A/N: I had this idea that wouldn't leave me alone. It's been a while since I wrote Alice/Bella but I think this story is different from what I've written in the past, which made me want to write it out. The story starts out in 1920, Biloxi, when Alice or Mary Alice (as she was called at the time) was still a human. I'm writing Bella (Isabella) also as human during this time. They fall in love as humans, but when Mary Alice is taken away to the mental asylum and eventually "turned" she forgets everything about Isabella and her human life. Isabella however remembers, and is "turned" at another point in her life. Going through all the years as an immortal proves lonely for Isabella, as she never got over Mary Alice. What happens when she sees Mary Alice in present day, also an immortal? Will Alice remember her past or anything about Bella? Will their love survive their time apart, especially when Alice has no memory of her human life?

I think that's enough rambling about the story, there wasn't enough space in the summary to explain properly. I'm just posting this first chapter to see if it's interesting to anyone. The idea wouldn't leave my mind until I posted. :) I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think. If I should continue or not.

It was the spring of 1920 when Mary Alice Brandon discovered she was in love with her neighbor and best friend, Isabella Swan. She had only known Isabella for a few months, because her family had just moved to Biloxi. As the days passed, Mary Alice and Isabella's bond grew stronger, only making Mary Alice more aware of her love for her friend.

She watched from her own yard as Isabella and her father Charlie were moving things from their automobile, into their house. Mary Alice was curious as to what they were moving, but her thoughts and eyes were mainly on Isabella. She remembered when she first saw Isabella up close; she couldn't catch her breath afterward. Mary Alice had a feeling about her that she couldn't shrug off about Isabella, she knew from the first time she laid eyes on her, she was someone special.

She envied how happy Isabella's family looked. The thought of her own father, and step mother made Mary Alice sick to her stomach. She wasn't treated fairly by either one of them; her little sister was the cream of the crop. Mary Alice didn't understand why her father and step mother praised her little sister more than they had her. She was only trying to warn everyone with her premonitions, why didn't anyone believe her? They feared Mary Alice, when they should've believed her.

Mary Alice had been thought of as odd by her family and the townspeople…those who knew her anyway. Then again, who would forget the freak of the town? It wasn't hard to miss Mary Alice, not when rumors spread faster than wildfire around Biloxi.

So Mary Alice naturally spent most of her time alone. She secluded herself from her family as much as she could, and spent most of her time in the woods, not too far away from her home. Although there wasn't a heavily wooded area near Biloxi, she still had the untouched trees that were behind her house. There was also the gulf, where Mary Alice liked to go and watch the sunrise in the early hours of the morning. She was in love with nature, and always wanted to learn more about it. She loved watching various creatures of nature from afar. She dare not disturb the animals; she didn't want to frighten them away. At times, Mary Alice thought the animals were the only creatures that would be willing to go near her.

Mary Alice didn't want to be near her family. The premonitions she had about her father had scared her, to the point where she was afraid for her life. Mary Alice's mother was killed not too long ago, and Mary Alice was sure her father had something to do with it. Her father had seemed so angry and violent when she brought it up; she felt it was best to stay away from him as much as possible. She had hoped that as long as she was quiet about her premonitions, her life would be safe. To say that her father had a part to do with murdering her own mother wasn't to be spoken of. He would certainly try to kill Mary Alice before she got the chance to tell anyone. So she was trapped, and here is where Mary Alice was now.

She often felt that her life would come to an end soon, if something didn't happen to shed light on what her father and step mother had done. It was only a matter of time, but Mary Alice didn't know what to do about it. As long as she kept quiet, she would get to keep breathing.

Mary Alice watched from a distance as Isabella moved from the automobile to the door of her house. She was helping her mother Renee move new kitchen supplies into their house. Mary Alice knew her obsession with Isabella wasn't normal. She had rarely heard of a woman loving another woman, and it was considered blasphemy to think of such things. Mary Alice didn't care what anyone thought about her though, she was already a freak to everyone around, loving another woman wasn't going to make a difference. However, no one knew about her love for Isabella, not even Isabella herself. Mary Alice was afraid that if she spoke of her true feelings to Isabella, she would scare her off. Isabella was all that she had as far as friends went; she didn't want to ruin anything.

Mary Alice walked out of her yard and took a few steps closer towards the house, staying behind the fence line, and out on the dirt road. Although they lived in Biloxi, they were far enough away from town to still be out in the country side. Mary Alice preferred it this way, the less people making remarks about her, the better.

Her hands were playing with the wooden fence posts as she walked along the path of the dirt road. Her forehead was sticky with sweat from the naturally humid climate. Her long hair didn't help keep her cool either, and she often had the urge to cut it all off. Mary Alice was used to ignoring the sweat that formed on her body; she wasn't bothered by it. She was dressed in a plain white sun dress and began to hum outside of the house as she slowly passed by. This was how she saw her premonition, she would be walking slowly by, and Isabella would come out, smiling. Mary Alice loved the way Isabella smiled; there was nothing more beautiful in her eyes.

At that moment, the Isabella came walking out of her house, carelessly brushing away the bead of sweat that was currently running down the side of her cheek. Mary Alice stopped in her tracks and stared at her, she was stunning. She had been so caught up in staring at Isabella; she hadn't realized that Isabella was now staring directly at her with a curious expression on her face.

Mary Alice stared at the beauty in front of her as she tried to collect her thoughts in order to say something. Mary Alice lifted up her hand, and gave a friendly wave, "Hello, how are you doing this evening Isabella?"

Isabella smiled from the distance between them, and shyly walked over toward Mary Alice. "I'm doing well. How about yourself Mary Alice?" Her voice was soft, and sweet. The sound of her voice alone sent shivers down Mary Alice's spine.

"I'm great. I was wondering if you'd like to go on a walk with me, or are you busy?" Mary Alice asked, looking past Isabella for just a second, and looking inside of her house. Her parents could be seen in the kitchen together laughing. A dull ache could be felt in Mary Alice's chest, but she ignored it and turned her attention back to Isabella.

"I think I'm finished, just let me check with my father first." Isabella touched Mary Alice's hand, and as she did, Mary Alice felt a jolt of energy flow through her. There was no denying the fact that she loved Isabella.

"I'll be right here waiting." Mary Alice smiled, enjoying the small talk between the two girls. She watched as Isabella walked back into her house.

Mary Alice waited in anticipation as Isabella was inside her house. She was afraid her parents had heard about how Mary Alice was regarded in Biloxi, and forbid them from being friends. She expected this everyday she spoke to Isabella, but her parents never said anything. A few more seconds passed by, and Isabella came back out of her house with her father by her side. She had a smile on her face as she approached Mary Alice once again.

Mary Alice smiled, and tried to be as polite and respectful as she could, "Good afternoon Mr. Swan, how are you doing?"

She wasn't sure what reaction she was going to get out of Mr. Swan, but when he smiled, she felt a wave of relief wash over her. "It's nice to know you have such good manners, there isn't much of that back north. I'm doing just fine Mary Alice."

Mary Alice nodded her head, "I was just wondering if it would be alright to go on a walk with Isabella before it gets too late. It's such a beautiful afternoon."

Mr. Swan looked between the two girls, and could tell that Isabella was eager to go. "I don't see why not, it'll be nice for Isabella to have a break from helping us out. She's worked hard today. Have fun, and don't be home too late Isabella. Supper will be ready shortly; you don't want your mother making it for no one."

Isabella nodded her head, "I understand, thank you dad."

Mary Alice smiled as Isabella crossed the fence line, and could be seen clearly for the first time today. She was wearing a black blouse with a loose fitting pair of slacks, which was unusual for Mary Alice to see on a woman. However, she liked the way it looked on Isabella.

Mary Alice began walking down the side of the road with Isabella right beside her. As they passed Mary Alice's house, she explained to Isabella, "My dad has gotten worse. I don't know how safe it is to be at home anymore." Isabella was aware of Mary Alice's family situation, and she believed every word she had said.

"How long have you lived here? Have you ever considered leaving?" Isabella asked.

"I've lived here all my life. I wish I could leave though; I don't want to spend my entire life in Biloxi. I don't know how to leave, without having someone else come with me." Mary Alice commented.

Isabella only nodded her head, and smiled. Mary Alice could tell that Isabella was being shy, but she found that quality refreshing. Mary Alice was known to be outspoken at times, so maybe their personalities would end up complementing each other.

The girls were now walking in the open field next to Mary Alice's house, and headed toward the small patch of woods not too far ahead of them. "So tell me what life was like in Washington. I can only imagine the beauty of the landscape from what I've seen in photographs." Isabella's family had moved from Washington because her father had gotten a new job in Biloxi.

Isabella nodded her head and gave a big smile, "Oh yes, everything is so green and beautiful. The forests go on forever, and the animals are so beautiful. It's very cold however, and hardly ever sunny. You would love it. You know, we should go there together someday. If I had a choice, I would've stayed behind in Washington."

"If you had stayed in Washington, how would I ever get to know you?' Mary Alice questioned, pretending to be upset.

"I'm sure we would've met somehow. People meet for a reason, and if we hadn't of met now, maybe we would've met in another life." Isabella commented, getting closer to Mary Alice.

"Where things would be normal for me, where I was accepted and had a loving family." Mary Alice continued. They had reached the small patch of woods behind Mary Alice's house, and headed for the small creek that they liked to sit at.

"I wish it was better for you. It's not fair, not at all. I would take you away if I could." Isabella moved to a large group of rocks on the side of the creek, and sat on top of them, watching Mary Alice skip stones into the water.

"In a different world, everything would be better." Mary Alice said as she threw a stone violently into the water, watching it sink instead of skip. She turned from the creek and stared at Isabella who was just looking at Mary Alice with a smile.

Mary Alice instantly smiled when she saw Isabella, "What are you smiling about?"

"You have no idea how to skip stones, do you?" Isabella teased.

"Oh, hush you!" Mary Alice poked Isabella on the side, making her jump. This caused Mary Alice's smile to widen even more when she poked Isabella again.

"No, please Mary Alice. Don't tickle me. I can't stand it!" Isabella smiled, instantly coming out of her shell.

Mary Alice paid no attention to Isabella's plea to not be tickled, instead she moved closer to Isabella with her hands extended. Isabella jumped up from her position on the rocks, and moved toward the creek, trying to get away.

Mary Alice pounced on Isabella before she got away, grabbing hold of her arms with one arm, and tickling her sides with her free arm. Isabella began shrieking with laughter, trying her best to get away from Mary Alice's grip.

Isabella moved fast, and in an attempt to grab hold of her once more, Mary Alice ran after her, even when Isabella went into the creek a few steps, that wasn't going to stop Mary Alice. Isabella stopped to see where Mary Alice was, and when she turned around she was met with Mary Alice's tiny body crashing into her own, causing both girls to fall into the water. Their bodies were wrapped around each other in the water as the both tried to get up and breathe.

Isabella came up soaking wet and laughing. Mary Alice pushed the wet hair out of her own face, and saw Isabella laughing, which in turn made herself laugh. It had been so long since Mary Alice could just be herself; Isabella seemed to bring out the best in her without even trying. Isabella stopped laughing for a second, and turned her attention to Mary Alice, who was smiling like a fool. This only caused Isabella to begin laughing once more.

"We're soaking wet! What am I going to tell my parents?" Isabella attempted to get up out of the water, but only stumbled into Mary Alice, and landed right on top of her. Mary Alice chuckled, and pulled Isabella closer to her, loving the proximity of Isabella's body and her own.

"You can always take them off and let it dry in the sun before you go home." Mary Alice suggested, not wanting it to sound sexual, but still somehow thought it was.

Isabella turned from her position in Mary Alice's lap and said, "I think I should be fine letting it dry if I keep my clothes on Mary Alice."

"Taking them off will make them dry faster." Mary Alice's cheeks turned a slight shade of red.

Isabella raised her eyebrows and chuckled as she got off of Mary Alice's lap, and went back to the shore. Mary Alice watched Isabella get up, noticing that her clothes were now clinging to every inch of her body. She swallowed hard and tried to tear her eyes away from Isabella, she didn't want to get caught looking.

By the time Isabella had turned around to face Mary Alice, she was getting out of the water. The thing is when you wear white and it gets wet, you see whatever is underneath. It just so happened that Mary Alice was wearing a white sundress, and what appeared to be a white brassiere.

Isabella saw everything, and was stunned. She couldn't get herself to look away. Mary Alice had no idea what Isabella was looking at, because she didn't realize until she looked down and saw it herself. Mary Alice stopped in her tracks and blushed madly. "I'm sorry; I had no idea it was going to show like this. Let me just cover up with something."

Mary Alice walked up to the shore, and pulled the clinging fabric away from her chest, in order for her breasts to stop showing, but Isabella stopped her. She placed her hand on Mary Alice's arm, and pulled it away from her shirt. "You don't have to hide from me, it's okay." Isabella said quietly, looking down at Mary Alice's shirt.

Water slowly dripped down Isabella's face as Mary Alice stared in fascination at the girl in front of her. She saw sincerity and what she hoped was desire in Isabella's eyes. Mary Alice pulled Isabella closer, and in one sweet instant closed the distance between their lips with a kiss.

She couldn't help it, the urge and desire was too strong. She had to know what it felt like, and it felt amazing. In that one second she felt bliss. It was a soft and sweet kiss, and she swore Isabella kissed her back.

Their bliss only lasted for a few seconds, Isabella pulled away with a curious expression on her face. Mary Alice didn't know what to say, her actions had already spoke so much. Isabella touched her lips and stared down at Mary Alice without saying a word. She didn't regret kissing Isabella, but the anticipation of how Isabella was going to react was torture.

"I'm sorry; I don't know what came over me. I can't say I haven't wanted to do that for a long time though." Mary Alice said, spilling her secret out in the open.

Isabella just stared with a dreamy look upon her face. "I think I need to go home Mary Alice. My parents are going to be looking for me."

Mary Alice's heart dropped at Isabella's words, was this rejection? Did she just ruin their friendship? With all the courage she could muster, Mary Alice smiled weakly and replied, "I understand. I hope to see you again soon."

Isabella nodded her head awkwardly, and took a few steps away, before turning back to look at Mary Alice. It looked as if Isabella was going to say something, but she didn't. Instead she walked away, pulling at the fabric of her clothes in order to dry them off before she got home.

Mary Alice stood there, watching as Isabella walked away. It seems as though Mary Alice just lost a good friend. She hoped that Isabella could forgive her, or perhaps Mary Alice could explain that it was just a friendly kiss. Maybe there would be another chance to keep Isabella as a friend, but right now Mary Alice doubted it.