My brand new Digimon fanfic! This has been bugging me for a sometime, especially when my favorite author Shara Raizel had finally updated my ultimate favorite Digimon fanfic called "Drowning Memories". It's a 02/04 crossover one that had Takuya and Daisuke (Davis) as cousins. For some time as I read the fanfiction story, I began to wonder "What if Takuya and Daisuke (Davis) were brothers?". That's how this story came to be! I love the idea of having them as brothers just as much I love the idea of having Daisuke (Davis) brothers with any of the Goggle Head Boys, especially Taichi even though I'm a Taisuke and DaiKari fan. Lol! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the story. The whole 02 story line where Daisuke (Davis) gotten the Digimental of Miracles will change a bit than the original story line. You'll see why. After all the title should say it all. Enjoy~! =^-^=

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon, but I wish I owned Daisuke (Davis). Lol!

Bond Between Brothers

Arc 01: Miracles' Flame Guardian

Chapter 01

A five year old Takuya sat down impatiently in the waiting room with his grandmother sitting right next to him. For a while he had been watching the small T.V. above to get him out of the boredom of waiting, but he only grew bored and anxious after some time. He kept glancing at the double doors to his right in curiosity and sat impatiently for the waiting to end.

"When can I go see mommy and daddy, granny? Is he or she come out yet?" Takuya asked. He swung his legs back and forth while looking at his grandmother.

"Patience, Takuya. It will be over soon. You just have to wait for a bit more," His grandmother said.

Takuya pouted. He felt he had already waited long enough!

"Why can't I go with mommy like daddy?" Takuya grumbled with his pout kept in place.

"You're not old enough dear. You won't be able to handle it," His grandmother chuckled.

"Can too," Takuya whispered stubbornly.

Luckily for Takuya, it didn't take long until his dad finally came out of the double door. Takuya found it strange and funny seeing his dad wearing some kind of green-bluish dress over his clothes. Either way, he was too excited and anxious to give much further thought about it.

"Sorry for keeping you two waiting for so long," His dad apologized with an exhausted smile.

His grandmother merely smiled back. "No need to apologize dear. I will know better than anybody how long the procedure would take. Getting into labor isn't easy," She said with twinkled eyes.

His dad chuckled then looked down at his son. "Want to go see your new little brother?" His dad inquired then lifted him up into his arms as Takuya quickly nodded his head in hope to see his new sibling soon.

"Yes!" Takuya said excitedly.

His dad and grandmother laughed softly upon his enthusiasm shout.

Inside the room was huge, yet at the same time a bit cramped since the big bed his mom was laying on took most of the room. His mom looked tired, but held a happy twinkle in her eyes. But it wasn't his mother that held Takuya's attention. It was the bundle in his mom's arms that really took his attention away.

"Takuya, this is your little brother. Say hi to him," His mother said as his dad brought him down on the bed next to his mom.

The five year old auburn haired boy looked down with wide curious eyes at the bundle. He was met with two identical brown eyes as his own, but they seemed much wider and innocent. Takuya looked down at his new younger brother in astonishment and amazement, especially how small his new sibling was.

"When can I play with him?" Takuya asked to his parents while not taking his eyes away from his brother. He felt an instinct of something inside him that didn't want him to take his gaze away from the new Kanbara out of his sight. He wondered what that instinct was.

His parents chuckled upon Takuya's innocent question. Takuya wondered what was so funny since he thought that his question was quite important.

"Not for a long time sweet-heart," His mom answered with an amused smile.

"How long is 'a long time'?" Takuya frowned and felt disappointed, but never took his gaze away from his new brother's face.

"Takuya, remember what I said earlier, patience child. Your new brother needs to learn how to walk and talk first before you can truly play with him," His grandmother said soothingly. "Speaking of which, have you named the child yet?"

His parents looked at one another then smiled.

"Kiseki… Kanbara Kiseki is his name," His mom said with a smile.

"Ah, your little 'Miracle', huh?" His grandmother smiled softly.

'Miracle?' Takuya blinked as he looked down at his little brother, who slowly began to smile at his older brother. The older boy looked softly at the younger babe and grinned softly down at his little brother… Kiseki. 'I promise… I will always protect you, my little Miracle brother,'

- BEEP! -

- BEEP! -

- BEEP! -

- BE-! -


With a groan, 17 year old Takuya sat up from his bed and scowled at his 'evil' alarm clock his parents bought for him. Rubbing his eyes, he looked down at the clock and took note he still had about 15 more minutes to meet up with his friends. Reluctantly, the Warrior DigiDestined of Flame got up and went to get ready for the new day. As he finished dressing up and put on his square goggles on his cap, Takuya noticed a shining gleam at the corner of his eye.

Blinking in confusion, Takuya walked over and picked the object that caught his attention. In his hand was silver chained necklace with a golden eight pointed star pendant. On top of the star pendant was a written scription of a name that was all so painfully familiar to the Leader of the Warrior DigiDestined.

Kiseki K.

Feeling the familiar lump in his throat, Takuya quickly tried to calm himself down and took deep breaths. He couldn't break down now! Not before meeting the rest of the Warrior DigiDestined!

Finally keeping his composure and settled down except for the pain his heart, Takuya stroked the pendant with his thumb in a delicate and soft manner. Not wanting to leave it alone and fearing to lose it again did Takuya finally put on around his neck and tucked it underneath his shirt.

'How long has it been since the last time I dreamed of that day?' Takuya asked himself as he settled his school bag on his shoulder. His once cheerful and optimism demeanor was long gone, but now held a somber and heart-aching sadness expressed across his face while clutching the hidden necklace. 'How long has it been since that faithful day? The day that broke my promise and had my little brother taken away from me and my family,'

No one knew outside from his family about Kiseki… his missing little brother.

For it was his secret to hold… His guilt and burden to hide, especially the hidden scar on his back that long since disappeared of the proof of his failure as a protector… and as an older brother.

"What's that…?" The blue and white Digimon named Chibimon asked in amazement while his human partner by the name of Motomiya Daisuke stood with a frown. They were now in the room where the power source of the hideout of Kaiser (who's really actually Ichiouchi Ken) to stop it from moving.

Okay, let's go back for a bit.

Motomiya Daisuke was the new DigiDestined and leader of the second group of DigiDestined after his idol and hidden crush, Yagami Taikimi, or "Tai-chan" which he had called her as since they met. Daisuke was the holder of the Digimentals of Courage and Friendship since none of the Original DigiDestined who holds those crests (meaning Taikimi and Ishida Yamato) couldn't lift them. Same goes for the other four Original DigiDestined: Sora, Izzi, Mimi and Joe. The Digimentals of Love and Sincerity were given to Inoue Miyako while the crests belonged to Sora and Mimi. Just like the Digimentals of Knowledge and Reliability were given to Hida Iori while the crests belonged to Koushiro and Jyou. They along with the two of the youngest in the Original DigiDestined, Yagaimi Hikari and Takaishi Takeru, helped trying to defeat the new darkness and evil that was being taken place once again in the DigiWorld. Kaiser was their main focus, who was a human just like them with a Digimon Partner of his own, but sees Digimon as his slaves and uses the Dark Rings, Spirals, and Towers by doing just that.

Now our fellow DigiDestined were now in Kaiser's hideout, but were quickly defeated by the powerful Digimon the Kaiser had created by the name of Chimeramon. Most of the DigiDestined were about to retreat but Daisuke wouldn't have it. He said confidently with conviction that he refused to give up now and allow anymore chaos, destruction, and pain going through the DigiWorld by allowing Chimeramon free. He quickly left his team behind with Chibimon to stop the power source. They were soon helped on the way by Kaiser's Digimon named Wormmon. Putting trust on the Virus type Digimon, Daisuke followed Wormmon to the room.

As soon as they arrived, Daisuke couldn't help but feel something stir inside him. He didn't understand what it was, but he's gotten the feeling he was about to find out whether he would like it or not.

"It's like this place is filled with an incredible energy…" Chibimon observed from on top of Daisuke's head.

"What's going on?" Daisuke asked with gritted teeth. The stirring began to become more noticeable and this made him nervous. 'Something is going to happen soon… but what?'

"It's coming from that black thing," Chibimon said, pointing at the object ahead.

"Ken-chan found it," Wormmon explained as he and Daisuke walked toward the very black object. "It's what makes the fortress move,"

Hearing this, for some reason, made Daisuke feel annoyed. He didn't understand why that was but he was.

"Then, if we remove this," Daisuke said while trying to keep his annoyance from being heard in his voice. "The fortress should stop, right? But how?"

Suddenly the black object began to raise itself up in the air, which shocked and surprised Daisuke and Chibimon. Soon the room darkened when the object lifted itself up and away from touching the thing that is attached to Kaiser's fortress. In fact, all of the power inside the hideout has been turned off, which Kaiser immediately took notice. In fact, the other DigiDestined also noticed this as well.

"Wh-what's this thing?" Daisuke asked, looking a bit startled. Even though he asked this and knew no answer of his own question, he couldn't shake the feeling that he in fact actually knew perfectly well what the object was.

When he finished asking, the object began to light itself in a brilliant golden light that brightened the whole room.

'What's going on?' Daisuke asked himself. He nor anyone else even took notice the brightened crest shining on his forehead that quickly vanished. All the DigiDestined of Courage and Friendship knew was that something was about to change. For the better or worse he didn't know, but he knew that it was going to happen no matter what.

"See you till tomorrow guys!" Takuya grinned at his friends and with a wave he ran off home.

Meanwhile, his best friend and his long term girlfriend both frowned as their leader left them and their friends behind. Takuya's best friend's (Minamoto Kouji) twin brother, Kimura Kouichi, looked at him in concern.

"Is something the matter, Kouji?" Kouichi asked his twin who caught everyone's attention, except Orimoto Izumi, the only girl amongst them and Takuy's girlfriend, who still looked on where Takuya had run off to.

"Something is wrong with Takuya," Izumi answered for Kouji.

"What do you mean?" The youngest in the group by the name of Himi Tomoki asked.

"Takuya hasn't been acting like himself the whole day," Kouji frowned.

"Hey, now that you mentioned it, you're right," The oldest in the group by the name of Shibayama Junpei said, his eyes widening upon the realization.

"He has been spacing out a lot more than usual," Kouichi admitted.

"Exactly. He even spaced out during soccer that our P.E. sensei (teacher) had given the whole class. Takuya wasn't acting his usual happy self at that," Kouji revealed.

Kouichi, Junpei, and Tomoki's eyes widened in shock.

"What! But Takuya loves soccer!" Tomoki shouted.

"That's not all,"

All four boys looked at Izumi, who had her fist clenched.

"What do you mean, Izumi-chan?" Junpei asked.

"Haven't you noticed that he seemed a bit more subdued and kept fiddling something from the top of his shirt? It was like he was holding onto something underneath it," Izumi said.

Everyone stood silently and all deep into their thoughts of their friend's behavior.

"Just what it is going on?" Kouji muttered.

With a sigh, Takuya flopped down on his soft bed. He felt exhausted and tired the whole day during the school day. Not to mention extremely depressed. The dream he had earlier kept probing into his mind, along with the last day he ever spent with his little brother. Just thinking about him made him cringe as his heart ached at the thought of Kiseki while probing onto the necklace that had once been given to his brother by Takuya on his little brother's seventh birthday.

'Why did I dream about the day when Kiseki-chan was born?' Takuya wondered as he turned around. With no answer, his eyes slowly began to droop until he finally fallen fast asleep.

What he never noticed was the glow next to him where his cellphone lay on his desk. Data surrounded the cellphone and transformed into the familiar looking Digivice only known well by the DigiDestined Warriors. The D-Tector shined in bright flaming red as the crest of Flame shined brightly on the screen of the D-Tector. Soon enough though, the brightened lessoned as soon as the symbol of Flame shined on Takuya's right hand.

The brilliant golden light was what caught Takuya attention to open his eyes. He looked around with confused and sleepy eyes as his sharp eyes took note of the weird area he was at. He then looked at himself and was shocked to see himself transparent…like a ghost. With a nervous gulp while trying not to panic, Takuya noticed that the bright golden light came from the object in front of him, which floated in the air. What surprised him was the amount of power and pure warmth coming from the object. It made the power that he and his other fellow Warrior DigiDestined once held paled in comparison, especially Kouji's power light that was pure didn't reach the amount of pureness as the object in front of him.

Before he could even think further about it, a young shocked voice (which he could distinctively know it belonged to a boy) was heard behind him.


Looking behind him, his eyes widened in shock and could feel his heart leaping tightly in his throat.

"A golden Digimental," The boy said in awe while looking at the golden object with an unfamiliar blue and white Digimon standing on his left and another unfamiliar green bug-type Digimon toward his right.

It wasn't the Digimon that shocked him in all honesty, even though he should since it's been six years since the last time he saw a Digimon. No, it was the boy that shocked him and made his face pale. The boy was the cause that brought the familiar ache in his heart that only happens at the thought of…

"Kiseki?" Takuya whispered while looking at the wild spiked auburn haired, goggle wearing boy, who was none other than…

Motomiya Daisuke.