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Naruto had to pinch himself once, actually twice. Because he couldn't believe this was happening. Sasuke pressed behind him, face buried in his neck, fingers pressured against his sides. It was real… but it still all felt too good to be true…

They had just returned from a casual retreat at a small restaurant, engaged in a short, sexual commiseration and a modest meal. Nothing short of the usual. As they left, Sasuke openly kissed him for all the customers to see.

A clump of nerves irrupted in his stomach as Sasuke's lips greedily consumed his. A small smile tugged at his lips mid-kiss as an ascribable slew of excitement attacked him. When Sasuke pulled away and the high regrettably wore off, they continued on their journey to the car but out of habit, Sasuke held his hand all the way there and then opened the door for him.

He really wasn't dreaming this time. For the first time, he was really in Sasuke's apartment, invading his own personal space, breathing his air. He'd thought about it, briefly fantasized about it, but never expected it to come to fruition. Usually, males were slow to come to terms with their emotional desires. Beating around the bush was common practice. With this knowledge, Naruto prepared himself to wait for Sasuke to fully understand what he was feeling and why he was feeling this odd sexual attraction. Sasuke was undisturbed by the additional branch to his apparently evolving sexuality. He was grateful for that little slice of heaven. At least, he didn't have to spend an abundance of time convincing Sasuke of his own conscious emotions.

He had come to him on his own. He figured out everything on his own, without Naruto's guidance, which, believe it or not, was a blessing in disguise. The least he could do was make sure he was comfortable without a worry in the world. Not to be clouded by his guilt or sadness. They were in their own little world. Finally, alone to do what they pleased.

Everything would be ethereally private… Every touch, every kiss, every feeling would be exclusive to them. Even if they tried to, wanted to, their words wouldn't be able to transcend other's barrier of understanding. Not that he expected it to. Words were fickle when it came to emotional accounts. Actions were the only thing considered gospel.

Naruto's thoughts were disrupted the beautiful vibe of the room. The candles readied on the center table pouring a wonderful scent into the air. The dim lights off the kitchen bay, highlighted the edge of the living room, giving it a beautiful, eberscent glow. There was even a bottle of sparkling water set aside if they worked up a sweat from their frenzied activities… It was spectacular. And by his standard, everything was perfect. Especially the heavy but precious scent of oak wood and rose water tickling his sensible nose. His senses were strongly awakened, rattled by the regard. Joy rushed up from his toes to his crown. The flurries of desire enflamed his veins, fueled by Sasuke's body heat was making him feel even more satisfied about his plane of vacillating emotions. The brash tingling felt on the base of his neck made him aware of the rush of excitement that threatened to cripple his very body. Aside from the increase of his blood pressure, the close proximity must have shut off the process of Naruto's lung power because he could barely recognize the oxygen surrounding his organs.

He had a sinking suspicion Sasuke's place was fairly plain and conservative on a daily basis but tonight was different. He had done everything in his power to make sure that everything was more exceptional than usual. And Sasuke didn't need Naruto to tell him that he accomplished his intended goal.

The care and the tenderness put into the appearance of Sasuke's living quarters made Naruto feel special. There was a sinking suspicion that he had Sasuke's place was plain and conservative on a daily basis. But he had done everything in his power to make sure it wasn't in the same state tonight. And Sasuke didn't need Naruto to tell him that he accomplished his goal. He could feel it. It felt warmer, more amative. The aura glistening around it, proved it.

God, this was extraordinary.

To add the finishing touches, Sasuke activated the remote fireplace that roasted fresh oak wood in its chambers. Naruto couldn't help but find the hospitality rattling. The blast of flames took the chill out of Naruto's bones whilst Sasuke's hands roamed his body unrestricted. He knew this was wrong. He did. All the acrobatics, all the sweet words. It shouldn't be happening but it was. Not because he wanted it to, because they wanted it to.

Unlike normal people, they weren't exclusively focused on wrong or right. What they were really focused on was making themselves content.

Ashamedly mellow, he felt his breath snag in his chest as Sasuke's tongue dragged down his jugular, leaving a trail of hot desire. The devilish muscle retracted and then he traded one arousing ministration for another: kisses, trailing all the way up to his ear. Hot breath tickled the shell of his ear and the young male shivered.

He couldn't believe how invigorated he was by Sasuke's energy. It was like every single touch added spark to his life force.

"Do you like it?" Sasuke asked in a low, killer bedroom voice.

Naruto instinctively closed his eyes and leaned back into Sasuke. "Like it?" He opened his eyes again and let the hues of deep red, yellow, orange blend into an indiscernible pit of black joy.

"No." He felt Sasuke shutter.

"I love it," He muzzily muttered, his voice drenched in awe. And then the dark haired man instantly recovered, feeling the injection of nervousness pass.

"I thought you would," Sasuke whispered assuredly, clenching his teeth onto Naruto's ear lobe, his hand venturing under his shirt like a slithering snake. The blond gasped in response. Somehow, he knew exactly what Sasuke was gunning for. And he was willing to give him just that and much more.

"You always know exactly what I want," Naruto mumbled dazedly, craning his neck, permitting Sasuke free access.

"Always," Sasuke breathily said, tugging at Naruto's half-zipped hoodie until it was fully open.

He kissed Naruto's exposed neck, eagerly cherishing Naruto's sweet fragrance. "I'm gonna make you cum so fucking hard you're gonna have trouble walking for…days."

The blond could feel a cocky smirk reach full maturity against his prickly sienna skin.

Naruto chuckled low in throat, feeling his nervous system actively oppose the overload of sensations. "Awfully certain aren't we?"

"Fucking positive."

The hairs on the back of Naruto's neck stood on end. He was so fucking excited, he was trembling.

Not being consumed by pride, he generously realized that this was the most frazzled he had ever been about anything. Usually, he understood that life had the happenstance to be spontaneous, unconstrained by society, free-spirited. And usually, he was prepared for those areas the shade of grey. He, more than anyone, understood that you couldn't accurately predict his future. You could plan things and maybe even create plans to organize the precarity that you couldn't foresee. It just so happens that tonight was one of those nights.

Within the hour, he was finally going to receive confirmation about the night in question and learn if their impassioned attraction was a fluke or fate.

It was a risky gamble to plan but he didn't care. He was willing to bet it all to find out if Sasuke was what he really needed. If Sasuke was worth his weight in gold, he would keep him around. If not, he would take his adventure and his ass elsewhere.

That solely depended on what happened tonight.

"I'm gonna hold you to that," He uttered under his breath sultrily. "Now…" He carefully breathed low in his chest, causing Sasuke's heart rate to tick up. "Tell me how we ended up in bed."

Sasuke let up, walked in front of him, grabbed his cheeks and said, "It all started like this…"

Sasuke tilted his head upward and then possessively seized his lips. A frisson of surprise shot through the blond man as Sasuke's hands skittered down to his ass. A cavity of the anticipation swelled with delight as Sasuke flicked his tongue against his, massaging his pleasingly plump ass. He expectedly, moaned as a slab of salvia mingled between them. Sasuke grunted and slowly drew Naruto into him.

Sasuke softly broke the kiss to Naruto's modest satisfaction. His lips reconnected to the corner of his mouth and slowly pulled back. "Then I did this…"

He lifted Naruto up effortlessly and fastened his legs around his waist like he had done once before.

Naruto cheeped at the sudden motion and reflexively grabbed at the Uchiha's shoulders for security.

"And then, I took you…" Naruto giggled a great deal as Sasuke docilely placed him on the comfortable rug, climbing on top of him. "to somewhere where I could fuck your brains out."

From underneath Sasuke's shadow, he grinned, keeping his hands comfortable on Sasuke's shoulders.

"Is that how it happened?" Naruto asked, trying to subdue his laughter.

Sasuke kissed him and inched his finger pads up Naruto's belly, past his bare navel. "That's exactly how it happened." He smirked enigmatically.

"Really?" Naruto asked into the older man's smooth cheek.

"You don't believe me?" Sasuke's asked, efficiently undoing Naruto's belt.

"I didn't say I didn't… I'm just wondering why our little indiscretion sounds like a poorly plotted blockbuster movie."

"It doesn't sound… like a movie," Sasuke disagreed. "It sounds like consummation of burning passion between two repressed individuals."

Naruto raised an eyebrow. "…Yeah, a movie."

Sasuke pulled back with a frown. "Just shut up and lay there."

Naruto laughed at Sasuke's flagrant irritation. "Why? Is that what I did last time?"

Sasuke tried to withhold the smirk but he couldn't. Naruto was too facetious for words. And he fucking loved it.

"No, you were vocal," Sasuke leaned down and tenderly kissed his neck causing him to lightheartedly laugh. "and very—" A kiss on the jaw. "Very—" A kiss on the chin. "Very." A soft kiss on the lips. "Involved."

Naruto's hands traveled onto Sasuke's neck, as he deeply kissed him, tongue flicking, lips suckling. He thirstily thrust his hips upward, their groins clashing in painful pleasure. They both moaned approvingly as Naruto continued the motion, addicted to the results of ecstasy. "Did I want you as badly as I do now?" He whispered in a husky, lust coated voice.

He pulled back, looking into Sasuke's insidious darkening eyes, exploring them for the immediate answer that his mouth wasn't giving. His body tingled, and his senses burned in anticipation. What was Sasuke going to do next?

"Yes," He growled back in confirmation, snagging his lips again.

"Ah," Naruto moaned receptively. In an attempt to steal a hit of pleasure from the equally aroused man, he periodically flicked his hips up ever so slightly. In turn, Sasuke hastily unbuttoned the shield between his their inhibited desires. Naruto helped, shimming out of the jeans and kicking them off his ankles.

Engulfing the beautiful sandy colored legs before him, he felt his throat become constricted with a lasso of anxiety. Sasuke took the liberty to squeeze the shapely thighs, all the while envisaging himself between them for the fourth time in the last 48 hours.

Naruto eagerly admitted Sasuke the delight of feeling every arch of his lewdly, willing body. He responsively separated his legs and set them at either side of Sasuke's hips. With that action, he immediately felt Sasuke's curious hand embark into his constricting boxers, preparing to taunt the keen muscle that was waiting for his touch. He shivered as he felt Sasuke ghost over the leaking tip with an undying amount of care. He whimpered helplessly as he held onto Sasuke like a brace.

He teasingly cupped Naruto's manhood, swallowing the small blond's moans as they departed. In the next few crucial seconds, Sasuke's index finger brushed the slit of Naruto's cockhead. As Sasuke lightly cupped it in his hand, the fully attentive member hardened even more. Naruto instinctively bucked into Sasuke's hand but the man still denied him the sweet gratification at his nonverbal request. As Naruto's hips descended, Sasuke dipped his back to Naruto's arousal pilfering up a copious amount of Naruto's precum. His hand took a trip to Naruto's soft lips and slipped his fingers directly onto Naruto's tongue.

The tanned man moaned, volitionally accepting the taste of his essence with mirth. His taste buds jolted from the bitter, creamy taste. He contently closed his ultramarine eyes and suckled on Sasuke's index and middle finger. Thickly coating it with salvia, he swirled his tongue around until Sasuke slowly removed his fingers. Naruto's spit left a leaky trail from his kiss swollen lips to Sasuke's fingertips. He let out a smoky breath, his big blue eyes reconnecting with Sasuke, portraying the physical display of sexuality that was only heard of in erotic fantasy.

As a result of the intimate gesture, the dark haired man felt himself become brick hard in his jeans. "Fuck…"

Naruto became enchanted, realizing that Sasuke was astounded by the sexual openness he readily exhibited. He hastily pulled Sasuke to his level, rewarding him with a delicious, well-deserved kiss.

Sasuke could taste the bitter essence coat his taste buds like a canvas. He shuttered and began letting Naruto massage the walls of his cheeks, also stroking his tongue, lips moving in conjunction with his.

The Uchiha assumed it was a request for advancement on the sexual scale. So he honored Naruto's wish for the continuation of their quest. He pulled Naruto's boxers down, binding his knees, freeing his erection like an incarcerated prisoner. His penis was leaking, red with needy pressure.

Sasuke concurrently felt a beckon of pride drown his ego. He was the sole reason his body was begging for release. The reason that his body was so ripe with arousal. He did this to Naruto. Not any other man. Him. And he was fucking proud of it.

Naruto arched up, trying to gain access to the hand that was resting on his inner thigh. Sasuke pleasantly grunted at Naruto's inextinguishable impatience. It was so apparent he wanted it so bad he could barely wait. Sasuke took that small detail into consideration when his finger strayed onto the length of Naruto's weeping member.

Naruto sporadically broke the kiss with a gasp, moaning at the delicate touch. Curling into the touch, appropriate to replete the small craving that he was aching to be satisfied, he felt his breath quicken and his heart burst with temptation.

God, he didn't know how long Sasuke was going to prolong this bout of pure torture. He really wanted to get down to the big, dirty deed but Sasuke was so insistent on carrying out the foreplay to the maximum capability that he couldn't even get him to move to the main act.

With this amount of sexual anguish cast on him, he didn't know how much longer he could hold out.

He felt Sasuke pull off his boxers and throw them aside like they were as useless as yesterday's garbage. Simply put, in his eyes, they were even more useless than that.

Sasuke lowered his body to Naruto's lower extremities with extreme caution, careful not to give Naruto too much pleasure. This was going to be a slow, sweet process. And he was going to make sure of it.

The young man's cock was making a leaking plead as it readily jerked. The pulses of pleasure were evident as Naruto bit his bottom lip nearly to the point where he drew blood. With a smirk, Sasuke took that everything into account as he lowered his head and blew lightly on the red head, making the point that he was in control of everything in this situation.

He wanted Naruto to know that he had a perfect image of what he wanted and that he had the ability to make it come to pass. But he also wanted Naruto to know that everything would happen but only at his convenience and not a moment sooner.

It wasn't personal. It was the path of the Uchiha. And he had every intention of living up to the name he was blessed with at birth, whether it made Naruto squirm in his skin or not.

Taking heed to his inner thoughts, he tenderly dipped his finger into the indent of Naruto's cock, feeling a slick wetness come into contact with his finger pads. Again, he neared Naruto's genitals but this time, he took action, his silky lips dwelling on Naruto's inner thigh. Resting there for a second, Sasuke allowed Naruto to openly register how close he was. As he heard Naruto's raspy gasp, he decided to proceed with his plan to tease Naruto into the hilt of oblivion.

Slowly, his tongue peeked out for play time; tickling the surface of Naruto's skin, savoring the taste. Naruto's sex pulsed with need as Sasuke bared his teeth, clearly developing the plan to make Naruto wriggle with want. He sunk his perfect teeth into the tan thigh, leaving red bite marks at the site of interest.

Naruto arched into the sexual input of pain, quaking with the onset of the jolt of never-ending ecstasy. "Yessss," He grated out with a scratchy gasp.

Sasuke's ears tingled at Naruto's apparent enjoyment of the slight sexual sadism. It was so holy, so emancipating, he decided to try it again.

Biting down with slightly more heartiness than before, he drank in the sound of the other male's beautiful sound of acceptance.

Naruto knew he sounded desperate but he didn't care. He fisted Sasuke's hair as his spine tingled unmistakably. Begging for air, he felt the dark haired man free his inner thigh from the grip of his canines.

Sasuke quickly admired the markers left on the previously flawless skin. A triumph and jubilance came across Sasuke at the ideal of leaving his likeness behind on Naruto. His blood boiled with excitement at the thought that Naruto would have little "take away" souvenirs from this from this event. Every time he would strip naked, shower, he would have the constant reminder that he had him. The imprint alone easily made him even more aroused and invigorated than before. Guessing that Naruto was pleading for more direct contact, he tended to the thigh again with his mouth, nipping his in the same area but this time, he didn't just pull away. He suckled the skin between his teeth, concurrently gripping into the delicious flesh like a hungry animal.

Naruto screamed with great urgency, his chest laboring, stomach twisting in delight, never thinking he could ever get so much pleasure from a damn hickey on his body.

He decided that Naruto was prepared for the next step.

Not wasting another second, he retrieved a tube of lube that he readied beforehand on the rug. In lieu of the lubrication, he also made sure to purchase two boxes of condoms. Unlike last time, he didn't want the looming dread of 'protection' hindering them from having a grand 'ol time. The possibility of separation scared him last time and this time around, he didn't want to clash with that fear again.

He also didn't want to be forceful about the situation either. If Naruto wanted to use condoms, who was he to tell him no? It was his body and if he wanted to be more safe than sorry than that was his business. He had no right to encroach on his beliefs, nor try to change them. In any case, he didn't want to seem like he was being foolish about Naruto's abnormal ability to conceive, testing to see if he was in fact telling the truth by getting him pregnant or something…

He sighed, tasseling with a single box of magnum condoms. From his lax position on the rug, Naruto's tucked his chin into his chest, trying to capture a glimpse of what Sasuke was handling. When he realized what it was, he tried to get Sasuke's attention by touching his trembling wrist. "Sasuke, you don't have to use those," He trailed, his voice off softly, instantly worrying the other man.

"What? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Sasuke's nostrils flared as his temperament was flagged with aggravation.

Naruto turned his outer thigh inward to show Sasuke just why he didn't have to resort to an outside protolithic.

Puzzled but clearly interested, Sasuke put the condoms down, cursing that he didn't notice the small Band-Aid beforehand. He must have been truly devoted to the foreplay to even realize the small bandage.

"What's this?" Sasuke asked, lightly caressing it with wonder.

"I went to the doctor," Naruto answered, his beautiful sapphire eyes purposely not breaking eye contact. "And I got injectable birth control," Naruto solidly informed, establishing a delicate timbre, soothing a flappable man that appeared be carefully swallowing the hard information, then bellying it the best he could without notice. To not arouse any more concern, Naruto continued softly, "It's 99.9% effective, meaning… You don't have to use a condom if you don't want to…"

Like Naruto expected, Sasuke didn't say anything back. He just looked at him soundlessly, appearing to repeatedly put into question the knowledge that was just shared. He assumed he didn't believe him which was understandable. He could have given him the comfort of telling him earlier. It just seemed convenient that he would mention it now. Like he had some sheathed ulterior motive.

He suddenly felt guilty, thinking he could have done more to make this a little easier on Sasuke. He knew he was really torn about what had happened the first time and he done everything in his power to make sure that it didn't happen again. And then, here, he was changing up on him again. Now, he was unsure of how Sasuke was going to struggle with his change of heart, or if he was at all.

Naruto licked his drying lips, apparently nervous. "You're clean, right?"

Sasuke nodded wordlessly, still trying to grasp the sudden change of heart.

Immediately, Naruto could feel how uneasy he was about this new development, questioning or not whether he should truly proceed with this tryst. In that moment, Naruto took the chance to rescue the hand that was quivering on his thigh and pulled it to his chest. He left it there letting his heartbeat prove to Sasuke that he was absolutely mesmerized by him—by what he was doing to him and that this shouldn't change anything. He slowly pulled his hand to his warm lips, his devotion to Uchiha's wellbeing discernible from the shutting of his eye lids. "Then you don't have to worry about it," he whispered, kissing Sasuke's hand, an overflow of emotion bursting through the flood gates.

Feeling the tension unclench from his joints, Naruto smiled, thinking that maybe this wouldn't change anything.

"Spongebob?" Sasuke asked, his eyebrow shooting up.

"Yeah, that wasn't really of my choosing. She didn't really think I was…" Naruto trailed off, knowing that he was already too embarrassed to even rehash the event, much less share it with Sasuke.

"An adult…" Sasuke said slowly, analyzing the small adhesive bandage, his boyish face glowing against the wafting fireplace.

Naruto blushed deeply, his blue eyes swelling with innocence as he looked away. "Yeah, pretty much."

Sasuke looked thoughtfully pensive, touching the area one more time for authenticity. Finally, he snorted, his eyes catching Naruto's. His face quickly went back to a stoic, objective slate, making Naruto slightly uncomfortable. That was a look that harbored thick, underground thinking, like he was changing his mind. Trying to catch him before everything that had happened so far was undone; he opened his mouth to object.

Sasuke looked up immediately in a scolding manner. "I believe you," he said, pure earnestness branching out from his convincing tone.

Naruto immediately closed his mouth, realizing that Sasuke was clearly annoyed with him.

"You don't have to earn my trust, Naruto. You have it until you give me a reason not to trust you anymore," Sasuke's mood lightened and his state of irritation appeared to slightly lift. Naruto stopped breathing as his eyes floated in amazement, blazed with fear. He'd never been granted something so precious easily before. Throughout the years, he had to work so hard to reach a certain place with all his "friends," even though he had given everything he had. He still had to prove that he was worthy of a single extension of belief. Even back when he was tasseling with Gaara, the idea was essentially the same. He had put an endless amount of effort when there was nothing given on their end. He didn't hand out trust either but when people seemed genuinely interested in his wellbeing, he let up, exposing another side to his guarded personality.

And here Sasuke was, giving it to him so easily. Was he from another planet? Or was he just stupid?

Or both?

His face worked up into a contemptuous frown. "Sasuke, I—"

"This really isn't the time for arguments, idiot." Sasuke flicked his finger over his bare, dusky nipple eliciting a hot gasp from him.

He rebuked Sasuke calling him idiot but he couldn't really think of a suitable comeback that would redeem his pride. Surprisingly, he dumbly nodded, feeling more inspired than ever to let Sasuke have his way with him.

"Get on with it—now." Naruto ordered with heavy breaths.

Sasuke smirked. "I thought you'd never ask princess."

"Hey, don't call me t…" His voice died out as Sasuke's hot touches lingered on the outskirts of his pelvis, his mouth covering skin on the tip of his cock. Naruto moaned, confirming the pleasure as the appendage twitched, precum leaking freely from his urethra. He shuttered like an earthquake, head twirling like a typhoon as Sasuke engulfed him whole. Quickly, he fisted the sea of inky locks, the feeling truly leaving his nerve endings on fire.

Sasuke mused. Before tonight, He had never tasted a male's essence. And now that he had, he still couldn't entertain an opinion. He didn't expect it to be a cuisine. It was bleach-y and bitter, coated with a salty base. Not particularly delicious but not heartbreakingly disgusting… It just…was…

Naruto, on the other hand, felt an intensity throb up his shaft—a kind that he hadn't really felt before. His arousal throbbed harshly and he felt a moan mistakenly fall out.

He could barely intervene with his palpitating heart. All he could manage was let the warm wetness stall his senses and hamper any rational thought from penetrating.

As Sasuke added his hand to the mix, he bobbed his head down religiously. His chest heaved and he gasped at the nearly professional attention given to his cock. Suddenly, he felt Naruto clutch a handful of hair violently and pull him up.

"Stop," he desperately croaked. "I don't wanna cum yet."

"Damn, already?" Sasuke asked as a satisfied smirk attacked his face. The strain literally pulling at Naruto's cute face made him feel so accomplished. His cheeks were red and his eyes were murky with lust, something he had only managed in a matter of minutes. That was an accolade that he could add to his ever expanding collection.

The mentally clouded man and pulled off Sasuke's jean jacket with a wicked smile. "Let's get rid of this." Quickly, he also helped Sasuke out of his shirt.

"Tired of foreplay now?"

Naruto giggled. "No—not necessarily. Foreplay's always great. I'm just ready for the real thing now."

Slowing to a weary stop, Sasuke felt his breath become trapped in his esophagus. "Your body," Naruto said with a low growl, touching at Sasuke's toned chest, intently impressed.

Sasuke looked at the delicate fingers raking to his defined torso, leading to the bridge of his pants. His eyes shifted to Naruto's, soaked with the black cancer that was the start of a beautiful nightmare. It spread, infecting their relationship, a bond that was tainted from birth.

Swallowing hard, basking in the glory of Sasuke's godly body. Pale and sleek, highlighted in the glistening pool of candle light. He felt his belly warm at the exclusive sight—feeling slightly advantaged by the privilege. A privilege he was almost certain that Sakura hadn't gotten yet.

"Sasuke," he carefully whispered, hardly recognizing his own voice. "Get out of those."

For once, Sasuke quietly obeyed, ridding himself of those bothersome trousers.

Just when he was getting ready to take a short break, Naruto curtly interrupted with a chirp. "Eh. Everything." He stuck his index finger his suspecting chest. "Now."

Sasuke smirked at the pretty blond. For someone that was controlling to a fault, he was astounded much he enjoyed being bossed around by a small blonde bombshell. The commands translated to a pulses straight to his increasing libido. He strictly submitted, stripping out of his garments.

The sight extracted a sigh of relief from the younger male. He realized that this was the only time he had seen Sasuke fully nude. Aside from their small trip to the beach, he had only been struck by his imagination. To be afforded the right, no the privilege to see such a beautiful sight, he felt oddly liberated. No longer would he be an active hostage to his fantasies. Now he could drench his sensory receptors in all the indulgences had been pleading for since the beginning.

His eyes were drawn directly to the dick that was swollen red with need. He was going to be shoving that up his ass… And his pride was as a big as Sasuke's erection. Trying to slow his fear, he smiled, moving to return the favor but was stopped by a stern hand.

"Hey," Naruto said with a pout. His head flew up to look at the older man with a relentless stare. "What's that for?"

He leaned down and caught Naruto off guard with his sensual lips. "I want to get to the best part. Don't you agree, Naruto?" Sasuke mumbled, coming nose tip to nose tip with the baffled blond.

He nodded, their eyes trapped in a hypnotic gaze that was free of immorality and panic, only filled with genuine attraction.

"So, I really wanted you to fuck me last time?" Naruto asked. Sasuke affirmed with a nod. Naruto squawked. "With that?"

Sasuke smirked. "Yeah. You loved it. You were even begging for more."

"Not that it isn't nice but it just doesn't seem practical." Naruto wearily raised his eyes to Sasuke's well-endowed length. "That I would be crooning to have you fuck me."

The broad mushroom head bobbed unapologetically as Sasuke shifted positions on the rug.

"Calling me a liar?" Sasuke asked, slowly lifting a brow.


"Then what are you trying to say?" Sasuke asked with a blank, prodding expression.

"That I have no idea who I really am… or what I really want." He looked truly ashamed for his binge drinking fiasco. But more ashamed that his inhibition rate while sober was unnervingly high. He didn't even know what he had done from what he hadn't. He didn't even know that he had practically offered himself on a silver platter to Sasuke…

Everything had been a blur and here he was disputing what he only thought he would have said.

"Naruto," Sasuke mumbled. "You don't have to do this if you don't want to."

Naruto heard his words but wasn't really sure if they penetrated his ears. "No. I want to," He quickly revealed. "I haven't changed my mind." He blinked slowly and then looked at Sasuke passionately. "And I'm not going to…"

Sasuke leaned in and kissed Naruto, gently pushing him down the plush rug. He hoped that Naruto was true to his word and there wasn't going to be any more mental interference that changed the course of their night. Nibbling on Naruto's inner lip, he swiftly reached for the newly purchased lubrication. Naruto moaned into Sasuke's mouth, using his tongue to explore the hot, tempting mouth that devoured him so sensually. It made it almost impossible to believe that the small discussion turned into a shameless copulation in Sasuke's apartment.

Dipping into the lube, he laid his finger pads on the entrance of Naruto's blessed hole. He lightly presparated on nape of his neck. This was the second time that he was doing this and he still didn't feel like he had gained any valuable experience. Previously by adventure, he what he imagined what was required in his head but Naruto wasn't the most cognizant being at the time. This time, he was dedicated to being a willing participant in Sasuke's evolving game. And this time he would feel every pinch, every pull, and every sting.

Sasuke curled his middle and ring fingers upward in Naruto's tight hole, pushing them in further, eliciting a fearful shiver from Naruto. He moaned, letting the back of his thighs fall over Sasuke's, letting his body relax into the motions.

"See how your body quivers at my every touch?" Sasuke mumbled into the safety of his ear, the break supplementing the otherworldly hotspot his heat seeking finger apparently have detected.

"You're a slave to my touch…" He straightened his fingers and then plunged in further, slightly scissoring. Naruto shivered, feeling his heavy eyelids join. After a minute of feeling Sasuke prodding and stretching he felt Sasuke hover over his sensitive frame.

Sasuke released a vulnerably shaky breath. "Can I?"

"Yeah," Naruto asked, appreciating Sasuke's hasty but polite request for permission. Actually, he found the gesture rather cute. After he felt Sasuke's fingers leave an empty void, they both made the joint effort to push him inside. As he felt the head of his cock submerge into the silky, hot hole with ease, he couldn't help but wonder if the white spots in his vision were a preview of heaven and its holy reverence.

He quickly succumbed to the harsh tail spin into that black, pleasurable oblivion that he had experienced last time. Chucking the intense silence to the back of his mind, he focused on the black pleasure presently consuming him.

A grunt escaped him and he heard Naruto release a contained wisp of air.

"I can't believe I enjoyed this last time…"

He heard Sasuke's ragged voice hitch with a snort.

"Don't laugh, asshole."

Another snort.

He condescendingly patted the top of Naruto's head.

"Don't pat me like I'm a damn dog." Naruto huffed much to Sasuke's amusement.

Just when he was about to ask if Naruto was ready to proceed, he encountered an inherently demandingly whisper that said, "Fuck me."

Sasuke shallowly thrust, biting his lip to avoid from releasing a sound that he surmised would sound a little too weak and much too eager.

This time he focused, delving in deeper this time, soliciting a sound from his partner that he was sure was this time was a sound of pleasure, not pain.

"Yeah, that's really good..." Naruto held on purposefully to Sasuke's shoulders, gasping into the junction of his neck. His knees guided Sasuke to the hilt as his pelvis nuzzled tightly in Sasuke's balls. Feeling the jounces of endorphins rush his blood, his ass impulsively tightened on the cuff of Sasuke's dick causing an unsolicited suction on the muscle.

"Ah, Sasuke. Fuck yeah!" Naruto shouted out unceremoniously.

Sasuke clenched his inner thigh, reminding Naruto that the marking that his body had not fully recovered from their last little rack sack.

He thrust his hips up, bucking into Sasuke, ravenously trying indulge in all the pleasure.

Sasuke hammered into him like an impassioned demon on a mission that couldn't be stopped by the likes of God himself. He was well aware that Sasuke probably imagined this situation a thousand times over in his head. In different places, different times, under different circumstances—all the while still striving for it to happen. This must have been a stretch beyond the realm of reality for him, thus explaining the invigorated trend of harsh thrusts that he was inflicting on him.

He tried to shove every negative thought pressing to make entrance into his head. He wanted to spare himself from any intense badgering. This was supposed to be a divine space where he could lose himself and forget about the world, unafraid to just indulge in Sasuke… Where he could just be with him and leave the world and her problems behind.

Oh, Sasuke…

See nothing, just Sasuke. Feel just Sasuke. Just Sasuke.

"Sus, so deep," He pleasurably commented, rolling his hips up again, accepting more of the beautiful cock that he had been craving for some time now.

Sasuke gasped and although it was an uncharacteristic feature coming from the Uchiha, Naruto thought it could be the single sexist thing that he had ever heard. Feeling his heart flutter manically, he began to feel a battle of sensations explode in his nether regions. The continuous brushing against his prostate was making him very anxious and possibly partially insane.

It was weird but it felt like Sasuke was making passionate love to him. Almost like he regarded him as someone important—notion that he renounced with every fiber of his being. He was just a vessel, a means to pleasure, Sasuke's access to easy satisfaction. He knew that with every dwelling second, his value was diminishing. And that was the truth.

"Ah, Sasuke, right there…" He purred sweetly, clawing at Sasuke's back fervidly. He stopped, reasoning that he should be praising the body granting him such pleasure. Considering, he had never experienced such an intense feeling in his life, he thought that he should be more grateful than abusive. This constant sensation of fullness caused him to sizzle. His attraction to the Uchiha surpassed the idea of practicality and easily conceded to the boundaries of loyalty. The darkness that superseded the light and added to the excitement that been endeavoring to seep from his bones.

"Want more of that?" Sasuke seductively growled in his ear, pins of hot ice piercing his skin.

Naruto fervently nodded in fear that Sasuke would cease the barrage of pleasure storming his body. He couldn't believe how he was wordlessly beseeching that Sasuke continue fucking him in his apartment considering how annoyed and nasty he had been to the man in the recent past. It felt like this man that he once had little regard for was now palming his world in his very capable hands.

He made the sorted effort to reach up and kiss Sasuke's neck and nibble at his jawline. Sasuke grunted at the small display of affection, slightly hoping that Naruto would continue to share such caring gestures with him. Somehow, it seemed like the one thing that he ever really wanted in life.

Maintaining his philosophy and turning the tables, he did something slightly deranged and licked the shell of Sasuke's ear in the most teasing fashion he could muster. He was rewarded with a particularly hard thrust that jarred his rambled train of thought that was conclusively wrecked.

Sasuke enjoyed watching the pattern in Naruto's breathing change. He traced his jugular with his lips, ghosting over the hot, dewy skin. He drifted over the parted plump lips and carefully mashed his lips onto his, tasting his anxious, fluctuating responses.

He tried to counterbalance the pleasance seeping into his soul, kissing Sasuke while feeling the eruption of the source of the beautiful sensation from the constant pressure against his abused prostate. A fresh concaving pressure arrived in his tip of his dick feeling like he was going implode at any instant.

He still couldn't believe that the he was here, practically drooling from the corner of his mouth. He felt his toes curl and his spine arch into Sasuke. He felt the shame melt away as his high deteriorated into a blur of peaking delight.

Sasuke hammered into him systematically, submerged into the depth of unbelievable pleasure. He could proudly admit that this was any kush that he had ever tried in his 20 years of life. Was it possible that Sasuke could be a precious alternative to his slew of drug abuse?

He couldn't even confirm this new revelation. All he could think about how much he needed the man on top of him.

Sasuke pressed his body in further and then felt Naruto wither against his increased pace.

In a burst of short convulsions, the speechless blond clutched onto the dark haired man for dear life. A helpless whimper resounded from the blond as Sasuke experienced an intense, pulsating grip on his cock. His stroke slowed to an absolute halt as he felt his own orgasm approach at rapid speed. Suddenly, it crashed into his lower body like a rolling high tide wave and then spreading like an infection.

"Ah, shittt…" Sasuke lowered himself to the crook of Naruto's neck, pushing in as deep as possible, releasing a splurge of cum deep inside him. His cock ruthlessly throbbed as he felt his balls tighten, indicating that his orgasm was the strongest that it ever had been. His vision darkened and his hips shuttered as he tried to ride out the delightful shocks flaming his blood.

Despite feeling a sheen of sweat layer on top of Sasuke's skin, Naruto moved to embrace Sasuke carefully.

Naruto smiled and then gave an arid laugh. "We should totally do that again."

"Yeah?" Sasuke said, gratefully kissing his collar bone.

Naruto gave a flirty laugh. "Yeah."

Sasuke appreciated that Naruto gave him the strong urge to express his emotions, namely contentment. He gave a hidden smile against Naruto's skin, feeling like Naruto revived the simple composition of positivity that he felt like he had been lacking since childhood.

Although Naruto was rude, loud, and undeniably annoying, he exuded love that he had never seen before, something that Sasuke incontestably craved since he had met him that faithful afternoon. It made him wonder what it would be like to be the center of Naruto's attention and the object of this affection.

As his mind roved, the beautiful musk of sex inhaled made him drunk. Knowing himself he felt a habitual addiction forming. Which was strangely the same trait that he constantly berated Naruto for. Hypocritical but firmly mentally standing by his beliefs he huddled his sticky skin to Naruto's.

Naruto was addicted to drugs, while he was pathetically addicted to Naruto.

Naruto sighed, not sure if Sasuke was going to take his half-joking but half-serious strongly suggested route into consideration. He couldn't argue with the position he was currently in. The weight of Sasuke's muscled body wedged between the legs of his sprawled out frame, was the image short of perfection. The only thing missing was a replay…

Naruto rolled his head against the pillow that placed there for his comfort. It was so cozy that it was unsettling. He should have felt uncomfortable. He should have been running from his apartment like it was fire. Leaping away from his skin like it wasn't his own. He should have felt repentant.

He was here underneath his best friend's man in his apartment after a circular sexual journey. This wasn't something that regular people engaged in on a regular basis. They would turn them down. Let their friend know of their boyfriend's disloyalty. But that wasn't the path that had traveled down. They were engaging in something else. Treachery that felt so natural.

He felt Sasuke's breathing patterns steady as he felt Sasuke's fingers swirl around his pelvic area. Ironically, he was skidding his fingers down the length of Sasuke's spine, stopping every few centimeters to squeeze at his perfect skin. It was nothing short of a miracle that he wasn't fast asleep given how comfortable he was right about now. He thankfully sighed and then buried his face into Sasuke's neck.

He smiled, feeling Sasuke's hastened breath soften to a calm exhale. "How was it?"

"Pretty good, taking to account that is something new to me."

Like on cue, the Uchiha's muscles clench into an anxious clump of nerves. "What?" He said trying to unwind the bundle of unanswered questions suddenly swirling around inside him.

"Well, you were my first…" Naruto reluctantly remained silent shortly after, even though he felt like he wanted to explain. But somehow, felt like he would have dampened the situation even further.

"What?" Sasuke asked again mindlessly.

Naruto sighed, ready to answer the "I've done stuff with people but I never really went all the way?"

Sasuke appeared as quizzical and profoundly puzzled by the revelation as a penguin without ice. "What about… Gaara?"

"Gaara never really wanted me… in that way," Naruto whispered, pain seeping back into his expression and scantiness bleeding back into his bone marrow. Sasuke instantly became concerned, his eyebrows furrowing. Naruto quickly smiled, albeit painfully, trying to erase the subject from his mind, and sweep his emotions underneath the rug. And in a sad attempt to make Sasuke think that the matter was insignificant.

An image of a snooby Neji flashed between both of them and the room fell on deaf ears.

Naruto blinked slowly, picturing a happy place where his fresh wounds couldn't find him. "The things that people say about me aren't true."

Sasuke felt his mouth mimic the state of the Sahara desert. "What exactly do they say about you?" He didn't mean to sound daft but the only experience he had ever had about people describing him was hurtful slander from Neji. He was ignorant to what else his peers might label him, but only because they never attended the same institute, making it nearly impossible for him to come into contact with such hearsay.

"That I'm a whore and a slut… And stuff like that, y'know." He said, his eyes veering into the roasting flames of the fire place, like the heat was trying to engulf the shame swimming in his eyes.

Sasuke felt slighted, unsure how to react to the external accusations. As much as he liked Naruto, he still didn't know enough about him to really call foul on those accusations. But despite his apprehension, he was still strongly influenced by his tendency to see the best in him no matter what.

He could call it a compulsion but he couldn't stop wanting to believe that there was a meadow of beauty in Naruto's stark imperfection and clearly visible flaws.

Something inside him wanted to tell Naruto that he didn't have to be perfect… Not to please him atleast. He just wanted him to be himself.

"But I'm really not like that," Naruto softly whispered, feeling like Sasuke's silence was a validation of everyone's varying opinions about him.

He already knew what he was thinking, most likely doubting everything he knew, and mentally shaming himself for the escalation of their relationship. Naruto felt disappointed but in the end, he had expected this reaction. What he didn't expect for him to weave his hand into hair and kiss him with wild abandon.

As the shock melted, and Sasuke pulled away, he knew it was real.

Sasuke wasn't going to judge him or make him think less about who he was and what he stood for. It was incredible—blinding. In a way that made him feel so valued, so precious. Like he was a normal human that deserved comfort. He didn't know that it was possible to feel whole in the presence of one person…

It felt new. He felt… New.

Jolting him out of his emotional stupor, he felt Sasuke's left hand cause a rich tingle left on the inside of his left thigh. His velvety voice rumbled, "Let's move to somewhere more comfortable."

Throat paralyzed with a rack of inexpressible emotions, Naruto wordlessly nodded, thinking, maybe it wasn't so bad to not be alone.

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