Untouched Desires

She never questioned where he ran off too, or why he always appeared bruised and bloody. She didn't wonder why he looked like the legendary Phantom who tormented Amity Park. She couldn't imagine what desires clouded those eyes whenever she touched him. She only asked how she could possibly fall for the bad guy, her step brother.

Resisting the Wine

The party was exactly as Sam dreaded. An expensive house overflowed with high strung college students. The beat from a base was pounding through her body, making it feel as if the music had purged inside her very soul. Behind the curtained windows she could make out neon flashing lights and shadows of dancing buffoons.

She had most definitely been wrong about Gregor. He was, at most, a prep with a taste for the high life. How had she ever believed they had anything in common?

Garbage littered the freshly cut lawn. Sam frowned and inspected the damage. It reeked of alcohol and other substances she couldn't quite identify. Her heels dug into the stone pathway. Why had she even bothered dressing classy? Sam suddenly felt modest in her skimpy little black number. Giggling girls swayed on their way passed, wearing midriffs and skirts that were practically underwear. There were splatters of neon colored paint all over there skin with glow sticks around their necks. That was definitely the theme of the party.

All right. That's it.

Sam kicked off her heels and held it in one hand. No use dressing up for these people. She stepped, barefoot, into the threshold.

It actually smelled worse inside than out. Sweat, smoke, and drinks assaulted her nose. It was one bad odor after another. The space was rather large, but small in comparison to the people. The open door offered no relief. It would remain a sticky June evening.

There was smoke from a fog machine somewhere, irritating her eyes. Sam wiped at her cheek, hoping she wouldn't have to take her contacts out for this.

"Samantha!" A beefy hand gripped her shoulder. Did she really once call him slender and graceful?

Gregor, as always, sported a pair of dark shades. Sam wondered if he did that to avoid the smoke filling the room or to conceal his drug usage. Probably both.

"What do you want, Gregor?" She screamed over the music. No one had even noticed her angered tone. They were too busy swaying to the beat of the song.

"C'mon." He crooked a finger at her, beckoning that she come follow.

Sam sighed, gripping the heels tightly in her hand. Her feet felt clammy against the marble flooring. Her foot smashed something juicy, but she ignored the urge to scream out and wipe off the mess. She hadn't agreed to come here to show him how weak she was.

They approached a door leading down a set of stairs. The basement was lit dimly with a game of poker going on. One guy smoked a cigarette. The other a beer.

"Looks like the entertainment is here."

One of the guys said without looking away from his cards. The three other eyes glanced up at her, smiling crudely.

Run, her mind commanded.

Sam turned, but Gregor stopped her. "Ah. Ah." He wiggled his finger in a no-no gesture. "Its not polite to ignore company."

"Gregor, you ass!" Sam hissed as he steered her toward the table. "Danny will kill you when he finds out." Surprisingly, she wasn't threatening him. She was warning him.

"Who says you'll be sober enough to remember?" He held up a drink, spilling powder into its contents.

Sam managed to kick the closest guy to her in the balls, but then they all surrounded her. Each one took a limb, holding the poor girl captive. She glared dangerously at Gregor.

"I see your accent is gone."

He chuckled. "That's why I like you, Samantha. So kind, honest. You truly are one of a kind." He grabbed hold of her nose and tilted her head back. "Now be a good little girl and drink this."

Sam struggled, but eventually she had to breathe. The nasty alcohol burned down her throat and she coughed. The men released her as she held her throat, choking.

Gregor stood over her. "This is a mercy, Samantha. You don't have to remember. You should be thankful."

"Should I be thankful?"

Another male voice seethed from the darkness. Sam squinted in order to see. He stood somewhere in the shadows, a ghost to her, invisible to all others.

Until one man screamed. Something flashed and grabbed his leg, dragging him into the darkness. The obvious crack of bones sent them all over the edge.

The single bulb in the room hung above the poker table, flickering. The lamp was swinging back and forth releasing a hypnotic creak.

Another guy pulled out a gun. "I'm warning you!" He aimed the gun around him, turning at all angles. Eventually the thing got him to, letting his screams linger. The last man backed up with a knife in his hand. He was rambling words in a foreign language. Then the shadows got him, too, until it was just Sam and Gregor.

"How do you feel now, Gregor?" The voice commanded.

Danny. Sam's ears pounded as the drug began to take effect. She could already feel her senses dulling, her body overheating. Was she shaking? Or was the room spinning?

The figure pulled himself out of the darkness, revealing that same white haired boy. His hands were open with an eerie green energy floating above his palms. They matched the green of his eyes.

"You're the worst kind of creature. Ghost or human alike hate you scum." The energy ball increased as his anger grew. "Death is too much a

He was going to kill Gregor. Through her drunken haze everything became clear. It didn't matter if this white haired creature was Danny or not. She had to save Gregor.

Sam ran with sluggish steps toward the guy. "Danny!" She screamed, forcing him to stare at her. His eyes were a chaotic green; alive and wild and uncontrollable.

"Don't do this," she breathed, feeling her morals slipping. Every moment she was pulling closer to drunk. "Please...don't...kill..."

"Samantha." Danny patted a gloved hand over her hair. "Are you okay?"

And suddenly it was Danny again. Raven haired player Danny. He had a hand around her waist, supporting her weight. Sam looked around.

"He got away."


"And you let him?"

There was a tiny smirk. "For now." Then his face became serious. "You know my secret."

"Secret..." Sam thought about the word. "That you are something...else."

"Yes," Danny said, looking her straight in the eyes. "Sam, I'm a ghost."