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Chapter 21

Sam threw his head back, his skin glowing in the moonlight. He cried out as Dean gripped his hips and rode him harder."Fuck DEAN!" he screamed out before glancing over to the girl who was watching the scene in horror.

"Love you Sammy." Dean panted as he kept up his harsh rhythm.

Sam's eyes sparkled as he arched into the movements. "More, more, harder, faster, more!" he let his fangs slide down as he maintained eye contact with the terrified girl. Her eyes widened as she watched the two monsters consummate their love. It was disgusting and yet so beautiful. They both came together crying out each other's names as their movements came to a stop. Dean pulled out of Sam and both turned to their prey.

"She's all yours Sammy," Dean whispered nuzzling Sam before watching as Sam crawled over to the girl, pulling her onto her back. He watched his brother spread her legs as he licked a trail up her inner thighs causing her to shudder before he bit down, drinking deeply from the artery there. Dean crawled over and gripped the girl's other leg before biting down and joining his brother in feeding.

Dean woke with a start. He rolled over to see Sam still asleep. Panting from his erotic nightmare he slowly got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. "What the fuck was that?" he whispered to himself as he ran cold water over his face.

"Bad dreams Dean?" Dean jumped at the sound of the angel's voice.

"Fuck Cas, you scared me, uh yeah, what are you doing here?" Dean asked concerned.

"I came to see how things were with Sam? Is he doing ok?" Cas asked taking a step towards Dean. "Are you ready to tell him about us?" Cas tried to cup Dean's face, but the vampire stepped back pushing the angel away.

"There's nothing to tell Cas you need to stop this."

"But we made love, you love me Dean, why can't you accept that?" the angel's voice rose a little.

"Is that true?" Dean's heart sank. Sam stood in the doorway. Both men turned to him.

"Sam," Dean began.

"It is FUCKING true?" Sam screamed. Dean hung his head and nodded. "Was it good Dean? Was he fucking worth it? You let me believe that nothing had changed, that you still loved me, I had sex with you and you were keeping this from me!"

"Sam, no it's not like that please baby, you have to," Dean took a step towards Sam.

"No, don't you fucking touch me!" Sam recoiled from Dean and ran.

Castiel smiled before turning to Dean. "You see Dean, Sam doesn't understand you; he will never be good enough for you, come and see what I have planned for us."

"Fuck you Castiel, just get out I never want to see you ever again, you have no idea what you've done! Sam is all I've got and he may never forgive me again, just go away." Dean pushed past the angel to follow Sam.

Sam ran, not paying any attention to where he was going. How could he? He had trusted Dean, had ignored everything he had ever learnt and had let himself love and trust the vampire. But he had been played by the bloodsucker. He could feel the wetness on his cheeks as he ran, unable to hold the tears back. Everything had been so good, hadn't he been enough for Dean?

"SAM!" Dean yelled, seeing his brother running to the road. Sam heard him and ran faster but Dean was a vampire and faster than Sam. He caught up and tackled Sam, rolling so Sam wouldn't be hurt in the fall. "Sam please! Let me explain." Dean pleaded as Sam fought to get free. Dean got Sam on his back, pinning him down and felt like his heart was breaking as he saw the tears on Sam's cheeks. Dean gently wiped them away with one hand. "Sammy…."

"Let me go!" Sam snarled, fighting his hold.

"Never. I…..Sam I love you. Please let me explain." Dean begged and Sam glared at him. "Cas…..he's insane or something. I don't love him, I love you." Dean whispered, staring into Sam's eyes. Sam stopped his useless fighting to just stare at him.

"Then why?" he demanded angrily.

"It was the only way to save you Sammy. You…you were insane and Cas agreed to heal you but only if I…. I didn't want it Sam. I just didn't know any other way to help you." Dean admitted brokenly. Sam froze, eyes wide as he stared up at Dean.

Sam's vision blurred as he ran. He couldn't get the image of Cas and Dean out of his mind. The two of them begging and panting for each other. He had to stop to throw up, holding himself up on his knees. He had never felt more betrayed. How could Dean do this? He soon found himself in town.

"Sam?" a female voice asked, Sam looked up to see a cop car pull up.

"Sheriff Mills?" Sam tried to look casual even though he had vomit on his breath and was stood in his underwear. She looked him up and down with a concerned frown.

"Is everything ok?" she asked, she didn't even want to imagine what trouble he could be in. Sam nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he paused "Just got some bad news." he tried to explain without letting the tears get the better of him. Jodie wasn't stupid she knew there was something he wasn't telling her, but she wasn't going to push him.

"Do you need a ride?" Sam nodded and got in beside her. "So urm where to?" she asked as they pulled away.

"Motel please." Sam asked politely, he just wanted to be alone. "Could I please borrow your phone?" Jodie nodded and handed him the phone. She watched as he dialed "Dean? No, calm down I'm fine, just meet me at the motel in town and bring me some clothes and stuff and money thanks." Sam hung up and handed the phone back.

"Trouble between you boys?" Sam didn't answer. They drove in silence until they got to the motel.

"Thanks sheriff." Sam got out of the car.

"Hey Sam, take care of yourself ok?" she smiled before leaving him.

"Sammy?" Dean stepped out of the shadow, his face tear stained.

"Did you bring my stuff?" Sam asked his voice monotone.

"Sam listen," Dean started.

"No Dean, you fucked this up you slept with someone else, so I don't have to listen." Sam grabbed the bag from Dean.

"I did it for you, I had to." Dean tried.

"Fuck you Dean, just go, please I just need some time."

Dean stepped forward and cupped Sam's face. "I love you Sammy, come back to me soon," he pressed his lips softly to Sam's, Sam didn't react. Dean sighed before leaving Sam alone.