Gabe's PoV

I closed the door behind me and sat down in the chair.

"I am Detective Shimane, but call me Detective Shima. We heard that you have contact with these people right before they die. Also, I heard some people say that you... Seen it before it happens. Is that true?" Detective Shima asked kinda forcefully.

"I had this vision at the zoo, where the first death happened." I said.

"Kyle Clow." Detective Shima said.

"Yeah, I saw him get trampled by a baby elephant then it happened. I also saw Conner get burned by grease but he ended up being mauled, and Allison was supposed to get mauled but got fried by electricity, and Adam was supposed to be decapitated but got chopped into 5 pieces." I said.

"So do you know who dies next?" Detective Shima asked.

"Uh... it went Kyle, Conner, Allison, Adam, Emily, Jacob, Levi, Ashley than Carly and me. So...Emily's next, and she's supposed to die by an asthma attack." I said.

"Is there a pattern?" Detective Shima asked.

"We think we have figured it out. Kyle died how he was supposed to but Conner didn't, so Conner was supposed to die in Allison's place while Allison died in his. So the order would have gotten mixed up but now there's two new people in the order." I said.

"And they are?" Detective Shima asked.

"Mark Rosario and Elise Corner."

"How are they in the order now?" Detective Shima asked.

"Because Mark was involved in Allison's death because he placed his drink on the machine. Elise help us figure it all out, about the order and stuff." I say messing with my fingers.

"Mm hm. I guess you gave us more answers than questions about the deaths than we expected. Will you send Carly in please." Detective Shima said writing down something then pointing to the door.

"Sure." I said getting up and walking out the door. "Shima wants you Carly." I say sitting down.

"Shima?" Carly asked.

"The Asian guy...The detective." I said clearing it out.

"Oh." Carly said getting up and walking into the room but before closing the door she looked at me.

"Meet me outside Gabe. I want to know something." Carly said then closed the door.

I was a little taken aback at how Forward her request was but I ignored it and walked outside and sat on the side-walk. It took me awhile but I realized it was raining.

"Great. Not only am I fucking wet, I look like I pissed my... Everywhere!" I thought as I stood up.

I walked back in the building and into the bathroom to try to dry my shirt at least so I won't get sick. Then a thought occurred to me: Where the hell are Levi and Ashley.

Then, another thought occurred to me: What if they...no, He couldn't even talk to the girl so there's no way he'd do THAT.

I walked back into the waiting room and grabbed my jacket, now I don't know what made me not grab it when I left the first time. I made my way back outside and saw Carly there waiting for me.

"How come your interview went faster than mine?" I asked leaning on the wall.

"You saw everything go down, and you know what's going happen next. What took you so long?" Carly asked.

"Its raining and I got wet so I went to dry off and grab my jacket. Your standing in the rain, come here." I said reaching for her hand but she swiped it away.

"Carly...you'll get sick if you stay out there. At least wear my jacket then." I said holding out my jacket for here to take but she didn't

"Carly will you talk to me?" I begged walking closer to her "Look things will get better."

"HOW! How will things get better Gabe? We lost 4 friends already, soon we are going to die!" Carly yelled turning to the street.

"No, we won't!" I yelled as I turned her around to face me. "We will get through this, because we are strong. "I said as I hugged her.

"I'm scared." she said.

"I can't change what's happened to our friends, but I can damn well make sure nothing is going to happen to us." I looked into her eyes.

"Okay." She said grabbing my hand.

"Now do you want to wear my jacket?" I asked holding it out again for her to take. This time she took it and put it on.

"You want to head back to the hotel for some rest?" I asked.

"Sure, but tell the others first." She said.

I nodded and walked back to where everyone else was.

"Guys, me and Carly are going to head back so... Come back as soon as possible." I said.

"Don't get frisky." Emily playfully teased.

"Don't worry, we had a fight so I don't think we are getting anywhere near that." I said walking backwards.

I walked back and found Carly a little ways down the street, so I jogged to catch up.

"So you just leave me like that? Even when you said you were scared." I said walking next to her.

"Sorry, I just needed to think for a minute. Also I'm not afraid of being by myself, I'm just afraid of dying." She said squeezing the jacket.

"Oh, sorry." I confessed "Since were still a little on edge you want to sleep separately?" I asked.

"Yeah. I'm still a little mad." She said.

"Alright. You get bed I'll get couch or floor." I said.

"No, Sleep on the couch so you don't get sick." Carly said sincerely.

"When do you think we will be able to sleep with each other again?" I asked.

"Probably later tonight we will be in the same bed." Carly said.

I was so confused now, first she was mad then she was sad, then happy, now she's all over the place.

"Carly...are you on your period?" I asked being serious.

"Yeah." Carly said "You should know of all people."

"So that explains why you've been moody all day. Also how you where in pain yesterday." I said.

Carly nodded "Just...Try not to do anything to make me mad."

"I never try to make you mad. its" I said putting my hands in my pockets "Never mind."

"How much farther? Can we stop by the store, it's right there." Carly said pointing to the Convenience store across the street.

"Yeah sure. I'll pay." I said as we crossed the street.

The second we entered the store, Carly went straight for the female health section. She grabbed tampons, menstrual pills and some orange juice and placed it on the counter then left before the cashier got there.

I stood there waiting on Carly while also being stared at by the cashier strangely. I looked on what was on the counter then back at the cashier.

"There for my girlfriend not me, as you can see I'm a guy. She's right there." I said pointing at Carly who was getting a warming pad.

"Ah the boy friend pay deal." The cashier said. He was Arabian.

"Yeah." I said as Carly put the warming pad on the counter.

The man smiled at Carly before scanning the stuff and telling me how much it was.

"20.43" The man said.

"Jesus Carly how much was that Heating pad?" I asked her while handing the man a fifty-dollar bill.

"It was only 7.89" She said shrugging.

I nodded "29.57 is your change, have a beautiful night." The man said and handed us the bag.

I grabbed the bag and me and Carly walked out the store.

We we're quiet on the walk home, Carly had told me to go on and go to Levi's room to see what he's up to while she did something in our room. I was walking to Levi's room and heard strange grunting noises and moans. I was taken aback but I cracked the door open just enough for me to see. Now I know peaking in on you friend getting' it in but I was curious on who it was.

I almost fell inside when I saw a naked Ashley having her legs wrapped around a naked Levi's waist while he attacked her mouth with his. I quickly yet quietly closed the door. I just stood in front of the door...Shocked out of my mind.

"Holy fuck." I said to myself I walked down the hall to the elevator and up to my floor.

He did it. In like less than 3 weeks. And you think you knew the kid. Levi was in his room having fun with Ashley.

I opened the door and kinda flopped down on the couch face firs. Carly came and sat on the arm of the couch.

"So what was he up to?" She asked.

"A lot. He was having fun with Ashley." I said.

"Do I even wanna know what kind of fun you mean." Carly asked.

"Uh no, I wish I could erase it from my mind." I said running my fingers through my hair.

"That bad." Carly said almost laughing.

"I-S-Never mind It's just no." I said.

She nodded and walked to the window and smiled looking into the sky.

"What?" I asked.

"Come here and see." Carly said waving me over.

I groaned as I lifted myself up and walked over to her.

The sky was filled with glaring sparkling stars, I mean like you could almost touch them and the moon. oh god the moon. It was like never before, It was like it really lit up the world and it was so close it seemed. Somehow I just never knew how beautiful the sky was at night.

"Isn't it beautiful." Carly said as she placed her hand on the glass. "It's like you could almost touch them."

"I know, the scenery is just perfect." I said.

"If I wasn't so tired I could just stare at it all night." She said grabbing my hand "Let's go to bed."

"Okay." I said following her to the bed and laying down.

She laid her head on my chest and fell asleep. I stroked her hair with one hand and texted everyone else but Ashley and Levi to look in the sky.

Wow - Emily

This is beautiful - Elise

It's cool - Jacob

I thought about sending Mark something but changed my mind. I felt tired and out of energy to get angry again. I set my phone on the table and set my arm behind my head to prop me up. I let my eyes close as all noises fell into peace and undue silence.