DC Chris Skelton walked the streets of London, walky talkie in hand talking with DI Ray Carling. He was happy. Shaz had agreed to marry him and his boss, Alex, had given him practically the day off to prepare for the wedding. However, his other boss DCI Gene Hunt had given him an hour off. The rest of the time he had to walk the streets of London and look for any suspicious behaviour. Then the walky talkie started crackling. He heard Ray yell in confusion, and laughed thinking it was a prank. He turned the street into a small alley – and walked straight into a blue box. A man walked out wearing a tweed jacket and bow tie. "Guv, I got some man here blocking an alley way," said Chris into his walky talkie before it was grabbed off him. The man went back into the box followed by Chris.

Chris was amazed at what he saw saying, "It's bigger on the inside!" The man smiled and they introduced themselves. "I travel through time and space," said the Doctor. Chris smiled, "What? So there's life on Mars?"