Anne felt lost and alone, her husband had moved on and she had a sense of dread. She decided for once she would take control of her own life and make a decision that she knew would anger her family. She took a deep breath as she opened the doors to the privy chamber of the king, not caring who was around Anne made her stand. She had lost her son because of the whore Jane Seymour, she wasn't about to lose her life. Little did she know that the life she may have lost would be more than just her life as Queen of England.

"Your majesty, I have come to tell you I have decided I am going to retire from court to join a nunnery. I feel I have failed you, you majesty, and have decided to let you go so you can find happiness. All I ask my lord is that you treat our daughter right."

A hush fell over the room, everyone who was anyone at court was there including the Seymours. Henry was stunned. Did she know he planned to rid himself of her with false charges? Nobody had known his plan yet, he had only decided that he would have her executed for trumped up charges the night before. He was confused and more then a little angry. But all he could muster was to call her name as she left the room.

Anne sat in her chambers staring off into the distance. Could she actually do this? She loved Henry with all her heart, but she had lost him. She couldn't bear the thought of him with that whore Jane Seymour and knew he would use this to marry her but damn him if he thought he would get to decide how she left this marriage. She had her ladies already pack her clothes, and she had arranged an escort in the morning to Dartford Priory. Soon her father came barging in her chambers.

"What the hell are you doing?" Thomas had actually pulled is arm back to slap her when a hand grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Anne looked up to see Henry standing there. "Guards, take Lord Rochford to the tower." Anne had started to cry and Henry just stood there perplexed.

"Why are you doing this, Anne? Is this another one of your games? Well answer me." Henry ordered.

"No, it isn't a game Henry. I love you, I have always loved you. I always will love you, but I know now that you no longer love me. Henry our son is dead because I love you so much, and I let my jealousy get to me. Of course you just now saw how my father treats me, like I am a lowly servant meant only to obey him. Henry, I want you to be happy, and I see now I don't make you happy anymore. But I would like you to know, don't trust my uncle, Lord Norfolk."

Henry wasn't sure what to do, he was overjoyed he would get to marry Jane now. But he was a little more than upset that Anne had won in a way. He half wanted to tell her she couldn't do that, not because he loved her, but so he could enact his plan to rid himself of her for good. But she clearly planned her retreat and used the courtiers to make sure he couldn't make her stay. If he made her stay, he would never be able to just kill her now.

"Anne, then I give you permission to retire to the nunnery."

"Henry, may I be able to see Elizabeth from time to time?" She asked hopefully.

"I will think about it."

With that Henry left the room and went seeking the comforts of Lady Jane Seymour. Henry could hear the Seymours talking with Jane when he arrived at their apartments.

"Jane, you will be Queen soon." Edward told her bluntly.

"But how, the king is still married". Jane questioned.

"The concubine is retiring to a nunnery, she announced it in front of the entire court just now." Thomas added.

Just then Henry walked into the room.

"Thomas, I do not every want to hear you speak of the current Queen in that manner again." Henry scolded.

He told the Seymours to leave him with Jane. He pulled her to him and kissed her passionately.

"Jane, you will be Queen soon and now I expect you to fulfill your duty." With that he led Jane to the bed.

"Please Henry, not until we are married" she pleaded with him

Henry had waited for so long with Anne, he wasn't about to allow Jane to play the same game completely. He had naively fallen for her marriage or nothing ploy, but Henry was angry with Anne and needed something to relax him. And unlike Anne, Jane did not love the king in the slightest. This was all about power for her ambitious family.

"Jane, I need you now." Jane ended up giving in to her king.

The next morning Anne prepared to leave her home, her daughter, the husband she loved so much for Dartford Priory. But Anne had one more thing to do. She called for Lady Madge Shelton, her cousin, and favorite lady-in-waiting.

"Madge, please take this letter to the King after I am gone. It's my final goodbye." Anne said half smirking.

"Yes, your majesty." Anne then took her leave. She told her brother goodbye, and asked Jane to please try and be patient with him.

Anne was gone, she had left the court she loved so much. Her husband had long abandoned her, and her family only wanted to use her. Madge had watched her leave, then turned to take her letter to the king.

Charles was sitting and talking with Henry about the events.

"Charles, I have decided that since Anne left on her own accord I will allow our daughter to remain legitimate and a Princess. Anne at least care enough about her duty and her child to not fight to keep this sham of a marriage."

"Your grace, are you to marry Lady Jane now?"

"As soon as it is known that Anne has left her place as Queen, the marriage will take place."

Just then Madge was led into the room.

"Your majesty, Queen Anne asked me to deliver this letter."

"Thank you Lady Madge." Henry looked at the woman who once shared his bed lustfully.

After Madge left the room, Henry read the brief note. When he finished he angrily slammed his fists into the table.

"What is it your Grace?" Charles asked. Henry just pushed the note to Charles to read, he was too angry.

Dearest Henry,

I take my leave of you and the court that so easily condemned me as a whore and concubine. All I ask if you love your daughters equally and if you could try and reconcile with Lady Mary. I know now how cruel I was to her, all based on my own fears and insecurities. I love you still and will always love you. I hope your mistress gives you the son you crave, and hope that this child I am carrying is another beautiful girl like our Princess Elizabeth. You must remember the last night you came to my bed, the love we shared that night produced this beautiful child growing inside me and hopefully now that I am away from court and the hatred aimed at me from all present this child will be born healthy and strong. But know this, this is your child as much as Mary and Elizabeth and I hope you and your new wife will accept this child as much as I know you love your other children

With love always

Anne Boleyn

your humble servant.