I know I was supposed to be proud and happy to represent my district in the Hunger Games. I wasn't. I was devastated. I had planned on volunteering and when they called her name… I knew I had to be in that arena with her. That wasn't a problem; I was reaped. Glimmer was holding back tears, and I could tell. No one else would have known but I did. She was my girlfriend. She was the girl I was gonna marry. I knew I would come out of that arena alive for her but… I knew I had to die. Only one of person could come out and I was gonna make sure it was her. I would fight for as long as possible. I, Marvel Avery, would give my life up for the love of my life.

"I'm going into the arena this year," I explained to Glimmer.

"How can you be so sure…?" Glimmer wanted to say more but, she was horrified at me. She was horrified at my choice to go in.

"Glim…" I whispered making her turn away rapidly.

Glimmer stood up and turned letting her blonde braids swish around her head, "Marvel! How could you?"

"Glimmer, I've trained my whole life. I can do this. I want to… I want to be sure that we can afford to survive-"

"You don't have to do that. I'd rather be poor and happy than poor and sad. Come on, Marv. I won't let you. Stay here. This is our last year. If we don't get reaped, we'll be in the clear. Our names in there seven times, there are plenty of people who have more. You're brilliant; you could make discoveries in science. You could do so much... Don't let their Games define you."

"Are you okay?" I let my hands reach for Glimmer's but she looked away.

"Glimmer… Come on." I wrapped my arms around her and she tore away angrily shutting the door.

"Marvel! What kind of dumb question of that? OF COURSE I'M NOT OKAY. I'm going to die, Marvel. Die. You're going to die. One of us has to die. We can't both come out…. Marvel…" Glimmer was strong but I could tell that was something that she couldn't handle.

"I know, Glim. I know. We have five days in the Capitol. We have three on this train. Lets make the best of those days."

"I hate this, Marvel! I can't live like this! I can't live knowing that our days are numbered!"

"Shhhh. Glim, I love you."

"I love you too."

"Come here. We should get some sleep."

I pulled Glimmer into my room and locked the door before we stripped off our shoes and sat on the bed. I pulled her against my chest and she sighed.

"You don't have to be so strong around me, Glim," I told her quietly.

"What do you mean?" Glimmer asked as I kissed her cheek.

"You want to cry. You want to let me comfort you. I know you, Glimmer. I know that you aren't as strong as you appear," I replied making her narrow her eyes.

"I can't."

"You can."

"I'm taking a shower."


"Marvel, you know I love you."

"Yeah, yeah."

I was about to fall asleep and pretend my reality was happy but our mentor barged in yelling about me. I grumbled a "shut up" before greeting a man that looked about thirty.

"I'm Gloss and I'm your mentor. Cashmere said she went looking for your lovely… Glimmer?-but couldn't find her," Gloss explained making me nod.

"Glimmer is taking a shower in my bathroom," I told him as he sat on my bed.

"Oh. Why? Do you two know each other?" Gloss asked making me groan inwardly.

"She's my girlfriend."

"Oh really?"


"How long have you two been together?"

"Six years."

"Wow. You're eighteen?"


"Since you were twelve?"

"It didn't get serious until we were fifteen."

"Ah. What's your plan, lover boy?"

"She's coming out alive."

"You're sacrificing yourself for her?"

"I love her with all my hear-"

"Marvel?" I heard Glimmer call my name.

"Yes?" I called back.

"Could you get me clothes from my room?" Glimmer asked.

"Yeah." I jumped up and exited my room.

I entered Glimmer's room and dug through her closet finding black leggings and a silver shirt. I took a deep breath and re-entered my room. I knocked and Glimmer told me to come in. I entered the steamy shower to see my girlfriend wrapped in a towel, her blonde hair falling against the towel.

"Here," I handed her the clothes and she thanked me.

Her eyes were bloodshot; she had been crying. I gathered her in my arms and she let me rub her back soothingly. She began to cry softly and I smiled, "It'll be okay, Glim. You'll come out."

"Marvel!" Glimmer's voice was choked with tears and it broke my heart.

"When I agreed to date you, I basically made a… Pledge to protect you. I love you with my entire heart. I couldn't live with myself knowing I could have saved your life," I whispered letting my hands rest above her butt.

She nudged me in the back, silently telling me to move my hands before she killed me herself, "You can't do that for me."

"Watch me."



I left her alone in the bathroom and sat across from my mentor. He was speaking to, who I assumed to be, Cashmere.

"This is Cashmere, Glimmer's mentor. When Glimmer gets out here we'll tell you our initial plan." Gloss was straightening his tie and Cashmere was fiddling with her necklace, making the pair look terribly awkward.

Glimmer came out in the clothes I brought for her and I grabbed her hand pulling her next to me. Our relationship seemed to make Gloss uncomfortable… So, being me, I slinked my arm around her waist and pulled her against me. She elbowed me in the side so I gave her a look that read "I'll explain later". She crossed her legs and went with my flow. Gloss cleared his throat, "Um, why?"

"We're dating," I replied nonchalantly.

"Well, yeah. Whatever. You guys can't do this in the arena," Cashmere replied.

"And why not?" I asked with a slight growl in my voice.

"You won't get sponsors," Gloss told us.

"Whatever." Glimmer was scowling.

"You can't." Cashmere's tone of voice was not amusing me.

"First off: Don't talk to my girlfriend like that. Secondly: We can do whatever we want," I growled.

"You guys are going to die," Cashmere rolled her eyes and Gloss nodded.

"Oh, just get out," I sighed and pointed at the door.

"Your choice. See ya in hell!" Gloss grinned before leaving my room.

"What the heck kind of reply is that?" Glimmer demanded after they slammed my door shut.

"Ignore them, Glim," I sighed laying on the couch with my legs in Glimmer's lap.

"Go take a shower." Glimmer had a teasing tone to her voice but I got up and entered the bathroom.