I'm baaaaack!

"Fox, get up...Fox!" Fox scrunched his nose up, trying to wave off the person that was pushing him to try to rouse him from his sleep. He could see blurry images with his eyes closed, focusing every now and then to allow him a peek at the blue vixen standing across from him. It went blurry again and he finally gave up, opening his eyes.

"Alright, alright. I'm up. Happy now?" He sat up, looking at where the pushes had come from. Krystal stood there, wearing a blue dress.

"Come on, Fox. We have to go. The peace ceremony is being held today and we need to be there. Get up and get dressed!" The sapphire vixen huffed and left the room, both to give him privacy and to finish her own appearance.

Fox groaned loudly and rolled out of bed. "Ughh...I hate ceremonies..." He looked in his closet and grabbed his uniform. The navy blue really looked odd with his fur. He set it on his bed and went to get a shower.

He only stayed in for about 10 minutes, quickly trying to get ready so Krystal wouldn't come in and yell at him again.

As he dried off and started putting everything on, he looked over to his night stand. He saw the picture he had put there. In the picture, three brown foxes smiled back at him. One of them looked like Fox, but much younger. The two others looked about his age though. One of the foxes, a female, stood holding her son, smiling happily as her kit tried to pull her hair. The other adult, a male this time, grinned as the scene played out next to him. He had the same stripe on his head that Fox had, but it was grayer, and his brown fur was darker. Fox couldn't tell what his eyes were saying, as they were covered by a pair of sunglasses.

Fox continued to stare at the only real thing he had left of his parents. The picture had been taken the day before his mother's accident.

He tore his gaze away from the picture and finished putting everything on his uniform, finishing the knot in his tie right as the doorknob turned and Krystal stepped into the room. "Ready yet? There's a car outside waiting for us. Falco, Slippy, and Peppy are already outside waiting. Come on!"

The vixen grabbed Fox's hand, pulling him out of his room, down the stairs, out the front door, and into the waiting car. It was a black limousine. He could see Falco's arrogant smirk from within as he saw his team leader get pulled around like a doll, and by a woman no less. Fox shot him a sour glare as Krystal shoved him inside.

As soon as they were all ready, Fox felt the subtle tug of acceleration as the car set off to the capital, Corneria City.

The limo ride was rather quick. Fox began seeing people standing on the sides of the road, waving and yelling. Fox couldn't help but smile, seeing all these happy people. They had their planet back.

The throngs of people only grew larger and more tightly packed as they neared the city center. There was a large stage with a podium on it. Fox had only ever seen it before during elections. The limo pulled towards it and stopped near a set of steps. The driver hurried around and opened the door closest to the stage, allowing Fox and his friends out.

The driver leaned closer to him. "Colonel McCloud, I was told to tell you to go around the stage towards the capital building behind it and head inside to get further orders...good luck sir."

Fox nodded. "Thank you" he turned to the rest of the people that got out. "You guys, we're going to the capital building" He started walking towards the big steel building that towered over the city.

It took only a few minutes to get inside and go to the Commander-in-Chief's office. There, they saw General Pepper, Colonel Damon Ballard, and Wolf O'Donnell. He saw a flash on Damon's collar. There were 3 stars on it. The Colonel had been promoted to a General then.

Fox flashed a smile at Damon. "Didn't you once tell me that you didn't want a desk job?" Damon rolled his eyes, shooting him a sour look.

Damon stood when his daughter entered the room. The black vulpine hugged his daughter, smiling. Fox saw movement out of the corner of his eye.

A tall green figure stepped out of the shadows. Fox looked for a face...but all he got was a cold, golden visor staring back at him. He heard a hiss as the helmet unsealed from the armor, a pale white face emerging.

John, Spartan 117, smiled at the Cornerian Colonel. "You look like you were forced out of bed this morning, Fox."

The vulpine gave him a sour look. "Maybe I was, maybe I wasn't"

The Spartan held out his hand and Fox took it. They shook hands before they all sat down at the circular table in the middle of the room. General Pepper pressed a few buttons and a holographic planet began to float above the table from a projector in the center. "It's been a month since the Serpentis military was kicked off of the planet and out of the system. Some of them continued to fight, and were killed, but the vast majority surrendered. Those that wanted to were given the option to become Lylatian citizens. Now, on to present matters."

The planet started to turn red in many areas, as if it had been stabbed and was bleeding. "These are the areas where major destruction was caused over the year of occupation and the ensuing Battle for Corneria." The red spots began to diminish, leaving a few scattered spots around the globe. "Over the past month, The Lylatian, Human, and Sangheilli forces provided relief for civilians and began to rebuild. We expect reconstruction to be complete in 2 weeks. Of course, the rest of the planets in the system also need relief, but our primary concern is Corneria."

Damon stood up. "We have also scheduled a type of ceremony, where the Halcyon treaty forces will become permanent allies. The stage outside will be where the treaty is signed. Major personell that will be there will be the Sangheilli Arbiter and their leader Rtas 'Vadum, The humans will have Spartan 117, Cortana, and Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood, and the Lylatian personell will be Myself, General Pepper, Colonel Mccloud, and Major O'donnell. Speaking of which, the Major has recently disbanded Star Wolf and joined the Cornerian military, just as Colonel Mccloud has done. Leon Powalski, a former member, has decided to continue leadership of Star Wolf. However, he has decided to perform any illegal activities out of the Lylat system. Sargasso Space Station has been moved to orbiting Corneria, providing a suitable defense station for the Beltino Orbital Gate."

General Pepper nodded and stood as well. "Now that all of this is out of the way, we need to go down to the stage. People are waiting."


Fox looked out upon all of the Human, Sangheilli, and Lylatian faces. Human soldiers were arm in arm with the other two races, all of them cheering as General Pepper, Admiral Hood, and Rtas 'Vadum stood behind three podiums.

General Pepper began the process, quieting the crowd by clearing his throat. "Today is a new day, a marking point in the history of our three peoples. This moment will join us all under one alliance. During the Second Lylat Wars, a hastily assigned alliance was proposed, but today, it will be cemented in stone. The document will be signed by the leaders, the high field commanders, and the most notable members of the war. General Pepper provided three tablets, one on each podium. Cortana and Spartan 117 joined Admiral Hood, Fox and Damon joined General Pepper, and The Arbiter joined Rtas 'Vadum.

The three copies were all signed before they were sent to a palm reader and joined together under one document. The crowd cheered as the three races shook hands and General Pepper announced that each person would give a speech.

Generals Pepper and Ballard gave their respective speeches before Fox was sent up to the podium. He felt hundreds of thousands of eyes on him before he saw the cameras. After the little drones were spotted, he knew that billions, if not trillions, were watching his every move.

He closed his eyes to gather his thoughts for a moment. Once he had a base, he began his speech. "A month ago today, the second war for Lylat came to an end. They took a higher toll on our system than any before. The first war...we thought it was bad, but we weren't pushed off our planet then. We kept all of them under our control, despite the enemy being on the ground. But this...this one almost made us leave the Lylat system...and it would have been true had we not joined the humans and Sangheilli. I've never been good at this type of thing, so I'll make this short. I know now that I have allies around the galaxy, and I'm proud to say that I would fight and die for any Human or Sangheilli soldier just as readily as I would any of my own closest friends. This concludes my speech."

Fox looked at the crowd again as the cheers started back up. Something caught his eye, however. He saw a brown vulpine standing in the crowd. He looked almost exactly like Fox, save for a darker fur color and the stripe on his head being a dark gray color. He couldn't see the vulpine's eyes, they were hidden behind a pair of jet black sunglasses.

Fox's eyes widened. "...Dad?"

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SUSPENSE. Who is ready to see who this mysterious vulpine that looks like Fox's father? Find out next chapter! - Great Fox MK3