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Chapter 1

The silence was deafening, Dean could hardly bare to sit in the same room as Sam let alone the car. Things had been tense since Sam had come back from hell. Dean had wanted to help his brother though it, he knew how hard it was but Sam kept insisting that he was fine. Dean couldn't believe him, they had stopped making love and the animosity was starting to bleed into their working life. Dean could hear Sam's breathing, it was driving him crazy. Dean tried to focus on the task at hand.

The rain fell hard, each sheet hitting the Impala's hood drowning out any music. Dean frowned as he turned off the radio; he always got cranky if he couldn't listen to his music while he was on a stake out. "How do you know it's this girl Sammy?" he asked, turning to his brother, breaking the silence.

"They've been talking on the internet, so I figured that with her parents being out of town that he would make his move," Sam shrugged.

"Fine." Dean sat back in his chair, pouting. He hated waiting, he was more into the action side of hunting, the chasing, shooting, hell even the salting and burning beat sitting here like idiots. "I can't take this I'm going to stretch my legs." Dean started to open the door, he couldn't stand the tension anymore, one of them was going to have to break sooner or later, either Sam would have to open up or Dean would have to let it go and he knew that that wasn't going to happen.

"Dean, what about Abigail?" Sam asked in an alarmed voice.

"Dude, if he comes then they'll make out for a while first, plenty of time for me to swoop in and save the day," he grinned.

Sam rolled his eyes. "I love that you're taking this so seriously." Sam said so sarcastically that Dean swore he could see it dripping from the words.

"I won't be long, sit tight ok?" Dean shook his head as he slammed the door closed again.

Sam sighed as he watched his brother walk away. He was getting worried about Dean, he seemed less focused on the job since the fight they had had several weeks before and Sam was concerned about what could happen if Dean let his attention slip during a hunt. It wasn't that he didn't want to tell Dean about his experience it was just that he wanted to forget it altogether and Dean obviously didn't remember that he was exactly the same when Cass rescued him from the pit. Sam sighed, he hoped that Dean could let it go, he missed being close to Dean, he missed how they laughed together and if he was really honest with himself he missed the sex. Not having Dean touch him for weeks was driving him crazy. What he really wanted was for Dean to throw him down on the bed or the backseat of the Impala and really fuck him hard. Sam shook the thoughts from his head; he couldn't let himself get distracted right now. He sighed again and turned back to the house.

Dean looked into the girl's window on his way past the house, confirming that she was watching TV alone he continued to walk on, letting the rain drip down his collar; he could feel his shirt beginning to cling to his chest. He kept his gaze down; he really didn't give a shit anymore. Things with Sam were strained and that in itself meant that his life was crap, Sam was his life, since the day his dad had told Dean to take his brother outside and never look back, Sam had been his life. Dean took the role of caring for Sam seriously, helping his brother learn to walk, feeding him, teaching him to shoot, fight, pick up girls, it was only when Sam had turned seventeen that he had confessed to Dean that he felt more for him than a brother should. Dean hadn't known what to say at the time but he soon realised that he felt the same way about Sam and they had been together ever since. Dad hadn't known of course but in their hearts they knew that he would probably have been ok with it, better they were together and kept each other safe than with non hunters who would slow them down and get them killed.

Dean didn't know what to do, he had never not felt close to Sam before and the fact that he thought they were drifting apart scared the living crap out of him. Deep in his own thoughts Dean didn't see the figure approaching him until they bumped into each other. "Oh look sorry man," Dean moved for the guy to walk past, but the guy just looked at him and smiled. "See something you like?" Dean joked.

"Oh yes, very much so, you're a pretty one aren't you?" the man slid his hand over Dean's wrist.

"Look, flattered but I don't go that way." Dean tried to pull back but the man's grip tightened, he smiled again and Dean saw the fangs. "Sam!"

"There's nothing your brother can do, you're mine now," the vampire sneered pulling Dean to him, holding him tightly while he bit down on his own wrist. Dean pulled back and struggled knowing exactly what was about to happen.

"DEAN!" Sam rushed forward, hearing Dean's yell from the car. He was held back by another vampire, the girl they were there to protect... Abigail.

"This plan wasn't for me; it was for you, well your brother at least." Abigail laughed in Sam's ear.

"Dean, no, Dean!" Sam pulled against his captor but he was forced to the ground, looking up he watched in horror as the vampire forced his bloody wrist to Dean's mouth. Dean struggled and clamped his lips tightly shut, but the vamp twisted his wrist causing Dean to cry out and in the process was forced to drink the blood; the vile liquid burned down Dean's throat and causing him to gag. Sam's eyes filled with tears as the vampire let his brother fall to the ground in a crumpled heap and gestured for Abigail to follow him into the night.

"But what about the brother?" she asked.

"Dean will need to feed soon enough, nothing better than his own kin," the vampire replied before they both disappeared into the shadows.

"Dean!" Sam charged forward and held his brother close. Sam could already see the signs of Dean's change; Dean was writhing in pain, crying and yelling out. Sam helped him back to the Impala and drove back to the motel, paying no attention to the speed limit. The only thing that mattered now was Dean.