Lord Sunday

"What is that?" Lord Sunday's Dusk also known as the Reaper asked.
"That is a dandelion." Lord Sunday's Noon also known as the Grower said.
"Really." The Reaper said.
"Mine." The Grower said, glaring his fellow Time.
The Reaper raised his eyebrow. "Very well." He walked away.


"Heeeyyy." Sunday's Dawn also known as the Sower. "Heard you got a new plant."
The Grower sighed. "As I told the Reaper. My dandelion."
The Sower pouted. "Can I at least get a seed?"
"Simple, I don't want to share." He said finishing to security spell around the lot. Only he and the Trustees could enter without trouble.
"Whhyy?" The Sower whined.
The Grower glared at the Time. "No touching."
The Sower pouted but left. The Grower was worried. The Sower rarely gave up that easily.


"Now it'll be mine." The Sower said. "Like he wouldn't share." He paused and frowned. Figures the so-called Heir would come now. The Sower stalked away from the plant, which is cursed by many in its home world.

Lord Sunday takes stuff from the Secondary Realms, why can't his times?

Anyways, end of this one.


Ta Ta For Now.