Me A Half-Blood

Me a Half-Blood

When I found out that half-blood I did know what to think I'm standing in front of my best friend Grover frozen {Grover is by the way a satyr} I just couldn't think well really my mind was working over time I just stared into space thinking about what my mother said my dad left for something or someone. I hate him for leaving me and my mother but my mother never stop loving him Now I find out that my dad is a god a god a Greek god for crying out loud

"Kayla" Grover waves his hand in front of my face

"um….." is all I can say I'm a half blood a half blood my dad is a god these things keep repeating in my head "Kayla say something" Grover yells "I'm a half-blood" is what I say "I'm half human half god"

"Kayla come on we have to go"

If you want me to keep going let me know :)