Epilogue :

Mary and Prince Henry had a wonderfully happy marriage with many children. She named her first daughter Katherine after her mother and her youngest was name Anne after the woman who changed her life so much. From passionately hating Queen Anne, Mary learned to love her and saw that England loved her as well. She admired the strength she showed, and she would never forget how she outplayed the King that fateful day in 1536. She even returned to England in 1571 as the chief mourner at Queen Anne's funeral, since her own sons and daughters were unable to attend based on royal protocol. She hadn't returned five years prior when her father died, but she mourned him as well. Anne and Henry were buried together at Hampton Court, and only shared the sacred space with there youngest daughter who died at the age of just six years old. Princess Rachel had caught the sweating sickness in 1542 and unlike her mother and older brother Anthony she did succumbed only 2 days after her symptoms were noticed.

Prince George and his brother Prince Charles ruled the kingdom as joining monarchs, for never had brothers been so close. George outlived his twin by only 3 days, passing on the title of King to Charles' oldest son Prince Henry to become King Henry XI. Elizabeth had married Prince Phillip of Spain and lived to the age of 81 and her children went on to shape much of Spanish history. She named her youngest daughter after her little sister. Upon her death she wished to be buried in England for as much as she learned to love her home in Spain, and her children's realm she wished to be with her mother and father. With special permission from King Henry XI, Elizabeth the Queen of Spain was buried at Hampton Court. Only the four royals were ever buried there in the little Chapel Royal.

Henry & Anne's Children

Prince Elizabeth
Prince Charles & Prince George
Prince Anthony
Princess Emma
Princess Rachel

Mary & Henry's Children

Princess Katherine
Prince Francis
Prince Arthur
Princess Sarah
Prince Nicholas
Princess Rose
Princess Anne

Elizabeth & Phillip's Children

Prince George & Princess Bridget
Princess Anne
Princess Mary & Princess Beatrice
Prince Joseph
Prince Walter
Prince Richard & Princess Rachel