The weeks had passed, and there was no sign of James or Victoria yet. Still, the Cullens prepared along with Bella, every day. They practiced fighting, they strategized, they called friends from far away for support…everyone was prepared for a battle. The only thing was; there a single sign of a threat. Bella had begun to hope that there wasn't a newborn coven waiting to attack, and maybe it was all just a rumor. All was quiet in the Cullen's neck of the woods until one sunny afternoon; Jacob Black's pack had caught someone on their territory.

Bella had been enjoying her time in the company of Alice. Things had settled down between them for once, and it actually felt like they were progressing in their relationship. Alice's ego had come down quite a bit the more she learned about Bella. She was able to teach the Cullens moves they had never seen before; even Carlisle was fascinated by some of the things she was showing them. They had all gotten along fine, but in the back of their minds, they were waiting.

Carlisle had managed to persuade some of his friends from around the world to come aid them in battle. All they needed was one word from Carlisle, and they would be there in an instant. Bella had wondered just how many vampires Carlisle had known, and if she had ever come across any of them in her travels. One particular coven stuck out in her mind, a small coven she lived with in Ireland for a brief moment in time.

It was a sunny day when Carlisle's phone rang with Jacob Black on the other side. Jacob only ever made contact with the Cullens if there was an emergency, so this phone call was of utmost importance. Bella was currently staring out of Alice's bedroom window, admiring the rare sight of the sun and wished that she could go for an afternoon drive. Then she got to thinking that if she covered herself up, it would be possible. With a smile on her face, she turned her head toward Alice, who was sitting on the bed humming while she looked through the latest style magazine.

Bella eyed the magazine for a second, and cringed at what Alice was thinking of buying next. Alice could've worn a paper sack, and Bella would've still found her sexy. Though she had to admit, some of the things Alice wore were very appealing to the eye. However, Bella appreciated Alice's clothes the most when they've been tossed on the floor. The thought that lingered in Bella's mind only made her smile wider.

The peace of the situation she was currently in made Bella relax, probably more than she ever had been able to in the past. This was the way it was supposed to be, just her and Alice together, with nothing or no one else getting in the way. The sun was shining, and all was well with the world. All this peace made her wonder, just how long would it take before the Cullens got back in their battle mode again?

"Alice?" Bella questioned quietly.

"Yes, Bella?" Alice continued to hum, and looked up from her magazine to stare at her lovely girlfriend.

"I was thinking…after this whole James and Victoria mess is over, that maybe you and I could…"

Knock knock knock Alice's door echoed loudly through the room, interrupting whatever it was Bella was going to say.

Alice didn't have time to respond to whoever it was at the door, because it was already opening. Rosalie was at the door, and her face showed that she didn't really want to see what might have been going on between the girls. She had her hand half-heartedly covering her eyes, and a joking smile to go with it.

"Do you not know how to wait for me to respond?" Alice said sarcastically, closing the magazine in front of her. She looked to Bella apologetically, who in return shrugged her shoulders. There wasn't much privacy with eight other people living in the house.

"I can just tell you later. I want to ask you in private." Bella replied to Alice's concern.

Alice's eyebrows rose slightly in curiosity, wondering just what it was that she wanted to ask. She really wished Rosalie hadn't come barging in like that; it seemed they could never get true privacy from her family. The only chance for privacy would be for Alice to move in with Bella, and the thought was rather appealing at the moment.

"I hate to interrupt whatever it was that you two were doing, but Carlisle has important news. We're having a family meeting in ten minutes." Rosalie seemed to be completely oblivious to the glare Bella was giving Rosalie. Either she was too ignorant to look, or she was afraid to. After Bella had injured Emmett, the Cullens seemed to give her the space she needed. Bella felt she was given a lot more respect than before.

"Is that the latest style magazine? Can I borrow it when you're finished?" Rosalie eyes focused on the pages of the magazine. That seemed to be the only thing of importance to her.

"Yeah, we'll be down in a minute Rose." Alice walked toward the door, and slammed it in Rosalie's face.

Alice turned to Bella with a smile on her face, "Can you believe her sometimes?"

"I can hardly believe any of you. You're all insane in your own special way." Bella remarked.

Alice shrugged her shoulders, and moved back to the magazine, tearing out a page, and placing it in her pocket. She was sure to not let Bella see what was on the page.

"What do you think the meeting is about?" Bella wondered. She had to tear her eyes away from the beautiful sun once more. Whatever news it was, couldn't be good.

"Why don't you go down there so we can find out? I just need to take care of something real quick and I'll be right down." Alice suggested.

The brunette looked at her questioningly, but nevertheless sat up to go downstairs. Alice just smiled sweetly and watched as Bella made her way to the door. Once the door shut behind her, Alice took out the magazine page she had torn out, and started dialing a number on her phone. A small smile spread across Alice's face as she thought about what she was about to order. Bella would certainly be surprised. She thought she was only looking at clothes this entire time. If only Bella had looked more closely, she would have seen her looking at the jewelry section of the magazine.

"The Quileute's have captured someone." Carlisle's voice was calm and steady.

"Who?" Bella was the first to ask. Everyone except Alice was sitting at the dining room table. They decided to start without her.

"We're unsure of whom exactly it is, but we know it's a newborn. His pack is bringing the newborn to our house as we speak. They should be here shortly."

Bella felt herself become nervous, if she wasn't so guarded, Jasper probably would've been able to calm her nerves. She was blocking his abilities from affecting her, she didn't want her emotions masked.

The room filled with silence, and Bella turned her attention to the fading sun outside. The clouds had rolled in as quickly as they had gone away. Peace had taken its absence once more, and only left gloom and turmoil behind.

Alice came downstairs in that moment, and took her seat quietly next to Bella. She already knew what was happening; she heard what Carlisle said on her way down the stairs. Her gaze fell on Bella, and tried her best to comfort her girlfriend. A hand was placed on her back, and rubbed slow circles up and down Bella's spine. The brunette turned her attention toward the pixie, and she gave a weak smile.

Only a few seconds passed before the Cullens and Bella heard a ruckus coming from outside. At first they heard mumbles, that turned into shouts, and finally growling. Carlisle moved toward the back door first, and the rest of the Cullens got out of their seat to see who was outside. Bella pushed aside Edward and Jasper to see what was going on past them. They all looked like a bunch of antsy children, waiting to see who this newborn was.

Jacob Black and a few of his pack mates emerged from the thick forest, and were carrying what seemed like an ordinary person. Bella didn't see the blood red eyes until they came closer. Carlisle opened the back door, and motioned for his family to move out of the way. The foul odor of dog crossed all their senses, but that didn't seem to matter at the moment. The male newborn was trying the best he could to get out of the grasp of Jacob and his pack, but it wasn't working. Their grip on him was excruciatingly tight.

They entered the house quickly, and Bella noticed that there were a large amount of bite marks on this newborn. They weren't wolf size; they appeared human. Bella's face had a look of horror upon it when she realized what it meant, more than a few vampires had fed on this newborn. It was almost as if he was ambushed by several vampires. Her eyes flickered to Jasper, who shared the same look Bella was wearing.

"Do you see the bite marks on him?" Bella whispered to Alice.

Alice only nodded her head, for she knew what it meant as well. Her arm instinctively moved across Bella's shoulder's as she pulled her closer to her side.

Carlisle, Emmett, and Edward assisted Jacob and his pack as they forced the newborn down in a chair, and attempted to restrain his limbs, but they all knew it would almost be impossible to keep him down without a fight. Bella saw the rage in the newborns face as they made eye contact. For a moment, the newborn's eyes widened, as if he knew who she was.

"If you try to run, we won't hesitate to kill you. Do you understand?" Carlisle leaned down, and faced the newborn calmly.

The newborn nodded his head, some of the rage disappearing from his face. His eyes mainly stayed on Carlisle, but would turn every once in a while and focus in Bella's general direction.

"Good. Now what's your name?" Carlisle asked.

Jacob, unsure of what to do with himself now, moved in Bella's direction and his pack followed. She was the only one he felt comfortable with at the moment. He positioned himself slightly in front of Bella, in an attempt to protect her if the newborn did in fact try to make a move. Bella became a bit annoyed once she realized what he was doing, but shrugged it off.

"My name is Matthew." His voice was harsh.

"Matthew, my name is Carlisle, and this is my family. We're the Cullens." Carlisle was trying to be as polite as he could.

"I know all about you already, you don't have to explain to me." His voice was a mix of anger and fear. They could all tell that he didn't want to be there, that he didn't want to be in this situation. It seemed like Matthew was forced into the situation, much like James and Victoria had tried to do to Bella.

"How do you know about us Matthew? Why were you in the Quileute territory?" Carlisle wasn't afraid to cut right to the point.

Matthew was quiet; his face was full of anguish. He wanted to tell them, but he was afraid. His fear was keeping him from saying anything further. Silence filled the room as they all waited for a response from Matthew. Jacob's fists slowly began to clench in anger, and Bella knew that if it were up to him, he would probably just rip his head off and be done with it. Actually, most of the men there seemed like that's how they would handle the situation.

"They can't hurt you Matthew. We can protect you, if you'll just tell us where you came from. We already have an idea who sent you. It was James and Victoria, wasn't it?" Bella's voice came out calm and soothing, before anyone else had the chance to ask him another question.

All eyes focused on Bella as she took a few steps forward, and Matthew got a better view of her. Matthew stared at her in silence, but the look in her eyes had already confirmed her suspicions. She kneeled down in front of Matthew, right next to Carlisle and looked into his blood red eyes. Her eyes scanned his bite marks closely, and then moved part of the cloth that was covering her chest.

Bella showed Matthew a similar scar just above her left breast, and she compared the look of the teeth marks on Matthew's body to her own. There was a distinct teeth mark outline on his body that seemed to match the one above her breast. She knew it was James who had taken part in feeding off him.

"You know who I am, don't you?" Bella's voice was low. She stared directly into Matthew's eyes, crimson meeting golden orbs.

Matthew hesitantly nodded his head, "Isabella…the one who got away, and left her mark."

Left her mark? Alice thought.

"And they sent you to spy on me? On us?" Bella asked.

"They sent me here…to spy on the Cullens. They want the girl Mary Alice, but they didn't know about you being here…not until I informed them that there was another, new vampire here." Matthew admitted.

Bella eyes showed a hint of fear, but she quickly tried to cover it up, "How long have you been watching us, Matthew? When did you tell them you saw me?"

"A few weeks ago. Victoria insisted that she come and see who the new vampire was, that's when she confirmed it was you. I'm the one they usually send to watch, because I'm a really fast runner. I'm faster than most vampires, even the other new vampires."

Bella turned away from Matthew and glanced back at Alice, who was mirrored the same expression as Bella. "What's their plan Matthew? Please, tell us. I know you don't want to be their slave, I can tell they've tortured you by the bite marks on your arms. If you tell us, you'll be safe. We'll protect you from them; just tell us what they're planning." She was on the verge of begging.

"We can show you our way of life, we don't feed on humans, only animals. You can even live here with us if you want. Their way of life isn't how it's supposed to be, it can be so much better. We can show you the benefits of being one of us." Carlisle added.

Matthew turned to Carlisle, unsure whether to believe him or not. He seemed too kind to be true. He wasn't sure what to do, he knew exactly what James and Victoria were planning, but would the Cullens really protect them, or throw him out to his death when things became bad? Would the Cullens even stand a chance against James and Victoria? The newborns alone outnumbered the Cullens.

"If you don't have faith in us, then you need not worry. We have friends from around the world that are going to help us obliterate them. Besides, if you don't tell us, I can just read your thoughts and tell them what James and Victoria are planning, and Jacob and his pack can decide what to do with you." Edward said sternly. He stepped forward, reading every single thought and fear that crossed Matthews mind.

Matthew looked as if he was going to be sick, if that was even possible. "You…can read minds?"

Edward nodded his head, "I can tell them everything you just thought. I can tell how scared you are; because you think James and Victoria will win. I know there are more newborns than there are people in this room, and I can already see James and Victoria's plan forming in your head as we speak."

"Edward, don't scare him." Bella turned around to glare at him, but he was actually being helpful.

"Well we can do this the easy way, or we can do it your way and wait on Matthew to say something until it's too late." Edward commented. He was right, if Matthew wasn't going to speak up, Edward could easily just use his ability to their advantage.

Bella turned back to Matthew and tried her best to flash a brilliant smile, and Jasper tried to calm Matthew's nerves. "You don't want to be on their side, do you?" Bella asked calmly.

Matthew frowned, he was trapped. If he didn't tell them, they would just read his mind and throw him to the wolves, but if he told them, he would be saved.

"Do you want me to just tell you what their plan is?" Edward asked, running out of patience for Matthew.

"Just give him a chance Edward. He can change if he wants, just give him a chance." Bella looked up at Edward with pleading eyes. That seemed to make him shut up.

Matthew opened his mouth to speak, and everyone listened to hear what he was going to say. "They're planning an ambush…they want to kill all of you. They plan on torturing you and Mary Alice first. James is really angry with you, Isabella. He thinks it's a gift from the heavens that the two of you are under the same roof, so he has the chance to slaughter the both of you with his bare hands."

All was quiet; no one knew what to say to that. Edward stood there with his arms crossed; he already knew what Matthew was going to say.

"I'm sorry for spying. I was only doing as I was told. I didn't have a choice. They threatened to kill me." Matthew began to sob dryly.

Bella took hold of Matthew's hand, and he flinched. She gripped it tightly, and looked into his eyes once more, "It's okay Matthew, you did the right thing. You're safe with us now. Are you hungry?"

Matthew nodded his head, but said nothing. His head hung from his shoulders, too ashamed to look at Bella anymore. Esme moved toward the kitchen, on her way to fetch some blood they had stored just in case of emergencies.

Alice approached Bella from behind, and Bella stood up by her side, "I'm Mary Alice, but you can call me Alice. It's going to be okay. I promise." She tried her best to comfort the newborn, he was only a kid. They were all newborns once, and should've been able to relate to how he felt.

Matthew looked up at the two girls, and wondered why in the world someone would want to kill them. They were the sweetest vampires he's ever come across.

"How old are you, sweetie?" Esme's voice came from a distance. She was carrying a bag of blood, which Matthew picked up on the scent immediately. His urge was to run straight for the blood, but the girls held him steady in his seat while Esme walked calmly toward them.

Esme poked a small hole in the bag, and handed it to Matthew, who took it as delicately as he could, and drank it immediately. Watching Matthew drink blood from the bag reminded Bella of the time she saw children drinking juice from a pouch with a straw. She had never seen such a thing before, and found the site odd.

"I'm going to call everyone, let them know that it's time to make arrangements to travel to Forks. It looks like we're going to have a full house very soon." Carlisle put on his best face, and smiled at everyone as he excused himself.

Once the bag was drain completely, Matthew responded to Esme's question, "I'm sixteen. They found me wandering around in the forest near my house. I was training to be on my high schools cross country team. Victoria was the one who lured me in. She was so beautiful." Matthew's voice faded slightly as the details of his changing played through his mind.

"Victoria likes to pick on the attractive ones." Bella tried to make a joke, and Matthew smiled weakly in return.

"She told me all about you." Matthew commented.

"Oh, did she?" Bella inquired. How much could Victoria possibly know about her? She wasn't in their presence for very long.

Matthew nodded his head as he searched the bag for just a drop of blood, and looked to Esme when there he discovered there wasn't any. Esme smiled, eager to help the newborn and made her way back toward the kitchen. "Victoria really liked you; she thought you would be a fantastic vampire. I don't think she ever expected you to tear James's…"

"Now Matthew, let's not get too detailed about what happened." Bella cut off Matthew, and shrugged her shoulders like it was nothing. All eyes were on her, and Edward started laughing at Matthews thoughts.

"I misjudged you Bella; I didn't think you were capable of doing something like that." Edward continued to laugh, but respected her privacy.

"What did you do to James, Bella?" Danielle asked, suddenly interested in her past.

Bella opened her mouth to speak, but was too ashamed to say what she did, "I'll tell you at another time, okay? I don't want to talk about it right now."

Danielle chuckled, "Okay Bella, you don't have to tell us now, but you know we'll get it out of you eventually. We're all dying to hear what happened."

"Oh, I'm sure you are. However, my lips are sealed. You better not tell anyone, Edward. I swear I'll make you pay." Bella tried to sound playful, but there was a hint of seriousness in her tone.

Edward's laugh evolved into a knowing smirk, "A gentleman never tells secrets."

"Since when were you ever a gentleman?" Alice joked.

Jacob and his pack all stood there awkwardly, unsure of whether to stay or go. The newborn had trespassed on their territory; he was supposed to suffer the consequences. However, he had helped Bella and the Cullens a great deal, and they promise to keep him safe. Jacob cleared his throat, and looked at his pack mates, mentally telling them it was okay to leave.

"What are you going to do with the blood suck…I mean Matthew." Jacob corrected his mistake.

Esme walked back in the room with a much larger pouch of blood, and handed it to Matthew. They were no longer restraining him, and he made no attempt to leave. Matthew eagerly tore into the pouch of blood, and Jacob chose to look away.

"He'll stay here with us; we will protect him and train him to be like us. You won't have to worry about him feeding off humans, or coming into your territory again." Esme responded.

Jacob looked to Esme, and couldn't help but show a small smile. She was a really sweet woman, despite the fact that she was a blood sucker. "I can't have him, or anyone come on my territory. If anyone comes on my territory again, I won't hesitate to destroy them. You're lucky you're alive, if you can even call it living."

"Don't worry Jake; we're not going to trespass on your land. If anyone else does cross the boundary, they won't be with us. Can we count on you to help us when they come?" Bella asked, trying to sound as sweet and innocent as she could.

"Of course. We can't have vampires running amok, if they're coming for you, they're going to have to fight us too." Jacob smirked, and made his way toward the back door.

Bella followed Jacob outside and into the backyard, calling out his name before he vanished into the forest. "Jacob, wait!"

Jacob spun on his heel as Bella came rushing out to catch him. The rest of his pack had already vanished into the forest. "What is it?" He asked.

Bella didn't stop rushing, and she collided into Jacob's strong arms and hugged him tight. Jacob was unsure how to react at first, his arms awkwardly floating above Bella's body. Eventually his arms wrapped tightly around Bella's body as she whispered into his ear, "I'm so grateful for your help. I'm so sorry for putting you through this."

Jacob pulled his head back to gaze into Bella's golden eyes, "None of this is your fault Bella. We're going to get through this together, in one piece. You're going to move on from this, we both are. I'm going to be in your life until the very end Bella, forever. You may look different from when I first knew you, but you're still the same girl inside. I know that fire deep inside of you will come out when the moment is right, and you'll get through this unscathed."

"I'm just ready to get it over with." Bella sighed.

Jacob nodded his head, "You and me both. I'm not looking forward to dealing with a bunch of unfamiliar vampires hanging around Forks. Do me a favor, and tell your house guests to stay clear of my land. I wouldn't want to mistake them for the enemy."

"I'll let them know…thank you for your help, Jake. I really mean it." Bella tried not to sound too mushy, but she wanted him to know how she felt.

"You're welcome Bella. Now you better get back to your pixie, she looks a tad jealous." Jacob was looking past Bella with a smirk on his face.

Bella turned around, and saw Alice staring at the two from inside the house. She turned back around to Jacob with a smile on her face and chuckled, "I'll let you know when something happens. Bye Jake."

Jacob nodded and turned around quickly. He didn't want to be on Alice's bad side, so he left as swiftly as he could, without looking back. Bella made her way slowly back to the house, and Alice opened the door for her.

"Keeping an eye on me, I see." Bella commented with a smile.

"Oh shush, I can't help it." Alice pulled Bella back, and spun her around to face her.

"You know you shouldn't feel jealous. You're the only one who owns my heart, fully and completely." Bella said, not caring who was around to hear her.

Alice's face melted, and the biggest smile spread across her face. "As mine belongs to you, it always has, even when I didn't realize it."

"Always? Is that so?" Danielle's voice interrupted the girl's sweet talk.

Alice's smile immediately fell from her face; she had hurt Danielle's feelings once again. "Danielle, I…" but she was cut off.

"So all those nights spent together, making love to me and telling me that you loved me didn't mean anything to you? Did you ever even love me?" Danielle asked in a shrill voice. If it wasn't obvious that Danielle still had feelings for Alice before, it was crystal clear now.

Danielle, as if she realized what she just said, turned to Jasper with an apologetic look. That wasn't meant to come out, she wasn't supposed to say things like that…but she did. Her heart was torn, there was a spot saved specifically for Alice, and there always would be. Hearing Alice say something like that just made her snap, she had a momentary lapse of reason. She loved Alice dearly, and hearing Alice say her heart always belonged to Bella made her lose control. Danielle began to shake her head and took a few steps back, "I…I'm sorry Jasper. I just need to…be on my own for a bit. I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, it was a mistake."

Jasper and the rest of the Cullen's watched speechless as Danielle made her way out of the house, and into the forest. No one knew what to say, or what to do. Bella's mood suddenly became sour; her suspicions about Danielle had just been confirmed. The only noise that could be heard was the slurping of blood from Matthew in the corner of the room. He couldn't care less about what just happened, he was too preoccupied in feeding.

"Should someone go after her?" Alice asked, unsure of what to say. She wasn't going to be the one to follow Danielle out into the forest; Alice couldn't help it if Danielle still harbored feelings for her. She knew if she even suggested going out there herself, Bella would be more than upset with her.

"I think we should let her cool off for a while. She is pretty upset with herself, just let her calm down." Edward said. He knew all along how Danielle felt, it was hard knowing everyone's secrets. Well, everyone except Bella's.

Jasper stood there, unsure of what to do. As far as he was concerned, Danielle only loved him. Was this never the truth? Had she always admired Alice from afar?

Emmett approached Jasper, and patted him on the back in order to comfort him. He was certainly being calm about the situation. "Let's go have a chat." Emmett said, as he led Jasper away from the crowd of gazing, golden eyes.

"That was awkward." Rosalie's voice echoed through the house once Jasper and Emmett were out of the room. All eyes were now on her, just staring in disbelief.

"What? It's true!" She tried to defend herself, but to no avail. She crossed her arms, and stormed away from the small group that remained.

"I'm just going to show Matthew around the house, and get him situated." Esme motioned for Matthew to follow her, and he eagerly complied.

That only left Edward, and the girls standing there. Bella had a scowl on her face, Edward looked awkwardly from one girl to the other, and Alice had no idea what to do. She didn't see it coming, it wasn't planned by Danielle; it just came out. Alice had wondered whether Danielle's feelings still remained, but was usually afraid to discuss the issue. Sure Danielle said she was over Alice, but was that even true?

Alice looked toward Bella, who had an intimidating expression on her face. Bella's eyes flickered toward her in a swift motion and opened her mouth to speak, "Did you know?" The question was simple and quick.

"I always wondered if she still cared for me, but I was never sure. I never really confronted her about it; there was no one else before you. There was never a need to bring up the issue, she had someone and I didn't. Now it seems since I have you, some jealousy has arisen." Alice looked toward Edward, who was slowly taking himself out of the situation and making his way up the stairs.

Bella heaved an unnecessary breath, and relaxed her shoulders a bit. The tension was becoming too much for Bella. All she wanted was peace, but it seems that was the last thing she was going to get. "What do we do about it?" She questioned, looking outside for any sign of Danielle. There was none.

"Wait for her to come back, and talk to her then. There is nothing we can really do right now, and I doubt that she would want to talk to me of all people. Jasper is the one she needs to go to first and foremost. I can't imagine what he's thinking right now."

Bella was quiet, but there was something hanging off the tip of her tongue. Slowly, Bella's words flowed out smooth and quiet, "What if Jasper isn't the one she wants, after all?"

"I don't know. We had our moment, but that was in the past. I don't love her in that way, I don't know if I ever did." Alice stared out the window, curious as to where Danielle had gone, and if she was risking her life by going out there all by herself. She began to wonder just how good of a girlfriend she really was if she didn't even know if she loved Danielle. She didn't want to be a bad girlfriend, especially not for Bella. She was different; there was no question that Alice felt love for this girl. That didn't mean she couldn't feel bad about upsetting Danielle though. A part of Alice wanted to run after Danielle and apologize, but what was the reason for apologizing? You can't apologize for being in love. Alice thought it would be best to leave Danielle to her thoughts for the time being, she was probably the last person Danielle wanted to see.

Two days later…

Time had passed and eventually Danielle returned home, and immediately went to see Jasper. They were locked in their room with Jasper ever since she got home, no one bothered the couple. Being the most private couple out of the house, everyone respected their privacy. They only hoped that things between them would be settled. What would happen if Danielle and Jasper broke up? Would they continue living in the same house, or would one of them leave? Carlisle and Esme wanted all of their children to stay together, but they would not stop them if one of them chose to leave.

There hadn't been much time to think of what was going to happen between Jasper and Danielle, because Carlisle's guests had started to arrive. People from all corners of the world showed up, and Bella was fascinated at how many people Carlisle had known. What if Bella had come across one of these vampires in her life before the Cullens? The vampire community was a small one; she figured it was only natural that a vampire would come across another more than once in their life.

Alice had introduced Bella to everyone that entered the house, and they all seemed to be rather kind toward her. Most of them had red eyes, just as Matthew had, and he too was fascinated with the multicultural vampires that walked through the Cullen's front door. He was adapting well, but his desire for human blood was still as strong as ever. The Denali coven had offered to help by taking Matthew hunting for animals, and try to begin steering him away from his natural desire of human blood.

Bella was most fascinated with the Amazonian coven, with their animal furs and tall stature; they certainly stood out among the rest. There wasn't a lot of time to chat with the various covens; they just kept flooding in from all parts of the world. Most of them meant business, and were off speaking with Carlisle in his office. Some members of the Egyptian coven had arrived, along with the European Nomads. When the Nomads arrived, Bella began to wonder if the coven she had met in Ireland would come walking through the door.

Ireland was the first place Bella fled to after she left her past life behind. She knew it was cloudy, and far enough away to hopefully help her escape the past. However, no matter how much time she spent there, the thought of Mary Alice wouldn't leave her mind. The Irish coven had discovered Bella feeding on a goat on a secluded farm, and felt sympathy for her. Bella knew nothing about what it was like being a vampire, and they had helped her with the most basic skills of being a vampire.

Like clockwork, the second Bella thought of the coven she met long ago, there was a knock at the front door, and a ring of the doorbell. She watched through her thick eyelashes from her position on the sofa as Alice got up from her seat to go answer the door. The door slowly opened, and she heard Alice's voice go up a few pitches as she greeted three women who stood at the door.

"I'm so glad to see you all again. It's been too long since we last spoke, please come in." Alice's voice echoed throughout the house.

"It's lovely to see you again, Alice. How are you?" A thick, Irish accent rolled off one of the women's tongue.

Bella moved her head toward the door at the sound of the familiar accent, and stared at the three women who entered the house. There they were; the very people Bella had met all those years ago. They were the only other coven she lived with, even if it were only for a brief period of time. Bella tightened her grip on the sofa as she sat up to get a closer look at the women. Of course, the second they made eye contact with Bella, they froze on the spot.

After closing the front door, Alice turned around and saw Bella looking in her direction, but she wasn't staring at her. She was eying the Irish sisters. She took a few steps forward, and looked at the three sisters, who were actually smiling at Bella, like they knew exactly who she was…

The youngest of the sisters, Maggie, moved swiftly toward Bella, and completely ignored the puzzled look on Alice's face. Her curly, red hair bounced as she almost skipped toward Bella, who had a mixture of fear and surprise on her face.

The youthful vampire smiled brightly down on Bella, who was either oblivious to the look on Bella's face, or just didn't care. "Isabella, is it really you?" The heavy accent came out calm and quiet.

Bella's face relaxed slightly as a small smile appeared in the corner of her lips. Alice watched Bella's expression carefully; it looked as if she were in a mix of emotions and couldn't decide which one she should feel.

Finally Bella replied, "Yes Maggie, it's me."

With that said, the red head bent down, and squeezed Bella in a monstrous hug. Unsure of what to do, Bella moved her arm slowly over Maggie's back, and hugged her in return.

Yes, it seemed like Bella did in fact know this coven.

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