"Two single hearts on fire, currently on the wire."

The lyrics bounced off of the walls as sweat covered bodies moved against each other like an ocean wave. One person in particular stuck out. A red head dressed in a graphic tee covered by a black jacket zipped up to mid torso, sporting plain dark blue jeans and converse.

The twenty-one year old wasn't new to the club scene; he had been coming to this place for years with a false ID, but now that he was of age he knew he didn't have to be as careful as he had been in previous years.

His name was Sasori and he was on the lookout for someone to spend his night with, though most of the women there were too sleazy for his tastes. They were almost all wearing what seemed to be an inch of makeup and were almost completely fake.

"As inhibitions fade, a focused moment made.

Bruises and Bitemarks say, takes one to bring the pain.

Passion lies in screams of ecstatic dreams.

You're in a place for fear, lips are for biting here."

The multicolored lights flashed over the bodies of people, but his eyes were caught by blond moving closer to himself. After seeing such a beautiful color, he waited for them to move closer. Once the person had walked beside him, clearly heading towards the bar, Sasori grabbed their arm, pulling them against his chest.

To Sasori's surprise the blond didn't put up a struggle as he greedily pressed his lips to the petal soft ones that belonged to the mysterious man. The lips moved in sync as the bodies around them paid no attention to the strangers.

The red head who had initiated the kiss chose to dive further, biting at those mysterious lips of the feminine, yet gorgeous male in his arms. The lips parted easily, allowing access to the moist cavern. The male's tongue soon dove in, exploring every inch of the mouth. He couldn't seem to get enough of this intoxicating taste.

After what seemed like minutes passed the kiss was broken, a thin line of saliva still attaching the two until it broke due to the pants for missing air.



"Let's make this moment worth the while, let's kill the night and go down in style.
Feel the magic rise?

We're plotting our demise of perspiration and alcohol as I introduce the bedroom brawl."

The two swapped names, Sasori wrapping his arms around tonight's toy. He led the other through the crowd, shoving several nearly nude bodies out of his way in the process.

After finally breaking free from the crowd, moving was a lot simpler and the red head could now fully see the trophy he had been graced with. The blond, Deidara, wasn't wearing nearly as skimpy of clothing as a lot of the other people had been.

He wore a tight shirt that stopped just at the top of his skinny jeans, showing the skin of his stomach whenever his hips swayed during his walk. Sasori couldn't resist sliding the hand on the blond's hip down to ass. He squeezed, receiving a lidded gaze from the other.

He took that as encouragement and moved more quickly until he stopped at a locked door with "Four" scrawled on it unceremoniously. Pulling a key from his front pocket, Sasori slipped the key into the hole, turning it left then right before pushing the wooden door open.

"You bring the ropes and chains. I'll bring the pills and games
I can show you pain, and make you say my name~."

Without a single word being said, Deidara walked through the doorway and into the dimly lit room. Sasori followed behind, removing the key then closing and locking the door behind him. He dropped the keys then grabbed a hold of the blond, pulling his body against his own. Sasori was sure the other could feel his growing erection.

With a satisfied smirk, the red head kissed the slightly shorter male just as roughly as he had the first time, though this one had traces of lust and need in it as well. It was only moments before their tongues started to dance in a battle of dominance. Only another couple of moments were needed before the winner was clear.

Sasori pushed his tongue back into the blond's mouth, exploring as he had before. Deidara let out a light moan as their bodies were pressed closer together. He put his arms around the slightly taller man's neck, gaining leverage to press back into the kiss. He lightly sucked on the appendage in his mouth, encouraging the other more than he already had.

The two strangers continued their embrace for a moment longer before both had to pull back for air, the taller of the two caught his breath then began to trail kisses down to the other's pale neck where he began to bite and suck on the soft skin. Soon there were dark marks covering the expanse of his neck. Sasori pulled back from the hot blond, scooping him up easily enough.

Deidara couldn't have weighed over one hundred and thirty pounds. Said light-weight was deposited on the tall bed just as quickly as he had been lifted. Sasori moved on top of him, straddling his waist; soon the tight shirt covering his chest was ripped in two by impatient hands, causing a gasp to leave the slightly swollen lips, "Sasori~"

"You will believe my lies that I'm not like other guys.
That sparkle in my eyes is part of my disguise~."

There was a tangle of limbs as the bodies moved together as if it were an intricate dance to their own rhythm. Though the two could still hear the bass from the music being played not too far away they went at their own pace, however fast it may be. Sasori showed only mild surprise by Deidara's navel piercing. Hooking his fingers in the hoop, he gave a light tub, taking one of the already perk nipples into his mouth as well. It only took a couple of moments before the blond was moaning the red head's name beneath him. Squirming and begging for more, he wanted to be touched.

Who was Sasori to deny that?

Sasori hovered over the shirtless figure on the rented bed, gazing at him with unmatched lust. But first he had to take in all of this, soak in the moment. He took note of the golden blond hair around his head, resembling a sun in the dim room. His hooded eyes were a bright crystal blue fogged over with need and lust. His face was flushed red and already a thin layer of sweat covered his blemish-free skin, his saliva moistened lips had become swollen from the intense kissing.

Sasori soon leaned down again, capturing those lips and biting into the lower one to ask for entrance before pushing his tongue through the two. He began exploring once more though soon became restless and chose to explore the body below him as well.

Hands moved down the soft yet slightly toned body, his hands brushed down his chest then down to his stomach. Sasori could feel the non too prominent muscles beneath his hands. He soon went further, though was stopped at the hem of the other's jeans. He began working on unbuttoning them as soft moans were muffled by the kiss they shared.

After finally getting the button done he pulled away from the kiss, leaving Deidara to gasp in need of air.

"You're in a place for fear, lips are for biting here.
Let's make this moment worth the while, let's kill the night and go down in style."

Soon after, all of their clothing and accessories were removed and tossed from the bed in random directions. This left two nude figures in the now steamy room, both eager for more contact from the other body.

Deidara's hands were roaming over the stronger male's chest, tracing the shapes and divots of it down to his stomach. Soon though, his hands were halted by the red head. The blond found himself being flipped onto his stomach, his hands held behind his back by the other. His face was pushed into the pillows which were uncomfortably warm from all of the friction and heat in the air.

Sasori reached for the pieces of shirt that were still on the bed, wrapping them around the blond's wrists to hold them behind his back so he could use both of his own hands without having to worry.

Hands moved down Deidara's back until they made contact with his ass; he squeezed at the two muscles before pushing an unprepared finger into his entrance. A strained moan slipped out of the male's throat as yet another of the unprepared digets was added to the mixture. The blond's hips were lifted by Sasori's free hand. Said blond moved so his cheek was rested on the pillow. Now he could breathe without as much difficulty.

A few light moans slipped from Deidara's mouth as the red head continued his ministrations. He rubbed inside of the blond, stretching with the two digits as he thrusted them inside the heat. A loud gasp became audible once Sasori pressed his fingers into his prostate; he continued to do so enjoying hearing the breathy moans from Deidara.

After a couple of minutes the two fingers were finally removed from the blond. Sasori continued to hold the blond's hips up, he situated himself so he was leaning over said blond. Chest to back. He was growing impatient with this game though.

Sasori bit at the back of Deidara's neck, receiving a gasp of pleasure and pain in return. That fueled the elder as he continued to nip at the skin, leaving more bitemarks. Without much warning at all Sasori pulled the hips closer to his groin before thrusting into the other's tight heat, releasing a pleasured moan of his own.

Deidara's eyes flew open and a loud pained moan fell from his mouth. With no lubricant and only mild stretching pain shot up his spine and bombarded his brain in waves.

"Feel the magic rise?
We're plotting our demise of perspiration and alcohol as I introduce the bedroom brawl."

The red head left no time for adjustment as he pulled out then swiftly pushed back in, the grip on Deidara's hips tightened to the point where there were sure to be bruises in the shape of his hands the next day.

The thrusting motion continued only a few more times before a loud moan from the male in the passive position, "Do it again~" the voice pleaded loud enough to be heard of the steady creaking of springs the bed was producing in reaction to their vigorous activity. Sasori quickly obliged, pulling out of the heat then quickly thrusting back in. He was sure to aim for the same place and knew he had hit spot dead on when a lusty moan came from the male beneath him.

Sasori continued this, pulling out and thrusting back in to hit the other's prostate. Deidara let out a pleased moan each time, the sweat and precum were working as a lubricant to lessen the hard friction the red head's thrusts were causing, bringing more pleasure to both parties - more for one than the other though.

All too soon Sasori could feel the walls tightening around his weeping member. He gripped the now trembling hips and dove in further, reaching deeper inside the blond than he had before. Sasori ground his hips against the male he was holding onto so firmly, wanting this moment to last as long as it could.

Finally reaching the highest point of pleasure, Deidara could hold back no longer and released on the sheets beneath him with a final moan of pure ecstasy. The walls tightened even more around the red head's erection that however, didn't stop him from continuing his thrusts into the other until he was ready.

It didn't take long before he did come though. The red head pushed into the still contracting walls a final time, spilling his load as deep into the panting male as he could manage. Sasori collapsed on top of the male, his eyes closed. Both were panting as they were doing their best to catch their breath and get down from their sex induced high.

"You're in a place for fear, lips are for biting here.
Let's make this moment worth the while, let's kill the night and go down in style.
Feel the magic rise?
We're plotting our demise of perspiration and alcohol as I introduce the bedroom brawl~"

After both had calmed and their chests weren't moving as fast, Sasori moved and pulled out of the male smaller male. He rolled off of the blond and closed his eyes wearily.

He was thirsty but didn't want to have to move. So that could just wait until the morning.

"Bastard..." Deidara muttered still breathing heavily, "Undo my hands, un..." His eyes were closed and he was facing the opposite direction from where the red head was laying. Frustrated with the lack of an answer, the blond turned his head to look at the other.

He was surprised to find that said red head was already asleep, and soundly at that. A small smile tugged at the blond's lips as he watched the now steady rise and fall of his probable one-night-stand's chest. Though his hands behind his back were beginning to become a bit uncomfortable it didn't stop him from being beyond dead tired.

Deidara let out a tired yawn and closed his eyes. He decided he would just give the man hell in the morning for doing this to him. The blond slowly drifted off into a peaceful, yet uncomfortable slumber.


Deidara woke up to a face looming over him. He jumped in surprise then calmed once he realized it was the red head from last night, Sasori. His almond shaped eyes narrowed, since the other didn't move off of him, even after he had woken up.

"What are you doing? Get off, un."

The red head smirked but reached around the other to untie his wrists, "What? Did you want me to leave you there? Nude and vulnerable for the next person to rent out this room? Because I could, if those are the type of things your into,"

Deidara scoffed.

"Don't be stupid, Sasori no Danna, un. I'd never dream of allowing someone other than you fuck me so crudely," He shoved the red head off of him with a quick push to the stomach; also successfully making him fall from the bed. A smirk danced at the corners of the blond's mouth as he sat up, the covers pooling around his waist.

Sasori's eyes narrowed as he stood up from the thick carpeted floor, brushing his hands over his nude chest as if to rid it of dust. "Brat, you were a lot more passive last night,"

"And you were a lot sexier last night, un."

"Oh really? Eager to see how sexy the morning after sex can be?" he asked with a slight husky tone to his voice. Sasori moved back onto the bed, pushing the blond back down with a domineering hand to his chest and a sneer on his face. He didn't take kindly to being shoved around. Not even by a blond as attractive as the one now beneath him.

He paused and cocked his eyebrow in a questioning way, "No, I'm not, un. I'd much rather get up. You know, I do have to get to Uni sometime today. Preferably with enough time to go home and shower and still get to class on time. Speaking of which, what time is it?"

The red head gave an unhappy sigh, remembering he had classes to get to as well. He slid of the blond and began to search for his jacket that had been discarded the previous night. Finally finding it, he pulled a cell phone from the inside pocket, flipping the phone open he noticed several missed call and two text messages, all from his friend Kisame. His eyebrows furrowed in concentration. He didn't have anything of importance today. Did he?

"Time, un?"

"Oh, nearly noon." He replied distantly as he looked over the two texts, both were telling him to call him, so it must have been something important.

"What? Noon! I missed my art class!" the blond shot up from his laying position then hissed, "Fuck..." Gathering himself, he stood and began to pick up his discarded clothing, stopping only at his ruined shirt, "Give me your jacket, un. I'm in a hurry!"

There was no response as the red head held the cell phone to his ear after dialing Kismet's number in his cell. The red head wasn't in the mood to deal with the brat right now so he simply didn't reply, nor did he hand him the jacket. Maybe the news involved this kid too, so keeping him here for a moment longer seemed like a good idea.

It was only a few moments before Deidara could hear some voice on the other side of Sasori's conversation shouting in distress.

"Calm down, Kisame. I'm sure it was just an acci- what? Which class was it? Really? Okay... thanks for telling me..." The red snapped the phone shut then looked at the fuming blond and his outstretched hand, still waiting for the jacket.

"What school do you go to?"

"What's that have to do with anything, un?"

"Answer the question, brat."

Deidara's eyes narrowed at being called brat again but he answered none the less, "I go to Ichiraku University."

"Then your classes are canceled for a while, as are mine. Someone planted a bomb last night and it went off at ten this morning."

His face blanched, "What..? I would've been there... Where was it, un?"

"Mr. Sarutobi's art class."

Deidara's face paled further as he whispered, "That's my class, un..."

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