This is a short one-shot poem to honour the 409th anniversary of the death of Queen Elizabeth I and the end of the Tudor Age.

I cannot close my eyes.

I cannot lie down.

If I do, death will come like a plague.

My death place will be Richmond Palace, in London town.

I remember all my life.

My mother's short-lived reign.

Her death.

My tears fell like rain.

My reign.

England loved having me,

After my scary sister.

After my mother's death,

I swore never to have a mister.

I would rule England by myself,

No husband to be found.

My rule was perfect,

Ever since Queen of England I was crowned.

A few boyfriends,

Didn't last long.

No one could get me off the throne.

My claim was too strong.

Mary of Scots tried

With all her might.

Didn't win,

Though it was tight.

Now I'm on my death bed,

Aged sixty-nine.

The end of the Tudors,

The end of a short line.

I need to close my eyes.

I need to lie down.

But I cannot,

Otherwise I die in this good town.

Perhaps it is my time,

To leave.

To let others,


I close my eyes.

I lay down.

I will meet my dead mother.

But die in this great town.

So...What do you think?