I've been planning to do this two weeks ago but I've been very busy lately but I finally get to do it

Remember the dogs that were at the baseball game, that's what made me make this story

I decided to give them names, Tod dog and Ted ned

Pairing: Chicken LittlexAbby, Ted nedxTod dog


Hope you enjoy this

It was the the final play at the baseball team and Tod dog saw that it was his turn, he smiled and said" Chicken little"

Chicken Little smiled, got up and ran to the coach

Tod dog got down on his one knee and pointed at him with one finger

Tod dog:" Okay, when you see the ball coming, swing

Chicken Little:" Don't worry coach, I'll try my best

Tod dog smiled and patted his back with his paw

Chicken Little ran to home base

Ted ned read the his paper and said into the microphone" up next is Chicken Little

The crown cheered at the sound of his name cause he was now only the hero of the baseball game,he was the hero of the world and everyone treated him loke the other's including Runt and Abby

Abby, Runt and fish was sitting on the benches, Abby was cheering him on while Runt and fish was eating a snack

Abby:" Go Chicken Little" she shouted

Chicken Little heard her and gave her a thumbs up

He got to the base and was getting ready to hit the ball

The pitcher was ready to pitch the ball to him, when he did Chicken Little swung as hard as he can and he had make a home run

The crowed of people cheered even his new friends Foxy Loxxy and Goosey Loosely and his best friends

Ted ned was shouting into the microphone" And it's a home run

Chicken Little ran as fast as he could, he ran past second, third ,no one could could catch him and finally he made it

Ten Ned:" He made it

Everyone rose up and clapped their hands

Soon after the game was over everyone went home

Everyone got in their cars one one car stopped to someone, it was Chicken Little's dad, he honked the horn to let his son know that he was here

Mr Cluck:" You ready to go son?" He called out to his son

Chicken Little:"Yaeh, just give me a second

Chicken Little walked up to his girlfriend, who was alone

Chicken Little: "Uh Abby" He said while doing circles with his foot

Abby turned to her boyfriend

Chicken Little:" You want a ride with me and my dad

Abby's cheeks then turned red

Abby:" Sure

Mr Cluck looked at the two and smiled at them

Chicken Little then took her hand and gidied it to his dad's car

Chicken Little:" Dad, can Abby come with me?

Mr Cluck:" Sure son hop in

Chicken Little hopped in the car and he helped her in the cat

Once the two were in the car, Chicken Little closed the door and they drove off hand and hand while his dad was watching the road

Mr Cluk:"So you guys are a couple, I see

Abby:"Yep"She said while was holding Chicken Little's hand

While they were driving home Tod dog who was still getting ready to go home, he just needs to pack his equipment, he had a bag and he was putting in the bats, balls, baseball mets and helmets but he had his own stuff to carry as well, he tried to carry the bag and his stuff all at once but they all dropped on the ground

Tod dog sighed and started to pick all up but another dog came

"You need some help with that" said a strange voice

Tod dog looked up and is was Ted ned

Tod dog nodded

Ted ned got on the ground and started to pick up the equipment, it took them 25 minutes cause there were so many

Once they were done or at least that what they thought, there was one more bat that needed to be picked up and it was out in the grass

They both went to it, hay both put out one hand at the same ned had his hand on the ball then Tod dogs hand was ontop on of the other's paw

Once they realized it, they both pulled away

Ted ned quickly picked out the ball and gave it to Tod dog then he quickly ran to his car while Tod dog just stood there

Ted ned started his car up and drove away

While Tod dog was standing in the middle of the baseball field, he was felt it heart rate to up and smiled then his tail was wagging

All of these's sign's mean that Tod dog was falling in love

The Last part is a song" I Think I'm In Love With You By Jessica Simpson

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