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Chapter One

Shilo was nervous. Of course, she would. Not only there was a repo man, she also had a child assassin and baby triplets in her house. Any normal human being would be nervous with two of three inside her house. Sanitarium Island had issues, but this was nothing she would ever expect in her life. Shilo Wallace was just a normal person. Well, as normal as normal could be. She did not want trouble. She just wanted to live and be useful to her children. Now, she was in too deep into trouble that she was more afraid for her children than herself.

Mia softly patted Shilo's shoulder, making Shilo jump a bit from getting out of her thoughts. She looked up to meet Mia's eyes and gave her a false smile. It wouldn't do any good if she worried anyone else. But of course, Mia could see through her. Shilo was somewhat like an open book.

"Calm down, Shilo. Nothing is going to happen when you have Lina and me here. And of course, there's your boyfriend by your side. I also assume the Largo brothers would protect you as well," Mia told her. Shilo sighed before biting her lower lip. She felt too anxious to calm down.

"It's hard not to get nervous. I'm sorry for whining but, there's an unconscious Repo Man in my house as well as a child assassin. And on top of that, there are triplets needed taking care of. Thankfully, the baby triplets are asleep. I don't know how to take care of babies," Shilo said quietly. She fidgeted in her seat, feeling not relaxed. Shilo didn't like to whine, but the thought of the three listed was enough to put her on the edge out of her comfort zone, which she worked hard to maintain.

"I will take care of the triplets while Lina takes care of the child assassin. I'm sure the Repo Man won't be staying long. We will make sure of it," Mia said without any worry written on her face, "You don't have to concern yourself with them." Her look was of pure business. The light expression she used to have disappeared to that of her usual self. Shilo gave a look of concern towards her.

"Are you sure, Mia? I know I was complaining, but it doesn't mean I can't help out. After all, I am helping out with the case," Shilo said. Mia frowned and then sighed.

"Actually, Shilo..." Mia made a small pause as if the news would make Shilo unhappy. "Lina and I talked it out, and we found it better not to involve you with the case even though the case may involve you. Instead, we will be here protecting you. You will have no part of the case whatsoever. From what has occurred, your life is in more danger being involved."

"What?" Shilo shouted, shocked at what Mia was telling her. "But you can't! We're like the three musketeers, and you and Lina have done so much for me. I can't just sit here and do nothing. Since I'm already involved, I might as well see it through the end."

"No, Shilo," Mia told her, unfazed. "Think of the children. Their lives depend on you. This is a dangerous situation, and something like this cannot involve you."

"No, Mia," Shilo started, surprised at her own defiance towards her friend. "I knew from the start that signing up for this will be dangerous, and I know I may be in danger because of it. I already knew and I already made precautions just in case anything happens to me. The children are in safe hands. You don't have to worry about me."

Mia looked at her with an analytical eye, almost shocked as well at what she had said. If it was true, Shilo had truly matured over the years, and she wondered what safety measures Shilo had made for the children. She did not question Shilo was smart, but she was also an idiot for not getting away from danger.

"Are you sure, Shilo?" Mia simply asked. She will always ask other questions later. It won't be too late for Shilo to escape, not when she was there to protect the young woman before her.

Shilo nodded confidently with a smile. All thoughts of the newcomers did not worry her anymore. She had a reason and a duty now to worry about them. The real work starts when things started getting hectic. But then again, Shilo could never find normalcy in Sanitarium Island where things are headed.

Meanwhile, Lina sat in front of the child assassin, who was struggling against the rope tied around him and the chair he sat on. Lina merely smirked at her proud work. She was always good at tying a tight knot. Nobody could ever escape from her binds unless they cut it. Luckily, she took all of the weapons on the boy when he was still unconscious as did the Repo Man as well. She had good reason too as she learned from experience the dangers of allowing your enemy to keep a weapon on him. For now, the Largos became harmless.

She sighed once again as the boy continued to struggle. If he continued any further, he would have rope burn. Lina had to admit, the child had vigor for him to struggle against her binds for two hours. But of course, he rested here and there because he used a quite bit of energy from it.

"Sit still, Kid. You aren't going anywhere," Lina told him. The boy stopped and glared at her with his green eyes. She chuckled and started ruffling his hair. The boy leaned his head back and started craning his neck to bite at her. Lina knew what he wanted to do and pulled her arm back.

"Feisty, aren't you?" Lina asked.

The boy made an audible noise, yet he spoke no words. She wondered about him and wondered if the boy could not talk. She was sure the child would spout some colorful language at her. Who wouldn't when you are held against your own will and wanted to break free? She sighed and sat down back to her chair before looking at the boy seriously. The child stopped struggling and started to observe her.

"Ah, I see. Trying to get through my mind by observing me carefully, huh?" Lina thought before she let out a smirk. "Challenging me, eh? Well, I am a little like an open book. I'm not really good at pretenses anyways."

The boy was startled at the sudden smug look Lina had on her face. The child growled in anger at his enemy. He would have killed her now if glares could kill.

"How old are you?" She asked, now trying to strike a conversation to see whether he can speak or not. The boy's lips turned into a thin line as if the question pained him. Immediately, Lina changed the subject. She did not want the child to get emotional.

"If you don't like that question then I will change it. What's your name?" She asked. The boy's eyes darkened, telling her that he was reluctant to answer any of her questions. She shrugged and crossed her arms. She continued to wonder if he really couldn't speak. If that was the case, she would not be able to get any answers either way. Fortunately though, the boy could understand her as well as knowing there must be a way for him to communicate if he was to stay alive.

"Do you remember your parents?" She asked, knowing the subject may be touchy to the boy. As a matter of fact, he reacted to it as his whole body tensed up before his head lowered so Lina could not see his expression. Lina sighed and nodded. It had at least answered one question. He was an orphan.

As for the Repo Man, he was still lying unconscious on the living room couch. Luigi and Pavi Largo were quite surprised to see a Repo Man being injured. This caused the brothers to understand what may have happened to the dead Repo Men. They were being killed off on purpose, not that they didn't notice but it did confirm what was happening. They had to find a way to stop the massacre. It was bad business for the Largos if they weren't able to have enough Repo Men to repossess the organs.

"What the fuck? So he was injured by a fucking kid?" asked Luigi.

Pavi sighed and shrugged.

"It seems so, brother. We have to report this problem to our darling sister," Pavi answered. Luigi growled.

"No shit, Sherlock," Luigi answered. Graverobber let out a sigh but observed the brothers in interest. These Largos were monsters, but they seem okay in his book as long as nobody pissed him off, which Lina did plenty for everyone in the house with an occasional kid asking the wrong question.

"What if he wakes up? What are you guys going to do?" Graverobber asked after he watched the boys arguing like always over nothing.

Both of them seemed to be reluctant in calling their sister. Graverobber shivered at the thought of Amber Sweet. Not too long ago, maybe a few days back, he had met up with her while selling street Zydrate. Why would she continue to come to him was a wonder to Graverobber? She had all the clean Zydrate she wanted, yet she continued to go to him to get it.

Maybe, he thought, clean Zydrate wasn't strong enough or he was too handsome for her to turn away from. Either those two or maybe Amber Sweet wanted a cheaper variety. After all, the Zydrate use of GeneCo quality is expensive. If Amber Sweet took it for herself, she would not only lose money, but her brothers would have her throat for stealing from GeneCo. Money means everything to the Largos, and a penny less means a raging Largo. Street Zydrate was much cheaper and there were other ways to pay as well.

"Well, we'll just kick him out of the house," Luigi answered his question as if it was the obvious thing to do. Graverobber was taken away from his thoughts by then. "Even if they are fucking near death, it doesn't mean they should stop working."

"You speak like a true Largo," said Lina after she had walked inside the living room while yawning as she did so.

"Aren't you supposed to be looking after the child assassin? Why are you here?" Luigi asked. Lina let out a sigh.

"I put him to sleep," Lina said with ease. She sat down on the nearest couch and crossed her arms. "I'm not letting you guys take the boy."

Luigi and Pavi looked at her as if she was crazy. On the other hand, she seemed very calm and serious. Something about her being like that felt dangerous to the brothers. But then again, Pavi seemed rather amused.

"And why the fuck not?" Luigi asked after he was out of his initial shock.

"Because he's a kid," Lina stated simply, "You aren't touching him, and I won't give him up without a fight. Unless you want hell to come, you better not try to touch the boy."

"You seem rather smitten with the boy, bella?" Pavi asked before he crossed his arms and looked over at her with a gleam of interest in his eyes.

She stood up and stared straight at Pavi for a moment. She did not answer his question before she just turned around and walked away. Pavi was shocked at her doing something like that. By then, Shilo and Mia came to the living room after they passed Lina. None of the girls talked to each other. Lina went back to looking after the child assassin. Shilo and Mia looked over at each other for a second before Shilo sighed. Both girls sat on the couch and sat there looking at the Largos. Shilo turned to look at Graverobber for a second. A frown had been evident on her face when she did before turning back to the Largos.

"We've got to tell you some things," Shilo said. A long pause soon came afterwards. Mia's eyes stared straight at Luigi, her expression soon became soft yet it seemed regretful.

Luigi saw her expression and wondered what the heck is going on to make her look at him like that. It was as if she wanted to break it off with him, not that they admitted to each other of their feelings yet. It still hurt though. He hoped it wasn't, and he was sure as hell wasn't going to let her off if she did.

"It's about the rebellion. And for some reason, I am in the middle of this," Shilo started.

Luigi and Pavi looked at her with a confused look. Their stay in the Wallace household was to find out if Shilo Wallace had any part of the rebellion and if she was going to steal GeneCo away from them. They were pretty shocked that they were willing to speak about it. But then again, their reason to stay would also be over.

Shilo wasn't sure where to start after that. Thankfully, Mia continued for her. Mia almost felt reluctant, but she wouldn't show it. For Shilo, all of it must come to light.

"To start off, Shilo had nothing to do with the formation of a rebellion, but she did get an anonymous letter before the rebellion started. It had stated that when the time comes she would represent the rebellion against GeneCo whether she wanted to or not. When Lina and I saw it, we knew something would happen. Soon after, we heard a riot had started and news of a rebellion had been formed," Mia said. She left the other information about them being in a detective agency as well as following up in the cases of the killing of Repo Men.

By then, Shilo had finally had the voice to speak up.

"I do not intend to be with the rebellion. If your reason for staying here is for that reason, you already have your answers. There is no need for you guys to stay here. Rave, you should leave too before you get involved," Shilo told them. Graverobber was startled at her telling him that. He thought of escaping and leaving her behind when there was an unconscious Repo Man and a child assassin, but Graverobber cursed and stayed. He's not going to leave his woman any time soon. As for Luigi and Pavi, they froze. They had their answers, but they didn't want to leave this soon even though it had been a month and a half that they stayed. It was the longest they stayed in a peasant's house.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Wallace? The reason we are fucking staying is because of our behavior. Our fucking sister just wants us to suffer by making us stay here for three months," Luigi told her with crossed arms with a scowling face. Mia saw through the lie; she knew Luigi wanted to stay for a little while longer with them by making that excuse.

Pavi felt the same as he feigned ignorance to their sudden reason in speaking of the subject.

"The Pavi is pretty surprised that the bellas would speak about the rebellion, but brother is right. We never said we stayed here to find out if Shilo had any role in the rebellion. The contract was to let us stay here because of our behavior," Pavi stated with a large smile on his face.

Unknown to them, Lina was hiding beyond the wall of the living room. After Shilo and Mia went into the living room, she returned to listen in on them. She could hear their conversation and smiled. She let out a sigh and shook her head before she went upstairs to check up on the child assassin.

Extra Bonus: The Reason for Luigi's Anger

Luigi stared blankly in Shilo's living room, thinking back to the start of his anger issues and the reasons for his stabbing spree every time he felt the need to stab or kill.

It happened a little after Shilo was born and Nathan had become a Repo Man for life after Marni's death. It so happened at that time, he became who he is today. He watched as his father complimented on Nathan's good work at repossessing and patting him on the back. He seemed more caring towards Nathan than Rotti did with his children. But there was a time Luigi heard the conversation between Rotti and Nathan.

"I'm becoming a monster. I can't do this anymore. I don't want Shilo knowing she is living with a monster," Nathan told Rotti in the hallway towards the Repo men's quarters. Rotti let out a sigh before asking Nathan to sit down. Nathan did as he was told and sat down at his desk.

"You already made a contract, Nathan. Shilo already lost her mother; do you want her to lose her father as well?" Rotti asked him, faking kindness on his expression. Nathan looked hesitant before Rotti let out another sigh. He leaned over against Nathan's desk, so he would be closer to Nathan. "Nathan, wouldn't you rather reveal your monster as a Repo Man than being Nathan, the father? What if you accidentally cause harm to Shilo? I know about your pent up anger and frustrations inside of you; and of courseā€¦" Rotti chuckled as if the thought was humorous. "You don't want such emotions explode onto Shilo, do you?"

Nathan froze at the statement and he couldn't deny the fact that he has a lot of anger and frustrations inside of him ever since Marni died. Rotti hid a smirk when Nathan took the bait.

"And don't you know? Anger makes a person stronger. Make them more powerful. With your anger as a Repo Man, you can protect Shilo. With anger, people will fear you. No one will dare try to harm you or your daughter. And of course, you have the highest position in which no one will dare take away from you. And don't worry about your secret, I will make sure Shilo and the commoners will never know you are a Repo Man," Rotti explained.

Luigi froze at the statement and so did Nathan. Both thought about what he said, and there was a ringing in their minds that took the statements to heart. When Luigi heard of it, he thought surely this will help him become a successor. And from watching Nathan getting praised daily for his work in repossessing and how his father was pleased at the bloody work, Luigi thought this was the way to get his father's praise and most importantly, his love. Luigi changed and expressed his anger more. He put fear into his subordinates after he stabbed someone for getting his coffee wrong. His father was right. When you put fear into people with anger, you become powerful. Rotti never knew Luigi took his statement to heart. And of course, Rotti thought it was a phase until Luigi continued to stab one after another for a whole month.

Rotti never knew Luigi started to slowly become a monster like Rotti and Nathan. Slowly, Luigi started getting used to this new life of his and found it more fulfilling than his old personality. Sadly, Luigi never knew Rotti started to slowly see him as a vulture. A vermin. A disgust in his eyes. Luigi never knew what his father thought of him until Rotti announced the world to see before his demise.

Luigi let out a scowl at the memory. Luigi didn't realize his father's true intentions (in making Nathan suffer as much as possible) until it was too late. He was too used to the lifestyle, and he liked it too much to change. If Rotti hadn't tricked Nathan then maybe Luigi wouldn't be like who he is today.