her. Lets say she died.

Adam keep running after seeing that and ran into a jaguar and the the giant cat ripped his head off.

Emily has asthma and had a asthma attack and died in front of Jacob and then he got mauled by a bear.

Ashley loses balance and falls into to ice cold water but Levi grabs her hand and pulls her up then he falls over and drowns.

Ashley started running blindly trips over a rock and hits a kangaroo in the back and hits her with its tail and breaks her neck.

Carly was running and jumps over the railing of the alligator pit and gets eaten by them.

I tried to save her by running up to the railing but only in time to hear her scream in agonizing pain but then I hear a growl from behind me and when I turned around I saw a white lion snarling at me and right as it was about to strike everything was back to normal and everyone was alive.

"Let's go see the elephants." Kyle said.

"I want to see the penguins!" Ashley yelled out in excitement.

"Fine" Kyle said mad.

Just then a rock hit my face "OW! What the fuck!" I yelled holding my head.

"NO! where all going to die if we stay here any longer Please lets go." I said now on the verge of tears thinking about Carly.

"Your being over dramatic, calm ya nuts and lets go." But just as kyle said that then there was Screaming.

just as he turned the corner to the elephants then a baby elephant stampeded over Kyle Smashing him.

"Oh shit, KYLE!" Connor tried to run up to him but Jacob grabbed his arms.

"Now lets go!" I said grabbing Carly's hand and running out front with everyone "Come on back to the hotel!"

Once we got back to the hotel and in me and Carly's room Connor dropped to the ground crying.

"Why didn't you stop him!" Connor yelled directly at me "Why!"

"He wouldn't listen to me or anyone!" I yelled "And your next to DIE!"

"What?" He asked.

"After Kyle died you did to then ,Allison,Adam,Emily,Jacob,Levi,Ashley." I said then I turned to Carly "Then you and me."

"Fuck you!" Conner said walking out the door slamming it.

"How did you know?" Allison asked.

"I don't really know but I really need some time to think now." I said holding my head "Can you all come back tomorrow?"

"Yeah sure bye." she said walking out the door with everyone.

I just took a shower and I was in a towel when Carly bust through the door in her pajamas which where white tank top and pink short shorts giving me a piece of paper with Ashley's number and room number on it.

"Thanks." I said kissing her that lasted for about two minutes before I realized I was still in a towel and I felt it slipping down my leg "Carly my towel."

"Huh oh my god I'm sorry." She said "Maybe you should put some underwear on first."

"How about you get undressed as well." I said "I was good today."

"Maybe later Gabe get some sleep." She said getting into the bed.

"Fine alright." I said putting on my blue and white plaid boxers and jumping in next to her kissing her neck earning a moan from her "Carly?"

"What?" She said.

"Your a virgin right?" I asked.

"Yeah and so are you."She said.

"Have you ever thought about me and you having sex?" I asked.

"Yeah but only when I think like that, Why?" She asked.

"Do you want to?" I asked.

"Yeah but not tonight Gabe." She said laughing at me and turning to face me.

"Fine." I said kissing her head "Goodnight."

"Goodnight." She said.

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