Disclaimer: Another odd little fic that plagued my mind. LOL. No, but seriously, me likey this odd pairing. I had an idea to do a movie-versed theme pairing of the two and thought it was a rather intriguing idea. And I know a few may say that Shockwave was killed by Optimus. Well, my opinion on the matter is that he ripped out his eye. I have seen most bots survive worse than that. But for those anal about that sort of thing, I will keep it at an AU status.

"My darkness has been filled with the light of intelligence, and behold, the outer day-lit world was stumbling and groping in social blindness."

-Helen Keller

"It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."

-Unknown Proverb

By: VampireQueenAkasha

"...a magnificent creature."

-Shockwave, Foundation Issue 2

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Shockwave had wished to go offline.

For that moment, that insignificant moment in the human city, he thought he had. Optimus Prime ripped his optic out of his head and left him to bleed his life's Energon away. But he had awoken then in the facility once more; a prisoner to them and unable to see his captors. He could hear their voices; the voices of those miniscule animals talking about how they could take him apart, bit by bit. Some of the remaining Autobots even discussed cutting him down as well.

Shockwave wasn't afraid of anything, but he truly hated how useless he was; how he was blind to everything. His weapons were offline and he couldn't move his body. His arms were bound to the wall behind him and his legs were locked in something that had tightened uncomfortably. It was worse than when he had been imprisoned in that Russian Facility so long ago.

It was weak. It was pathetic.

But why give them any joy? Why give them any hope in seeing his suffering?

Shockwave was silent to it all. Silent to their mockery, their threats and their vows to end his life.

But then, he heard voices outside of his prison; Optimus was speaking to new Autobot arrivals. Shockwave leaned his head back to hear better. Optimus was greeting names that he hadn't heard of before or cared enough to remember.

Optimus led the group inside Shockwave's prison. He recognized an aged, annoyed voice that sounded familiar.

"Well? Let's have his head and be done with it, Prime!"

It was Kup. Shockwave hadn't heard of the old Autobot in such a long time, he was surprised that the mech was still alive.

"No," Optimus said, "He has no power anymore. No Decepticons. No leader. Nothing."

A female voice spoke next. One Shockwave didn't recognize. Even he couldn't deny that it carried a peculiar kindness for an Autobot. "He looks uncomfortable." she said, and it was difficult to tell if she was sympathetic or not.

"He better be." Kup snapped.

"Now that you've seen the prisoner," Optimus continued, "I think it's time for all of you to find suitable vehicle modes."

"Yes sir," Kup muttered, "Being in the same room with that guy makes me want to take my cannon to someone's face."

Likewise, Autobot... Shockwave thought.


Lennox surveyed the new Autobot arrivals.

One appeared to be a female who had chosen to take the alternate mode of a GM 3500 DR92 TraumaHawk. She was larger than the motorcycle triplets had been and had gentle, shining blue optics. Her hands were long and tipped to fine points and she had a soldering tool attached to her left arm. Her feet ended in long points and she had what looked to Lennox as robot heels. Overall, she was white and red in color.

"I'm Red Alert," she greeted, bending to the humans before her, "Nice to meet you creatures."

Lennox smiled and nodded. "Nice to meet you too."

Kup was standing impatiently beside her, his arms folded across his chest. He had chosen a dark green 2011 Ford SVT Raptor as his alternate mode. He has scars around his face and looked like he chewed on a robotic cigar. His optics were solid beady things that scrutinized the humans watching them. It wasn't obvious what kind of weapons he used because he didn't appear to have any at the moment. Lennox could only guess that they transformed from his body.

The other Autobot who had arrived with them was a mech Optimus referred to as Prowl. He had chosen a police version of a Dodge Charger LX. It gave a very unsettling reminder of Barricade and many remarked that the two were "brothers". Prowl didn't have as much patience like some of the Autobots, but he was an all-around good mech.

The final Autobot who had arrived with them was a mech that Optimus called Perceptor. He took the alternate mode of a red 2008 Pontiac G8. A simple vehicle of choice for a bot who appeared to have no taste for flare or image. Perceptor had been there for a short time and he didn't seem too interested in human activity. He rarely spoke and when he did, he communicated like that of a computer by speaking with "positive" instead of "yes".

"So...any idea where we're staying?" Kup muttered.

Ratchet approached them. "With us, of course!"

Red Alert grinned when she saw him. "Master Ratchet!" she exclaimed, rushing up and throwing her arms around him. "It's good to see you again!"

Ratchet chuckled and scratched the back of his head sheepishly before pulling her away a bit; he seemed embarrassed by her jumping and hugging him in front of his fellow soldiers. "Hey, take it easy, little Red," he joked, "I'm an old mech here."

Red Alert laughed and nodded. "Yes, I'm sorry, forgive me," she said.

Shortly after that, Wheelie rolled into the hangar with Brains sitting on top of him, passing several humans and nearly tripping a few in the process. He transformed and folded his arms across his chest skeptically.

"I have a bone to pick with you humans!" he snapped, glaring up at Lennox.

Lennox sighed. "What now, Wheelie?"

"The vandalism to my digs I have every reason to believe was a hate crime..." Wheelie told him. He paused briefly. "Somebody clearly hates me."

Red Alert and the rest of her friends stared down at Wheelie, confused.

"You're keeping Decepticons as pets now, Prime?" Kup muttered.

Optimus looked at him. "Wheelie has chosen to defect from the Decepticon cause, Kup," he told him, "He is one of us."

Wheelie smirked up at the annoyed bot. "Yeah, so keep your mouth shut about scrap you don't know, pops," he snapped, "I got my own share of issues to deal with; Blondie and Sammy are getting hitched and we got no idea where we're going to go!"

"We'll figure something out," Lennox assured them, walking away, "But right now, we have other important matters to deal with."

"Yeah? Like what?" Wheelie asked.

"The Decepticon rebels, that's what."

"Those guys? Pfft! They can't fight their way out of a titanium cell. Not without Megatron."

"I'm not taking any chances."

Optimus nodded his head and he turned to the new arrivals; his optics landed on the female among them. "Red Alert, I want you to remain with our prisoner," he told her. "Monitor his vitals and give him what he needs to function. Nothing more. Nothing less."

Red Alert gave a respectable bow of her head. "You got it."

"With all due respect, Optimus," Prowl snapped, "Why are we keeping him alive? You could have killed him when he was dragging his sorry aft through the dirt. You're keeping him alive when he could cause more trouble if he escapes."

Optimus' stern optics landed on him. "You are right to be wary, Prowl," he said, "But I believe that Shockwave could pose no more of a threat to us in his condition. And perhaps we could use this opportunity to...understand him."

"What's there to understand?" Kup barked, in disbelief, "He's a killer and a monster! There's nothing more to get!"

"The war is over, Kup," Optimus reprimanded gently, "I believe it's time to look to alternative solutions."


Shockwave heard someone approach him.

They did not speak and there was no noise save for the clicking of bases against the metal floor. They moved to the left of the room to gather what he could hear might have been tools. Shockwave did not lift his head completely and tuned into every sound and movement in the room. Whoever it was, was alone. The clinking of tools against a table tray was near maddening, but he maintained a perfect calm and waited. For death. For life. Whatever would come his way.

"Hello, Shockwave."

It was Red Alert.

"I'm your doctor tonight." she told him, "I'm here to monitor your vitals and manage your intakes."

Monitor his vitals? That was an odd thing.

He tilted his head slightly and Red Alert could see the extensive damage done to his face. She approached him slowly, if not a little bit cautiously and brought a light to scan his damages. His optic was completely missing and most of his body had attempted to regenerate the wound. His face was scarred and his mandibles spread slightly in a display of aggression. Bids of fluid dripped from his mouth and his frame tensed up.

"Relax," Red Alert said, gently, "I'm here to help."

Shockwave finally spoke. His voice was rough and weak. "Help? Don't insult me, Autobot."

Red Alert knotted her brow before she reached beneath his chin and tilted his head for better access as she studied him. "You're wounded and leaking fluids," she said, mild shock in her voice, "Primus, how long have you been like this?"

"Save your pity. Do not pretend to care for my well being."

Red Alert didn't snap back. Instead, he could hear her rustling around for something before he felt something soft against his mouth. He jerked his head away with a hiss. "W-What are you doing?" he demanded.

"It's an Energon cube," she told him, "It'll help with the pain and flush out your systems."

"I don't want it."

His mandibles tightened, preventing her from feeding him the cube and she sighed, but there was patience still there. It was unusual for any Autobot-medic or otherwise-to maintain that, "Just trust me, okay?" she said, gently.

Shockwave gave her a Cybertronian curse before his mandibles reluctantly and slowly parted, allowing her to feed the treat to him. He didn't deny that it was the first delicious thing he had in such a long time. The sounds of him feeding on the treat were the only noises in the air before Red Alert spoke.

"Good?" she asked.

Shockwave didn't reply. He just gave a brief, barely noticeable nod.

Red Alert dabbed at his face with a small cloth, cleaning the older fluids from him. Her touch mirrored her voice; it was gentle and soothing which was something he hadn't experienced in many millenia. Despite being unable to see, he could hear a small, almost proud smile in her voice.

"There we go," she said, "I'll see if I can bring you something a little more nutritious, okay?"

Shockwave was against silent. He listened to the sound of her leaving the room before she returned moments later. It took a moment before he felt a hand against the back of his neck and something against his mouth. It felt like the rim of a container. Red Alert held his head as if he were a youngling and she fed him something that tasted bitter and disgusting. He coughed a little and made a low, frustrated growling sound, parting his head from the offering.

"What is that?" he snapped.

"It's a little something I make for my bots in the infirmary," she explained, "It'll perk you right up. It tastes bad, but trust me, it's good for you."

Shockwave hissed at her. "Why should I trust you?"

"Because I'm not trying to kill you."

Shockwave growled again before he reluctantly allowed her to feed him again. It felt humiliating when he felt that his life had resorted to having a female medic treat him like a youngling. Especially an Autobot. But Red Alert did not insult him, she did not treat him as such. Instead, she went about helping him like he was one of their own. Shockwave was disgusted by the comparison, but she didn't lie when he started feeling a little better. The aches in his body weren't as obvious and his intake valves were not as sore.

When she was done, she cleaned up his face a bit more.

"I'll be back tomorrow, okay?" she said, "Get some rest."

Shockwave hissed slightly.

"I know you haven't been recharging at all. It's no wonder you're walking around death's door. There's no need to be paranoid. I'll stand watch if you feel comfortable with that." Red Alert assured him. She chuckled softly and he could hear her getting up. "I've gone and had too much recharge on the way here anyway."

"I do not need your comfort, Autobot."

Once again, he was bemused by her ability to brush off his insults. "Well, whatever you choose, I'll be in the next room."

Shockwave listened to the sound of her leaving followed by her transforming. He heard her tires squeal as she moved into a proper position close to his room and was still.

What kind of game was Prime playing? Was he attempting to manipulate him with the female and her foolish act of so-called kindness? Shockwave was no fool. He would not be so easily deceived by the trickery.

And he would not sleep either.

Not when there were bots among him who wanted his head.