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She was on her way home with a smile on her face. It was summer holiday, no school and lots of free time to spare. She was actually working most of her summer at nearby market, so it was tough, but each time she would get her money she would be proud of herself for being able to take care of herself and not depending on Riko or Kurosaki that much…well mostly on Kurosaki. She sometimes felt guilty and tought that she is bothering him, and recently she started avoiding asking him for anything.
Well she loves him and of course she didn't want him to hate her or think of her as a pest. And recently their relationship got better and they became closer. Riko's absence contributed to this, since she was gone to Washington for a couple of months because of her job, so the two of them were together all the time when they didn't work.
She walked in his apartment, realising it was empty.
"Kurosaki?" she called entering the living room
"Guess he is not here" she tought "Might as well take a shower and get some sleep". She felt exhausted last couple of days, or even more than a week. She didn't know. Kurosaki told her not to push herself to hard. She told him she wouldn't but of course she didn't do that. She stepped in for two of her co-workers, one of them went on a trip, and the other one got sick.
She took some clothes from her apartment and went back to his to take a shower that her tired burning skin wanted so bad. She felt so relaxed when she felt water all over her. While taking her shower gel she noticed his one next to hers. She blushed as she took his bottle and opened it. She was standing under the stream of water, inhaling the scent that was so familiar to her. She know how he smelled, loved it, and felt so safe, relaxed and like under a spell when she would smell it. She just wanted to inhale deeper.
She tought for a second that she could use his shower gel instead of hers but then realising he would probably notice that. She got out of his bathroom after cleaning up, and went to lay down on the couch not bothering to dry her hair. It was 3pm but she didn't feel hungry, so she closed her eyes letting herself drift of to sleep
Not too long after that, the door opened and a blond man entered apartment carrying a bag with some sweets, drinks and other random things.
"Teru?" he called but didn't get an answer.
"Teru are you.." he continued but then noticed a sleeping girl on the couch while he walked to the kitchen. He stopped for a second and smiled.
He left the bag on the table and then walked to her, being careful not to wake her up. But after some time he realised she would probably sleep even if the Earth was crashing down. He sat on the floor by the couch and looked at her dreamy face.
"Idiot. She didn't listen to me at all, huh?" he tought "She overdid it with her work now." He listened to her steady breathing, leaning his elbow on his knee, and resting his chin on his palm. She looked so peaceful in her dreams, even scary. He would just think for a second that she wouldn't wake up, but dismissing that tought as fast as he could.
"Could I be that paranoid?".He noticed her hair was wet, and then moved a strand gently of her cheek feeling a bit of cherry aroma in the air. Then he noticed her body. Athletic tank top shirt that gently wrapped her small chest and slender waist, and mid-thigh blue shorts revealing her bare legs.

"GOD STOP THAT!" he yelled inside of his head and then got up
"I really am an idiot"
Looking down at her, he realised another thing.
"It's her fault. How can she be so innocent like this" he said walking to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

He was just about to finish preparing spaghetti when he heard a voice behind him
"Hey Kurosaki, when did you come?"
He turned around to see a black-haired girl rubbing her eyes trying to wake herself up
"Around four, why? Not happy to see me?" he said with a smile
"Why didn't you wake me up? Shouldn't I prepare the dinner?"
"Shut up. I'm capable of cooking you know? And you were tired, why should I wake you?"
"Because that is the least I can do for you" she said quietly looking away
"Hey!" he said standing in front of her holding two plates od food he just made
"If you are tired, you get rest. You don't cook. And you can lean on me you know. Besides, it's not bad for me to do something on my own around this house you know. Now lets eat."
"Ok. But next time wake me up, got it?" she said annoyed
"Whatever. And next time I say not to overdo it at work you will listen to me, got it?" he said with a grin, passing a plate to her.
"Hey I just wanted to do something useful, ok?" she said taking a bite
"Yeah, like you don't do anything like that."
"Well you always help me, and now you are taking care of me, and…" she started but he interrupted her
"Stop! I am doing that because I want to, not because someone forced me. If you are feeling like being a burden to me- don't. You are not a burden."
"But you are always taking care od me…Both like Daisy and Kurosaki. You can't say I am not bothering you right?"
"Yes I can, 'cause you are not." he was a bit pissed now. Where did she get that idea that she was a bother?

Silence came while they ate. She must say his cooking was great. And she was very hungry.
Then sudden tought came to her mind- she should repay him somehow. She has her money now.
After working for a few months and barely spending any she had more than she tought she would have, and she didn't had any idea of how to spend it. Then the phone rang and pull her out of her toughts. She got up and answered it. It was Riko.

"Hey honey it's me."
"Hey Riko!" Teru was happy to hear her voice
"How is it going over there. Has that pervert done anything? Are you surviving?" Riko said with a laugh.
"I'm alive for now. I think he is afraid to do anything since he knows he will have to face you after that." Teru replied with her mocking voice. Kurosaki froze, having a slight idea of what could Teru be talking about, and then remembered a scene from this afternoon. Teru saw his face and started giggling.
"How are things going over there Riko?"
"Everything is fine. I'll be finishing my job here in a week, or less."
"So are you coming back?"
"No, I actually have another trip. I'll be going to New York for a few days."
"That is cool. Take some photos I wanna se New York"
"I will. Hey I have to go now, they are calling me. See you soon. Bye!"
"See ya. Bye.
Teru hung up the phone then went to continue her meal. She sat down looking at Kurosaki, again thinking of what she have thought minutes ago.
"How is she?- Kurosaki suddenly asked
"Riko? Doing great It seems.
"She is going to New York?"
"Yeah, she is having a trip after she finishes her business. She is travelling a lot." and then something hit her "Hey Kurosaki, are you free some time next week?" she said excited with her new idea
"I have some work at school. Why?"
"Oh..." and as fast as she got happy, she got down "...Nothing."
Kurosaki looked at her, noticing her sudden change
"Lying. What is up? Say it."
"Nothing really…"
"Teru…" he interrupted her looking right trough her. She felt busted.
"Um, well…" she started "I was just wondering if you wanted to have a trip."
"A trip?" Kurosaki was interested suddenly "To where?"
"I don't know it just came to my mind…anywhere is fine I guess."

She looked at him studying his expression, trying to see what was he thinking.

Kurosaki was, on other hand, wondering, what kind of trip she wanted. A one day, overnight… He was thinking was she aware of what would that seem like. But then, he would go on the other side of the Earth for her if he had to.
"What?" she said a bit shocked
"We will go. I'll take a few days off. Where do you want to go?" he said calmly looking at her
"Well, it is actually where do you want to go? My treat" she said grinning
"What? No way. I'm not letting you do that." He said letting his pride take over. He got up and took their plates and went to the kitchen.
She of course knew this would be somewhat hard to do her own way, and she went after him
"You have to. I want to do something for you, and I have money I don't know how to spend, so I might as well try to return favors.
"That again?" he sighed "Listen, you don't have anything to return to me."
"Please Kurosaki" she took his hand into hers "You have done so much for me. I want to make you happy, ok? So please let me do this, I want to."

He looked at her. She was looking him right in his eyes. That lovely eyes he loved so much, how could he say no to her. There was no way. He wanted her to be happy the most.
- Ok, do what you want.
with that words, he made her smile at him with a smile that he adored.