Disclaimer: Another odd little fic that plagued my mind. LOL. No, but seriously, me likey this odd pairing. I had an idea to do a movie-versed theme pairing of the two and thought it was a rather intriguing idea. And I know a few may say that Shockwave was killed by Optimus. Well, my opinion on the matter is that he ripped out his eye. I have seen most bots survive worse than that. But for those anal about that sort of thing, I will keep it at an AU status. Also, mamabot gave me a few interesting ideas that might be of some interest to all of you! :D Thanks a lot, madam!

"My darkness has been filled with the light of intelligence, and behold, the outer day-lit world was stumbling and groping in social blindness."

-Helen Keller

"It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."

-Unknown Proverb

By: VampireQueenAkasha

"...a magnificent creature."

-Shockwave, Foundation Issue 2



Several years later

Red Alert tended to the damages of a Decepticon drone that morning.

"He's mad," the drone snapped, "Before we know it, he's going to kill us all."

Red Alert laughed gently.

It had taken many years before the drones could find even the slightest trust in her. She had remained at the ship since the others had left; they knew that she would remain to raise her sparkling and even insisted that they go back to the NEST facility to continue their protection of the humans. Red Alert would come to their aid if they needed it, but she remained with her family and assured them that she was going to be fine.

"Okay, you'll be fine," she told the drone, "Relax and keep off the leg for a few cycles."

The drone staggered from the table and left the room.

Outside, Shockwave stood beside the ship and stared up at one of the engine boosters. "Jhiaxus, get down from there at once," he ordered.

A small, grinning head poked into view from inside the engine and cheerfully waved. Jhiaxus was older now and for the life of Shockwave, he could not comprehend why the boy continued to pester him with his irritating games.

"Father, I'm only trying to have fun!" Jhiaxus protested, "But I guess you wouldn't know anything about that!"

"That is a primary engine booster. It is not a playpen!" Shockwave snapped, "Now get down from there before you put yourself in the infirmary again!"

Jhiaxus sighed with regal boredom and began to climb his way down the length of the boosters. He nearly tripped over his own feet and approached his father with an annoyed look in his red optics. Shockwave gestured with a flick of his head.

"I want to hear you practice today," he told him, "And you will not come back inside under threat of death, are we clear?"

Jhiaxus hung his shoulders. "I practiced yesterday."

"That's the beauty of training, Jhiaxus," Shockwave said, turning to go, "It is considered to be a daily thing. You can either train now as I have ordered you to do or go to your recharge cycle without nourishment."

Jhiaxus made a face at his father's parting back.

Shockwave entered the infirmary where Red Alert was cleaning the floors. She smiled when she saw him and arched her optic ridges. "You should be easy on him, you know," she said, "You can't assume that he will be ready for an attack so soon."

Shockwave shook his head. "I assume nothing, Red Alert," he told her, "I merely anticipate the possibilities and let them play as they do. And as my sparkling, he should behave more maturely than he does. No more of this fooling around and nonsense. The boy should accept who he is and be grateful for it."

"He's still just a boy, Shockwave," Red Alert chided gently, "Let him be a boy for now."


He moved behind her and slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her close to his chest. Red Alert smiled when he leaned his head down and whispered into her audio receptor. "I still haven't properly punished you for that little stunt you pulled during the meeting yesterday."

She smirked and turned around to face him. "What stunt?" she asked, playing dumb.

"You know. I was sitting in my chair and you decided to-"

"Ah! That one."

Shockwave leaned forward, pressing her back onto the table before lifting her legs around his waist. "Yes. I thought you knew better than to challenge me," he hissed. That tone in his voice was back, the possessive, hungry sound that always made her body shiver. She was only blessed to hear it when they were alone. "It seems that little lesson hasn't completely sunk in just yet. Perhaps I need to...intensify my methods."

Red Alert gasped when he ground his hips against hers. "Please do..." she breathed, her voice carrying the barest hint of desperation.

Before she knew it, he had skipped foreplay; her interface port was open and he was inside of her. Red Alert shifted beneath him and her movements caused a ripple of pleasure through his body and a low, deep growl from his vocals. He pinned her legs against his sides and began to thrust into her hashly and she moved with him, her hands fisting against his chest. Their movements were without the slightest semblance of grace.

Red Alert leaned up, slipping one arm around his neck and supporting herself on the table with the other hand before she leaned forward and bit down on his chest. Shockwave let out a passionate snarl at the sensation. He began to move faster, harder, and gripped her chest with one hand, thumbing the sensitive components beneath the grill. It drew a delicious gasp and whine from her before she looked down at the erotic sight of him urging in and out of her.

It became too much.

"Red Alert," he breathed. He tossed his head and growled, barely holding back a roar as he reached climax.

His body shuddered with the aftershocks of his own orgasm. She followed behind him with a restrained sound of her own. When Red Alert fell limp on the table, she felt him still moving a little inside of her with soft, slow movements as if he were marking her. Finally, as he stilled and slid out of her, Red Alert felt his mouth parts against her cheek and laughed breathlessly, reaching up to give him a proper kiss after that.

"Why is it that whenever we're alone, we end up fragging one another senseless?" she asked.

Shockwave shook his head and went to work cleaning her legs. "Honestly, Red Alert; you ask for it when you decide to tease me."

"Maybe I do."

When he was finished cleaning himself, he looked at her. "Jhiaxus is beginning to ask questions."

"About?" Red Alert sat up and felt her legs shudder.

"His origins," Shockwave said, "Why his mother is an Autobot and his father a Decepticon."

Red Alert's smile fell slightly. She looked at him completely. "Have you answered them?"

"I told him that sometimes impossible things have a way of working out," Shockwave replied, "That despite his mother's insane, yet generous personality and his father's shaken, mental will, these two...separate beings found ways to come together."

Red Alert laughed gently. "Ahh. That's good. Quite a save."

Shockwave started to go and gestured for her to follow. She looked up at him and nervously smiled. "Shockwave, what if I told you that Jhiaxus isn't the only child you would be fathering for the rest of our lives?"

He stopped and looked down at her. "I'd say that is quite a prediction and I applaud you for your abilities."

Red Alert grinned and let her arms slap at her sides. "Well, what if I also say that it's a female?"

Shockwave tilted his head and leaned back a bit, studying her. "A female."


"Hm. Another miniature version of you to toy with me?" Shockwave murmured. He sighed and shook his head, though she could feel a bare hint of pride in her head from their link. "I am too old for this nonsense..."

Red Alert laughed. "So it's okay?"

"Yes. If she is anything like you, then let us hope she possesses the ability to control her brother..." Shockwave said, wearily.

Red Alert was relieved that he was okay with it and they stepped outside where Jhiaxus was practicing his shots on several makeshift targets. "Jhiaxus!" she called, cupping her mouth, "Come here! I have a surprise for you!"

The concept made Jhiaxus stop immediately and rush up to her. "What is it, mother?" he asked, grinning.

"You're going to have a sister." Red Alert told him with a smile.

Jhiaxus cocked his head, furrowing his brow plates. "A sister?"


Jhiaxus laughed and threw his arms in the air. "Great! Now I can have someone to blame stuff on!"

"No you will not," Shockwave growled, "You will assume responsibility for your actions. Now, I think it's time you practiced hand-to-hand combat with me."

Red Alert watched as the two began to engage in practice fighting and could only smile warmly at the sight.

Life was perfect.

They were perfect.