Untouched Desires

She never questioned where he ran off too, or why he always appeared bruised and bloody. She didn't wonder why he looked like the legendary Phantom who tormented Amity Park. She couldn't imagine what desires clouded those eyes whenever she touched him. She only asked how she could possibly fall for the bad guy, her step brother.

Hallelujah, It's Raining Men

With the tilt of her head, Sam groaned. "Mom! What is this?"

"Oh, Sammi-kins." Her mother Pamela Manson inquired with a delighted tone. She must have been oblivious to the frustration in her daughter's voice. "I've been meaning to speak with you."

Sam waited for her mother to get down the stairs in the white pumps she wore. They clicked against the marble, making Sam grind her teeth every time. Pam always dressed as if she were attending a ball, white gloves on her hands and a colorful sundress to go along with it. Her hair was just a shade darker than the fire roaring downstairs, a vibrant orange that didn't appear too carrot like or dyed.

Her heels continued to click. A few weeks ago, when they had first moved here, her mother had declined several houses, simply because the staircases were made of wood. "It simply won't do," her mother chided. "My heels would tear right through the disgusting material."

After a painstakingly long time, Pamela finally reached her daughter's side.

"What is this?" Sam gestured to her room, or what had once been her room anyway. All of her possessions had been cleaned out, the walls painted a dark blue and a simple king sized bed against the wall. Men continued to come in and out of the area, bringing new and expensive furniture.

Her mother smiled. "Why, it's for Daniel, sweetie."

"Daniel." Sam bit her tongue. They'd never even met and she already hated her brother to be. "And why did you give him my room?"

Pamela laughed. "You can't be selfish now, Sammi-kins."

"I'm not being selfish," Sam defended, before shutting her mouth. She did sound rather child-ish at the moment, but her mom was one to talk. After a moment, she sighed. "Where am I staying?"

Her mother pointed to a room down the hall. Sam shook her head and began walking that way, listening to her combat boots thud against the flooring.

She hesitated before she opened the door and she had reason to. Pink walls, pink bed, white canopy. Oh, if only she had actually digested something other than an apple this morning she would have puked all over the floor. At least it would have hid the hideous furry white carpet that surrounded the area.

"Geez, am I five?" Sam stalked into the room and picked up her only remaining item; her purple backpack. She reached into the front pocket and pulled out some black spray paint. "Looks like a makeover is in order."

"Don't even think about that, love."

Sam immediately turned around and was greeted by a man in the doorway. He wore a black and white suit, hands held securely behind him and chin up in superiority. His white hair was strong into a low ponytail and proceeded down the back of his neck. The white ascot he wore only added to his protruding weirdness. Who wore that nowadays?

"Vlad." Sam glared at her new step father, already feeling the tension. "I didn't know you would be here today."

He fixed a smile onto his face and that polite act began. "Why, of course Samantha. I don't know if your mother told you, but Daniel and I will be moving in shortly."

"You mean you and your invisible son?" Sam raised an eyebrow.

Vlad laughed. "Why, its adorable how you think he doesn't exist. Teenage rebellion I presume?"

"Well, you've dated my mom for a few months and I've never seen him," Sam stated. "He wasn't even at the wedding." She knew any kid of Vlad's would be terrible, but from what Sam had gathered, or hadn't gathered, she could assume he was a careless jerk.

An almost sinister glint crossed Vlad's eyes. "He'll be here, Samantha. You'll see."

"Yeah, let's hope. Otherwise I'm gonna start to believe he's a ghost."

Sam made her way over to the pink bed and winced. She began shaking up the spray bottle.

"Samantha." She turned back to Vlad. He was still here? "Your mother and I would appreciate if that attitude of yours would go away." She frowned. "It's getting a little old."

"So is your fake British accent, but you don't hear me complaining."

Vlad glared. "Lunch will be served outside," he finished, walking out of her room.

With a long sigh, Sam flopped onto her bed -after she had used the entire spray bottle to paint it black- and stared at the window beside her. It felt like her father's death had been a life time ago. She recalled the last conversation she had with him, the overwhelming smell of his cologne as he gave her one last hug. It was beginning to get hard to remember his cheery voice and that scared her.

She turned over onto her belly and tried to think about less serious issues. There was also the case that she would be living under the same roof as Vlad and his ghost of a son. She could probably handle Daniel, seeing as he never seemed to be around, but she hated the way Vlad was trying to dictate her life. She had always been a free thinker, one for the people and the animals. Her ultra recycle vegetarian ways were never something her parents had been proud about, but at least they let her have that. Vlad, on the other hand, tried to control her every move. Suddenly, she wasn't good enough.

They're not going to break me, Sam thought defiantly. I'm not another possession they can hold on to.

A knock disturbed her train of thought. Sam looked at the doorway.

"Oh, I'm sorry," a timid maid explained from the other side of the door. Back in her old house, they had people who frequently came in to clean, but never actual servants to tend to them. "I was asked by Mr. and Mrs. Masters to make sure you're fit for lunch."

Sam bit her lip. "Uh, yeah. I guess so." She stood up and finally got a clear view of the maid. She wore an old fashioned brown and white servant dress, her long blond hair pulled into a braid. Her eyes were rather big, round, giving her an almost child-like quality, but the most striking thing about her was the large gold necklace around her neck. It was a little gaudy for a maid, wasn't it?

"That's an interesting necklace," Sam stated, walking to the door.

"Oh, um, thank you." The maid seemed as confused as Sam in how to speak to her. "Did you plan to change or...?"

Sam glanced down at her black shirt and realized the front was sticky. She had laid on the bed too early. "No," she said after a moment. It would drive Vlad mad to see her like this.

"Okay." They began their walk down the hall.

Sam was the one to strike up a conversation. "So, what's your name?"

The maid blinked. "I beg your pardon?"

"Your name," Sam said again. "And you can drop the polite talk. I've don't like formalities."

The maid nodded in understanding. "Its Dora." She paused. "And I always speak like this."

"How come?" Sam thought about those classes of manners and sensibility her mother had put her in.

"Where I'm from people always talk like this."

"Are you foreign?"

A certain smile slipped on her face. "Something like that."

They made their way down the second staircase where more maids littered the floor. They all seemed busy getting the house presentable. There was probably a welcoming party Vlad and her mother were planning for themselves. She hoped Amity Park wasn't anything like them.

A table had been set in the backyard on the patio and beside the pool. Trays of silver were set in a pattern along the surface, small sandwiches as snacks, a giant roll of cheese and to her disgust a cooked chicken in the center.

Her mother and Vlad sat at either end of the table, eagerly awaiting Sam. She pulled out a chair and sat down, staring at the empty seat across from her.

"I'm guessing Daniel won't be joining us?"

Vlad cut a chunk out of the cheese. "Unfortunately, no. He's an awfully busy boy and I'm quite proud of his achievements. He is excited to meet you though, Samantha."

She raised an eyebrow. Since when did Daniel want to meet her? "That's...interesting."

"Indeed." Vlad glanced over at her shirt and frowned. "You went on with your plan, did you?"

Sam smiled and hid it behind her glass of iced tea.

"Its a little hot," Pamela said from the other side of the table, fanning herself. "I had thought maybe you wanted to change into the new clothing I had made for you."

Sam choked a little. Did she mean custom made?

"Oh, yes," Vlad added, cutting into the chicken breast. "We forgot to inform you. There will be a party tonight in honor of our arrival." He looked at Sam now with a serious expression. "It would be best you not embarrass us again, Samantha."

"There is the cutest dress for you upstairs," her mother boasted, sneaking in a finger sandwich. "Just lovely. If I weren't so mature, I would wear it myself."

"My Darling, you always look stunning," Vlad cooed.

Sam tried not to vomit the rest of her meal as they made small talk. She actually felt jealous of Daniel. He didn't have to sit through this torture.

At the end of their meal, Vlad stood and smiled. "We should get settled."

"I love your hair." Paulina, a name Sam was sure would haunt her, said for about the twelfth time tonight, but it was to be expected. After sticking her into the ridiculous green and white gown, Vlad had began the party with a toast. Sam and her mother had been right beside him at the time, an arm around each of them so there was no mistaking Sam was the rich girl.

She had met a bunch of people tonight and sadly it was the typical jock, cheerleader, preppy chick Sam would rather poke her eyes out then hang out with.

"...and your dress. I think I saw it in a vogue catalog. Is it imported?"

Sam looked for an escape plan and smiled when one came to mind. "Oh, I have loads of dresses like this one." She modeled the side for her.

Paulina's blue eyes widened. "Really?" she squealed.

"Yup. They're all up in my room. I was actually thinking about giving some away, to charity, but I might have a few in your size." Sam doubted it though. Paulina had a completely different body from her. Though Sam had a few curves of her own, Paulina was blessed with a huge bust and rather large hips. She even dressed herself in a revealing pink gown to show them off. Sam definitely wasn't going to get along with her.

"I'd be happy to take it off your hands. If you don't want it anymore," Paulina added quickly.

Sam forced a grin. "That would be perfect. I'd go with you myself, but I need to be here for the party. My rooms on the second floor, down the hall to your right."

Paulina practically bolted up the staircase, making Sam laugh and roll her eyes. How predictable the greedy were.

Sam quickly made her retreat outside, which was thankfully clear of guests. The moon was out in a clear, black sky, illuminating the water in the pool. Sam made her way down the walkway and sighed.

There was a soft breeze to ruffle past her, before it grew violent. Sam looked up and realized she wasn't alone. A shadow figure was plummeting to earth, falling just feet away from the confused teen.

The crash sounded loud in her ears, the shadow rubbing against the earth and tearing at the grass until there was a fine line of dirt drawn into the ground. Sam ran toward the figure, half concerned and half terrified of whatever had landed. Images of UFOs immediately filled her head and whatever else could have possibly fallen from the sky.

But when she was close enough, she stopped. There wasn't some supernatural entity or aircraft awaiting her, but a living, breathing boy. He lay unconscious on the grass, wearing a strange black and white jumping suit.

Sam knelt down beside the boy to get a better look. He seemed close to her age, with hair as white as snow. His lips were slightly blue and parted, the color of his skin pale. This concerned her. Sam outstretched a hand to feel for his temperature.

But his hand caught her wrist before she even had a chance to and suddenly they were standing. Vicious glowing green eyes stared back at her, leaving Sam speechless.

"What are you doing?" The guy asked. Sam was surprised, despite everything she had just witnessed about him, his voice sounded normal.

"You...you fell from the sky." Even saying it made her feel crazy. He couldn't have fallen from the sky. It was impossible. Men didn't just fall from the sky, but the streak of dirt was proof enough.

The guy sighed, shaking his head. "Skulker," he spat and looked back at Sam. "I suppose I'll have to do something about you then."

His hand clenched around her throat and Sam desperately clawed at his grip, unsuccessful. Her feet lifted then and she realized they were floating several feet above the ground. She couldn't seem to kick her legs up and her attempts at hitting him were futile.

"Humans," she heard him murmur as her vision began to blur. "Such pathetic creatures."

She could barely move anymore. Sam was sure she was going to die now.

"Boy, do you ever listen?"

Vlad's furious voice filled the air and suddenly she was falling.

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