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Story Start


''This journey is definitely going to take some time.'' A man spoke carrying a small furry animal. This animal was none other than a fox, but not an ordinary fox by any means. This fox had multiple tails and could only l utter it's on name. Though, the words behind the name held a much deeper meaning.


''You can come with me if you like little one. I need a starter I suppose,'' The blue eyed man spoke. Speaking only with the necessary individuals needed so he could register himself as a trainer. He had been traveling for years studying the creatures known as Pokemon. He had found himself in the area known as Kanto, east of the Jotho region, north-east of Hoenn, and South of Sinnoh.

This area seemed to be ripe with Pokemon.


















Each one of these types corresponds with certain Pokémon. Some have only one type while others have two types to one another. As far as he knew there were over 1000 different Pokémon scattered across the Five Regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova. Trainers, known as Pokemon trainer's sole goal in life revolved around becoming a professor that studied pokemon, breeders that bred new and unique species of Pokemon or the nigh impossible goal of becoming a Pokemon Master. As far as Naruto knew there was a reputed Sixteen Pokemon masters, all of have at least caught or encountered The Legendary Pokemon. Which rumors say there was only about a dozen in each region, being the rumor of so few of them are ever born in comparison to their more common brethren.

But despite all the wonder and magical element Pokemon were still dangerous creatures. Many people treated them as pets, and that was okay for the domestic types but the more feral and violent types weren't afraid to kill if some passersby traveled into their territory. Henceforth people who managed to set up shop in town soon became their protectors. These people were soon recognized as gym leaders and they were soon inducted into the Pokemon League.

The Pokémon League was the official group that organizes competitions for registered Pokemon Trainers and served as an umbrella that oversaw the regional leagues. In this region the capital of this particular area was The Indigo Plateau. It was also where each region's Elite Four gathered each year so trainer's could battle them and earn the right to fight that region's Pokemon Master. All and all Naruto would be lying if he said he didn't find the whole thing interesting.

So with his little fox partner he spent the next few days training her. Putting her against one wild Pokemon after another. Even going as far as pelting her with water jutsu after jutsu to toughen her up against her natural elemental weakness. With the Pokedex that Professor Aurea Juniper from Unova entrusted him with Naruto got a scan on the small shape moving through the grass.

Growlithe, a Puppy Pokémon of pleasant demeanor and great diligence. It drives enemies away with barks and bites. Extremely loyal, it will fearlessly bark at any opponent to protect its own Trainer from harm. Growlithe has a superb sense of smell. Once it smells anything, this Pokémon won't forget the scent, no matter what. It uses its advanced olfactory sense to determine the emotions of other living things.

''Another fire type huh?'' he asked himself as Vulpix stepped forward.

''Vulpix...Vul?'' the Pokemon asked, cocking her head as Naruto chuckled.

''Our first opponent Gym user is a rock type user. We're going to have to collect plant and then a water type in that order, but who's to say we can prepare for the future? Alright Vulpix, let's some him what we're made of.'' he said, taking a step back and letting the fox in-between him and the new Pokemon. ''Be careful.''

The Growlithe let out a growl and shot forward, yapping loudly and baring its sharp teeth. Vulpix jumped back on her hind legs, angling the way out of the teeth. ''Vulpix use Tail Whip!'' Naruto ordered as the pokemon took a step back and lashed her tail at the creature's eyes. Growlithe let out a howl of pain as the sharp contact of fur temporarily blinded the creature. ''Now Quick attack!'' Jumping back and gaining quite the distance the fox Pokemon quickly sped, zipping from side to side before ramming into the dog pokemon and sending it flying into a tree. ''And now to finish this!'' the blond said, using an Earth jutsu he create a column that slammed into the Growlithe and sent it flying into the air. He knew full and well-being a shinobi gave him a bit of an unfair advantage when it came to Pokemon, but that wasn't really his problem. As long as he didn't use his abilities in an official battle it was no different than other methods trainers or travelers use.

Taking a Pokeball out of his bag he pressed the button causing it to grow and flung it up in the air where the Growlithe helplessly fell. The ball collided with the creature's chest and its entire body was outlined with red light, it was sucked into the ball with a bright flash. The Pokeball dropped as a red light glowed over the button and the ball shook a bit before it stopped and a chang noise echoed from it, signaling its capture.

"And that's the second!" Naruto celebrated, walking forward to the edge of the thicket and picking up the pokeball. "Way to go Vulpix! As expected from my Pokemon!'' he said as Vulpix ran forward and jumped into his arms and began nuzzling against his cheek, resulting in the blond chuckling.


Chapter End


1. This takes place during Ash's Adventures as well, Naruto and the others will cross path, but at different points of various canon time lines. Team Rocket will be far more competent, the Pokemon far more dangerous and deadly, everyone will be far older (What is with people and ridiculous young protagonists) and competent (Ash will still be bit of an idiot, but not an ass clown), and such. Mainly me explaining why kid trainers aren't in school and other such things.

All and all I hope you guys are enjoying this. I tried to read some Pokemon stories (I gave up on reading Naruto x rare or obscure crossovers because they suck. Meaning Naruto is just in that universe, the two worlds are on the same planet but they don't interact because of some BS or that. In other words, check out any Naruto x Charmed Story with mine and compare them. Same with Family Guy. ) and a few caught my eye. The ones that I do try are so damn complicated (like a simple Time Travel had everyone completely different origins and shit popping up like Misty being a team rocket member for no damn reason or Ash being too good/competent and is like, oh he caught these twenty Pokemon and never really uses them just to have him caught these Pokemon) when sometimes keeping things simple can really help.

With that said I hope you guys enjoy.