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Captive to a casual numbness, Naruto quietly rested, feeling like he was restrained to his bedspread. He rubbed his eyes as he stirred in the warm sheets. Rolling up into an upward position, he looked around in the semi-lit room. There was no one in here as far as he could see. That was a relief, considering how drunk he had gotten. Something could have gone horribly wrong. He could have ended up elsewhere, naked and confused. Thankfully he didn't.

Alas, he was so very wrong.

He wriggling about and touched a cold sticky substance smeared between his legs. Tremendously confused, he swiped it up and observed it closely. His curiosity quickly reversed into hapless shock. By the time his brain juices began to flow, his mouth had already dropped to the floor and he was blinking several times, hoping the truth would change.

It was semen.


WHAT? When did this happen? Last night's memories certainly didn't carry over, only this monstrous hangover.

He looked around the room again, virtually panicked. Fully alarmed, he tried to think back. Who the hell did he sleep with last night?

He quickly referred to his bedside for any evidence but found no evidence presiding there. So, if he did sleep with someone last night, who was it?

He didn't remember inviting someone into his over. All he remembered was that he was devastated about the conversation he had with his counselor then he had returned home and gotten piss drunk. To the best of his knowledge, the last person he spoke with was… Sasuke.

Then… That means…

He wiped his hands on the soiled sheets and shot out of the bed. He pulled on his dirty pair of boxers, practically flying into the hallway.

The half nude, the glowing Uchiha strode out of the kitchen, munching on a bland waffle. "Morning," he said flatly.

Naruto literally exploded at Sasuke's coolness. "Sasuke, what the hell happened last night!?"

Sasuke swallowed some of his unconventional breakfast and smirked, wallowing in Naruto's rattled reaction. "There was a party in your ass last night and luckily only I was invited…" Sasuke nodded, finding his explanation satisfying, seeing as it was self-explanatory.

"Hope that also explains the mess on the bed."

Naruto swallowed thickly. "Sasuke, we weren't supposed to…" He slapped his hand over his forehead, frustrated. "have sex."

"Probably not, but we did." Sasuke shrugged.

"Sasuke, you have a girlfriend and I just broke up with my so-called boyfriend," Naruto urgently deadpanned to his onetime lover hoping it would shine a small light of perspective on the dim situation. To his dismay, the statement didn't affect the older male the way he hoped, actually it didn't seem to affect him in the slightest. Even after Naruto's simplification of their episode of misconduct, it didn't even seem to spark a mite of remorse to ring on his neutral expression. It was evident he wasn't even concerned about the prospective consequences that surrounded this, this…

"Yeah, that's probably the worst part…" Sasuke shrugged carelessly again, biting the waffle again.

"Why the fuck are you so calm about this?!" Naruto dangerously rumbled, feeling his firsts curl at his sides.

"Why would I be panicked about it? You said you wanted me to fuck you, so I did," Sasuke said rakishly, taking another bite. "I mean, I'm not really above helping the needy. Would you have really have preferred I left you deprived?" Sasuke asked, with mocking seriousness.

Naruto frowned at the question and then rolled his eyes.

"Sasuke I was drunk… I'll say a lot of things." Naruto heavily blew down at Sasuke's response. Excuses whirled around in his head as a coping method as they always had. But he knew even all the excuses in the world wouldn't quash the degree of this once in a lifetime occurrence.

"Yeah, that's true. But you say a lot of things when you're sober too," Sasuke muttered evenly.

Naruto growled, feeling his skin heat with infuriation. "Sasuke, we're not supposed to be fucking fucking! Sakura's my best friend and you're her boyfriend…" Naruto shamefully covered his face, but unable to cover up a shred of self-hatred shedding from his skin. As Sasuke looked at him, he felt his conscience come alive like the mythical beast, Cerberus. Inevitably, the stress was weighed down Sasuke's cockiness and steep overconfidence.

"We're not supposed to be that close." Naruto distraughtly shook his head. "Ever."

Sasuke frowned deeply. Was… Naruto implying he regretted what they did last night?

Naruto nervously rubbed his arm, feeling a chill roll over his bare chest. For the first time, he felt the hickies and bruises ache on his delicate flesh. If it weren't for the cold climate that just overcame the room, he was sure he wouldn't have felt a thing.

Plunging in a sea of fear, his scared blue eyes connected with Sasuke's absorptive ones. "We didn't even use protection."

Every implication hidden in the statement shook Sasuke to his raw core. Naruto must have been frightened about their impromptu encounter. In a hot rush, all of Naruto's concerns returned to him.

"I do, but not now… I'm graduating soon and I have a job. Now just wouldn't be a good time…"


Suddenly, he felt stupid. How could he forget a prophylactic? He already knew Naruto's position on children, he should have remembered it. Regrettably, in the heat of the moment and even the moments in between, he never thought about a condom, only plowing the hot, tight hole Naruto so willingly offered.

It was mistake—he knew it. They both did. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about it now. Dwelling on it wouldn't do them any good because they both knew it was impossible to change the past.

As he glanced into beautiful eyes plagued with a miserable glum, he felt even worse.

"Naruto, I—"

"I need to go shower," He mumbled, walking back toward the master bedroom.

With the force Sasuke used, it was miracle he didn't yank Naruto's arm out the socket when he dragged him back in front of him.

Dazzled blue eyes attached to infuriated grey ones.

"You don't get to walk away like this is all my fault. It takes two to tango, Naruto."

The Uzumaki felt a surge of insults but for some reason, they never emerged. He just stared at the truth swimming in Sasuke's firm grey eyes, unable to move away.

Callous hands cupped his round face and cradled it like…

They had made love last night.

In the space of time he was distracted, Sasuke stared at his open lips dearly, thumb stroked open lips, staring at them dearly. "You needed it—I know you did."


"The way my name rolled off your tongue… The way your body writhed… the way you begged for more… The way your face was scrunched in overwhelming pleasure… You were beautiful," Sasuke recited, his mesmerized gaze fixed on the unflinching man before him. The blond opened his mouth to react but couldn't formulate a decent response. Sasuke's prospective was layered with so much depth and emotion, he couldn't adequately respond.

He couldn't even recall the time span Sasuke was talking about. He blamed his low inhibitions in conjunction with the bitter substance. If he hadn't been so wasted, he would at least have an idea what he was talking about…

His head pounded like a drum and he looked at Sasuke bewildered. He just wanted to disappear, before this got too far, before they were too far gone—

An unexpected reflex stall prohibited him from stopping the pending kiss. Three seconds into the magnificent gesture, he thanked his slow reflexes for granting him this peace of solace. Sasuke's sly tongue stroked his and he slightly whimpered. Despite his fragile emotions, he didn't pull away or give any indication he wished for Sasuke to stop. With that enlightenment, the Uchiha's clammy digits clutched his reddened cheeks as his mouth fervidly urged him to comply.

Hesitantly, he contributed, fearing the melting wave of guilt that evaporated like an icecap in the dead heat of summer. Tentatively, he touched Sasuke's forearm, dreading the outcome he had with the unattainable man.

A burning infatuation spread throughout his body like a brush fire as Sasuke swiped his tongue over the seam of his mouth. Pleasure swelling inside him, against his better judgment, he gave himself permission to sweep from Sasuke's protruding abdominal muscles to the base of his low riding boxers.

The sun rose higher in the sky and morning birds chirped, as bright rays flooded the room through cracked blinds. Like the sunlight, a tsunami of temptation came flooding into his blood stream. The fact that there hadn't even been a 24 hour interval between their wild sexual display and now made his stomach queasy with worry. If they did this once, there was a high possibility they would do this again…

And again.

And again.

Like a never-ending cycle.

But this concern didn't stop Sasuke's monstrous kiss. He continued to gently nibble on the inside of lip where a slight soreness lied, mildly prodding at his jutting shoulder blades with one hand. Naruto unconsciously moaned, tilting into the older man, tasting the waffle crumb remnants on his mouth. Truly miffed by Sasuke's incredible philia, Naruto gasped, headily applying more pressure to Sasuke's pale lips.

Before he was prepared, Sasuke ended the intimacy, grabbing him with his intense grey eyes that flashed a dangerous, threatening ebony. He shivered. Sasuke's severe insistence that –

"This wasn't a mistake. So don't call it that. That would be…" He skittishly glanced away, then confidently back. "A mistake."

Sasuke touched his blushing cheeks, his gaze following his own fingers. "Naruto… Say you don't regret this…"

He was going to, he really was, but he felt the words lodge in his throat as he looked down at his clammy toes.

Sasuke swallowed thickly, bitterly closing his eyes. "Guess, I have my answer."

Naruto couldn't—watch as Sasuke dressed and walked out his door. So he didn't.


We can't do this.


From the start, he was attracted to Sasuke. But he never thought that they would actually act on it. He thought he'd be the coyote chasing the road runner. But, that wasn't what happened. Somehow, he'd caught up to Sasuke and gotten what he wanted. Unfortunately, he didn't feel any sense of relief. It was just bittersweet. After experiencing rides on his fast cars, witty humor, and stark compassion in his many wonderful deeds, he thought that he wouldn't have felt a pinch of guilt after escalating their advantageous relationship. But this morning when he put his grimy bed sheets into the washing machine, he felt like the biggest disgrace to humanity. He had betrayed Sakura's trust and violated Sasuke's loyalty all in one night.

And just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, he slayed any hope of preserving a relationship with Sasuke by not admitting it wasn't a mistake. Because it wasn't.

He should have admitted it but he just couldn't.

Sighing, he sat down in the last available seat in his Management class which was fortunately in front of the last person he wanted to see, his ex-boyfriend. He rolled his eyes and rudely pulled out his seat, the leg of the chair hitting Gaara in the right calf. Naruto ignored his starchy glare as he plopped in the chair, staring at the animated professor motioning in the front.

He pretended to listen, chin in hand, but in reality, he was molding over what happened the night before.

Did Sasuke take advantage of his inebriated state or he really beg Sasuke for sex?

He wouldn't have done that…right?

Not with his best friend's boyfriend.

Sadly, the strain on his thighs and the plum handprints on his hips indicated otherwise.

He obviously did something last night and he doubted Sasuke held him down to do it. Judging by the amount of purpling bite marks on Sasuke's perfect white skin, the act was clearly consensual.

Guessing by the way Sasuke kissed him this morning—he deeply blushed—he must have done something right… Right?

He must have. Sasuke appeared to be quite taken with his display of sexuality and possibly his flexibility…

His body turned even redder. Maybe he should stop thinking now. If he didn't, he was going to drive himself insane.

Class neared its end and he scribbled down the class' 6th essay assignment on a lose piece of paper. Feeling a pair of holes burn into his back, he responded by snubbing the resentful senior by stoically standing as the class followed his lead. Facing the spacious windows, he put his folder back in his Jansport bookbag without looking at the male at his near left.

Naruto waited for him to rehash something from their irrelevant past, or make a useless pass at him but he didn't. He just stood and stared. Not realizing what he was staring at, Naruto just glared and assimilated into the crowd of their departing classmates.

Little did the oblivious blond know that Gaara's green eyes were fixed on the mauve marking above the collar of his casual button down. Infuriated, he began following Naruto. He stayed in hot pursuit but he still managed to lose Naruto among the body of chattering students.

Bling with rage, the redhead stopped in his footsteps, mulling over the possessive mark left on Naruto's skin. Who had left it there? Was Naruto having sex with someone else? If so, who?

Running his fingers through his unruly hair, he felt his anger come to a boil. What the fuck was happening?

In his episode of fury, a familiar face nearly breezed near. Luckily, he was quick to snag them by the arm before they unknowingly made their escape. He fiercely slammed their back into the wall, clutching their collar with a death grip.

"Neji! Do you know what the fuck you've done?" The pale man grabbed Gaara's hand with a frown.

"Do tell me what the hell you're talking about?" The brunet asked rather condescendingly. "And in the process would you mind getting your damn hands off me, you disgusting brute," Neji haughtily sneered. He didn't like being touched by anyone, especially psychotic exes. He presumed he was whining about Naruto again like he always was. But he didn't really care. He just wanted the man to go away, preferably now.

"Naruto broke up with me—"

Neji rolled his eyes, exasperated. "And how is that my fault?"

"If you had stayed the fuck away from me—"

"What? You two would have ridden into the sunset? Listen. I fucking doubt that. If Naruto's moved on, let him."

Gaara appeared to be absolutely appalled by the notion. "I don't want him to move on. He's mine," Gaara said trying to convince himself. He had seen the sexual marks left on Naruto's body—implying that for one night Naruto belonged to another that wasn't him. The thought utterly disgusted him straight into a jealous rampage. Naruto allowed someone that wasn't him to have him completely. Wasn't he still damaged from their break-up?

"It's not about you. Let Naruto live his life. A Gaara-free life." Neji smirked, making Gaara even angrier. He slammed Neji against the wall again, jostling the books free of his arm's grip.

"If you come near me again, I'll slit your fucking throat," Gaara seethed, skulking back into his search for the careless blond.

Neji snorted, moving pick up his books but he was beat to the punch by a tan hand.

Bent at the waist, the scraggy coffee colored hair man lifted the book, smiling. Shifting uncomfortably, Neji's aluminum eyes scoped out warm ebony eyes, high cheek bones, and his inviting toothy grin questioningly. For some odd reason, his heart skipped a crucial beat as he inspected the unfamiliar man.

"These are yours, right?" The apparently friendly man asked, smile still intact.

"Um, yeah. Thank you…" Neji cocked his head, narrowing his eyes curiously, realizing he didn't know who to thank.

"Name's Kiba," He announced proudly.

"Kiba." He nodded slowly, concluding the man's name was bewitching in a peculiar way. He even thought he could make a habit of saying it in the future. Hopefully, he was getting ahead of himself.

"Thanks…Kiba," He said cautiously, savoring each letter.

"Don't mention it…" He said, craftily trying to get the attractive male's name.

"Neji, my name's Neji," He sputtered thoughtlessly, unsure why this unknown man was making him feel feelings. Usually, it was hard to make him even bat an eyelash but this person was making him nervousin public…How in all the cold hells was this happening?

Kiba chuckled at Neji's visible rush of emotions.

"Nice to meet you Neji. Try not to drop anything else today. Especially anything valuable." Kiba conspicuously looked the rattled Hyuuga up and down, quietly planning to catch Naruto before he left campus. Hopefully, this small detour wouldn't ruin his chances of hitching a ride.

Kiba took his leave, leaving Neji gasping for a pocket of air.

And for the first time in a long time, he was speechless.

Naruto arrived home. He rolled his stiff neck and spitefully threw down his bag. He just wanted to lie down and relax. Today had been long enough as it is. Gaara was actually in class today for a change which was classically strange. He didn't routinely invest time in improving his intellect so Naruto could only surmise that he wanted to keep close tabs on him.

It was a waste of time though. No amount of convincing was going to change his mind. They were really over this time.

Falling to the bed, he closed his eyes and sighed.

Why did his life have to be so complicated?

Everything was so messed up.

He'd broken up with Gaara, slept with Sasuke, and betrayed Sakura all in one go.

Unintentionally, he burned bridges with Sasuke.

He probably felt so used and abused…

Naruto didn't mean to hurt him but he didn't want to cause anymore issues. It was baffling enough that Sasuke had cheated on Sakura but still made it sound like they were only the two in the world.

It wasn't like Sasuke's girlfriend was some nameless, faceless entity. It was Sakura. His love. His best friend. And he betrayed her terribly. He was intimate with her lover and… and he wasn't sorry.

Curling into his comforter, feeling like the scum of the Earth, he fell asleep silently wondering about what he and Sasuke had shared.

A heavy ambiance of sexual starvation blended in with the distinct smell of sex and heavy sweat that loomed in the room. Eyes were searching, faces were forming into a puddle of fond politeness, and they were spending time familiarizing themselves with the contours of their bodies until they were fully acquainted. They wanted to remember every trail, every taste, every caress. In theory, they just wanted this moment to last, beyond just now. They wanted the imagery to live on their own memories—play behind their eyes as they carried on with their daily lives. To never forget. Ever.

Sasuke inherently groaned, kneading Naruto's supple ass cheeks, reveling in the gentle curves of his beautiful body. The blond accepted the gesture as a brush of excitement, cuing him to slowly finger the rare eight pack of his night time lover, adding a small hit of pleasure to the sum he was already savoring. He intentionally rocked on Sasuke's cock, not expecting a hot ball of pleasure to throttle him into a different galaxy. Despite the sensitivity bunching inside him, he managed to ride harder, propelling a mildly rough moan to bust through his kiss-bitten lips.

Sasuke's thick dick continued to brush his tender prostate, sending a ripple of ecstasy through his pelvis. As a result his painfully hard cock leaked an ample amount of sticky pre-cum onto Sasuke's lower stomach. The dark haired man gruffly moaned at the deep harmonization of the lust driving their every ministration. He couldn't help but appreciate that even though he was sweaty and exerted, the beautiful man was still putting a considerable amount of effort into pleasing them into their second completion.

He pressed his hands on Sasuke's chest, enabling him to enthusiastically bounce as he pleased. After his small burst, he drew back, permitting his hands to slide back to Sasuke's lower stomach. He blinked slowly, feeling mellow from the surge of pleasure. and looked into Sasuke's foggy eyes with an unmistakable glimpse of affection. back, he took Sasuke's hand into his, fitting his fingers into the spaces in between. When he inspected the gesture intently, he smiled. They fit so perfectly, for a second he questioned if they were made for each other.

"You're something special…" Sasuke's detached his hand and cupped his face. Naruto nudged his hand onto his lips, torpidly kissing every digit. He smiled, appreciating the meaningful compliment considering he didn't receive them often.

"I could say the same about you," Naruto breathlessly admired, lowering himself back onto Sasuke's cock, the pleasure nearly paralyzing him. He threw his head back as his eyes rolled into the back of his head. "Oh God," he softly whispered.

Their hands reunited and Sasuke intently regarded his expression, mumbling slowly, "Gorgeous."

Naruto woke with a start, throwing the comforter of him, face red with embarrassment.

Did he just remember what happened…last night? With Sasuke?

…He believed so.

The way Sasuke touched him, the affection, his words…

It was incredible and… he wanted to do it again… badly.

Fingering his tangled hair, he blew down heavily.

He wanted to be true to Sakura.

He wanted to be a good person. He really did but when he thought about it. It wasn't getting him anywhere.

He did everything he was supposed to. Be a good lover. Be a good best friend. Be a good student.

But where did it get him?


After doing everything by the book, he still had nothing. He was still as emotionally empty as a glass container.

Maybe if he bent the rules a little, a little enjoyment could enter his life without the use of alcohol or narcotics.

Hopping out the bed, he knew exactly what he needed to do to make it happen.

Waiting to be called for walk-in appointment at the city free clinic, he stared at the small poster of a grinning baby. Thinking about the basic requirements for a baby, he shivered. As appealing as it seemed, he wasn't prepared to provide a stable environment for a baby. He was stuck with a low-paying job as a behind-the-counter assistant at a five star hotel and to top it all off, he only had a measly two bedroom apartment, nothing suitable for a newborn.

Frowning, Naruto heard his name called. He readily went into the confidential room. The receptionist told him that he would be seen by one of the free clinic's nurses, then an M.D. He just hoped it went quickly so he could return home.

"Hello." The brunette woman dressed in pink scrubs smiled sitting a small desk with a modern computer and his file.

"Hi," Naruto politely said sitting in the chair he assumed was for the patient.

"How may I help you today?" She asked, quickly typing in his age and birthdate into the system form then giving him her full attention.

"Um, I came here to get the morning after-pill and birth control."

"When's the last time you had sex?" She asked.

Naruto blushed, suddenly visualizing Sasuke in his boxers all over again. "Last night…"

"About 12 hours ago?"

"Yeah, give or take."

"Did you and your partner use protection?"

"Um, no," Naruto muttered thoughtfully, not even realizing she was typing away his answers.

"Is that the last time you've recently had sex?"

"Mhmm." Naruto nodded.

She typed a few more things and then fully turned to him. "We're going to have you take a urine test to check for pregnancy and gonorrhea. Is that alright?"

"Yes," Naruto quickly answered.

Soon enough, he returned with his urine sample. They thoroughly examined it to find neither of the disastrous the problems. Knowing that she happily continued, issuing the morning after pill.

"You may feel some nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, stomach pains, fatigue, cramps, and general discomfort but it all should be temporary. You can take Tylenol to relieve the symptoms. If they don't improve, please come back in and see us, okay?" She instructed firmly.

Naruto nodded, downing the pills.

"Great," She said with a smile. "So, you'll see the doctor now."

She opened the doctor's door for him.

"Good luck," She said warmly.

Naruto smiled. "Thank you."

The long haired woman in conventional doctor attire had a broad smile on her face. "Welcome. Have a seat!"

Naruto did, glad he didn't have stand at the door feeling stupid.

"How can I help you today, Mr. Uzumaki?

"Birth control options. Specifically the shot."

"Ah," She said looking at the protection poster hung on the wall above her desk.

99% effectiveness with a constant working solution.

She understood why he wanted to use it.

"I'm assuming you already researched the pros and cons of this form of contraception," She said putting her hands in her white lab coat putting, leaning against her desk.

"Not really," Naruto admitted.

"I would give you one shot right. It would last about three months with 99.9% effectiveness. Common side effects are weight gain, cramps, headaches, dizziness, and possible delayed fertility."

"That won't be a problem." Naruto laughed.

"I'm sure it won't be." She smiled. "Would you like me to administer the drug to you now?"

"Um, yes please." He eagerly sat up. She left and Naruto took a breather. After this lone step, he would have done everything he needed to do to complete his vision. He was so excited he could hardly breathe.

She returned with a scary looking needle and a small vial. In reflex, Naruto gulped when she asked him to pull his pants down. Wincing he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down for the greater good.

Pulling on a pair of sterilized gloves, she inserted the needle into the vial and filled the needle up.

"Okay, partner. Saddle up." She looked at his scared face.

"Ready?" She cheerily exclaimed.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Naruto whispered, holding onto his jeans and pulling up one leg of his boxers.

She cleaned an area on his upper thigh with an alcohol swab. Smiling, she winked. "It won't hurt that much, dear."

Closing his eyes, Naruto felt a staggering pinch and then a stiff numbness.

"That's it," She said quietly. "You're all done!"

Naruto opened one blue eye to the snapping of the rubber gloves. He slowly released the tight grip he had on his jeans.

The blue eyed doctor reached into the drawer and pulled out a Band-Aid. She carefully peeled it off and put it on his sore thigh.

Naruto's eye twitched when he saw his smiling SpongeBob character on the Band-Aid.

"You're all set. Do you want a lollipop?" She asked with a smile.

"I'm 20."

Her smile disappeared. "You look so much younger… I didn't…"

"Read my file?" Naruto asked, putting his pants back on.

"Aha," she rubbed the back of her neck, smiling. "Do you still want the lollipop?"

Naruto thoughtfully looked at her, shame in his eyes. "Yes."

She handed him an orange flavored one. "Okay! Have a good day!"

Sasuke paused outside the law firm and fumbled for his cellphone. He dialed Naruto's number from memory. He frowned as it idly rang. His bubbly voicemail chimed into Sasuke's ear. He listened to it unfulfilled.

Their castle had finally crumbled… Naruto didn't want his friendship.

And he had to accept that.

When Naruto arrived home he took two painkillers in order to alleviate the pain of the morning after pill. Eating a small snack, he called in early for the night. Feeling refreshed in the morning, he just spent the day alone, relieved that his teacher canceled class for the day. Later in the afternoon, Naruto squirmed when Sakura called him. Suddenly, he feared Sasuke fed her the truth. But when her squeaky voice echoed in his ear he figured Sasuke didn't. She just wanted to hang out and Naruto couldn't say no.

With a fake smile on his face, he walked into her toasty home, closing the door behind him. He didn't expect much upon entering. Maybe a small reunion, combined with a little chat but nothing more than that. As he shouldn't have. It wasn't unusual for him and Sakura to go long periods of time without seeing one another. They did have different lives after all. This would just be a small get together to confirm that they truly were friends – and for him to understand his absence of guilt.

But as soon as he saw Sasuke on plastered on her couch, he continually battled the temptation to run back to his cooling car not hitting the brakes until he reached home. This wasn't what he wanted. Only Sakura was supposed to be here, waiting for him. Not Sasuke. Never Sasuke.

They weren't prepared to run into each other yet. So many things were said and so many things were left unsaid and now just wasn't the right time. He had no idea how handle Sasuke and the weight of the stress hampering the room.

He'd been planning on seeing Sasuke again soon but on his own terms, when he was ready to resolve their issues when he was emotionally stable. Now, he wanted to see Sakura and show her that everything was fine. He didn't really sign up to be reunited with his rendezvous instead.

The tension thickened the air and Naruto gulped hard, playing with his fingers. Frozen and shocked, they stared intensely stared at each other practically giving away their transgression.

Sasuke's stare was blank, his lips unturned, remaining collected, not giving away a hint of emotion to the skittish man. That amount of apparent carelessness scared Naruto. What was he thinking? Was he mad? Worried? Repentant? Naruto couldn't say for sure. He also couldn't say that he wanted to find out.

Sasuke could be primal and just as scary as a serpent when he wanted to be. Naruto knew that. What he didn't know was whether Sasuke planned on unleashing that horrible energy on him or not…

Sasuke felt his blood heat up to a dangerously high level as he bored into crystalline blue eyes acutely. He had gotten his phone call. He had received his text messages but he didn't respond. He was intentionally ignoring him when he tried to reach him. But he magically appeared in a moment's notice when Sakura called. He understood that she was his best friend but he couldn't just forget everything that night. He was trying to dissolve the pinch of high strung emotions between them but Naruto wasn't giving him many options.

He saw Naruto move uncomfortably in his clothes and he felt his range of irritation skyrocket, causing him to shift in the couch, a channel for his aggravation.

Things could have been molded over days ago but this idiot was avoiding him, purposely preventing him from making amends.

Naruto just needed to admit that what happened was what he wanted, regardless of the crappy circumstances and dire consequences that awaited him.

Sasuke knew that alcohol made the inhibitions loose and made the heart talk. So, whatever excuse Naruto planned on serving him, he could save it.

Naruto felt his heart squeeze tightly. She never mentioned Sasuke was here… Naruto thought uneasily, moving into the living room slowly.

She wasn't currently visible but he could hear her softly humming nearby. He wanted to greet her but he wasn't sure if he could properly tell her hello without projecting an abnormal disparity. Maybe if he maintained his head, Sakura wouldn't notice his strange behavior or the strain in his voice. It was going to be hard, especially with those grey orbs claiming every shred of his sanity.

"Hey, Naruto!"

Naruto jerkily covered his faltering emotions with a smile. "Hey, Sakura!" He called happily. She quickly ran out of the kitchen and threw her arms around his neck, giggling. Naruto returned the love, flinchingly, so obvious even at the strained distance, Sasuke noticed.

"I missed you!" With an influx of emotions, she stepped away and punched him right in the chest.

"Ow!" Naruto cried out, clutching the throbbing left breast. "What was that for?"

She ignored his cries and haughtily placed her hands on her hips. "Where the hell have you been? Would it kill your stubby little fingers to pick up the phone?!"

Shocked by the insult, Naruto's mouth fell open. "My fingers are not stubby."

Sakura glared. "That's not the point."

Naruto pointed his nose pretentiously in the air. "In that case, I've been, y'know, busy."

Naruto shivered when he felt a shameless glare of irritation cauterize his entire body. In the classic 'Sasuke' succession, a snort clipped Naruto's ability to play off their indiscretion. He trembled and felt his spine tingle. That wasn't going to make this easy was he?

"Busy with what? And it better be good 'cause stuffing your infinite black hole doesn't count."

"I don't have—"


"School and work and all that whooha." Naruto rolled his eyes with a sigh. "On that note, I can't stay long."

"Huh, is that so? I'd say you're avoiding me." She raised a brow, folding her arms.

He wished there was bright side to his business but there was not. The only thing that he was really preoccupied with was thoroughly entertaining Sasuke and his cock… And that was hardly anything he would want to enlighten her about.

Feeling his ears burn, he tucked his fingers into pockets.

"Avoiding? Interesting choice of words," Sasuke muttered spitefully.

"I am not avoiding anyone," Naruto snapped in response to each snide comment. "I'm just..." Naruto moved his bangs aside, his painfully guarded eyes unveiling a shard of expression and Sakura softened.

"Baby, do you want to talk about it?" She captured his hand, looking deeply into his depressed blue eyes.

Naruto shook his head, sadly. "I'm fine. I'll deal. I always do." He softly half smiled, hoping to crush at least some of her worry. He knew it was poor attempt to make her feel better but it was the best in his condition.

"If you need anything, you know you can come to me, Naruto," She whispered tenderly. Somehow, it had the opposite effect in which she intended for it to have.

Naruto lowered his head. "I know," he mumbled, as an emotional head pain rose. "I have to go."

"Be safe," she said, her warm soft lips kissing him on the temple before she returned to the kitchen.

Trusting that the conversation about him was through, he trudged toward the door only to be stopped by a docile touch. A high-pitched bleat broke out as Naruto blenched against the palm connecting with his waist. He looked over his shoulder at a shockingly undefended face. He revisited the temptation to look for something

Blue catching grey, Naruto was steadily worried about the intimate contact in Sakura's household. It was one thing to do in the privacy of his home but another to do it in beyond the scope of his personal bedroom. It was morally unacceptable… Right?

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered, his voice filed with hurt, a twitch of anger, and disappointment. Feeling hesitant about the blend of emotions coming from his one-time lover, he stared feeling slighted.

"We need to talk," Naruto muttered, his hand grasping the doorknob tightly.

Sasuke nodded, still not removing his hand. "I know, I—"

"Not here," Naruto reminded. "Come over tomorrow afternoon. And we'll… talk."

Naruto felt Sasuke creep his hand around his waist. He neither protested nor complained. He knew Sasuke needed it.

"Goodnight," He mumbled, his bright blue eyes scaring all the hurt away but dragging in a new bout of fear to replace it.

Sasuke drew his hand away slowly, giving Naruto the opportunity to leave.

"Night," he whispered dismally, only watching as Naruto walked into the night.

Sasuke wished he was fortuneteller, no a mind reader. Not one of the phony ones that bamboozled unknowing idiots out of their money. A real one that actually made could tell people what they were thinking. As he slightly frowned, he realized he would never wish for such a pitiful ability if he wasn't staring into unreadable blue eyes that scanned him like he was Christmas gift that he didn't exactly ask for. Surprisingly, Sasuke couldn't gather what he was thinking from his cordial position because it was neither welcoming nor repellent. The hands folded in his lap didn't fidget or tighten. His shoulders were squared and his neck seemed lax. His pullover hoodie and bright blue skinny jeans were in particularly good condition like they were brand new, maybe even worn for this occasion. Not that Sasuke was getting ahead of himself, but they looked like the perfect outfit to take off.

Cutting the air in the room, Naruto slowly exhaled and Sasuke felt his heart beat excel like a racecar. Naruto's beautiful lips opened and closed and he wanted to kiss him terribly. But he knew that wasn't the best idea. Naruto had used the word 'talk' which meant this wasn't a subject to be toyed with.

He supposed since he was the guest that maybe he should bake the bread of the conversation. "About the other night…" He closed his eyes and reopened them. "I know you weren't excited the morning after. I know, I didn't use a condom… and…"

"Sasuke," Naruto said in his sweet, reassuring tone. Sasuke stopped, allowing Naruto to take the wheel. "M'not pregnant…"

Suddenly, Sasuke was relieved but only because Naruto wasn't ready to accept the idea of pregnancy not because he wasn't ready to accept responsibility.

"I was drunk that night but I've been seeing bits and pieces and…" His hand moved Sasuke's thigh as he lurked toward him on the living room couch. "I want to do it again, if you still want me that is…" Naruto blinked seductively, his hand meeting the imminent destination of the blessing between Sasuke's legs. Surprised, Sasuke felt heat coil underneath his jeans and pleasure muddle his mind. Was Naruto really saying this? Or was he having one of his unrealistic fantasies about Naruto's compliance?

"I want to be awake and alert this time," Naruto whispered hoarsely, the husky tone making Sasuke even harder.

The beautiful blond reached forward and stole a kiss, capriciously. "Is that too much to ask?" His hot breath fanned over Sasuke's face, his lust soaked eyes searching Sasuke's for acceptance. The urge to mention his doctor visit was strong but held back. He wanted to drive Sasuke into his arms but suddenly he wanted more than that. He wanted Sasuke to want him whether he knew about the trip or not...

Suddenly, he was thrust forward by Sasuke's brute strength. He gasped at the blunt interaction, putting a safeguarding hand on Sasuke's chest.

But despite his slowing hand, that didn't keep Sasuke from him kissing him on his unbearably pliable lips. Exploring the dewy heat of Naruto's mouth, his plain interest for his girlfriend's friend rumbled in his throat. He didn't even know how hard he was squeezing Naruto's jutting shoulder blades until he moaned against him receptively. He pulled back and audited Naruto, noticing the luxuria floating in Naruto's usually sinless eyes. He felt a spiritual bonding happen as they looked deeply into each other's eyes.

"Course I fucking want you," he thornily ground out, "Who wouldn't…?"

Naruto eyes descended on Sasuke's lips hungrily, feeling like he was swimming in an ocean of lava. "Then you can have me."

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