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Because We Said So

Summary: Stevie and Stacie have grown tired of Sam and his satisfaction with his sad train of girlfriends. But when Stacie Evans sneaks out one night, she along with her brother Stevie and their good friend Ebbie McDaniel decide to take things in their own hands…

Chapter 9 – Finnick vs. Finnikins

Ebbie McDaniel was having one hell of a week. Since the disaster that was her half day with Stevie and Trent, she'd been slammed with testing and studying for her upcoming AP exams. She still had her cheer practices after school every day, and now that she had to run up to New York to spy on Rachel Berry in the evenings, Ebbie was exhausted. It seemed at every turn that Rachel needed this and that and if she had to make another run to the Starbucks that was six blocks away, her precious order was going to end up on Berry's head.

"Long day?"

Ebbie turned to see Finn Hudson standing behind her as she stood in Rachel's dressing room, watching her with a cautious smile.

"Stop looking like someone just told you th iat Santa Claus isn't real," Ebbie said, going back to her task of tidying up the room. "I'm fine."

"Are you really? Because even Rachel noticed that you've been a bit off lately," Finn said. "I'm always here to talk if you need it."

"Not necessary," Ebbie replied, "though I am glad that my apparent bad mood has finally gotten you up on Rachel's radar, even if it was for a brief moment."

"What? I've been on Rachel's radar," Finn defended.

"Does she even know your first name?" Ebbie asked.

"Yes! I mean, she's forgotten it a few times but…"

"It's a four letter name Finn, it's not that difficult," Ebbie cut over him. "What your problem is that she only see you as the coffee boy, the understudy. If you want Rachel Berry…"

"Wow, wait! Who said I wanted Rachel Berry?" Finn scrambled. He lasted only a few seconds under Ebbie's glare before relenting.

"I didn't think it was that obvious," he mumbled.

"Trust me Finn," Ebbie replied frankly, "it is, but lucky for you, you have me."

"Wait, I'm going to get romance tips from a high schooler?" Finn said.

"Between you and me, who do you think has gotten more ass in the last six weeks?" Ebbie replied.

"You," Finn mumbled.

"And between you and me, who do you think has gotten past second base more times in the past year?"

"Hey I'm not that bad…"

"Finn," Ebbie deadpanned.

"Okay, you," Finn admitted. "So what are you going to do? Teach me swag?"

"See the fact that you tried to use the word 'swag' in a sentence tells me that you haven't been laid recently," Ebbie said.

"But I don't want to just get laid," Finn replied. "I like Rachel. I know that people see her as a dictator and a militant and she can be those things at times, but I love her passion, her drive, and her take no prisoners attitude. I want to know more about her. I want to know what makes her laugh and I want to be the person who makes her smile every morning."

For a brief moment, Finn had morphed from the tall, broad shouldered brunette who couldn't seem to outgrow his boyish charm to a thin, lanky blonde haired boy who almost always wore a bashful yet welcoming smile.

"I want to be the reason you smile every morning Ebbs…"

"Then you have to fight for her attention," Ebbie said pulling herself together. "You have to show her that you're not just baby Finnikins, that you can be her Finnick."

"Wait, what's a Finnick?" Finn asked.

"If I throw out a Harry Potter reference will you let that glide over your head too?" Ebbie groaned. "Forget about Finnick. You just have to show Rachel that you're more than an understudy, you can be the leading man too!"

"That's what Bob said," Finn added.

"And that's coming from the director! There's no one on this set who knows Rachel Berry the way that you do. Show her that you're more than just a pretty face, that you really know her!"

"Wouldn't it be a bit freaky to just walk up to her and talk about how she's allergic to pickles and refuses to step on cracks before a performance?"

"Finn, what is Rachel's biggest passion?"


"Right, so go talk to her about music," Ebbie suggested. "Butter her up a bit, name drop a few of her favorite artists and composers and try to make sure that the conversation doesn't sound like you just got all of your information off of Wikipedia."

"But I did look up some of her favorite artists on Wikipedia…"

Ebbie bit back a groan. "We've got a lot of work to do."

On the other side of town, Sam Evans had a lot of work to do as well, but Artie Abrams was unfortunately holding his interns hostage in the copier room.

"Am I ever going to get my interns back?" Sam asked his friend as he stood in the doorway.

"You want Matt back?" Artie asked as they watched the tall student intern struggle with his papers. "He's like Shaq at the free throw line."

"He's got potential," Sam replied in a clipped tone.

"What bit you in the behind? You look like someone just ripped a page in your first edition of World's Finest Comics issue number 2," Artie said as he rolled out of the copy room. "Girl troubles again?"

"Sort of," Sam replied.

"Now are you sure that this girl isn't a lesbian, because I think I might have found the one and I'm not interested in having her snatched up by another one of your crazy girlfriends!"

"How was I supposed to know that Santana was a lesbian?" Sam defended.

"Relax fool, I'm only half serious," Artie smiled. "What's going on in lover's land?"

"Things are just getting a bit more stressful on both ends," Sam sighed. "She's busy, I'm busy and I'm trying to meet her in the middle but—"

"You feel like you're talking to a brick wall?" Artie guessed.


"Excuse me, Mr. Evans?"

Artie and Sam turned to see Melody, the company's head secretary approaching them.

"Your brother Steven is here," she told him. "He said it was important."

Stevie sat in the lobby, hunched over in one of the chairs waiting anxiously for his brother. As Sam approached him he looked up at him with worried eyes.

"Are you busy? Because I can come back later," he said instantly. "I mean it's not crazy important, but I really just need someone to talk to."

"Alright," Sam said. "Let me go grab my jacket. I was about to take off for lunch anyway."

Sam took his brother down to his favorite hot dog stand a few blocks from the office. As they leaned against one of the towering skyscrapers that were scattered around Manhattan, Sam gave his brother the look that said "Spill".

"I'm not sure if you're aware, but I kind of have a crush on Ebbie," Stevie began.

"Wait, was that supposed to be a secret?" Sam chuckled. "Stevie we all know that you and Ebbie like each other. We just wanted the two of you to figure it out for yourselves."

"Yeah, everyone seems to understand that except Ebbie," Stevie said frowning as they turned into a small nearby park.

"Alright, lover boy," Sam said as they sat on the first bench they saw, "let's not beat around the bush here. What did you do?"

"You've been with every guy in our year except me," Stevie said as Ebbie kept one hand firmly on the door. "And I think it's finally time that we talked about this Ebbs—about us."

"You know what I think Steven?" Ebbie replied. "I think you fell on your head this morning and I'm going to let you get some rest and we can both pretend that this conversation never happened."

"I'm sick of pretending that there's nothing going on between us!" Stevie argued. "We've been friends for years now. We've always been open with each other. Why does that have to stop now?"

"Because you're not asking me to talk to you as your friend!" Ebbie snapped. "And I'm not comfortable with having this conversation with you!"

"Why? Because my endgame isn't tying you to a bed and having my way with you?" Stevie threw back.

"Are you trying to call me a whore?" Ebbie exclaimed.

"I'm not trying to call you anything! If you'd listen to me, you hear that I'm trying to tell you that I like you Ebbie!" Stevie yelled. "I like the girl who'll sit down on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons with me even if she makes a mess trying to braid my hair. I like the girl who goes to my science exhibits without any complaints, and I even like the bitchy cheerleader that she can be. I'm not a fan of the way that you have sex with everyone; not because I think you're a whore, but because I want to be that guy! I want more than this friendship where we dance around the attraction between us. I want to be enough for you, I want to be the reason that you smile every morning Ebbs!"

"Stop," Ebbie interrupted her voice breaking. "I can't hear anymore of this."

"Why?" Stevie asked leaving the bed. "Why can't you just listen to me Ebbs? Why can't you just give us a shot?"

"Because I don't have to," she said not bothering to stop a few runaway tears, "and I don't want to and I can't. So don't ask me to Stevie, please."

"You can be with every guy and girl at our school, but you can't be with me," Stevie said trying to keep himself together. This wasn't the way he'd planned to go. He knew she'd fight him but he'd hoped that she'd at least listen, at try.

"Ebbie please," Stevie tried again.

"I'm leaving Stevie," Ebbie said opening the door. "I have to go."

"I'm sorry," Sam said after Stevie was done. "I know exactly what the feeling is like to have someone so close to you reject you like that."

"I just, don't get it Sam," Stevie said his voice growing tight. "I don't get what I did wrong."

"Stevie it's not about right or wrong. I don't want to sound harsh here but in the end Ebbie might have done you a favor," Sam said.

"Excuse me?"

"It's not easy making the transition from best friend to girlfriend," Sam explained. "Trust me I've done it, twice. And both times…well, they didn't end the way I wanted. At least this way you don't have to end your friendship with Ebbie."

"But I can't be friends with Ebbie, Sam that's my point," Stevie argued. "I can't sit on the sideline and only have half of her. When she's with me, I feel like I'm on air and I know that there's no place in the world that I'd rather be and I know she feels that too, but the minute someone like Trent comes along it's like I mean nothing to her. She's running."

"Are you sure?" Sam asked. "Are you sure that she just doesn't feel the same way about you?"

"You didn't see the look on her face when I tried to talk to her," Stevie replied. "If she simply didn't feel the same way she would have just said that."

"Maybe she was trying to spare your feelings?"

"That's how you spare someone's feelings?" Stevie snapped.

"I'm not saying it makes sense Stevie, but it's a possibility. Look what I'm saying is that I've been sixteen and in love with my best friend and sometimes the best of friends make the worst of relationships. That's what I'm saying Stevie. I don't know why Ebbie is saying no now, but you shouldn't force this on her. She has to want it or else it'll fall apart and you'll lose one of the closest people to you," Sam pressed.

"I already feel like I'm losing the closest person to me," Stevie replied.

"Then maybe it's time that you found a new best friend."

"I was afraid you were going to say that," Stevie said running his hands through his hair.

By the time the new school week arrived, Stevie was armed with a new attitude and Stacie could smell Sam's meddling a mile away. She knew it wasn't intentional. Her oldest brother was probably trying his best to help Stevie, but the middle child of the Evans family had a nasty knack of finding the worst possible way of practicing the advice of others—and Stevie deciding to flat out ignore Ebbie McDaniel was proving not to be one of his better decisions.

Ebbie put on a good show of indifference, not actively trying to speak to the blonde haired boy either, but Stacie could see her patience waning. She'd heard the end of their tense conversation last week and knew that it would take some time for Stevie to either accept Ebbie's decision or for Ebbie to come to her senses. What she didn't know was that the pair of them would make such a show out of their romantic struggle.

Stacie had been with Ebbie when they entered the cafeteria on Tuesday. As the day before, she made no mentions of her older brother and instead continued to keep her up to date with the Rachel and Finn situation.

"He's really starting to get the whole flirting thing, which is good, because he was terrible," Ebbie said. "I think Mr. Hudson is going to turn out just fine for Ms. Berry. Once Sam runs off into the wind with Mercedes, the USS Finchel will be safe to sail."

"Finchel? That sounds like the name of a disease," Stacie said.

"It's better than Hudberry," Ebbie shrugged, "and remember, there will be no cheating on the USS Finchel. So don't you dare ask me to push them together any faster than the rate I'm going."

"Relax Mama Bear," Stacie smiled. "Your precious ship will be just fine."

"Looking good McDaniel," Trent Stewart said as he passed.

"What exactly is the point of that?" Stacie asked rolling her eyes as Trent openly leered at Ebbie.

"Trent? It's just a fuck."

"And again I ask, what is the point?"

"I like to orgasm," Ebbie shrugged.

"Get a vibrator!" Stacie threw back.

"Stacie have you ever used a vibrator? Trust me, it gets real old real quick."

"Well maybe you should get one that resembles my brother's dick since you're so obsessed with it," Stacie snipped. "That is before he finds another cute little cheerleader to get attached to."

Stacie knew that she probably shouldn't have done it, but once she saw brother speaking with Amandla Peterson, a sophomore on Ebbie's squad, she could barely keep the words out of her mouth. Ebbie turned around to see Stevie talking animatedly with the young girl and Stacie knew that she was already seeing red.


He didn't turn at the sound of Ebbie's raised voice but Amandla did and seeing the clear look of disdain on her captain's face changed her entire demeanor. Stacie watched as the small girl pointed at Ebbie as she spoke to Stevie, but he didn't budge and even went as far as to placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. Stacie couldn't help but hold back a laugh. Either Stevie knew exactly what he was doing or was dumb enough to think that he'd get away with ignoring his friend in front of all of their peers.

"Steven!" Ebbie called out again.

When she got no answer, Stacie expected her to march up right to him, but she instead doubled back and silently slipped her way in between the lunch line. When Stacie saw her re-emerge with a large plate of strawberry yogurt, she tried to step in.

"Um, Ebbie where are you going with that?"

The where in question turned out to be the back of Stevie's head. Amandla had jumped out of range before Ebbie had thrown the dessert at him but several of Stevie's other friends got sprayed with the yogurt, though it was nothing compared to the stains on the back of Stevie's shirt.

"Well that got your attention," Ebbie smiled.

"Oh you wanted my attention," Stevie said slowly anger rippling from him. "Trust me Ebbie, you got it."

Stacie was quite sure that when Ebbie meant 'attention' she didn't mean milk being thrust in her face.

"Glad to have your attention Ms. McDaniel," Stevie snapped throwing the empty milk carton at her.

"You little—"

"Evans! McDaniel! Front office!"

One of the school's teachers parted the anxious crowd that had been waiting for the showdown of month—Ebbie usually had an audience when she went head to head with someone, though this hadn't been the first time that she'd gone head to head with a boy. As Stacie watched her brother and Ebbie get dragged from the café, Margie Henson, another close friend of Ebbie's came to stand beside her.

"Were you as unsurprised as I was by that?" she asked lightly.

"I'd say that was about three years in the making," Stacie shrugged.

"I just wish that they'd finally put all that damn sexual tension to good use," Margie groaned. "Their bullshit is getting really old."

"I'm working on it," Stacie replied. "Patience is a virtue."

"Yes, but you and I have money that they're going to get together before graduation and it looks like they just went about 50 steps back," Margie reminded.

"Or 50 steps forward. You know Ebbie, she's stubborn but she's not stupid," Stacie said. "I need to run Margie. I've got to call my brother for Stevie's 'get out of jail free card'."

Sam arrived at his sibling's high school not too long after Stacie's phone call. He called the school to let them know that calling their parents wouldn't be necessary. As a sibling over 21 he would be given the permission to take his now-suspended-brother home. Apparently Carmichael High took destruction of school property—i.e. cheerleading uniforms—rather seriously. Though thanks to his brother's otherwise clean record, the school decided to just let them both go home for the rest of the day and leave the incident off of their permanent records.

"You know when I said find a new best friend, egging her on by ignoring her isn't really what I meant," Sam said as he walked through the halls with his younger brother.

"She asked for it," Stevie replied. "Ebbie needs to know that there are consequences for her actions and I'm not giving up."

"So you did it on purpose?"

"Of course I did," Stevie said smiling slightly. "I learned from the best."

"Well just don't mention that to mom," Sam chuckled. "I don't think this is what she meant when she said that you'd be looking up to me."

"I wasn't talking about you!" Stevie teased. "At least Dad got the girl in the end!"

He dodged his brother's playful swat to the back of his head but laughed along with him.

"Look do you think you can stay out of trouble for the rest of the week? I won't mention this to Mom and Dad. I'm only letting you off the hook because I don't want you grounded on the weekend that Mercy is clearing her schedule to come hang out with us."

"Wait, it's going to be me, you, Stacie and Mercy? This weekend?" Stevie asked.

"Yep," Sam confirmed smiling at his brother's excitement. "It'll be just like old times."

Oh brother of mine, you have no idea, Stevie thought as he threw one arm over his brother's shoulders. "Sounds perfect."

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