It's been a year. About a year since that day. A year since the day Lucas lost what made him so happy, what made him smile, his redheaded counterpart, His twin brother. He lost his brother to a delusional old man. THAT BASTARD! HE CONTROLLED HIS MIND! HE TOOK HIM AWAY FROM HIM! Then Lucas felt a pang of guilt, it was his franklin badge that reflected the lightning, the lightning that killed his dearest brother Clause.

Lucas was standing in the middle of a sunflower field, the one he saw the mirage of his mother in. Sunflower's where Hinawa's and Clause's favorite flowers. Clause could never admit it though, the other boys would think he was girly, only Lucas knew. Lucas sat down in between all of the flowers. Some had been tall and some short, but they all had been beautiful just like his brother. Before Lucas knew it, he was crying, really hard.

Then he felt a soft feather light touch on his shoulder. His eyes filled with tears widened draining them all out. "Cl- Clause?" Lucas managed to stutter through his sobs.

"Oh Lucas, don't cry…I thought you would be happy to see me…" The angel started to tear up with a soft smile but you could see the sadness in his eyes, he clearly misunderstood his brother's crying.

Lucas ran up to the angel and hugged him so hard, for a moment Clause was happy he couldn't feel the pain. "I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I WISH YOU COULD COME BACK! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING! I love you so much!" Lucas cried harder "I love you so, so, so, much…I'm so much sorrier than anything…" Lucas got down and punched the ground "IM SO SORRY! " Lucas was kept on crying.

The red headed angel had the halo and wings of an angel and was wearing a white t-shirt and white shorts. He looked so clean and was almost glowing. He really was an angel. Lucas grabbed Clause's hand as Clause conversed with him "I love you too, more than anything I could ever love. But, don't be so sorry brother, I killed myself" Lucas's eyes went wide.

"WHY? Why! Why!" Lucas pleaded

"I've done so many bad things, I've hurt my dearest little brother I love so much, I can't walk on this earth knowing I've hurt the one I love so much"

"But it wasn't you! Porky controlled you!"

"No, it was me, my own evil being. But hey, remember, I'm with Mom now, she loves you still… I will never stop loving you ever"

"I love you more and never will stop, no matter where your soul is" Lucas hugged the sweet angel and gave him a tender loving kiss. Before he knew it, Clause was becoming lighter and lighter, floating upward with tears in his eyes and a smile on his face while he waved. Lucas did the same.