AU: So, I went to see THG and I know that in the book it's Clove/Cato.. but if anyone else noticed, Cato and Glimmer slept together and I instantly shipped them. So enjoy!

It was almost as if no one else was around. Cato's lips grazed down along Glimmer's neck, and she sighed happily, bringing her body down against his and placing her hands on his torso. Peeta, Marvel and Clove were in a deep sleep, occasionally shifting in their sleep, but not one sound seemed to wake them up.

Glimmer leaned in and whispered quietly against Cato's ear, making sure no one could listen.

"Cato… this can't go too far. People are watching, for goodness sake."

Cato simply rolled his eyes and whispered back, "Relax, I can assure everyone is enjoying this. They're watching for entertainment, or am I wrong?"

The words reassured Glimmer, and as she let her shoulders slump, she felt guilty because she knew Clove was deeply infatuated with Cato.

"Yes, but… What about Clove?"

"She won't know, this is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don't worry…" Cato cut himself off and leaned down to press his lips against Glimmer's, closing his eyes and wrapping an arm around Glimmer's shoulder. He then softly sucked on her neck before going back to her lips, but only for a minute before he pulled back slightly to look into her glistening blue eyes. Leaning forward toward her ear he whispered "You're the perfect ally." huskily as he turned to look at her from where his head was smiling genuinely as he made his way back to her lips.

Glimmer giggled quietly as Cato brushed his lips against her skin, running her hands up and down his chest. It felt so good, going against the sweet, naïve character she had going on. Growing up, Glimmer had learned that guys only wanted you for your looks, but this felt different. She only shook her head when she realized that this wouldn't last. They would either end up dead, or one would win. She felt her stomach drop, and quickly pushed him away.

Cato landed on the ground beside her, and he sat up and bit his lip to stop his anger from waking anyone up, but then proceeded to yell loudly. Birds chirped in response, and the trees rustled with the gust of wind that had suddenly come in.

"What the hell is your problem?"

"Go with Clove, this can't happen. For all I know, you'd be happier with her while you're both alive. This was a mistake."

Cato's breath hitched in his throat, and he clenched his fists, stood up and looked down at Glimmer, rage immediately detected on his face. This only made Glimmer look away to avoid eye contact.

"Whatever, I don't care." He responded.

Clove rubbed her eyes slightly and looked up, whispering, "Cato? What's going on?"

Cato jumped at the sound of Clove waking up and he shook his head. He walked over to Clove and laid down next to her, running a hand through his blonde locks. "Nothing, just telling Glimmer that if she doesn't stop acting like a brat she won't make it past tomorrow morning. Sleep, sweetheart. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

And with that, everything was silent. Glimmer shuddered at Cato's words, and wrapped her arms around herself and shut her eyes, trying to forget what had happened. Well, so much for that. I'm sure the people got a good show, she thought. With that, sleep overtook her.