"I have a feeling that today is going to be a long day," Sahira said.

"What makes you say that?" Greg asked her.

"I just have a feeling..." Before Sahira Shah could finish her sentence Jac Naylor came bursting into the locker room.

"A feeling about what?" Jac asked curiously.

"Nothing, it doesn't matter?" Sahira said, not wanting Jac to know anything about their conversation.

"Oh right, I must have ruined your time alone together," Jac taunted.

"Shut up!" Greg snapped, already starting to loose his temper at Jac.

"Why don't you?" Jac said in a childish way. Nobody realised that Hanssen was standing behind them.

"My goodness!" Hanssen exclaimed, making them all jump, "I almost forgot i am running a hospital, I almost thought this was a school."

"Yes I can see it now," Said Greg who was off on his own planet.

"What?" Jac asked, "Having a dirty daydream are we?"

"Shut up!" Greg yelled.

"What blow a nerve did I?" Jac questioned.

"Miss Naylor, if this was a school you would most likely be the bully," Hanssen joked.

"Does that mean I get to flush Greg's head down the loo?" Jac asked.

"You just try it," Greg said.

"Miss Naylor, Mr. Douglas, stop acting like little children and please get on with your work!" Hanssen said, starting to get annoyed.

Suddenly all of their pagers went off.

"Coach crash, Coach full of school children collided with a car, two lorries and a train, near the train station," Hanssen read from his pager.

"Your right Sahira today is going to be a long day," Greg said.

"Brilliant," Sahira said sarcastically and rolled her eyes.