A/N: How did that private converation go?

Annie had become quite an expert in wasting time since her death; all that time wandering the house and thinking of better things to do had taught her a few tricks. Like the best way to wash up and still take two hours.

On a day like this, when the sun is beating down and as of yet no supernatural threats to deal with, she brought these skills into use. Gathering and precisely washing every cup of tea and coffee ever made from the house and thoroughly cleaning the mark it made on the surface it stood on has so far wasted three and a half hours of her time.

Somewhere around the sixth cup, George had come into the kitchen, carrying one of the fashion magazines Annie had insisted on him buying for her for the sole purpose of making the bookshelf look fuller. Now, as she finished the washing, he cleared his throat.

"Hey, Annie?"


"What would you do," he paused, as if considering his next words. "If I started wearing skinny jeans? I mean, would it look good? Would you notice?"

Annie stopped and turned around, not caring about the water as it trickled from her Marigolds onto the floor. It would give her something else to do. "Uh, yeah, I think I would. Why? You're not actually thinking about wearing skinny jeans, are you?"

George frowned, and looked back at the picture in the magazine. "Mitchell has plenty of pairs. I could borrow one of his."

"Yeah, Mitchell has plenty of pairs, because he's Mitchell."

"Well, I don't see why Mitchell can get away with wearing skinny jeans and I can't." said George indignantly.

"Once again," repeated Annie, biting her lip to contain her laughter. "Because he's Mitchell. And also, he doesn't even wear them. Not now. They're probably from the sixties or something."

George sighed, and instinctively reached in front of him, only to grab nothing. "Did you take my tea?"

"I took a lot of tea."

"I mean, did you take the specific one I had on the table in the living room? The one in the Family Guy mug."

"Oh, then yeah. Sorry," Annie flipped on the kettle. "I'll get you another one."

There was a moment of silence, before George said, "Come on. They wouldn't look that bad."

"George, I am saying this as your friend: do not buy a pair of skinny jeans or I'm afraid I will have to burn them. With you still inside."

"Bit harsh," George muttered. "Fine. I won't get into skinny jeans. And... and this conversation was confidential."


There was the sound of metal against metal as Mitchell opened the front door, stepping in with some shopping bags. He placed them on the kitchen table and immediately spotted the magazines. He looked at Annie, eyebrows raised and a grin tugging at his lips, "Do I want to know?"

"No, you really don't." said Annie, having to turn her back to avoid laughing as George behind Mitchell mouthed a hasty: 'That's why.'

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