Claire's pov

I have to admit, when Amelie wants a job done, it get's done quickly. A new Glass House i standing in the place of the old one. There one has new paint and the wallpaper isn't peeling off the walls inside and the carpets aren't curling up at the corners. None of us like it much. It doesn't feel like home.

We found a few things still in good shape in the ruins of the house before a new one was built. I found the Claddagh ring which Shane had given me, which was a real relief as I had promised myself that I would keep it safe. Eve found a pair of fishnet hoses which embarrassed her as Oliver, Shane, Michael, Amelie and Claire were all there.

Oliver had smirked and so did Shane. They had shared irritated looks. They didn't like to think or do the same things as each other, Shane and Oliver which I thought a bit over the top.

Things were very different now at the Glass House. Or the new Glass House as we all referred to it as. Michael mourned for his guitars which Shane found extremely funny for some reason. Eve kept complaining that she had to buy new clothes which was very irritating.

Michael and I rarely spoke to each other. I was afraid that I would fly into a temper and he knew that I didn't want to talk to him really. The longest sentence I have said to him was, 'I don't like this new house.' And I didn't even wait for a reply. I did feel guilty because I said I forgave him. I really do deep down but I just keep thinking of the consequences. And they weren't too good. Shane could have died!

Shane had forgiven Michael and they got along better than they did before the fire started. This was a real surprise. Eve and me often shared secret glances which meant 'what the hell happened?' Eve was on speaking terms with Michael and she hadn't dumped him, which is a relief. I don't want me to be the cause of them breaking up.

I walk upstairs to bed and as I lay there I go through a list of things in my head which I wan to do tomorrow. Have to do tomorrow. The top priority on my list is to speak to Michael. It's getting us no-where, not speaking to each other. It makes me not want to forget. Which I don't want. I really don't.

Another is to visit Myrnin. Make sure he isn't in trouble. I know that Shane still doesn't like him but he can bear him. Just. Myrnin was nattering on about his beloved spider Bob and Shane had told him that he was only spider. It was only a joke but it offended Myrnin ( like it would a little kid ) and he wept in the corner.

For goodness sake! He's hundreds of years old and he cries over and insult which was only a joke. Poor Myrnin, he still hasn't grown up.