Kagome: dueling and Time traveling Adventures

Chapter 1: Domino High School.

Kagome was so excited today. She had finally passed eighth grade and now she was in high school. She was finally accepted in the high school she always wanted to go to. Domino High School.

Her new school uniform was a cotton candy pink jacket, a high collar shirt, a blue bow and a cotton blue skirt that reached the end of her thighs. But she was also nervous this was in another part of Japan that was only thirty minutes away by train.

Back in the Feudal Era they had another find with Naraku but he was so wounded that a surprising part happened her incarnation Kikyo showed up for his aid and Inuyasha was so heartbroken.

"I wonder how he's doing" Kagome asked to herself before grabbing her new dueling deck and school supplies and went down stairs to see her brother already eating. Kagome sighed she had about two hours until school started so she decided to walk and get on the train that would leave in about 35 minutes.

"Mom I'm going to eat when I get there so I'm taking the allowance you gave me over the summer and get going" Kagome shouted.

"Ok but call when you get their" Hitomi said from the kitchen. Kagome searched the draw until she found her money. She got the money from helping around the shrine as much as she could and some of the antiques that she found in the feudal era that she sold. And it got her around $2000 bucks.

Kagome then hugged her brother goodbye and went on her way to the train station. It took her a great fifteen minutes and went straight to the train lucky she already got all around ticket passages so she didn't have to waste time buying one.

After getting on the train which was surprisingly empty save for a few collage students and adults getting to work early.

Kagome sat down with her bag next to her and checked her cell phone to find a text from all her middle school which were Ayumi, Hojo, Eri and Yuka so she checked them all.

'Hey girl congrats on getting into the HS you always wanted 2 go 2 text me when you get the chance" Ayumi's message said.

'Hey yea but 2 bad you didn't want to come to the same one as me but I'm sure we'll see each other again' Kagome replied as she sent it.

'Hey sorry for not coming 2 the school you and the girls are not goin' 2 but I wanted 2 go 2 an all boys school but hey you'll see me again try to stay healthy and not get sick' Hojo message said.

'Well I'm not going to the same school as them I'm going to Domino High School, which is actually near your school and don't worry I won't become sick again' Kagome replied.

After sending her friends her replies she decided to read her favorite book until the train took off. After 30 minutes the train stopped at its destination and she exited the train last. When she got up the stairs that led to Dominic City she went to the nearest restaurant.

"Hello ma'am how can I help you this morning" A young girl said when she noticed Kagome standing there.

"Yes I notice this restaurant goes by the school so I was hoping to have the section where I to Dominic High School" Kagome said motion her uniform to the young 25 year old. The woman nodded and led her to the section where it said Dominic High School.

She then take note of the few people there. One was a short boy with spiky hair one part was blond, one part was black and the last was pink, a blonde boy who seemed to be yelling at someone, a girl wearing the same uniform that had brown hair, a boy with brown hair. Then looked to where the blonde boy was yelling at to see another boy with brown hair glaring at him.

"Here you are miss you table a waiter will take your order in a few minutes" The woman said before walking away.

'Yugi I sense some kind of power that just came in' a voice said in a boy name Yugi's mind.

'You sure Yami' Yugi said looking at a man that looked like him. He nodded looking around until he spotted a girl with long black/blue hair that went to her butt, friendly and soft sapphire blue eyes, slightly sun kissed skin that looked like she spent time in the sun but what stun him the most was the pure power her aura was giving off.

'It's the girl with the same uniform over there her aura is giving off a lot of power I would usually sense in a millennium item but this one girl holds no darkness' Yami said. Kagome sensing eyes on her looked to see the short boy looking at her strangely.

'Hmm this boy holds some power' Kagome thought to herself then turning her attention back to the waiter that was trying to take her order.

"Kaiba you're just jealous you couldn't battle with Yugi in Battle city and you lost in your own tournament" the blonde said.

"Shut it wheeler" the boy known as Kaiba said. The boy Joey Wheeler was burning with anger.

"Ha at least Kags was not there to see you lose" Joey said with a smirk remembering the girl that hung out with them in middle school and how Kaiba had a soft spot.

"Speaking of her we haven't seen her or heard from her since she kept getting sick or that she disappeared during the days of Battle City" The girl said. Kaiba mentally sighed annoyed but it was true he hadn't seen her since Eighth grade.

"Well at least Yugi is still the King of Games and your just second place to him" Joey yelled and Kaiba finally yelled.

"Shut up I will win the title from him and none of you dorks are going to stop me" Kaiba yelled then at the corner of his eyes he noticed a familiar yet unfamiliar girl walk up to them.

"Could you please stop yelling at each other I really starting to get a headache and you shouldn't say stuff like that to people it can hurt them in many ways than one" Kagome said sternly.

"Miss who are you I can sense massive power coming from you and it's so pure not a hint of darkness at all" Yami said transforming and Kagome looked at him coolly.

"Kagome my name is Kagome Higurashi and what are your names" Kagome said crossing her arms and Kaiba and the rest of them snapped their heads at her name.

"I'm Joey my friends Tristan, Yugi, and Tea" Joey said and Kagome raised a brow.

'Those names are familiar but where' Kagome thought.

"Well how about you leave Kaiba alone so he can have a peaceful breakfast" Kagome said walking away back to her own table.

"Her name is familiar but where have we heard it before" Tea muttered and the rest nodded while Kaiba was still shocked that a girl would defend him like that.

"Like the Kagome you know back in middle school and the said girl who suddenly disappear for 36 hours" Yami said and Kaiba looked at him and then her with shock.

"Hey Kagome do you know us" Tea asked. Kagome looked at them with confusing.

"Your names are familiar to me but I can't remember where do you happen to know anything about me" Kagome asked.

"Hmm can your birthday happen to April 7 and you should be 17 right now" Yami asked and Kagome looked at him with shock.

"Wait I only told my friends that and I hung out with these group of people who taught me how to duel I think he battle a guy name Pegasus and won but I don't remember" Kagome said looking at them with an uncertain face.

"Well we had another girl with us Kaiba had such a soft spot for her and she was with us when Yugi/Yami defeated Pegasus and became the King of Games but when it came to Battle City she disappeared for three days and when she finally returned to school she then didn't come back saying that she was sick" Tristan said.

"Well… maybe you can look at my deck and maybe you can recognize them" Kagome said holding up her dueling deck. But then she checked her watched and freaked out.

"Um never mind I have to get to school I have to get a tour see ya" Kagome said rushing out not noticing her journal flying out of her back pack. Yami then picked it up and opened to the first page and read.

Dear journal'

I was walking to lunch thinking about this game that this one group talks about. Duel Monsters man I wish I could have the courage to ask them about it maybe tomorrow I can or not I really do feel so shy about it, But what's with the argument between them and Seto of course I never get the chance to talk to him cause he's just a rich bastard who thinks he better than anyone ugh why do I keep talking about it my own uncle Hakito is rich but then again I'm not a rich snob well now is the end of school and I hear the group talking about dueling again and I have a urge to ask them about it but my mind won't tell me legs to move to ask well I will make a mental note to talk to them tomorrow.

When Yami read that he realize something this was the same girl that did ask them about it about and he turned to them.

"I do believe that is the same Kagome cause remember that a girl name Kagome did ask us about the game of Duel Monsters and she did hang out with us" Yami said and others smile.

"Well let's catch up with her we haven't seen her in so long and I want to ask what happened when she disappeared those three days" Joey said and they ran out the door why Kaiba looked shocked.

"I can't believe it that was Kagome Higurashi the one I had a soft spot for wow she really changed since the last time I saw her" Kaiba muttered before walking out and towards the limo.

Kagome could here foot steps behind her and saw the same people and she stopped wondering what they wanted.

"Hey Kagome you dropped your journal we read the first page so please don't get mad at us but I think we are that group you mentioned in there" Joey said and it dawn on Kagome.

"Yugi, Yami, Tea, Joey and Tristan is that really you wow you guys have really changed over the years" Kagome said with a smile.

"Heck yea it is nice to see ya Kagome and wow you change your hair is really long" Joey said with his typical attitude that cause Kagome to giggle.

"Well a lot has happened during the years so I haven't had time to really keep in touch and as for disappearing which I know that look in Yami's eye but I cannot tell you sorry" Kagome said and Yami narrowed his eye wondering what she was hiding that was so secret.

"Well I did skip a grade I skip freshman when I passed with honors as the highest in the class so I'm in the same grade as you guys again" Kagome said and they all congratulated her.

When they arrived at the school Kagome smiled knowing she had her friend but she still wondered is Kaiba will still be the same around her.

"Well Kagome welcome to Dominic High School" Tea said and they all cheered and dragged her to show her around.

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