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Titans Forever

Epilogue - The Book of Artemis

During the next month, things were actually relatively quiet for the Teen Titans. Dust Storm and Taser broke out of prison and not only tried to rob a bank again, but the same bank as before. They were caught after a good battle that, surprisingly, resulted in almost no property damage. When one of their parents' old foes returned, they decided to come out of retirement and the New Titans returned. Those who had witnessed the battles between the H.I.V.E. Five - and a new H.I.V.E.-affiliated team of teens calling themselves H.I.V.E. Squad - had the surprise of witnessing the New Titans fighting alongside the Teen Titans; two generations of heroes and villains fighting against each other. The two Titan teams were successful, though there was a good bit of damage done to a construction site and a small part of downtown Jump City. Shadow proved to be an able leader, though she was nowhere near as uptight as Nightwing had been during the days of the original Teen Titans.

And the relationships amongst the Teen Titans began changing, as well. Much to everyone's surprise, Phase and Shift began pursuing a relationship, though both would always insist that nothing was going on and they were just friends. Honestly, everyone had expected Shift and Stinger to hook up, but Stinger actually asked Nightfire out. Vulcan was actually relieved that no one had tried getting her into a relationship; as she put it, "There's no one here that tickles my fancy, so I'm glad I didn't have to disappoint anyone." Shadow didn't begrudge her friends their happiness; in fact, it helped to make her feel better about Artemis's disappearance. She didn't believe her friend was dead, and that strange feeling she'd had up on the roof hadn't gone away; it just grew stronger as time went by. She couldn't articulate it well to her friends, though her moms seemed to understand.

Just over a month after the destruction of the oodanga warship, one of Cyborg's newly launched space observation satellites picked up an energy burst outside the orbit of Mars that was similar to the same one that the oodanga ship had, but was different enough to indicate either a different kind of ship - or a different race with similar technology. When the ship came close enough to be seen on the satellite's sensors, it was obvious that it wasn't an oodanga craft. Lord-Master Gishta's warship was bulky in shape and aggressive in design. This craft was sleek, aerodynamic, and almost organic in appearance; and it looked non-threatening, although looks could be deceiving.

Everyone was at the tower relaxing in different ways when this alien ship achieved orbit - and broadcast a transmission straight to Titan Tower. That brought everyone into the common room. Nightwing activated the comm, and to everyone's surprise a very human-like being appeared on the massive monitor-television screen.

"I bring greetings to the Teen Titans and New Titans from the Fanari Protectorate," the alien said. "I am Captain Stelgon Cavo'li of House Cavo."

"Um, greetings, Captain," Nightwing said. "Why are you here?"

"Your words are expected, considering what occured thirty of your days ago," Stelgon responded. "I assure you, though, that we have a mutual foe in the Oodanga Empire."

"They have attacked your people, too?" Shadow asked, drawing the captain's attention. And his expression surprised everyone; it was one of shock, amazement, and awe.

"Yes, they have, Lady Shadow," he replied. "Once in my people's distant past, and now. An oodanga armada was spotted on the Fanari System's outer reaches before my vessel began its transit to your world."

"How do you know my name?" she asked. "And why did you call me 'Lady Shadow?'"

"More than that is known, Lady Shadow," he told her. "And the tale is not mine to tell."

"Well, you are obviously different than that Gishta character," Changling put in.

"Thank you, Changling," Stelgon acknowledged. "And to answer your question, Nightwing, I am here to convey both the Teen Titans and the New Titans to Fanar."

"But why? Why come all this way just to get us?" Shadow asked him.

"Because it was written that I would do so."

"Written? In what?" Raven asked, her tone saying that she suspected what his answer would be.

"It was written in the Book of Artemis," Stelgon replied.

"The book of who?" Shadow blurted out, shock written all over not just her face but everyone else's, too.

"The Book of Artemis," he repeated. "It was written five thousand years ago by the Lady Artemis. It tells about the days when Fanar was oppressed by the Oodanga Empire, it's liberation . . . and the events occuring now. So to protect our people now, the Fanari Protectorate needs the help of the Titans."

"We have to go," Shadow said, looking at the others.

"Don't you think it's a stretch to assume that this 'Lady Artemis' is your friend?" Lavender asked. "I mean, she was caught in that oodanga ship when it exploded. How could she have survived."

"Perhaps the core's final explosion opened up some kind of temporal rift," Cyborg suggested. "Something similar happened to me back in my Teen Titan days."

"I agree with Shadow," Raven and Jinx said in unison, looking at each other in surprise. Nightwing rubbed his chin in thought for a moment before nodding.

"We're going to Fanar," he said with finality.

To Be Continued . . .

Author's Note: And that's the official end of Titans Forever. And, yes, as given by this chapter, there will be a sequel to Titans Forever.