Brittany- startin my sex marathon with my girlfriend Santana

Rachel- ;O My eyes

Kurt- my brain

Santana-Brittany !

Brittany- youve been a bad bad girl santana

Rachel- ew ew ew ew

Puck- this is hot mind if i watch because a fellow Jew wont let me watch her and her tall boyfriend get it on

Rachel- for the last time noah im not letting you tape me and finn having sex

Finn- um so yeah UNICORN

Brittany- you still never told me which UNICORN tribe you are in

Mercedes- ROFL

FInn- the...ponies

Brittany- im in that tribe

Blaine- haha


rachel-thats my thing with the hearts and ugh

Blaine-smh #Rachel Berry is crazy (Quinn Fabray likes this)

Rachel- dont you have some flashmob to attend to

Blaine- yes... yes i do

Finn- rach your not crazy just umm... not crazy

Rachel- fuck you all

Brittany- that is a bad word


Mercedes- Tator Tots

Finn-Red Robin


Brittany- Yum


Rachel-hey thats not fair

Quinn-finny we still going to the movies

Finn-Quinn !

rachel- yeah finny you guys still going to the movies

Kurt- this is getting good

Finn-um if you wanna come you can

Rachel- i dont wanna be the third wheel on your date

Finn-its not a date

Jesse-hey rach

Rachel- long time no see how have you been

Jesse-life is ok im in Lima

Rachel- we should go to breadstix and catch up

Jesse-we should ill pick you up at seven


(Jesse St. James has logged off)

Rachel-you were saying finn

Finn- :(

Rachel- ;P finny whats wrong

Quinn-thats my nickname for him


Quinn- you mean the future

Rachel- you boil my blood

Brittany- you have stove in your body how does it fit your so tiny


Finn-#Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry are both crazy

Rachel- thats not what you said last night ;)

Finn- :6

Kurt- ewwwww

Mercedes- Tator Tots

Tina- he he he (asian laugh)

Artie-what! I missed all of this

Rachel- just kidding finn im not going on a date with jesse let me cancel that now

Finn- well played Ms. Berry

Rachel- *bows to the audience*

Quinn-ew you two disgust me

Santana- quinn no matter how hard you try finchel is gonna be around for a long time

Rachel-cuz we are awesome

Quinn- i personally ship

Rachel-been there done that

Tina-messed around im having fun dont put me down ill never let you sweep off my feet

Rachel-no tina no

Artie- ROFL

Kurt-this time baby ill be...


rachel-ugh dont go all blaine on me guys

Blaine- im back from the flashmob and rachel go suck it

Rachel-grrrr *RACHEL MAD*


Rachel-no comment

Brittany-you just commented

Kurt-smh(Rachel Berry likes this)

Mercedes-quinn dont think i didnt see you trying to eat my tator tots 2day do it again and i will cut you-BITCH


Kurt- O-O no rachel just no

Quinn- ok im sorry jeesh




Finn-ok im slightly turned on by this (by this i mean rachel not quinn i repeat not quinn) (Rachel Berry likes this)

rachel-my dads arent here there gone all week for some business trip finn come over im bored

Brittany-wat ya going to do over at rachels

Santana-we all know whats finna go down(Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry like this)

Finn Hudson has logged off

Quinn-wheres the dislike button on facebook they need one

Rachel-even facebook likes Finchel ha in yo face Fabray

Rachel Berry has logged off


Carole-no funny business at rachels house finn

Mercedes-with all do respect finn & Rachel have logged off already

Kurt-(shaking my head laughing)


Carole Hudson/Hummel has logged off