The Witch and the Demon


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''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Author's Note


ALL OF THE NARUTO X BAYONETTA STORIES SUCK! Nearly all of them is some BS Naruto is Naruko and an Umbra Witch for no reason at all and nearly all of them are poorly written. It's like, JC, I expected a half assed lemon or Bayonetta is Naruto's mom (I'm really getting fucking tired of Dante and Trish, Mamoru and Usagi, or Ranma and Akane are Naruto's parents and they mystically appeared in the shinobi world and gained all these abilities without so much effort stories. I really fucking am), but not these terrible gender bender, 2,000 word for eight chapter stories.

But I am Kyuubi16 (Why is no one complaining about the Third Person.) The Red Star, ( Rel Dul Lup, Oxycoon, and a few other reviewers. Anyone who I usually note or reviewed at least twenty chapters of Charmed Kitsune or Academy Duelist which makes them great people. ) pointed out how crappy many crossover stories are. Here is his message to me.

Dear lord, where do I begin? Aside from pretty much ANY Naruto crossover that has only one or two stories, I'd start with Naruto/Darksiders, Naruto/Black Cat, numerous other Naruto/video game crossovers, lesser known manga/anime, etc. etc. A lot of series have awesome crossover potential, yet get wasted with poorly done OC stories and the, honestly, BORING concept of Naruto just somehow being transported into the world. In the majority of those instances, they completely drop the Narutoverse and have no big backstory like you do. They just become "Naruto in XXX world". As I said, boring. You actually have a backstory and, even better, CONNECT most of your stories. A fair deal of Naruto crossovers have decent stories, but most of them lack a truly amazing story.

As you can see my haters, quite a few people actually like my story and isn't all, I LOVE HAREMS AND CROSSOVERS, like many of you idiots seem to think so. The Harems and Crossovers are my obvious traps to lure in reviewers. You can't believe how many other trashy and horrible done Harem and Crossovers are on this site and so many more people review them and say great job and they're good despite the bad grammar, spelling, and bashing. I don't bash and I at least have people like Cyclon One giving me advice and helping me by beta. Yet I get far more hate on forums on this site and other places than other people who write terribly. (I guess its because more people know me or something. And this is a big fuck you to all the people who is skipping this author's note and going straight to this story. From now on I'm putting important information and stuff in these notes as well as updates and special information. If you don't read and ask me in PM 'I don't understand, can you explain?...' I'm just going to ignore you.

I've already explained far too many damn times you can find the order of my stories in several author's note, and many other things and I've come to realize the only reason people are having a hard time keeping up when certain things is because they keep skipping the notes. So all and all you're shit out of luck if you skip the notes. That means if anyone asks for my story order after reading this story I'm not answering you. I've already stated in this author's note where you can find it.

All and all that was another great Kyuubi16 rant. I hope you all enjoy yet another, Kyuubi16 does a rare crossover and attempt to make it good by not gender bending Naruto, keeping in the Bayonetta characters and other such crazy shit.


Story Start


In this particular dimension before time had set in this dimension the champions of heaven and the demons of hell roamed the earth. This one reality was governed by Jubileus, the Creator. However, this reality was split into three: light, dark, and chaos in-between. In this ensuing Armageddon, Jubileus was cast down and imprisoned in a stone statue. With this, the duty of looking over the three worlds was handed to the Umbra Witches and the Lumen Sages, each with their own "eye" with which to oversee history. The Umbra, being closer to Inferno, and the Lumen, closer to Paradiso, withheld a heavenly balance for centuries. It was only when a child of the light and the dark; Bayonetta, was born that the two clans fell into disrepair and were exterminated from the Earth. The purpose of this onslaught: to revive Jubileus and return the Trinity of Realities into one.

Armageddon's despite their name were more of a rebirth than complete destruction. Each destruction was the collapse of a set various times intermixing with spacial distortions and alternate realities collapsing on each other. Jubileus's failure resulted in her being imprisoned and the Trinity of Realities split into Light, Dark, and Chaos. Witches and the Sages soon faded into obscurity during an unrecorded war with the latter being wiped out only for the former to be hunted down by mankind.

Though something sinister was going on henceforth why Naruto found himself in the City of Deja Vu. It was an interesting little trip for the blond, a variation to his journey into the various alternate USA or Asian counties. Though as Naruto was on his way to Vigrid he was nearly hit by a fucking plane, courtesy of two crazy women and those Light was not Good angelic abominations. With the angels wiped out and the woman in red disappearing Naruto tracked down the only one he could follow, the woman in black. Naruto knew he should have let it go and focus on investigating the disappearance of the Witches and Sages.

The city of Vigrid was quite secluded, filled with pre-Renaissance architecture, with roving avenues, ornate vistas and palatial plazas. The only means of normally accessing the city was a single rail system, with which Visa permits are extensively enforced. Further exploration would review an extensive network of catacombs. The only other thing he knew was that president of a multi-billion dollar technological conglomerate known as the Ithavoll Group was shrouded in mystery and was responsible for Vigrid's immense wealth, self-sustainability and isolationism.

''Hey you!'' Naruto shouted out to the woman as she finished off one of the creatures with a blast of one of her guns. These human shaped creatures had blue and golden wings and carried a long golden staff that has a circular head piece at its top. Apparently she didn't hear him or was flat out ignoring him. ''Hey you crazy chi...'' one of the creatures were about to fling it's axe down upon him, apparently assuming he was with her. With a spin he nailed the creature between the eyes as it dropped back to the ground. ''I want a damn apo...'' suddenly she whirled around and Naruto realized just how close he was, only to flinch lightly when she pumped her foot into the ground and fire a bullet into the head of the creature on the ground. 'Did she just shoot a gun...with her feet? What the fuck did I just see?'

''Didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to yell at a lady?'' she asked with a slight mocking tone. ''You're an unusual one I have to say. I wasn't aware modern day people were open minded enough to see our kind anymore.'' she added as she adjusted her glasses with her gun, apparently not afraid to shoot herself in the face like any normal, non-magical person would do if they tried.

''Yeah well, I'm not normal suffice to say. And you owe me...''

''I owe you what exactly?'' she asked with a sensuous purr, getting dangerously close to Naruto whose throat was feeling rather parched at the moment.

'Dangerous...this woman is dangerous.' he concluded. ''You almost hit me with a plane!'' he exclaimed, his face growing a flush. She must have been a goddess of some sort, no normal human woman, even blessed by a god with magic could a woman have a body like that naturally. He had finally seen a normal human hourglass woman in real life with an extremely thin waist and it was disgusting. She weighed no more than 87 pounds and she looked like she was going to die at any moment so any time Naruto saw a woman with a body like that he immediately and savvy enough concluded she was a magic user or non-human.

''Hah, I don't recall such a thing, now if you excuse me.'' she responded as she began walking away.

''Hey! Y-You must be joking! I'm not leaving without an apology!''

Though the woman continued on ahead without so much of a word. Killing and slaying more of the creature with ease of a demon slayers. Naruto couldn't help but watch the woman in black. They way she swung her hips, one hand one her side, the other holding the lollipop that she rolled in her mouth, sucking on its delightful flavor; her hair, flowing in the wind, those two red ribbons billowing behind her, with gold chains and trinkets galore.

Now when it came to glasses Naruto could take'em or leave'em, but this woman was making it work. Every few moments teasing or cooing at him. She seemed amused at his annoyed and flustered reactions. Only once was she serious when she asked did he know about Witches or a woman in red to which he replied he wanted an apology from her as well from almost being hit by a plane. So for a brief time things were quiet until one of those large angelic creatures ripped up the section of the bridge they were on as the two kicked into gear and prepared for a fight.