It's MY Life

Chapter 9

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Harry sighed to himself as he walked towards the second floor. Entering Myrtle's bathroom he spoke the phrase that would let him into the chamber of secrets.

After sliding down the tube and making his way into the chamber he called out. "Silva? Are you about?" The parsel tongue words making his way past his lips effortlessly. He carefully walked forwards to the statue at the far end of the chamber, listening for the sounds of Silva, Salazar Slytherins personal basilisk.

Suddenly he heard a noise from one of the many passageways that surrounded the chamber. "Harry. It is good to see you again. Forgive me, I was out hunting the spiders in the Forbidden Forest and did not hear your entry. They are very tasty though."

"That's fine, Silva." Harry glanced around the Chamber. "Are you sure you have enough entertainment here? I could modify the cavern so that there would be more things to entertain you with, if you so desire?"

Silva lowered her head, apparently deep in thought. "I am now free to come and go as I please. There are very tasty morsels in the forest. Much more than when Salazar was here. I am content at the moment."

Harry looked thoughtfully at the Basilisk, Silva, he reminded himself, then turned towards the massive chamber laid out in front of him from the base of Salazars' statue. Closing his eyes while drawing his wand he focused on the chamber itself. Trying to imagine what would be most pleasing to the giant serpent.

A moments thought and wave of his wand later and he had created a veritable serpent theme park. A warm, temperature controlled area that would keep Silva warm and safe, a tunnel which she could slither through with many outcroppings that would help her shed her skin. Even a muggle waterslide with a combination of a car wash with heavy bristles to help scrub those pesky, hard to reach areas.

He watched as Silva looked around at the newly created objects in her home. "I'd suggest the slide first, Silva. It should prove most entertaining for you."

Harry watched as Silva slithered her way to the start of the waterslide, lowering herself at top. "What do I do?" she asked with puzzlement.

"Just slide yourself into the tube and let it carry you along to the end," Harry replied. He watched as she slid herself into the tube at the start of the slide. Once she was at least two thirds of the way into the slide, the rushing water carried the rest of her along, her tail disappearing rapidly. Harry watched as the clear tubes carried his large serpentine friend through the ride. Her moans of pleasure as she slide through the stiff bristles, removing the last of stubborn scales was somewhat disturbing. Her shouts of glee/fear as she slide down a long slide or was flung through a corkscrew were infinitely more amusing though.

Silva splashed down at the end of the ride, which thanks to his magic, had taken a good five minutes. Her head broke the surface of the large pool and immediately sought out Harry. "That was more fun than I've had in a thousand years!" she exclaimed, almost out of breath. "Even the games I played with Sal were not as much fun as this wondrous thing!" Silva dipped her body under the relaxing warm waters of the pool before resurfacing and staring at him. "Thank you, Harry, for this wonderful gift. May I go on it again?" she asked with a hopeful look in her serpent eyes.

"You can go on it as many times as you like. I've made it a permanent part of your home now. Feel free to go on it when ever you feel like it," Harry stated. Silva slithered over to him and gave him lick up the side of his face with her tongue, the snake equivalent of a kiss on the cheek. Harry shuddered at the feeling.

"Thank you, Harry. I think I'm going to go on it all the time!" she exclaimed.

Harry blushed and looked at the ground. "Um, Silva? I didn't make this for you to think you owed me a favor, although I can see how it could be construed as such. I actually came down here to ask you for a favor before I even made this for you. Would you think of me as rude or conniving if I still asked you for my favor?" Harry blushed and looked at his feet, scuffling the toe of his boot along the floor of the chamber.

Silva looked at him searchingly, trying to find the catch. Seeing his demeanor and the way he asked his question, respectfully and almost as an afterthought she really had only one answer. She curled her body into many coils before she laid her head down and looked at him eye to eye. "You are a speaker. You could command me if you wished. The fact that you are asking is a welcome change. Ask, speaker. And I will think of your favor."

Harry looked cautiously at Siva before speaking, trying to judge her mood. Unfortunately, snake looks were not among his amazing knowledge. He decided he would just have to wing it, like always. He took a deep breath and asked.

"MayIhavesomeofyourvenom?" he asked in one rapid, unintelligible breath.

Silva blinked her eyes. She was sure that she had understood but wanted to make sure anyways. "What was that?"

Harry breathed in deeply, composing himself before repeating his question. "May I have some of your venom?" he asked again. "I know it is a very personal question to ask of a snake. Especially such a beautiful one as yourself."

Silva rolled her slit eyes before looking at Harry again. "You are a speaker, I must obey you, but do not think that your flattery will gain you more with me." She studied her new master while he blushed and stuttered. "Though the fact that you asked instead of demanded is an incentive to change that." She gave out a soft serpentine laughter as Harry blushed and stammered. "Why do you need some of my venom?" she asked after regaining control of her laughter.

Harry paused in thought before answering. He couldn't just tell her that because he killed her in a different reality with the Sword of Gryffindor and it absorbed the properties of her venom, that it was one of the few, safe, ways of destroying Horcuxes. Of course, if he had ever so much as nicked himself with that blade it would have been fatal. He didn't think that Fawkes would come around to save him a second time if that happened again. "It is one of the few ways to defeat my enemy. He is the one I gave my order to you of pretending to obey but not actually following," he explained calmly. "There are other, more dangerous ways, but this is the safest."

Silva reared her head up and looked at the wizard before her. She contemplated him for a long moment. This wizard had never been anything but kind to her, he gave freely of himself without asking anything in return. That he would ask this, this most personal of requests of her, not for himself but to save others, spoke volumes of his character. She stared at him, contemplating what she knew of him, until she reached her decision. "You may have this gift. ONCE. I will hold you to its use. Do not ask this of me again unless you are in dire need of it. Do you understand this, speaker?"

Harry bowed his head as he nodded. "Thank you, Silva. I give you my word that I will not ask this of you again unless it is most direly needed. For you to give me such a precious gift speaks highly of your opinion of me. I will do my best to be worthy of the choice you have made and also do my best to make sure that you never have cause to be ashamed of your gift."

Silva nodded her head once then open her mouth and placed her fangs into the cloth covered top of the glass jar that Harry provided. She allowed a few drops of her venom to leak out and then pulled her head back. "Be careful with that, young Harry. I would feel bad if you were to kill yourself with my venom." She then gave a snake kiss to him, laughing as he shivered, before turning once more to the waterslide that he had provided, it really was the most fun she had had in her thousand years.


Harry was relaxing in his bed when he had a sudden thought. Pulling out his mirror he whispered "Prongs" into it. A few moments later the face of his father came into view inside the little mirror he held in his hands. "Hey Midnight, how's things going in the wee firsties land?"

Harry rolled his eyes and looked back at his dad. "Everything's fine dad. Nothing to complain about yet. Except for the fact that you still owe me a memory for me to see." Harry smirked at his father knowing exactly what it was he was asking for. He had explained to his dad exactly what was to happen after he had left for Hogwarts. He had found out that for some bizarre and completely unknown reason, his Uncle Remus was deathly afraid of bunnies for some odd reason. Harry's plan had called for a specific word to be spoken by his father at breakfast when they were all together. Following that word his dad was to comment on Remus' footwear, which would consist of fuzzy bunny slippers. Harry suspected the resulting calamity would be hilarious.

Concurrently, while that prank was running, Harry had convinced his dad to douse Sirius in catnip while he was sleeping and then fill his room with conjured kittens.

Harry sat back and enjoyed the memory after his dad had given it to him, he of course invited Hermione to join him. The memory began while James, Lily and Remus were enjoying breakfast. James absentmindedly mentioned the rampaging plot bunnies that were wandering around in his mind while he tried to figure out some hypothetical things regarding the Potter estate. His conversation broke of as he glanced at Remus' feet, "Interesting footwear you have there Moony," was his only comment.

Remus glanced down at his feet and immediately started screaming like a little girl while at the same time trying to swat the very offensive bunnies from his feet. He had fallen off his chair onto the floor while trying to knock the offensive footwear away from him while still trying to keep his distance. It was very amusing to those watching.

After Remus had recovered, James went to check on the other Marauder. He walked up to his room and knocked. Not hearing any answer he cautiously opened the door. He peeked into the room to take a quick look around. There was Sirius huddled into a corner, his knees to his chest and his arm wrapped around them. His eyes were in danger of being gouged out by his kneecaps if his face pressed any harder into them. It sounded to James as if he had been sobbing.

Walking over to his oldest friend, he knelt down and gently placed his hand on Sirius' shoulder. "What's the matter Padfoot? What's got you so spooked?"

Sirius sat there for a long moment just staring of into space. James had to shake his shoulder a few more times to try and get a response from him. Finally Sirius looked into James' eyes and mumbled something. James looked back at his best friend, "Sorry? I didn't quite catch that."

Suddenly one of Sirius' hands shot forward and wrapped itself around James' neck. The arm pulled his head close to Sirius' mouth until he was finally able to whisper in his ear. He proceeded to explain it to James and then leaned back, hugging his legs to himself and trying to hide his eyes from it.

James stood and took a step back from his longtime friend. Looking down at the near comatose man he couldn't help but replay the words he had spoken to him in his mind. Though they were barely a whisper, James knew they would stay with him until his dying day for the sheer amount of terror the words carried. "So many cats!"

AN2 I freely admit that the fear of bunnies and the cats part come from some story I have read sometime in the past. Unfortunately, as I cannot remember which story it was or who the author was I cannot give credit where credit is due. If any of my readers can point this out I will gladly recognize the author in the next chapter.

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