Sorry to disappoint, but no, this isn't an update(in case you weren't able to tell with the incredibly low word count and title), this is purely author notes.

Here are a few little things I want all of my fans and subscribers to know!

1) Yes, I plan to continue and no, I have been convinced to not go on hiatus

2) I have made a Tumblr page where I will be posting news on the story and previews of the chapters as I work on them, so feel free to follow me: taivens-fics . tumblr . com

3) For those of you that don't have a Tumblr(getoneandfollowmeOMFG), I won't be posting previews here, but I will give you the other news here.

As of now, I have about 1,600 words written for A Phone Call Away and I am still working on it… At this pace I won't be done before my vacation(July 1- July 6), and I also need to finish my summer work that I have to have turned in beforehand. But I am working little by little to try and finish it since I had so many encouraging reviews on FanFiction.

BTW, thank you guys! *hearts and shit since I can't make them for some stupid reason*